Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 13

Xavier Whilson’s POV

I messed up.

Both Eva and Ace are angry at me. I’m more upset seeing that are more of disappointment in me than angry. I can deal with their angriness but not disappointment. It’s strange how such things are bothering me so much now.

Throughout the ride back home Ace remained silent and did not even spare a glance at me. As soon as we reached home he ran out of the car and went to his room where he remained till dinner.

“Ace, talk to me.” I said while having dinner. He has never given me the cold shoulder before and so I’m not sure on how to make him forgive me. Instead of replying to me he put the last bite into his mouth and ran upstairs towards his room making me sigh.

Maybe I will take them both out again tomorrow and make it upto them.

In the morning I dressed up and went to Ace’s room for telling him about today’s plan. We both will to go to Eva’s home as a surprise and then from there I will take them to my planned destination.

“Ace?” I called out when I didn’t see him in his bed. Maybe he woke up early today. I went to the living room and didn’t find him there even. Getting panicked I checked the whole house but couldn’t find him anywhere. I went back to his room again and searched in there one more time. It was then I saw a note on his nightstand. I quickly picked it up and read the content.

Went out with Mamma. Do not disturb us. Don’t call Mamma because I am going to hide her phone. Let us be. Have a good day.

- Ace Whilson

What the bloody hell?!

I checked my phone to see that I have missed two calls from Eva and then saw a voicemail from her.

“Hey, Devil. Ace said you allowed him to go out with me for a whole day. Didn’t see you there when I came to pick him up. Ace was in a hurry so we left not bothering to look for you. Called you to assure it but you didn’t pick up. Give me a call whenever you are free and don’t worry, I will take care of him. I will bring him back home b- ‘Mamma, Come on’ ‘Just a minute, Ace’ Yeah so he will be back before night. Take care. ‘Mamma!!’ -”

And it ended abruptly like that. My guess is Ace snatched the phone from her. I called her phone but it was switched off probably Ace’s doing. I wonder when he became so wicked. I’m impressed but at the same time also furious. I had no way of knowing where they are or how they are doing and so all I could do is wait for them to come.

I drove to all the possible places they could have been but didn’t see them anywhere. I even went to the Carnival where I took them yesterday but they weren’t there. To say I’m pissed off would be an understatement.

Where the hell are they?!

Running out places to look for them, I returned home and waited for them to return. Each passing minute I was more pissed off than the minute before. It was 7:00 pm when I finally heard the sound of the car and by then I was seeing red.

“Mamma, race you to the house.” I heard Ace yell out and then little footsteps of his followed by Eva’s was heard.

“Yay! I won.” Ace said happily not seeing his brooding father sitting in the large chair in the living room.

“Next time I will win.” My Angel replied with a smile.

“We will see, Mamma, we will see.”

“Yeah we wi- Woah! You scared me! What happened to you? Why are looking like a cat scratched your ‘thing’?” She asked discretely pointing at my crotch. I am sure I would have laughed at this if I weren’t so furious.

“Ace, come here.” I said my voice not betraying my mood. He looked at Eva and then at me again and then took few steps towards me.

“Did you get my permission before leaving the house today?” I asked and heard Eva gasp probably understanding the current situation and what Ace did.

“Daddy, I..”

“Did you get the permission or not?” I asked once again sternly.

“No.” He said looking down.

“Look at my face when you give me a reply.”

“No, I did not ask your permission.” He said now looking at my face. I saw him giving a sideway glance at his Mamma probably seeing her reaction to his statement.


“Because you wouldn’t have let me. And if you would have you would tag alone and then ruin the day for us by going for your stupid meetings while making us stay in your cabin. I did not want that so I didn’t bother getting your permission.” Ace said out angrily.

“Ace, munchkin, that’s not the way you should speak to elders especially not to your Daddy. I know you are still upset about yesterday but I’m sure your Daddy apologised. He did, didn’t he?” Eva asked sitting on her knees infront of him while cupping his cheek. He nodded slowly.

