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Fated Mates...The End of the Chase

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I trotted through the crowd as karma hounded me through the airport. Running would have drawn too much attention and walking wouldn’t get me out of here fast enough.

How the hell did he find me? Why now? How did he get that picture? What kind of crazy stalker was he to know me by the scar on my hand? So many questions lined up one after another, but they had to wait. Right now I needed an exit; and a distraction.

I berated myself for my own carelessness while considering how to make my escape. How did I not see the man I had abducted and later released when he walked into the airport bar? I didn’t even realize it until he sat down two barstools away and chatted me up. Just as I tried to extricate myself, he threw my mental balance off with a picture of me as a teenager and a single comment. “You’ve grown much since this was taken, but I can still recognize you, Namahage-san.” The name was in reference to the Ayakashi masks I wore during our interactions back then. My protests that I didn’t know who or what he was talking about were not at all convincing.

Dammit! In my defense, I hadn’t had more than four hours of sleep in the last two days.

I considered my options. The main exit was out of the question, security would be too dense. I needed an emergency exit but I’d have to deal with the alarm. The entrance to the Sky Club Lounge was just up ahead. I passed it, then doubled back to get a clear view of the pursuer.

I didn’t see him...good. Maybe. I pushed glasses I didn’t need up on the bridge of my nose and straightened my shoulders.

I strutted into the VIP lounge in full character. An attendant greeted me as I entered.

“Good morning sir,” the attendant continued politely, “Welcome to Sky Club." She bowed politely but the little hat on her head never wavered. She held out a dainty hand with an impeccable French manicure. “May I please have your ID card?”

“Good morning to you also, miss.” I pulled my Fedora down in a mock tip to her as I responded. After a moment of searching through my wallet, I handed over a membership card as counterfeit as the name on the front. I was confident her swipe would be successful since I created the ID and programmed the magnetic strip myself.

I glanced around the room. The bar and buffet were to my left. Restrooms were further back. The emergency exit was on the right.

I licked my lips. It would be easy to disable the exit alarm if I had more time. I could hack the system from my cell. Note to self, create an app for that later. Two minutes had passed since I came in. He will likely find me by my scent soon. I glanced around.

There were four men watching business news over sushi. Cell phones entranced two more and another three men couldn’t seem to take their eyes off their laptop screens. So many pliable minds ripe for a mental suggestion.

Perfect, I needed numbers and ten was a good start. If I were really lucky, they’d all be Alphas. It was why I chose the VIP lounge after all. Can my luck win out over Karma?

Let’s find out.

I sauntered over to the right and center. I pulled out my mobile phone and held it up to my ear. “Fight to win the Omega.” I said it to no one and to everyone. I let a new wave of heat wash over me. I paced back-and-forth under the AC vent.

“Fight to win the Omega,” I repeated. It was a command I made to their subconscious. Though they focused on other things they couldn’t help but hear me.

I learned to consciously control the release of sex pheromones from the sweat glands in my skin, especially in the areas of my armpits and genitals. Beads of sweat formed on my brow, they rolled down the sides of my face and my neck. The sensation of my shirt sticking to my back and underarms were physical proof of my success. I loosened my tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons on my shirt. It was a good thing I didn’t take the herbal tincture at the bar earlier or I wouldn’t be able to do this.

“Fight to win the Omega.” I said once again. Without breaking my stride, I built an image in my head of pheromones rising like steam from my wet, fevered skin. The four men closest to me were no longer focused on the TV. They caught my scent. I made eye contact with each of them.

My free hand massaged my neck, slowly, casually. The message was clear: I have no collar, I could be yours if you get to me first. Their eyes followed my hand. The youngest-looking salaryman in the navy blue suit licked his lips. His were the eyes that had stripped me naked and saw me succumbing to his lust. “Fight to win the Omega,” I commanded. A sturdy middle-aged salaryman with salt and pepper hair stood up and took two steps towards me. One of the younger men next to him with oval glasses stood up abruptly and side-stepped into his senior’s path, jarring him to the side. “No, he’s mine!” He stated firmly.

Every head turned in our direction. Several more people sniffed. Three more businessmen began to approach me, catching the fragrance of my pheromones.

Nature designed our olfactory system to bypass the rational brain. The hypothalamus elicits emotions—attraction, sexual desire and aggression and rejects reason in favor of reproduction. I pretended not to notice the results of my experiment. “Fight to win the Omega,” I said again. The scuffle broke out into earnest violence. Seven men were fighting among themselves--those were the Alphas, and two were trying to break them up;-most likely they were Betas. The attendant was on the phone, no doubt letting security know what had happened.

This charm-power weapon I used could cut me as well as my intended victims. The price I paid for the pheromone distraction triggered a faux estrus cycle. The fever within me set off a primal desire. I wanted to be taken. I ached for an Alpha. The need to mate threatened to possess me and I stiffened. My movements were hampered by the suddenly restricting crotch of my pants. I lost my balance in mid-step. I felt dizzy from the effort of creating this hot flash and I needed to get my head back in the game. I slapped my cheeks to bring myself to my senses. Distraction accomplished, time to go before I lost myself in it. I made for the emergency exit.

The hairs on the nape of my neck stood at attention and I shivered. As I pushed through the exit door, I glanced over my shoulder and met the eyes of a man who had been negotiating with the attendant.

My pursuer. Oshiri, Haru.

The intense weight of his stare dominated me in an instant. Eyes like bright hazel suns, as feral as those of a predator ready to pounce on his prey. They held me. I couldn’t breathe-- couldn’t move another hoof so caught was I by those bright orbs staring at me head-on.

I had abducted him more than nine months ago now to make him atone for a crime he committed against one of my few friends. After this and that happened, I released him. We didn’t part on bad terms, oddly enough, but I preferred not to find out to what extent he resented me.

A panicked voice inside me urged me to look away. I had already pushed my will and my body passed the limit. I wouldn’t last much longer if I didn’t run now. I stumbled through the door. With a thud, it closed behind me. I wanted to exhale but not yet, just a little longer my inner voice reassured me as I looked around. My vision narrowed to a slow-moving baggage cart. Escape was in sight. I dashed forward.

My gaze quickly shifted to the ground. I fell in what seemed like slow motion, though I know it took less than a second. Four sets of hands grabbed me as two people tackled me down. Before I hit the pavement I thought, karma is a b--


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