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Book one of the series! They will either be the best thing for each other or the worst. They are both convinced they will ruin one another but that doesn't stop them. Ellie May Harper hates men. Rightfully so... she was abandoned by her family and tormented through her childhood. She doesn't trust anyone except her best friend Talia. Will the hostile, mysterious Dawson Jarvis break down her walls and possibly restore her broken heart or will he ruin her completely? Stay tuned for the second book: Damaged Daydream Happy reading lovelies :)

Romance / Drama
Melissa Nicole
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"Ellie, wake up" my mother's voice brings me out of my slumber. I'm not ready to wake up yet, I don't want to go to school. I want to stay home with mommy. "Ellie we need to go" her usual sweet tone sounds icy. I flicker open my sleepy eyes searching for my moms blue eyes but I can't find them. "Momma?" I whisper into the darkness.

The light flicks on and my sensitive morning eyes shut instantly. I open them back up again and see the backs of my parents as they are throwing all my things into suitcases. I crawl off my hot pink My Little Pony bed and run over to mom and yank on her red sweatshirt. She shoots her eyes down at me and I see she has been crying.

"Where are we going momma?" I ask her as I peak behind her out the window at the black sky. It's too dark to be going to school... "here, put some clothes on", she hands me a pair of purple pants and my favourite Barbie sweatshirt. I want to argue with her but I don't want dad to get angry with me.

After I get dressed momma walks over to me and grabs my hand. I try and look up at her but she is too focused on the back of my dads head as we head out to the garage. "Mommy?" I whimper quietly. She shoots her eyes down at me with a terrified look that makes me want to cry but instead I zip my lips and throw away the key which makes mommy smile.

Mom helps me into my seat in the back of dads big truck as he throws all of my stuff into the box. After mom buckles me up she leans her soft forehead on mine. "I love you so much my sweet Ellie" I can tell she's trying not to cry, probably because she knows dad will get mad. He doesn't like when we cry. "I love you mom" i lift my hand up and touch her cheek. I watch a tear fall out of her pretty blue eyes, eyes that match mine, but I wipe the tear away for her quick before dad sees.

Mom and dad hop in the truck and the garage door opens from dads magic button on his key. I stare out the window into the dark night as we drive out of my familiar neighbourhood. My eyes are still so tired. I tell myself I'll just rest them for a few minutes but when I open them up again the sun is shining bright through the truck window.

I rub my sleep filled eyes with the back of my hand before I peer out the window at all the trees. Where are we? We aren't in the city anymore that's for sure...

I look up into the mirror at the front of the truck and see dads angry face. I better not ask where we are... I don't need to start a fight.

After a few turns that my dad takes way too quickly we pull up to a big brick building. It kind of looks like my school, only this place is much older and it looks really creepy. There is nothing around except fields and trees for miles and a small little play set. I can't fight my tongue anymore. "Where are we?" My voice shakes. My mommy turns around and looks at me, she opens her mouth like she's about to speak but dad squeezes her arm really hard, "shut the fuck up Marie!" He screams at mommy before she even speaks.

My angry dad pulls up on the side of the building, he hops out of the big truck without shutting it off and walks around to the back and starts grabbing out my suitcases and tossing them onto the dirt. "Mommy!?" My cry breaks out now. "I'm so sorry baby" my mommy starts crying now too.

My dad suddenly opens the back door making me jump. He leans over me and undoes my seatbelt before lifting me out of the high truck and setting me down on the dirt. I look up into his dark eyes, "dad?" I whimper. "You were never suppose to be our child" he rasps out before he shoves me back and then walks back around to the driver seat.

My mom goes to open her door but I watch my dad grab her hair and yank it back. "Don't fuckin try it!" He hisses into her ear. "Let me say goodbye!!" Mommy shrieks at him before throwing her elbow back into his face. Oh no... mommy is going to get in so much trouble for that. She basically falls out of the truck in front of me. "I love you so much baby girl! I'm so sorry! I will see you again someday" she kisses me hard on the forehead before jumping back in the truck without another glance at me.

My dad rips backwards spitting up a bunch of dirt as he starts to drive away. Leaving me here in front of a strange building in the middle of no where! I start to sprint after my dads truck, "mommy!! Mommy!! Wait!! Come back! Don't leave me!!! I'm sorry!!"
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