Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 12

Eva James’s POV

I woke up feeling very hot and felt something heavy on me. I looked around to see two bodies on me from either side crushing me. I pulled Xavier’s hair harshly making him wake up abruptly.

“What the hell is wrong with you, woman?”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you on the bed?”

“Then where else will I sleep? On the floor?”

“Why are you in the bed with us? More like with me? Don’t you have your own room?”

“I came in to check up on you both early this morning and then somehow ended up sleeping here.”

“Somehow? How do you somehow end up sleep here? Can you get off me now?”

“No. I’m comfortable.” He said and snuggled his head into my neck.

“Well, I am not.” I said and pulled his head back.

“Too bad for you.” He said and came towards me to snuggle in but Ace beat him to it and had his little body move entirely on me in his sleep.

“Always way ahead of me when it comes to you.” He muttered and smiled at the little cuddly bear.

“Can I take him out today?”

“To where?”

“I don’t know..somewhere he can have lots of fun.”

“Hmm... you know what? I will take you both out today. We will have fun day. Ace will love it.”


“You will know when we reach there.”

“Whatever.” I muttered and slowly removed Ace off me to get up. But as soon as I did he woke and looked around frantically.


“I’m here, Ace. Go back to sleep.” I said but he shook his head negatively and got up from his bed. He looked at the bedside clock and let out a silent gasp. Without another word he rushed into his closet grabbed few clothes and went to the bathroom probably to have a shower.

“It’s way past his waking time.” Xavier said seeing this.

“Hmm..probably hurrying to get back in track with his schedule.” I said sighing and he remained silent.

“And yeah..wherever you are taking us please make sure that we don’t come late. I have a friend’s birthday party and so have to be there by 5.”

“Party? No clubbing, right?”

“No. And what if I do go for clubbing? It shouldn’t matter to you.”

“It matters to me. I don’t want drunken jerks to be touchy with you.” He said coldly.

“What if it’s non drunken jerks being touchy with me? It wouldn’t be a problem then, will it?” I teased hiding my smile.

“Drunken or non drunken whoever that asshole is will be dead the moment he keeps his dirty paws on you.” He said with determination and I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

“I’m serious, Angel.”

“Whatever you say, Devil.”

Soon Ace came out freshly showered and went down to read newspaper.


Fifteen minutes later I picked him up and disturbed his reading. I then began to walk towards the kitchen.

“Mamma, what are you doing?” Ace asked when I abruptly picked him up.

“Carrying you to kitchen.”


“Cause you, Little one, is going help me cook breakfast.”



“But I don’t how to cook.” He stated glumly.

“I will teach you. So you ready to help me?” I asked and he nodded his head vigorously.

“Teach me too, will you?” Xavier asked already wearing apron.

“Hmm..okay but no burning the house?”


Then the cooking began. I had actually planned to make a full on English breakfast but teaching Xavier to cook turned out to be a lot more harder than teaching Ace and he ruined every dish so then we went for something simple as pancakes and I made sure to keep Xavier at good distance from the stove this time.

“Mamma, it taste good.” Ace said giving me a smile.

“You prepared it. Of course it had to tastes good.”

“Here, have this, Mamma. This was the one I flipped perfectly.” He said proudly and put the one he cooked on my plate.

“Thanks, munchkin.”

“How about I make lunch today? Maybe then I will be more experienced and be a perfect cook.” Xavier said looking determined.

Want to poison us don’t you?

“No, it’s fine. It’s not necessary that one have to be perfect in everything. So it’s okay if you are a bad cook. You are good in business right? So focus on that. Leave the kitchen work to someone else. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay clear out of the kitchen. You can help whenever possible and try cooking sometimes but it’s not really compulsory that you have to be pro in it.” I said truthfully and saw a smile come appear on his face.


“Ace, we are going out after breakfast so get ready fast okay?” Xavier said making Ace’s little face look gloomy.

“But, Daddy, can’t we go out another time? I want to spend time with Mamma.”

“ you don’t want to come?” Xavier asked hiding his amusement and Ace shook his head negatively.


“Yes, Daddy.”

“That’s fine then. You can stay here while Eva and I go out.”


“Well, I had thought you, Eva and I could go out and have a fun day together but now if you don’t want to go then it would be just me and your Eva but that’s fine. We will have lots of fun together. I will get to spend plenty of time with her while you stay here and do your school stuff.”

“No! I refuse. I wanna come with you guys!” Ace said haughtily.

“But you said you didn’t want to.” Xavier teased shrugging.

“No, I want to.”

“You can’t change your decision, Ace.”

“I can. I want to come and I will come!” He stated stubbornly.

“Not happening”

“Don’t be mean, Daddy. My Eva won’t go with you without taking me. She will only come if I’m there, right Mamma?” He said turning to me and squeezed my cheeks using both hand and literally made me nod by pushing my head up and down.

