Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 1

“Why now?” I asked out aloud in frustration while trying to start my car one more time. But luck wasn’t on my side as my now good for nothing car refused to start and has left me stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The day was already a disaster one after running to my ex and his girlfriend and now this had to happen too. I should have just went through the usual route at least the way was more familiar than listening to my friend and coming through this supposed short route.

I spent the next one hour trying to catch a cab or a ride home but no one seemed to want to help a woman at this late hour. Once again I put my arm out upon noticing a car coming from farther away. The car slowed down when it was close to me but when I was about to approach the driver he intentionally speeded away much to my frustration.

“Asshole.” I muttered under my breath.

I walked around trying to see if I could find network on my phone but failed at that too. The next fifteen minutes passed with no vehicles passing by. There were no shops or people nearby making me feel more dreadful. The street lights flickered off and own every other second and strange noises were heard. The atmosphere was getting colder and eerie as time passed and I was now desperate to find a ride. I let out a sigh upon noticing approaching headlights and decided that I was going to get out of this place in that vehicle no matter what.

Recklessly I stood in the middle of the road and waved my arms around like a maniac. The driver slammed the break just before it could kill me. I heard the driver’s door open but chose to run and sit in the passenger seat of the car rather than wait for him to approach me.

“What the hell are you doing, Woman?” I heard the voice of the man yell harshly and I gripped the pepper spray in my right hand for safety. The passenger door was opened the next second and a man towered over me.

“Get out of my car right now!” He shouted and before I could say anything he grabbed my wrist and roughly tugged me out of the car.

“Let go.” I said and pulled my wrist out of his strong grip.

“Sir, my car broke down and I have no other mode of transportation. I have been waiting in this creepy place for hours looking for cabs or other vehicles to give me a ride but no one stopped to help. There is no network in this place. Please, all I want is for you to drop me at the nearest town. I’ll go from there, I swear. Please don’t let me be stranded here for the entire night. I promise I’ll even pay you.” I requested to the man before me. His face was not clear visible as the street light was still dimly flickering on and off but he sure seemed to be muscular and tall.

“I do not trust you.” He stated and I could feel his heavy gaze on me.

“Neither do I trust you, Sir. But I have no other choice. I won’t do any harm to you nor will I steal anything from you. I swear.”

A howl was heard from far away making me jump. The next second a loud shrill was heard and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise up in fear.

“Get in the car.”

And I did without any hesitation.

“Shouldn’t we go see if anyone is in danger?” I asked after hearing the engine start.

“And get killed by hungry animals?” He snapped.

“The shrill was not of a human.” He said a minute after.

We silently drove for few minutes before I decided to break the awkwardness.

“Thank you.” I mumbled and he chose not to reply.

“I said thank you.” I said a bit louder.


Again the drive was silent and I looked at the phone to see if there was network but failed again.

“Do you have network in your phone?”


“Uh Okay.”

“I know you are angry. And you have all the right to be and I apologise for the trouble. I’m sorry.”



As time passed I knew we were getting closer to the civilization as we now could see few closed shops pass by. I glanced at the man beside me now able to observe his features. He have clear olive skin toned face with sharp cheekbones. His eyes were beautiful steel blue which seemed to show more emotions than his words could and his thick jet black hair seemed to be tousled and unkept by the end of the day. There was a visible scar on his chin that he subconsciously touched every now and then.

“Where is it that you want to go?” He enquired putting an end to my obvious staring.

“Just drop me in the town. I’ll take a bus or cab from there.”

“Where exactly do you want to go?”

“It’s really far from here.”

“I asked where, Miss.” He repeated sounding annoyed.

“New York.” I muttered and then he abruptly slammed the break making me almost hit onto the dashboard if it weren’t for the seatbelt.

“So you are really stalking me.” He snapped angrily while glaring coldly at me.

“What?! Why the heck would you assume such a thing? Do I look a stalker to you?”

“Looks can be deceiving.”

“Trust me, Sir, I do have plenty of other things to do than stalk people. That’s just not my thing. From your reaction I assume we are both have same destination. But no worries. You don’t have to put up with me for that long. As promised I will get out of your hair as soon as we reach a town where I can catch a bus or cab.” I assured him but the suspicious look didn’t disappear from his eyes.

“Do I have to pinky promise now?” I huffed out. He said nothing else but shot me one last glare and began driving again.

A little later my stomach started growling in hunger. I ignored my stomach’s request for food and continued staring outside through the window.

“Do you always jump infront of the cars like you did today?”

“I do not! I had spent hours trying catch a ride home which failed as no one stopped to help which is understandable as they are just being safe. But I had no other choice. It was either to risk hitch hiking and getting killed or risk staying inside my car to be killed by God knows what in that haunted place.”

“Reckless thing to do.” He muttered under his breath.

“So you want me to stay there and get killed?”

“You could probably get killed either way.”

“You meant say you are going kill me?!”

“I didn’t say that. Just that you don’t know what kind of people you are hitch hiking with. It’s not safe.” He chastised.

“As if I didn’t know that. But you better not get any ideas, Mister. I do know self defence and I can do a lot harm if you try anything funny.”

“Do I look like I would take advantage of you?” He asked sounding irritated.

“Looks can be deceiving.” I repeated his words.

“You can get out of the car if you want, Miss. No one is forcing you to be in my car.”

