The Grey Billionaire

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Daniel lost his mom and his affection for women. In his mind they’d leave no matter what you do. So he was always determined to be the one leaving, never taking any relationship seriously, and children were definitely out of the question. Some would call him an asshole and he wore that title proudly. But sometimes life happens and there’s nothing we can do but adapt.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Chapter One

"Schedule an appointment to have that thing removed." Daniel ordered his assistant Gloria to schedule an abortion.

He'd been sleeping with her unprotected for a few weeks. He explained to her from the moment they met over two months ago that she should have herself protected by some form of birth control. He couldn't have made it any clearer that he hated condoms and didn't exactly love the idea of kids crying and shitting all over the place.

"I already made an appointment. Birth control makes women gain weight and I'd rather kill the kid than work out any harder than I already do." Clearly, she was just as nonchalant as he was.

It wasn't the first time that he paid for an abortion, but it was indeed the first time a woman didn't give a damn about the consequences. As he didn't.


Daniel has the most beautiful, yet dangerous eyes you've ever seen. His masculine stance, deliciously defined muscles, broad shoulders, deep voice, and his tall sexy frame could make any girl wet in all the right places.

Magazines painted him as Miami's Bad boy. That was clearly an understatement. The headlines should read
'WARNING! Stay away from this one!', but somehow the term bad boy drew women in- instead of chasing them away.

Daniel didn't ask, he ordered.

He didn't beg, he took what he wanted when he wanted it and no one ever tried to stop him. Not in business and certainly not when it came to women.

This man is a shameless casanova. But despite his [anything goes approach], fortunately he had a few rules. Never fool around with a married woman. Never date a virgin. Never fuck without having the woman thoroughly tested. Never sleep with one woman for more than 3 weeks, feelings could somehow develop and he had no room for that shit. Never call first after sex, unless it was an issue unrelated to the deed. And the most highlighted rule of all- No fucking babies!

The man was a stone cold asshole and he didn't give a f**k. He knew he'd never change and he reveled in his undefeated race to nonchalance.

His best friend was different though, he got married and settled down. But no matter how happy his bestfriend seemed, Daniel still found the idea of a long term partner repulsive.

His therapist had told him he was avoiding commitment to ensure he would never be hurt. But he laughed in her face. He didn't have to avoid it, he told every woman from the start "I just want to fuck you." There's never been or will there ever be a woman he'd fall for. He was convinced of this. So sure that it increased his arrogance by a trillion.


Daniel's father Mr. Jackson created J'Corp 25 years ago when Daniel was only two years old. He used his research to create a software for pilots to communicate easier while they flew. It advanced into a multi-billion dollar company, and Daniel took over 3 years ago.

Daniel's mother passed away when he was younger. He watched her wither away on a hospital bed for weeks; fighting for her life when her body stopped responding to chemo treatments. There were holes in his memory when he thought about his mother, but the way she died was still very clear. She suffered agonizingly.

Maybe that played a part in his reservations toward women and the L word he hated more than anything. The man he was now would rather die than say that word to any woman ever again.

It was crazy, no, insane that he felt unquenchable anger toward the woman who gave birth to him. He begged her to get better, promised he'd be good, he'd get better grades, he'd be a good son, he promised to love her unconditionally and never disobey her. But did that save her? Did the promises he made and meant more than anything keep her in his life? The answer was no, it didn't.

She left. No matter how much he begged and wished for her to stay. She left his life forever and he never forgave her.

Any woman to cross his path since then had been met with acidic authority and disdain. That was after he got what he wanted from them. After he felt he had punished them thoroughly enough.

Some women got the worst of treatments on the first date and yet stupidly fell for him anyway.

They would all feel the need to change him, tame him....but no one ever did.

A rational person would see his Mother's death as just life doing its job of give and take. But he didn't see it that way. And no one could convince him otherwise.

"Women were going to leave no matter what you do. So never trust them, never open your heart to them, never believe anything they say." Those words got him through the funeral, middle school, high school, college and now that he was in his twenties, he still recited that damn creed in his mind every morning.


Apart from being a world class jerk. He's a control freak - obsessed with staying healthy. He got a thorough check up every 6 weeks to ensure nothing went by unnoticed....and the women in his life had no choice but to do the same.

Unlike other CEO's he had no intention of owning a home. It was a complete waste of time when he had a perfectly good office, a leather sofa bed, and enough money to sleep in the most luxurious hotels when he grew tired of the same routine.