“Right, Mommy?”

“Yes, Chipmunk.” I managed to say and then removed his tiny hands from my face.

“Heard that, Daddy? She said she won’t go without me. You have to take me or else you will have to go alone.” He said placing his hand on his hip.

“Maybe I could convince her to leave with me.”

“No, you cannot.” Ace said quickly and brought my face into his chest hiding me.

“Fine, then. You may come.” Xavier said acting defeated.

“Go, get dressed before he changes his decision and make you stay in here.” I said pulling my head away from his chest and soon Ace dashed out even without completing his breakfast which I made him eat as soon as he came back dressed.

I had to change into Xavier’s clothes again much to his pleasure and we had to stop by my house so that I could change into mine.

We have been driving for more than half an hour and he still haven’t told us where he was taking us. But we were really having fun. We were singing, telling stories and jokes, playing some games, eating and laughing our ass off.

“We are here.”

Carnival? Not bad!

“What are you guys waiting for? Let’s go in.” I said and got out of the car. As soon as we entered I picked Ace up and held him in my arms.

“He can walk, you know?”

“I know. I know. But he might get lost in this crowd.”

“You are right. I will hold him. You might get tired.” He said and without waiting for my reply he took Ace from me. We went on different rides which were suitable for Ace and I couldn’t help but feel happy seeing him giggle and have fun.

“Let’s go to that one.” Ace said excited.

“Okay.” I said smiling.

By noon I was very tired but happy. Though my stomach was full by eating all the junk snacks and candies I was forced to have lunch by Xavier and I did mainly because I knew if I didn’t have then Ace would refuse too.

The things that I do for him..

We were almost done with our lunch when Xavier’s phone rang.

“I’m so sorry but I have very urgent meeting right now and so we will have to leave. It came up suddenly. But it will be over soon and then we will continue having fun together.” Xavier said apologetically after ending the call.

“But Daddy, family comes before work, right?” Ace repeated Xavier’s dialogue.

“I know, Son. This is the first and last time I will be doing this. I promise. And as I said it won’t take much while.”

“No, it’s not fair. You are choosing work over us. That’s not right!” Ace yelled.

“Ace, listen to m-′

“No. Don’t talk to me.”

“Why don’t you go and we both will stay here for bit more?” I asked and saw Ace look at Xavier hopefully.

“No, it’s not safe, Angel.”

“You can’t be serious, Xavier. What could happen to us in this daylight when people are around us to help us?”

“Anything. Anything can happen. I can’t take the risk.”

“You are bein-′

“No means no. Don’t argue with me on this. You both are coming with me and that’s final. We will go somewhere else after the meeting.” He said sternly.

Right now I was also fuming beside Ace. And we both stormed out of the Carnival together with Xavier speed walking behind us to catch up with us. I knew I had no right to be angry. Ace was his son and he has the right to decide what’s best for him but his behaviour still irked me.

“Eva, why is Daddy being mean?” Ace asked when we were seated in the car. I had sat in the backseat along with Ace to show my anger to Xavier who yet haven’t reached upto the car.

“He isn’t being mean, Ace. It must really important. He works to save money for his family right? For his Ace? He wants to buy you whatever you wishes to have. And for that he have to work. He has to be hardworking right?” I reasoned out.

“But I don’t want anything, Mamma. I just want us to spend time together. Is that too much to ask?” Ace huffed out.

Is Ace is really a kid? Why is talking so adultishly?

“No, Ace. It’s not too much to ask. And we are going to spend lots of time together after your Daddy’s meeting is over. ” I said and he nodded sulking. I sighed at this.



“No sulking.” I commanded and then tickled him.

“Ma- *giggle* Mamma. *giggle* Stop. *giggle*"

“Will you sulk anymore?” I asked still tickling him.

“*giggle* No..”

“Sure?” I asked and he nodded furiously.

“Good boy.” I said and stopped tickling him. Just then Xavier entered the driver’s seat and looked behind at us. He looked at me and then pointed at the passenger seat. Before I could say anything Ace spoke up.

“Mamma, let’s play something.”

“What do you want to play?”

“Guys, I’m sorry.” Xavier said and I saw Ace give him a stink eye and I felt like a bad guy for finding it funny.

“Anything of your choice, Mamma.” Ace said completely ignoring what Xavier said. I feel a bit pity for Xavier.

“How about rock, paper, scissors?” I asked and Ace agreed on it but then again I had to teach him how to play as he didn’t know such a game even existed. As we were playing I noticed Xavier glancing at us while driving and I glared at him.

Idiot never focuses on the road while driving!

As soon as we reached his company he got out of the car and opened the door for us. Ace grabbed my hand and dragged me inside while still ignoring his father. In the elevator Ace made us stand in a corner distancing us from Xavier.

“Both of you stop ignoring me.” Xavier said once we reached his cabin. And yet once again he was ignored.


