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Truth or Dare (A Short Story)

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I pull up outside a little coffee shop. It looks busy inside but I need something to get me going and I’ve been told this is the best coffee in town.

I get out of the car and make my way inside. They have their menu on display over the counter and I’m too busy looking at the selection when I literally feel something bounce off of me and then my chest starts to burn.

“Shit!” I hear as I pull my shirt off and I look down only to realise that the something is actually a someone.

“Oh my god! Are you alright?” I ask as I look down at the tiny blonde who is frantically pulling her own top over her head. ‘Why does this always happen to you Mason?’ I think to myself then I watch as the tiny blond gets herself a good look as her eyes travel up my body before settling on mine.

“Mason?” She says looking rather shell shocked. Holy shit it’s her. I can’t believe it!

“Louise? Is that you?” I hold out my hand to help her up and my heart beats at a million beats per minute as she takes it and pulls herself from the floor. I can’t believe it’s really her, I mean I can because she is still so stunningly beautiful but holy shit! “Are you alright? You went down pretty hard,” I say as I look her over, only I can’t help but stare at her breasts in that coffee stained lacy bra. She must’ve noticed because she quickly crosses her arms over her chest and when I look up, her face is as pink as her burnt rack. She’s just as beautiful as I remember.

We were at school together. I was on the football team and she was one of the cheerleaders. The whole team was into her. She wasn’t the type of girl to flaunt herself but on game night when it was time to perform she owned it and all eyes would be on her. I thought she liked me and was plucking up the courage to ask her out when that shitty party happened. Worst night of my life!

In typical teenage style someone decided that a game of Truth or Dare would be a good idea. Louise wasn’t your wild child and our dares could get pretty adventurous so I thought I was finally in with her when she picked truth and her best friend asked her, “If you could be with anyone in this room, who would you be with?” I could’ve sworn she looked at me and I was elated until she said, “Carter”. She picked my best friend. I watched as that dickhead gave us a smug smile and then took her into the closet to do god knows what. I was angry and I was hurt. I downed my drink and then another. I wasn’t even thinking properly when Louise’s best friend Tracy came on to me and kissed me. So I kissed her back. The look Louise had on her face when she saw us was heartbreaking but she wanted Carter, she picked Carter.

A year I watched them be together. It killed me. In a douche move I stayed with Tracy and dated her while Louise dated Carter. I figured at least this way I could see her often. Then after they graduated she just left. No explanation or nothing. All Carter would say was that they split up and she was gone. Tracy didn’t even know anything. That was five years ago and now here she is standing in front of me. I won’t lose her again.

“Louise?” She also looks to be deep in thought, she looks sad. “Louise?” I say again only this time a little louder. She looks up at me blinking a few times as if trying to get rid of a bad memory.“Louise are you alright?” I ask. She’s worrying me now.

“Huh? Uh... yeah sorry. I’m just... I’m surprised to see you,” she says nervously and I watch as she looks me over again.

“Uh yeah,” I say as I rub the back of my neck feeling a little embarrassed. It suddenly occurs to me that she is standing in the middle of a coffee shop with her goods on show. “I have a hoodie in my car you can borrow. I can’t let you roam the streets in your bra,” I say as I try to subtly nod to her chest while having to remind myself not to stare.

“Oh uh thanks,” she says, trying to cover herself more with her arms. “That would be great if you don’t mind,” she smiles slightly before following me out to my car. I can’t take my eyes off of her and she hasn’t broken eye contact with me. Is she feeling this too, I wonder as I grab the hoodie from my car. I help her into it but only so I can gently brush my hands against her soft skin. The amount of times I’ve thought about us being together. I can’t let her leave. Not now I’ve just found her.

“So how about since I lost you your first cup, I’ll buy you another coffee?” I ask her while silently praying she accepts.

“Sure, why not,” she says and I do an internal fist pump. C’mon Mase you can do this. I tell myself as we make our way back into the coffee shop. We find an intimate little table and I take her order before going to the counter. ‘Just be honest and tell her how you feel,’ I tell myself as I strum my fingers on the counter waiting for the barista. Finally with coffees in hand I make my way back to this beautiful Angel.

“Here you go, I promise not to spill this one over you,” I say, smiling nervously. We sit there for a minute before she finally breaks the silence.

“So how have you been?” She asks me. She looks nervous but I’m relieved she has opened the door to talk.

“I’m doing good,” I say while nodding, “You?”

“Yeah, I’m great,” she says, practically mimicking the tiger from the frosties cereal. “Is Tracy with you?”

“Uh, Tracy and I aren’t together anymore,” I tell her as I rub the back of my neck.

“Oh,” Is all she says. I mean is that a good Oh or a bad Oh? “What are you doing here Mason?” She blurts out. I’m surprised. I didn’t expect her to be so blunt. I look at my coffee cup trying to think of the right words to say when I finally take a deep breath and look directly into her eyes.

“I’m here for you Louise,” I say with confidence. She gasps and I watch as her eyes fill with tears. “It’s always been you,” I tell her.

Tracy and I had been out with friends about six months ago. After one too many drinks Tracy proceeds to tell her friends about a night in high school where she tried to embarrass her friend by outing her. Only it backfired when a panicked Louise had said the wrong guy’s name and still got the attention. This pissed Tracy off and so in an effort to hurt her “friend” she came onto the actual guy Louise had a crush on. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I packed a bag and left the following morning. I spent the next six months looking for Louise. I had to find her, the girl who has consumed my thoughts, the girl who disappeared on me five years ago.

“I...I, I d...don’t understand,” Louise stutters. I take her hand in mine and tell her everything. I tell her how I felt back then, how for the last five years I’ve prayed she would come walking back into my life, I tell her about what Tracy said and I tell her how for then last 6 months I have travelled the country looking for her only for her to run right into me and spill coffee over me. She lets out a small giggle. “This can’t be real,” she says. “This is craziness!”

“Truth or Dare?” I ask her.

“What?” She says looking at me like I’m mad.

“Truth or Dare? I ask her again. She raises her perfectly shaped eyebrow at me trying to figure out what my game is.

“Truth,” she says nervously.

“Do you want to spend the next five years wondering what if? Because I don’t. I’ve played that game and I hate it. That’s why I’m here Louise. I want you. We can take it slow or at any pace you want. If I’ve got this wrong and you don’t feel the same way I will walk out that door and leave you to get on with your life, you’ll never see me again. But if I’m right and you feel the same way I do then let’s give this a chance. Let’s see where this goes. So what do you say Louise? Truthfully,” I hold my breath as I wait for her answer. My eyes search hers looking for any indication of what she is thinking.

“Truthfully?” She asks and I nod my head to answer her. The fear that she may reject me is becoming overwhelming. She reaches over the table and places her hand in mine. I look at her small fingers as they entwine with my own then look back at her and see a small smile. “Truthfully you have a lot of work to do. After five years you better have planned the best date ever!”

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