Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 10

“I’m very much satisfied with your work and hope to work with you in the near future too.” The Principal said with a small smile.

“Thank you. I’m pleased to know that. I will take my leave now.”

“Okay, be safe.” He said and I walked out of the school where I had come to see the final result of my design of principal’s cabin.

“Mamma!” I heard a very familiar little voice yell and froze. I slowly turned around and saw Ace running towards me on full speed. I looked around to see if anyone had heard him call me ‘Mamma’ and saw few person staring at me and I gave them an awkward smile in return.

Soon I felt Ace’s body slam against my legs and hug them tight. I patted his head while chuckling and then tugged his arms off my legs to bend down and hug him to me. The little cuddlier then wrapped his arms and legs around me.

“I missed you, Eva.” He murmured tightening his hold on me.

“Aww. I missed you too.” I said and stood up with him in my arms.

“I loved the cake you made for me. But Daddy stole many from it.” He said pouting a little.

“I will make one especially for you and you can hide it from your Daddy, Deal?”

“Deal.” He said grinning.

“Is your Daddy or driver here to pick you up?”

“Driver haven’t reached yet. But can I come with you instead?”

“Your driver must be on his way and moreover your Daddy might want you home.” I said trying to change his mind but like father he too was stubborn.

“Noo. I wanna go with you. We just have to inform Daddy and then we can spend time together. It’s been days and days since I saw you.” He said with a pout.

“We’ll ask your father.” I said giving in and called Xavier to explain the situation.

“If you are free then can you take him with you out to eat or something? He has been asking about you almost everyday. You can drop him off at my office afterwards. I’ll be here.”

“Okay. Will do.” I said and handed the phone to Ace as per Xavier’s request.

“Hello, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy. Yeah, I’ll be good. Promise. Bye.” I heard Ace say before handing the phone back to me once they were done.

“So where do you want to go first?”

“Anywhere is fine.”

“ about we first fill that tiny tummy of your’s?” I asked and he nodded eagerly making me laugh.

I drove us to my favourite cafe and made Ace try their brownies and hot chocolate.

“Do you like it?” I asked Ace.

“Yes, I do. It’s really tasty. But I still love your cake more than this though.” He said with a shrug and I couldn’t shake off the feeling of pride. From somewhere near I heard baby talking and I turned to see that the booth nearby us was occupied by a family of three, one being a two or so year old boy. The baby looked at me and gave me a large smile and I couldn’t stop the ‘Aww’ from escaping my mouth. I waved at him and made some funny faces and he let out a fit of giggles. But my view of soon blocked by Ace’s little torso. He stood up on the seat next to where I was sitting and wrapped his arms around my head bringing my head to his chest.

“You are my Eva. I won’t allow him to steal you from me. He have his own Mamma. I only have you.” Ace said with complete seriousness and a bit of anger.

Oh oh.

“Of course, little one. No one is going to steal me from you.” I assured him gently.

“Please don’t look at him okay?” He ordered and I rolled my eyes at this but agreed with him.

Ace then returned to his seat and I saw him send a glare towards the poor baby. It was only when their family left that Ace finally relaxed. We then walked to the nearby park and stayed on the swing while having popsicle. Ace send glares to kids who came a meter near me.



“Shall we buy caps for us from that man over there?” I asked showing him a poor old man who was selling caps sitting on the corner of park.

“From him..?”


“Do you think he sells good one? We can get it from mall, can’t we?” He asked making me sigh.

“Ace, have you heard the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’?”

“Yes, Mamma.”

“Do you believe in it? Do you believe that you shouldn’t just judge anyone or anything just by its cover?”

“I don’t know.”

“Would it be fair to you if I thought of you as bad boy on just seeing you?”

“You think of me as a bad boy?” He asked looking sad.

“No, baby. It was just an example. You are good boy, okay?” I said and he nodded in agreement.

“Consider this. A man saw us from here and came to me and said that I’m mean. He didn’t bother talking to me or try to know me but decided my character just like that. Is that the right thing to do?”

“You are not mean. You are good. The man just doesn’t know it. He has no right to say that. He is mean to think of you like that. And if anyone come saying that, I will beat them for you.” Ace claimed.

“You would do no such things. You will not go for any fights, okay?”

“I will. For you.”

“Fight doesn’t solve everything, Ace. It’s will just create more problems.” I said sternly and he nodded his head hesitantly.

“Back to the point. You doubt that the old man there sells poor quality things don’t you?”

“He looks poor.”

“But that doesn’t mean the things he sells are bad, does it? We have never purchased from him before so we don’t know the quality of his products. We hence have no right to claim that he sells poor quality things before trying them out for ourselves. He looks really old but even then instead of sitting home doing nothing or choosing to beg, he works. That’s a big thing, isn’t it?”

Ace stood silent for few minutes before he smiled at me.

“Thank you, Mamma, for teaching me something new and good.” He said and then kissed my cheek.