“Why are you talking to us? Go for your meeting. That’s more important right?” Ace asked angrily.

“Ace, lists-′

“Go!” Ace yelled and I quickly hugged him to me seeing him get worked up. I looked at Xavier who had his jaw clenched with no emotion on his face but his eyes were hardened. I mouthed ‘Go’ at him in reassurance and he left for the meeting hesitantly after giving us a final glance.

“Ace, baby. It’s okay. Calm down. See the bright part. We got a whole room for us to play around. We can do whatever we want and no would disturb us.” I said while rubbing his back but he remained silent.

“Ace, what happens when you sulk?” I asked and he became alert and ran out of my arms.

“No tickling.” He said while hiding behind Xavier’s large chair.

“Nah. You were sulking and so you should be tickled.” I said and walked towards him.

“No!” He squealed and ran to the opposite side of the cabins and I chased him and that’s how we spend the next one hour. By the end I realised that I should really start being serious with my exercising if I don’t want myself to pant like a dog after running for just a while.

“Daddy said he the meeting will be over soon. But it yet haven’t. And soon you will have to leave too for your friend’s birthday so we won’t have much time to go out.” Ace said looking at the closed door as if Xavier would suddenly come through it.

“He will be here soon, Ace. Don’t worry.” I said while mentally killing Xavier for taking so much time. I couldn’t leave Ace here alone and so I had to stay put and wait for Xavier to finish up with his meeting.

Ace and I then sat down on the couch and began watching animation movies. Even when it was 4:30 there was no sight of Xavier and I got more and more agitated. I had to be at the birthday girl’s home by 5:00pm but before that I had to go to my home to collect her gift and to dress up and I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to reach the party on time now. It’s a good thing that Ace fell asleep while watching the movies or else he would have been so pissed off right now.

I kept waiting and waiting for that stupid asshole to come. I even called him on his phone but he didn’t answer it and I felt like pulling my hair out in frustration.

For Gods sake he said it won’t take much time but hours has passed and yet the freaking meeting haven’t ended.

When the clock hit 5:30 I was literally seeing red. I wouldn’t mind killing him now. In fact that thought was pretty tempting.

My phone kept on ringing. All of my friends from the party was calling me asking when I would be there. The birthday girl was waiting for me to come to cut the cake. She refused to cut it without me. Stubborn but sweet.

“ okay?” Ace asked sleepily seeing me pull my hair out frustration.

“Yes, munchkin.”

“Daddy didn’t come yet?” He asked and I shook my head slowly not looking at him as I did not want to see his sullen face.

“You are late, aren’t you? Is the birthday girl upset with you?” Ace asked holding my face in his little hand.

“No, Ace. Everything is fine.” I said with a small smile.

“No, it’s not. Your friend is upset and so you are upset and so I’m upset.”

“I’m not upset, Ace. I’m fine. I really am.” I said but he shook his head and then brought my head to his chest and pat on my head bringing a genuine smile on my face.

“Birthday girl will forgive you, Mamma. Don’t be upset.” He said and then I nodded. We remained like that for few minutes and it was comfortable and peaceful. Ace then went to the washroom while I paced back and forth constantly checking the time.

Suddenly I heard the door opening and I took a deep breath so as to calm down not wanting to yell at him and waste anymore of my time and also because it would upset Ace.

“Angel. I’m really sorry. I know I said it won’t take much time but the idiotic man refused to sign the deal and then we had to-′

“Sorry but I’m really not interested in listening to anything coming out of your mouth as I have already wasted enough of my time. I was supposed to be there with my friends right now making my best friend’s birthday special but here I am facing your stupid face.” I snapped at him and his eyes widened in shock at my reaction.

“Shit, I can’t believe I forgot about that. I’m really sorry, Angel.”

“Whatever. I am leaving.” I said but stayed put waiting for Ace to come out of the washroom.
Ace glared at his father upon seeing him and spoke no word to him. I would have to do something about this later.

“Ace. I’m sorry but I will have to leave now okay?” I said sitting on my knees infront of him.

“I know, Mamma. I’m not upset with you. Your friend might be waiting. You may go.” He said but I could see in his eyes how upset he was.

“I will see you soon. So no sulking and if you did then you know what will happen.”

“Mamma will become tickle monster.” He said and I laughed at this.

It’s weird that I’m getting used to him calling me ‘Mamma’.

“Bye.” I said and kissed his forehead. He replied the same and kissed my forehead and both cheeks.

“Take care, okay?” I said and he nodded. I then stood up and turned to leave.

“I will drop you off, Angel. Just give me a minute. I just have to take a few files and then we will be off.” Xavier said and I couldn’t help but feel proud of my self control. If it wasn’t for it he would have been dead by now.

“I don’t have that minute to waste. So I would rather take a cab. Bye.” I said and walked out knowing his one minute probably meant one hour.

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