The women who dated him had been seen in the most exotic places. He definitely knew how to pamper a woman when it was convenient and beneficial to him in some way. But there's a "No Baby" policy agreement that every woman that slept with him had to sign. If she refused to go on birth control before they hooked up, she was prompted to be prepared to have an abortion as soon as possible. There's a "No disease" clause as well, all medical records must be recent and thorough.

He didn't give a damn about a NDA. No woman ever got close enough to know anything about him anyway so what could any of them possibly tell the media that he didn't want them to know? What was the worst thing that could be said based on facts? “Daniel didn't cuddle after sex?” or “Daniel didn't call or text after he's had his fill of me! Daniel doesn't love anyone but himself.”

He'd laugh at the blatant honesty. He wouldn't care what they said in the media, his reputation was never acclaimed to be a saint in the first place and he didn't care much about it henceforth. Even if someone had ever been stupid enough to admit he had paid for an abortion, they too would be the subject of public scrutiny. After all it was a mutual decision, he never forced any of them into anything. They wanted him, and knew the price they had to pay had it resulted in pregnancy.

Emotions? Please, it was a foreign subject. He wielded nonchalance like he ate I don't give a fuck cereal for breakfast.

His office overlooked the ocean. Large clear windows gave him the most relaxing view in all of South Beach. He loved it up there. 60 floors above ground. Everything below looked miniature, like it was all beneath him. This boosted his ego even more.

Looking out, he felt like the master of his own universe. He was in charge of his own destiny, his own life, and for short periods of time, the lives of the women who came in close proximity.

To hell with their sentiments and mushy crap. He was either gonna fuck them or use them as a companion for a function and then it was Adios! No more- no less.

As arrogant as it seemed, he loved his life just the way it was, and had no intentions to change a damn thing anytime soon.


"DANIEL!" Josh; Dani's best friend called from the other side of the door. Daniel zipped up his pants and fastened his belt in place. Gloria wiggled into her pink pencil skirt and hurried back to her desk.

Josh stepped into Daniel's office, and paused midway sniffing the air.

"Really Dani?" He shook his head as he entered. Judgment flashing in his eyes.

"Don't start." Daniel warned before Josh could get his thoughts across. But he knew a two word warning wouldn't have done the trick. Josh was relentless when he was on to something. He'd been trying for a decade to change his best friend to no avail. But he wasn't the type to give up easily.

"You need to stop sleeping with your assistants, what's this the second one in six months?" Josh badgered, pointing a finger in Gloria's direction.

Daniel smirked, pushing a button on his desk to close his office door.

Josh rolled his eyes and exhaled. Disdain fully evident in the breath he let out.

"Are you trying to set the world record for world's most perverted boss?" Josh scolded as he lowered his firm arse into the visitor's chair.

This is the part where Daniel would gloat. He'd bask in the power that he held over every woman he came across. But this time he opted for a response that wouldn't sound as jerky as his previous ones.

"Obviously she knows it's just sex." Okay so it wasn't exactly a flowery reply. But it was certainly less bitter than his usual ones.

"You never change." Josh scoffed with no tolerance for the assholery.

Daniel suddenly gave up trying to be gentle about it. This sort of pretense was surely not his cup of tea. He was a 'rip the bandaid off' kind of guy. Why change now?

"Josh she knows that she means nothing to me. I honestly think she doesn't care anyway. To be frank; I've had better." He could've stopped there, but he didn't.

"Why would she turn down the opportunity to fuck the most eligible bachelor in Miami? If anything she should feel honored to be a part of the reason why my needs have been met." Daniel's cockiness, arrogance and sarcasm never ceased to either amaze, shock, and or cripple almost everyone who ever heard him speak. Ass!

Josh is obviously the softer version of Daniel, with quite the opposite lifestyle. He's married with 3 children and his wife's the only woman he's ever been with for the past 10 years.

Josh and Dani have been best friends, and a lot like brothers since high school. Though they lived completely different lives, they still looked out for each other no matter what.

. . .

"Let's start over shall we? We both know you're aging quicker than I am because you've got 3 kids. Let's not increase those wrinkles on your face."

"How's the family?" Daniel asked after he realized his previous response was too harsh.

Daniel sat in his chair, pressing the power button on his laptop. Josh sat across from him, crossing his leg in a masculine way.

"They're great, my wife says hello, and we hope to see you at the Black and white party my company is throwing for Charity this weekend." Josh told him and Daniel's eyebrows raised in vast curiosity.

"Will there be my kind of girls there? Or is this one of those boring functions with a room full of men and a handful of wives?" Daniel clearly couldn't help himself. Trying to change a bad boy was like using a kid's perm on coarse adult hair.

