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Truth or Dare (A Short Story)

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Louise left home to escape. Her best friend and her crush were in a relationship, unable to be around them she just left. One day while getting coffee she quite literally bumps into her past. Is Mason being here just a coincidence or is he hiding something. All Rights Reserved ©

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I smile as the barista hands me my extra shot, extra foam, caramel latte. I’ve waited thirty minutes in a queue for this but it’s the best coffee in the city so I would happily wait twice that long to get my favourite caffeine fix. I take a sip and without embarrassment moan loudly as I feel the hot liquid coat my insides and prepare me for the day ahead. I turn on my heel and with an extra pep in my step I proceed to make my way out of the little place I like to call heaven. I’m so distracted by a little girl wolfing down her babychino that I don’t see the obstacle in front of me until I hit it. I bounce off the hard surface and land on my ass with my freshly brewed coffee now all over me.

“Shit!” I yell as I whip the piping hot and soaking top from my body.

“Oh my god! Are you alright?” A deep voice asks me. I look forward and my eyes are met with a set of bare muscly legs. My eyes make their way up the toned and muscular body of an equally soaked god like creature. I stay looking at his chest a little too long before looking up at his face. His eyes are full of concern... wait, I know him.

“Mason?” I manage to finally say and I watch as this machine of a man smiles back.

“Louise? Is that you?” He holds out his hand for me and without hesitation I take it, letting him pull me up. “Are you alright? You went down pretty hard.” He says while getting a good look at me in my bra. Suddenly embarrassed I cross my arms over my red raw and coffee soaked breasts.

“Uh... I... Uh... Yeah. Sorry about that” I stutter as I stare into the eyes of the man I have crushed on for years and moved across the country to escape the heartache of watching him with someone else, with my best friend.

We went to school together, I say together but he was the year above. Mason was the popular jock who all the girls loved and wanted to be with. I was a cheerleader and I know what you are thinking but I wasn’t the stereotypical cheerleader you see on t.v. I worked hard, kept my head down and generally just stayed in the background, except for game night. On game night I was centre stage shaking my pom poms with attitude. I had secretly crushed on Mason from afar for years. The only person who knew was my best friend Tracy. Everything changed one night at a party, the worst night of my life!

Tracy and I were enjoying ourselves with everyone else when some asswipe suggested we play Truth or Dare. Now I don’t need to tell you how wild that game can get with a bunch of horny teenagers doped up on alcohol. Not wanting to end up in a compromising position and trusting my best friend completely I naturally selected Truth when Tracy gave me the option.

“If you could be with anyone in this room, who would you be with?” She asked and I froze. I’m sure she thought she was helping but I panicked and said the first name that came into my head.

“Carter,” I picked Mason’s best friend. The crowd cheered and Carter winked at me before taking my hand and leading me to the closet for seven minutes of heaven. I can assure you heaven it was not! The whole time I thought about Mason and my heart sank when we left the closet and I saw Mason making out with none other than Tracy. Yup that’s right, my best friend. Bitch! The following year consisted of Carter and I dating as it turned out he’d actually been looking to ask me out and with my announcement, well I kinda sealed my fate didn’t I. I stupidly went along with it as I watched my best friend and my crush fall in love with each other. As soon as I graduated I packed a bag, broke up with Carter and got in my car, driving as far away as I could get. That was five years ago and now my past has literally just smacked me on my ass.

“Louise?” I lookup at the owner of the drool inducing voice and blink a few times as I come back to reality. “Louise are you alright?” He asks me with that same look of concern he had earlier.

“Huh? Uh... yeah sorry. I’m just... I’m surprised to see you,” I finally manage to say as I take another long look at him from top to toe.

“Uh yeah,“hHe says as he rubs the back of his neck. Is he nervous? We suddenly realise that we are both standing in the middle of the coffee shop and neither one of us has a top on. “I have a hoodie in my car you can borrow. I can’t let you roam the streets in your bra,” he says as he gestures to my chest.

“Oh uh thanks,” I say to him, now feeling even more self conscious than I did before. “That would be great if you don’t mind,” I offer him a smile and I follow him out to his car. He hardly takes his eyes off me as he opens the passenger door and pulls out the hoodie. He wraps it around me and I open my arms letting him put it on me and zip it up, all the while we never take our eyes off each other. What is going on here? Why is he here? Does he feel this too? My mind is currently in a sprint race when I hear him say something.

“So how about since I lost you your first cup, I’ll buy you another coffee?” He asks and the butterflies in my stomach start having a party.

“Sure, why not,” I answer, trying to sound chill and relaxed when really I’m freaking the hell out. We walk back into the coffee shop and find a small table. I give him my order and he goes to collect our drinks. Thankfully the queue is much smaller than it was earlier. While waiting for him to return I pull my compact out of my bag and quickly check my hair and makeup. I’ve only just put my bag down when he slides into the chair opposite, handing me my drink.

“Here you go, I promise not spill this one over you,” he says with a smile but he is nervous.

We sit in silence for a minute but it’s too much for me to take, “So how have you been?” I finally ask and I see him relax a little that someone has spoken.

“I’m doing good,” he says while nodding his head, “You?”

“Yeah, I’m great,” I say a little too enthusiastically and I see him smile a little. “Is Tracy with you?” I ask while internally cringing.I haven’t spoken to her since I left. I didn’t even tell her I left. If I had, there would have been questions and it’s not like I could tell her the truth.

“Uh, Tracy and I aren’t together anymore,” he says, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh,” Is all I can say in response. I wasn’t expecting that. To be honest I wasn’t expecting any of this. I feel myself getting frustrated. “Mason, what are you doing here?” I ask outright, slightly surprised that I had the balls to do it. His eyes widen at my question. Clearly I’m not the only one surprised with my little outburst. He looks down at his coffee and plays with the cup for a few moments before taking a deep breath and looking up, fixing his eyes with mine.

“I’m here for you Louise.”

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