“When some apologise sincerely and regrets what they did, you must forgive them. Those who forgive the mistakes of others are strong, brave and courageous. I thought my Ace was a strong boy. Isn’t he?”

“Yes, Mamma. I am your strong boy.”

“If so then you will forgive your Daddy, won’t you? And moreover your Daddy had to go for the meeting. If it was something he could put aside for another time, he would have. So we have to be a little more understanding, okay?”

“I forgive you, Daddy.” He said looking at me.

“And now, Ace. Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t get your father’s permission to come with me? He must have been worried not seeing you here. You should never like never go anywhere without asking his permission from now on okay? Good boys don’t go out without informing parents. And you are good boy, aren’t you? So promise me you will repeat this mistake again.”

“I promise, Mamma.”

“Good.” She said and then pointed at me while still looking at him.

“Daddy, I’m sorry. I promise I will not repeat it again. I’m sorry for worrying you. Please forgive me?” He asked and I saw my Angel first give me pleading eyes to forgive him and then glare at me trying to threaten me when I didn’t say anything for a while.

“It’s okay, Ace. I’ll let you off the hook this time because you promised you won’t repeat it ever again.” I said and I smiled seeing a grin on Eva’s face.

“Now both of you should hug. To prove that you both have forgiven each other and are good again.” She said and gently pushed Ace towards me. We both stood there for a moment but then I stood up from my chair and kneeled before him and the hugged his little body to me. It’s been a while since we have hugged each other like this and it felt really nice.

“What about you, Mamma?” Ace asked while pulling back from the hug.

“What about me?”

“You were upset too and Daddy said sorry to you. Do you forgive him?”

“Yes, I do.” She said and I smiled at her.

Can’t wait for the day when she replies the same when the priest ask for her agreement on the marriage.

Woah. Where did that thought come from?

“Well, then you gotta hug Daddy too.” Ace said breaking my thoughts.

“You are right, Son. Your Mamma should hug me to prove that she forgave me.” I said with a smirk.

“That won’t be necessary...” She mumbled. She has hugged before but only rarely being very shy.

“Why not?” Ace asked and I could see her struggle to find some excuse but she was totally trapped now. By us, the Whilsons.

“Mamma, you have to do this. Come on.” Ace said and began pulling her by her hand towards me.

“I’m waiting.” I said seeing her stand still infront me. I wanted her to make the first move and so I waited for the same. She then came closer and slumped her heard against my chest and then within a second was about to move away but I prevented it by wrapping my arms tight around her. I grabbed her arms which lay limp beside her body and wrapped them around my waist and then placed my chin on her head.

“Okay..okay. Enough now.” I heard her mutter which was muffled as her head was held tightly against my chest.

“No. A bit more longer.” I mumbled and placed a kiss on her head. Ace came towards the side of our right legs and hugged them and I ruffled his hair with my hand making him glare at me to which my Angel laughed.

“Daddy, Mamma is staying here today.” Ace said excitedly and I heard my Angel sigh and then she pulled away.

“Really?” I asked when I heard no protest from her.

“Yes, Daddy. She promised me.”

“He wanted to stay longer out but I insisted on returning as I have told you I will bring him home before it’s late. He made me promise to his condition if I want us to return early. And I had no choice but to do so.” She mumbled out. Our son is such a cheeky little thing. I’m so proud of him.

Our son?

“I will be leaving as soon as he fall asleep.” She whispered in my ear so only I could hear it. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to my chest so that we were just inches apart.

“No, you won’t be leaving.” I whispered in her ears and couldn’t help but bite her cute ear lightly making her gasp and try to pull way but I held her tighter to me and then continued my assault on her ear gently biting, nibbling and kissing them and moved towards her jaw and neck. She fisted my shirt tightly and breathed heavily.

“ can’t do that. Ace is watching.” She whispered out and pushed on my chest trying to create some distance between us but I didn’t let her do so.

“He has gone to his room to change, Angel. It’s just you and me here.” I said and tugged her closer if that’s even possible.

“Let go, Xavier.” She said half heartedly trying to push away my arms wrapped around her.