"Speaking of wives, when are you going to settle down with a nice girl, get married and start a family of your own?" Josh asked inquisitively, crossing his arms across his chest. He was sick and tired of Daniel's behavior. The man was as grey as a rain cloud.

"Read my lips Josh...NEVEEERRRRRRRRR." Daniel put a great deal of emphasis throughout the entire word.

"Seriously Daniel you are 27 years old, when are you going to start thinking of your future? You can't expect to be a playboy forever." Josh blindly hoped his best friend would agree.

"You sound like my dad." Daniel muttered dryly. He hated lectures and would do anything to avoid them.

"Your dad is a smart man." Josh seemed confident that he was winning this debate.

Pity, Daniel wasn't an easy nut to crack. At this point Josh prayed for a miracle. Even a heartbreak would be a welcomed change, at least he'd know his best friend was still capable of feeling...something. Anything.

Just when a ring of hope entered Josh's eyes, a cloud of dangerous mist settled in the bolts of mercury that stretched across Daniel's irises.

"Well let me tell you the same thing I told him. Women are like clay, and I'm the potter. It's my duty to mold them into whatever I want them to be, and then I can give them to someone else, or set them free. I wasn't put on this earth to be with one woman. Frankly, I don't see the point of that insanity. It must be so boring waking up to the same person for decades on end. No offense, Patricia is a beautiful woman, but I'm not built for the hearts and flowers sort of arrangement." Daniel admitted his dark ways without a care.

Josh's mouth dropped open immediately.

Of course he knew his best friend didn't want a relationship, but he's never heard him break it down in such grotty detail.

"Whatever Daniel, one day a woman will come along and your annoying charms won't work on her, then you'll be sorry you ever wasted half your life living like this." Josh threatened with much certainty.

Daniel bursts out laughing. "Hahahahahaaaaa...."

"Yea yea yea, laugh it up. Your day is coming soon." Josh warned but Daniel laughed even harder, pounding his cherry wood desk with clenched fists.

After a few minutes, the laughter died down and Daniel shifted from amused and playful, to serious and business like again. "So Josh, all jokes aside. What's going on? I assume you didn't just come here to lecture me about my personal life choices." Daniel knotted his fingers on the desk and stared directly at his best friend.

"I just told you why I'm here. I came to invite you to the black and white party on Sunday night. You are in fact a benefactor, so it's only fitting that I invite matter how much of an asshole you can be."

It was a losing battle, trying to change a man like Daniel. Josh knew it wouldn't be easy to get through to him with just words, but he never failed to try. He'd spent years trying to change him with zero profit on his efforts.

"I can't believe I still get worked up about you using these poor girls." Josh rolled his eyes and sent daggers across the desk.

"FYI the women love everything I do to them, it's mutually satisfying. No complaints on my end or theirs, so stop hating."

Before Josh could reply, there was a knock on the door.

"Yes come in" Daniel issued permission and his assistant entered the room.

She walked in with a glowing complexion, a bubbly smile and an extra pep in her step. Clearly the aftermath of her previous orgasm was still shooting sparks of electricity throughout her body. "Good evening sir, I'm so sorry to interrupt you, but there's a call on line 1."

"Could she be anymore patent?" Josh sent the question to Daniel telepathically.

They both knew she was just in there bent across his desk just 20 minutes before. Now she was back to being the professional assistant who announced his phone calls.

Gloria's smile reached her eyes when she looked at Daniel. Poor girl. She was a lost cause. Like so many others who crumbled like cookie in his hands.

It was clear he didn't share her enthusiasm or her glow. In fact, he was rather annoyed by her interruption.

"Who is it?" He snapped.

"She wouldn't tell me her name, but she sounds very upset sir." Gloria informed him, though she still maintained her bubbly smile when she spoke.

"Women are always upset, what's new? I'll take the call now, thank you Gloria." He agreed dryly. She turned around and left his office.

Daniel leaned back comfortably in his leather chair; loosening his dark tie, and slowly unbuttoned his dark jacket. He left it open so his wrinkle free shirt was on full display.

Daniel glanced up at the ceiling, the expression on his face now was one of utter content.

"Aren't you going to take the call?" Josh asked.

"You heard what she said right? She said the woman on the line sounds angry. I know you've only been with one woman so you might not know this, but never just pick up an angry woman's phone call without working out a strategy in your head first." Josh looked as if Daniel spoke a different language.

"I'm serious about this J. Always work out a series of possible questions and the answers to those questions just in case, you never know." Said the shameless playboy expert.

