Finding My Second Chance Mate

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Alex Brown top Warrior in the king rogues pack He's spent his life looking after others especially Lana who's Mated to the twins Ace and Cash from his previous pack Silver Moon. after losing his first Mate so quickly It's time for Alex to hunt down his second chance mate will he find love or learn to be alone.

Romance / Fantasy
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It's been over four years since I found my true gifted mate from the moon goddess. Unfortunately, she was killed by a rogue attack before I could even get to know her. I've spent my whole life believing that when I found her, my life would really begin.

Our bond never had time to click in place. otherwise, I don't believe id still be alive today. You see, when you find your true destined mate your souls become one. So if one does, the other one soon passes away not long after.

Most days, I'm surrounded by all types of mated couples. It drives me and my wolf crazy. I've always wanted a mate. At one point, I believed I was in love with Lana. It took a while to realise it was nothing more than brotherly love.

My brother Jack is Mated to Alpha Rafael of this pack. At first, I wasn't too keen on the man. He appeared from nowhere and turned our lives upside down. But in the end, it worked out for the best.

Watching the way he treats my brother like a king earned my full respect. Rafael has become not only my Alpha but a close friend. I couldn't imagine him not being a part of my family now.

It's fucking cold this morning as I step through the crisp white snow. I love the sound my boots make as they crunch through the freshly laid snow. Looking around I see nothing but white.

Banging my boots together on the wooden deck, I tap on Lana's front door.

"Come in it's open! "

I love coming round here, it's become my second home. Lana has become the best mum I've ever seen. The love that she gives out to us all is overwhelming. She may have her mates and sons, but not a day goes by that she doesn't make me feel wanted or loved.

Stepping inside I see the triplets playing on the fur blanket on the floor. "Boys " I tap my fist with each one of them. I always have the biggest smile on my face when I'm near them.

" Your early this morning, is everything okay?"

Lana passes me a cup of fresh black coffee as she sits on the floor. Even with her hair all messy and no makeup, she's still so beautiful.

" Rafael needs my help, so I'm leaving for 3 days. I just needed to see the boys before I go "

I may live alone but I'm far from lonely. Between my family, friends and warrior training, I'm always doing something. But there's always something missing though.

Rafael and the twins treat me like a brother. I may not have a partner by my side, but I have a loving family. The guys keep trying to set me up, even last night I was forced to go on a blind date. Don't get me wrong, she was beautiful. But she wasn't my mate. I decided a long time ago, I will not commit to anyone other than my mate. I really hope I'm lucky enough to be given a second chance.

I must admit that for the last two years being in this pack has changed me. I was so excited to arrive. I started to believe id find my second chance mate here. But day by day, I started to lose hope. Instead of focusing on finding her, I started to give up. It became so easy to hook up without any feelings involved.

"Make sure you stay safe and call me"

nodding my head, I can't help but smile at her. Since becoming a mum, she's become very protective of us all. Last week I was too busy to talk to her for two days. So she literally kicked in my office door and started to shout at me like I was a naughty toddler.

Lana sent Cash round to fix my door the same night. He couldn't help but just laugh to himself. He loves how aggressive she can be. He literally ran out of my office to go back home with a massive smile.

"Well I'm off, keep the boys safe"

I gently kiss the top of her head and turn to say goodbye to the boys. Little Alex looks so serious chewing on his chubby little fingers. Felix is wriggling around, kicking his little arms and legs about. Just like his daddies, Calix is starting at his own reflection in the little mirror.

Grabbing my bag I sling it over my shoulder and join the other warriors waiting outside the packhouse.

We're heading to the Blood Moon pack. Apparently, their alpha has been mistreating his pack members. The council contacted Rafael for help. He agreed that whenever we needed to leave the pack I could accompany him. By travelling around more, I have a better chance of finding my mate.

Jumping into Rafael's black jeep we start our 6-hour long journey. He's left Jack at home, thank God. I could not cope with spending 6-hours cramped in a car with them two flirting. It's not even the fact I'm jealous no one wants to see their brother making out.

My wolf is driving me crazy. He's been pacing around none stop for hours now. It's really starting to make me feel anxious. I have to block him out. I need to focus and be on top form. We don't know how this pack are going to react to us.

Just over six hours later, we finally arrive at the Blood Moon pack. It looks so unkempt, the grass has even started to turn brown and patchy. The buildings look like they need a good repair. The roads are all bumpy and uneven. Driving further into the pack, I don't get a good feeling. I look over to Rafael and see he looks just as uncomfortable as me.

The second my door clicks open I smell the most intoxicating smell ever-fresh mint.


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