“Xavier, let go or I will punch you.”

“How will you when you are trapped in my arms?” I asked smirking.

“I think I got a better idea.”

“What?” I asked seeing her smirk.

“Ace?! Your father is being mean to me!!” She yelled out and within a second Ace ran down the stairs and stood infront of us.

“Daddy?! Why are you being mean to Mamma?”

“I wasn’t mean to her!” I said defensively and released her from my arms.

“He was, Ace. He was being mean to me. Very mean.” She said with a sad pout.

This woman will be the death of me.

“Daddy! You made Mamma upset. Apologise now!” Ace, the protective son ordered.

“I’m sorry, Angel.” I said to her and saw her smirk at me.

“Now hug!” Ace said and I saw the smirk disappear from her face.

You brought this to yourself, Angel!

“No, Ace. He made me feel sad. So I won’t forgive him that easily.” She said and pouted when Ace looked at her.

“What should he do to make you forgive him? Tell us. Daddy will do whatever he wants you to. Right, Daddy?” Ace asked and I nodded not wanting him to glare at me and also curious to know what she plans to do.

“I don’t think he will do whatever I want him to do, Ace.” She mumbled out.

“He will, Mamma. He will.”

“So I’d say anything..anything at all will he do that for me?”

She is such a cunning woman! God, help me..

“He will.”

“What if I want him to listen to all my orders for a week without any complaints? Will he do that?” She asked and I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Yes, Mamma. He will. He will do everything that you want him to do.”

“I want to hear him say that he agree. What if he fools me?”

“He won’t fool you. Daddy, tell her that you agree.” He said while I remained still not sure if I should play along with this.


“Forget it, Ace. He won’t agree.” Eva mumbled out sadly.

“Daddy, you did wrong by upsetting my Mamma and so you have to make it right! Agree with her.”

“Okay.. okay. I agree.” And just like that I signed my death card. I saw a victorious smile appear on her face and I couldn’t help but admire it. So what if I have to obey her demands for week? If it’s makes her happy and then I would do it. Moreover it means more time with her and so it’s no big deal.

“Daddy, can you please give Mamma your clothes so that she can change into it and be more comfortable?”

“Sure, I will be back with it.” I said and went to get her one of my hoodies and shorts.

My Angel made dinner for us and we ate them together while Ace talked about his school and other stuffs. It was nice to hear him talk about his day. He barely did that before.

“So I’m going to start to work on the interior designs of your house and it would help me more if I know your preferences. Like what style, theme and colour you want.” Eva said reminding me of the renovation plan.

“I just want them to look homey!” Ace said with a shrug.

“Okay. And what about your room. How do you want them to look? Is there any particular theme that you wish your room to have?”

“I don’t know.. I will have to think about it.”

“Sure. Take your time and let me know when you decide. We are gonna make your room the best one in this house.” She said and Ace grinned happily.

“What about you? Any colour or style preference?” She asked me.

“It’s all upto you.” I said with a shrug.

“Well in that case. I will do some designs and send them to you. You can choose the one you like the best from it. Is that okay with you?”


After dinner we had a movie marathon during which my Angel fell asleep.

And she said she will leave as soon Ace sleeps.

“I will carry her to my room.” I said picking her bridal style.

“No. She is will sleep in my room with me.” Ace argued.

“No, Ace. She is going to sleep in my room today. Your bed is small. She’ll feel more comfortable in my room.”

“No. No. No.”


“No! Mamma loves me and not you!”


“How about you, me and your Mamma sleep in my room? Your bed is small for all the three of us.”

“Fine.” He mumbled dejectedly.

I laid Eva on my bed and joined her while Ace climbed on the other side of the bed so that she was in centre and we were both cuddling her. She is going to be so mad at me for this.

“Goodnight, Mamma.” Ace said and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Goodnight, Daddy.” He said and I pointed at my forehead asking him to kiss which he did shyly.

“Goodnight, Son.” I replied and kissed his forehead.

“Goodnight, Angel.” I mumbled and pressed a kiss on her cheek.

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