“The situation is. And I didn’t meant to say that you are that type of person. I was just staying that I’m capable of causing harm if required.”

“Good for you, Miss.”

“You may call me E.” I said and he glanced at me curiously before focusing on the road again.


“Well, that’s not exactly my name. But you can call me that during our journey as I cannot reveal my name due to safety reasons.”

“Says the woman who got into random man’s car.” He mocked.

“You don’t have to bring that fact up over and over again.” I said feeling vexed by his mocking at my choice.

“Whatever you say, Miss E."

“Are you always so rude?”

“If that was the case you would still be stranded in that place, E.”

“So it’s not an always thing but still frequently right?”

“You know I can still kick you out of my car, right?”

“That would be an asshole thing to do.”

“Do I look like I care, Angel?”


“It suits you more than E.” He said and I was surprised to find the corner of his lips lift up in a small smile for a second before it vanished.

“How gracious of you to say that. I must be blessed to be able to be given a sweet nickname by you.” I said dramatically.

“Don’t get cocky now.” He warned lightly and I let out a chuckle.

“What should I call you?” I asked and saw him glance at me for few seconds making me yell at him to keep his eyes on the road.

“You really do not know me, do you?” He asked chuckling amusingly.

“Am I supposed to? Are you in a movie or something?”

“No, I’m not. Call me X. Obviously that’s not my name but you can call me that as I cannot reveal my name due to safety reasons.” He said while smirking.

“Getting sassy, are we? But seriously? X? That would sound like ex."

“What should you call me then?”

“You called me Angel so I’ll call you Devil.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“Why would you call me that after I helped you get away from being killed by wild animals?”

“Just because.”


“I think there is a shop over there. And its open it seems.” I said noticing the lights a little ahead of us. There were other shops nearby but this was only one open.

“It’s a diner.”

Mr. X or Devil parked the car in front of the diner and turned to face me.

“You are dropping me off here?” I asked while observing the area. The diner was not crowded at this hour and the majority of customers were men and there were few females. The place looked decent so I guess I could wait there for cab or ask for help.

“Get out.”

“I will!” I snapped and got of the car.

“Why are you getting out? Aren’t you leaving?”

“I’m not dropping you off here. This does not look like a safe place.”

“Then why did you stop here and asked me to get out?” I asked confused by his behaviour.

“We are getting dinner. Your stomach has been rumbling since you got into the car.” He said and walked towards the door of the diner.

“You didn’t have to do that. But thanks.”

“I’m hungry too and I don’t think there is any good diners open at this hour in this place.”

A man greeted us as soon as we entered and began to guide us to a table. Mr. X had a displeased look on his face while looking around the diner. He almost looked like he wanted run out of the diner though the place was not that bad.

“Do you have a phone that I can use? My phone has no network and it is really important for me to call someone.” I requested to the employee who guided us to the table.

“Most of the phones have no network here, Miss. But don’t worry you can use the diner telephone. It’s placed by the counter over there as people traveling by often comes in for calling someone.” He said politely and I let out a relieved sigh.

“Thank you for the help.”

“No, problem, Miss.” He replied smiling.

“You may order your dinner. I’ll make a call and see if any of my friends can pick me up from here.” I told the man who I accompanied with and went to the counter.

The young man behind the bill counter was chatting with a lanky man who stood opposite to him but both of them turned their attention to me as I approached them.

“Miss, you have to go through that door and turn left to reach the washroom.” The man said before I could speak.

“I came here to ask something else actually. I wanted to make a call and the man over there said I could from here.”

“Oh sure, Miss. You may use the phone. Here.” He said with a smile and turned to continue his conversation with the other man who I could feel was still staring at me. Ignoring his stare I picked up the phone and began pressing the numbers. I felt a shadow tower over me and turned to find Mr X standing behind me almost protectively and glaring at the lanky man.

“What?” I mouthed to him when he glanced at me but he didn’t reply and instead stood between me and the staring dude thereby blocking me from his view. I smiled gratefully at his gesture and he gave me a small nod.

“Helloo.” A voice slurred from the other side of the phone as soon as the call was connected.

“Jane, please tell me you are not at a party getting drunk.”

“I’m not but I actually am.” She said giggling.

“Great. You had to get drunk just when I needed you, didn’t you? Is Joshua and Anne with you too?”

“Yep. And you should have been here too. But you aren’t.” She whined.

“Are there any of our friends you aren’t drunk and is capable of picking me up?”

“Uh no. Oh yeah you and Mike aren’t drunk.” She said happily and I almost gave face palmed.

“Mike is in London visiting his family.”

“So he must not be drunk, Silly. And you are not too, are you?”

“Yeah yeah. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.” I said mildly annoyed and ended the call knowing there is no use of talking to her when she is drunk. I could feel X’s stare on me and knew he heard how that conversation went.

“Excuse me, Sir. Is it possible to catch any bus or cabs from here?” I asked the man sitting behind the counter.

“Sorry, Miss. Public transportations are not available at this hour.”

“Oh. Are there any motels nearby?”

“There is one a little ahead. It’s a cheap motel but I’m not sure both of you would find it comfortable.” He said looking at both X’s and my outfit.

“I can give you ride home if you want, Miss. I wouldn’t mind driving you to places.” The creepy dude said making his presence known again.

“That wouldn’t be necessary. She is coming with me.” X snapped at the man who immediately backed away.


“We are going together.”

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