“You are welcome, Little one.”

“Let’s go buy caps then.” He said and we both walked towards the man. Ace further believed my words when we saw the cool caps the man had. We thought of being silly and bought matching Pokemon caps. And we even had a lady click pictures of us.

“Left.” Ace said guiding us to Xavier’s office. Surprisingly this four year old was very good at direction but I still had the GPS to make sure we didn’t end up getting lost.

“Yes, Sir.” I said with a mock salute.

Xavier’s company described him well, filthy rich. Everything was perfect and I felt little jealous of the person who designed it. The receptionist urged us to go fast saying Xavier is waiting for us.

“Race you to the cabin.” I said and ran ahead of him.

“This is cheating. You began way before me.” I heard Ace say while trying to reach up to me.

“No, I did not.” I said but slowed down even more letting him pass me after which I increased my pace a bit. Ace barged into the room and I followed him a second later tumbling on him and we both fell onto the clean floor.

“What is going on? You both okay?” I heard someone yell but neither me nor Ace paid any attention to it.

“Eva..” Ace giggled out.

“No. I’m tickle monster.” I said deepening my voice to make it sound like a monster.

Yes! I know how a monster sounds.

Have been hearing that Mike dummy’s voice for years!

“Nooo.” Ace yelled and got up soon trying to get away from my hands.

“I am gonna tickle you.” I said grinning widely and got up from the floor.

“No. You can’t.” Ace said and began running and I followed him around. I was moving around the table when my arm was suddenly pulled back making me fall on a hard yet soft surface.

“Gotcha.” Xavier whispered in my ear and I struggled to get off his lap.

“So how was the little outing?” He asked curiously.

“What are you doing? Respect my personal space, dude.” I snapped feeling my heart acting weird again but before he could let me go, Ace jumped onto my lap and refused to move making Xavier chuckle while I hoped Xavier’s thighs to get mashed under us.

“Son, tell me about your day. Where all did you both go?” Xavier asked and Ace narrated the entire events with seriousness.

“Nice. And you both got the matching caps too. I’m once again left out. This is not fair.” He said feigning sadness but there was still a tint of seriousness and jealously.

“It’s a special thing for us alone, Daddy. We will do something else together.” Ace negotiated.

“Yes, we will.” Xavier replied and I mouthed ‘we will not’ at him and he raised his eyebrows challenging.

“You guys chit chat, I gotta go.” I said and managed to remove their clinging selves off me. Ace immediately latched onto my legs refusing to let go.

“Stay longer, please?” Ace asked and I looked at his father for help but he merely shrugged his shoulder.

“We wanna chit chat with you, Eva.”

“I got lots of work to do, Little one.”

“How can you say no to that face? Stay a bit longer. We’ll have dinner together and drop you off at your house.” Xavier said pointing at Ace who was pouting in an exaggerated manner inorder to convince me and I hesitantly gave in.

“It better be damn good dinner.” I muttered.

“We’ll go to my restaurant with the best chefs. You can get anything you want.” Xavier negotiated.

“Alright, alright.”

“Thank you, Mamma. I mean Eva yeah. Thank you, Eva.” Ace rambled out.

“You are welcome.”

“I have a bit more work to finish off before I leave. Could you both wait in the meantime?” Xavier asked and we nodded in agreement.

“Ace will do his homework. I have to draw a picture too.” Ace said and began pulling out his books.

“Can you help me with it, Eva?” He asked and I agreed as I had no better things to do.

“I’ll be quick. I promise.” Xavier told us before getting back to his work while Ace and I drew pictures.

“I’m done. Let’s go.” Xavier said twenty minutes later. Since there was still plenty of time for dinner we decided to go to the museum and spent some time there before going to the restaurant.

“So was the food worth it?” Xavier asked once we were walking back to our car after dinner.

“It was.”

“I’m glad.” He said and slowly entangled his hands with mine. But it was soon separated by Ace who then held both our hands and walked in the middle.

“Someone is jealous.” Xavier teased and Ace frowned at him.

“Next time we won’t take Daddy with us. Okay, Eva?” Ace asked and I laughed at this.

“Ah. You wound me, Son. I will follow you wherever you go.”

“What if I go to another planet?”

“I will follow you to there to. Nothing can make me stay away from you.” Xavier promised and tears filled my eyes at the memory of my own father.

“Eva, are you okay?” Ace asked and I tried to blink the tears away.

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

“But you have tears.”

“Something went inside my eyes.” I lied. Xavier cupped my cheek and searched my eyes for any dust particles.

“What’s wrong?” He asked lowly realising I lied.

“It’s nothing. Just thought of my own father.” I said gazing at the sky.

“Come here.” Xavier said and pulled me to a welcoming hug.

“Me too. Me too.” Ace said and hugged our legs making me laugh.

“Thank you.” I mumbled to Xavier before pulling away from his arms.

“Let’s go home?”



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