Josh didn't even have the strength to roll his eyes this time.

After a long time, Daniel finally pressed a button on his work phone, and cleared his throat.

Shortly after, a young woman's voice came screaming through the speakerphone.

"Why haven't you called me? What do you take me for? I'm not a toy to use and discard for your amusement. You're such a jerk, I don't know why I ever slept with you in the first place!" The woman screamed in anger. Her voice was so high pitched and dry that Daniel had to stifle a laugh.

"Are you done?" He asked with a straight face and no emotion in his voice.

The woman paused, no doubt double checking to ensure she called the right number.

When she didn't say anything further, Daniel continued.

"First of all, the next time you call my work phone you better present yourself with a lot more dignity than that. I have no idea who I'm speaking to, women all sound alike, same high pitch squeaky, annoying voice. What is it that you want?"

Josh listened uncomfortably.

The woman fell into a pit of silence. Daniel knew she was caught off guard and contemplating her next response.

"Mr. Jackson, this is Genevieve from New York Fashion week line up. I'm a huh- I work there." She eventually gave a poor description of herself in a much calmer tone this time.

Then the bastard said "Sorry, doesn't ring a bell."

Both men could clearly hear her obvious disappointment.

Another minute of uncomfortable silence went by...

"Oh........ I'm sorry you must meet so many models a day, I suppose I can't expect you to remember me from almost two weeks ago." She whispers softly, with more than a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Genevieve what can I do for you?" He acted as if he was just meeting her for the first time, and it was standard procedure or something.

"Not-hing sir..." Her voice cracked, but she continued. "I'm sorry to bother you at work." Her voice was so low that it almost sounded like she was crying. "Ok have a nice day." He hung up and folded his long fingers below his chin.

Josh took a few seconds to view his best friend's dangerously handsome face.

"You know exactly who she is don't you?" Josh asked when he caught his best friend smirking.

"Yup" Daniel replied honestly.

"Then why did you pretend like you didn't know her." Josh sounded so confused. He had seen his best friend talk to his share of women before but never like this.

"Pay attention Joshy and let me break it down for you. In exactly two minutes she's going to call back in a way better mood than she did just now. The first minute after she hung up, she's thinking wow, he really doesn't remember me? What woman wants to hear that a man she had sex with 2 weeks ago doesn't remember her? Which means the sex wasn't that memorable...and the second minute she's could she possibly redeem herself?" Daniel explained like a real pro.

Josh finally curled his lashes up and rolled his eyes at him.

"So was it that horrible?" Josh couldn't resist the temptation. Although deep down he dreaded the answer.

"No it was quite good actually, she has beautiful perky breasts, nice long legs, and an incredible mouth if you know what I mean." Daniel boasted.

Then just like he said, the phone rang again.

Daniel pressed the speakerphone button, and Genevieve's small voice greeted him.

"Hi, it's me Genevieve again. I'm sorry about the outburst before, I was wondering if you'd allow me to make it up to you?" The poor girl fell face first into yet another trap of his, he knew she'd call back with a different attitude....and she fell for it, just like so many others before her did.

Josh could pretty much predict the following conversation. Daniel would ask her out, they'd sleep together again and there'd be a repeat of this mess two weeks from now.

Though Josh was sure of his assumptions, nothing could prepare him for what actually happened next.

"No, I don't think that's a good idea. The level of immaturity you just displayed is quite unsettling. The woman I choose to be with won't embarrass me or herself like that. You obviously have some more growing up to do, perhaps you can call me then." Daniel ended the call as soon as the last word left his sinful lips.

What the actual fuck?

"You're telling someone to grow up? You're the most childish grown man I know. Something is seriously wrong with you." Josh scolded him, shaking his head in disbelief.

"On the contrary my friend, I'm perfectly sane. Haha..." Daniel chuckled like nothing could ever faze him. He pushed himself up to stand, walking over to the large glass window, overlooking the breathtaking view.

"Josh I love my life, I always get what I want, and set aside what I don't want. Life is a cabaret my friend." Daniel grinned happily.

Josh listened to his friend's short, yet disturbing speech.

As much as Josh felt his words were of no use anymore, he still could not resist the urge to give another warning.

"Like I said D, one day someone will catch your eye, and you won't be able to sweet talk your way into her life, and con your way out again.”

Daniel turned to look his best friend in the eye. The seriousness in his stare was almost scary.

"Trust me Josh that will never happen." Daniel spoke with so much assurance that it left no room for doubt or further discussion.
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