Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 16

The three of us spent next two hours on the bed watching an animated movie. Once that was over I asked Xavier to take me home to clean up the mess I left behind and to pick up some clothes and essentials. We left Ace home under the care of Peter and then left for my home.

“You don’t have any idea of the fear you put us through, Angel.” Xavier said on the way.

“What do you mean?” I asked and he narrated the whole morning’s incident.

“Sorry about that. Why did you come there anyway?”

“To take you out for breakfast.” Xavier said and my eyes widened in shock. I grabbed Xavier’s phone as I had forgotten my phone in Juanne’s car and checked the day.

“Bloody hell.” I cursed. “It’s Saturday. Oh God. I’m so dumb. All of this because of my stupidity.” I said glaring at my leg. I was surprised that I didn’t realise that it was Saturday sooner. Ace was there chilling at home instead of being at school and Xavier was carrying me around instead of being at the office but all that didn’t matter. I was more angry at myself for forgetting that it was weekend when I have been waiting for it the entire week.

“You okay?” Xavier asked seeing me facepalm.

“Uh Uh.”

Xavier had already arranged a maid to come to the house to clean the house much to my amazement. Now all I had to do was pick up the essentials and get my phone back from Juanna.

“There, all done.” I said zipping up my carry back.

“You only packed one outfit and two sets of pajamas.” Xavier pointed out.

“And a few other things too.”

“What I meant is you have to pack more clothes.”

“I’m not staying there forever. I’ll be back here tomorrow.” I said rolling my eyes at him.

“Yeah, right.” I heard him mutter under his breath.

“Let’s go, Mister.” I said ignoring his side comment and he yet again carried me to the car. He paid off the maid and went back upstairs to pick up the bag while I tried to find a good song on the radio.

Ace was there by the front door as soon as we parked the car and he grabbed the bag from me despite my refusal and walked side by side with us as Xavier carried me yet again.

“Daddy, be careful.” He kept saying and I just wanted to smother him with kisses.

I was then placed on the couch and Ace immediately sat beside me. We then ate our Tacos that we had bought while returning and chatted idly for a while.

“Xavier, stop it. My hands works just fine. The wound is on my leg, remember?” I said slapping his hand away which was trying to dust away some crumbs off my clothes. Both the Whilsons were fussing over me so much and since I am not used with having so much attention on me I wasn’t sure if I found it endearing or irritating.

“Why don’t you both go outside and play?” I suggested.

“Play what? I wanna stay with you, Mamma.” Ace said stubbornly.

“Well, I think it’s high time I take a bath now. So you both spend some quality time together, alright?”

“No! You stay right there. I can walk.” I added when Xavier tried to pick me up.

“Angel, you-“

“Hush.” I said and began walking with the help of crutch and they both followed me as if to catch me if I fall like parents would do when their toddler takes its first step.

“Both of you, stop it.” I warned but they continued to do it.

“Angel, the room is right here.” Xavier said as I walked past his room.

“That’s your room. I’m headed towards the guest room.” I said and I knew he wanted to argue but his phone rang the exact time luckily for me.

“I’m busy. Call later.” I heard him say.

“You are busy doing nothing.” I said bewildered by his action.

“I’m busy with my family.” He said and opened the guestroom door for me. Ace went and got me my bag and Xavier excused himself out of the room which then I realised was to get away from my anger. The bag was fully packed with the clothes. He had went behind my back and stuffed more clothes inside and poor Ace had carried it twice.

“Xavier, you man child.” I muttered and Ace giggled hearing it.

“My baby, why didn’t tell me that the bag was heavy? You didn’t have to carry it, little one.”

“It wasn’t heavy, Mamma. I’m a strong my boy.” He said proudly. I ruffled his hair and placed a kiss on his cheek before heading to the bathroom.

“Be careful in there, Angel. Try not to wet the bandages and tell me when you are done. I’ll carry you out. You might slip and fall.” Xavier said once I locked the door.

“Blah. Blah. Blah.” I muttered to myself tuning him out.

“Mamma, are you okay in there?” I heard Ace ask about twenty minutes later. I was still in the tub relaxing my sore muscles and my wounded leg was stretched out of the tub to avoid wetting it.

“I am, Ace. I’ll be out soon. Don’t worry. You go play with your father.”

Ten minutes later I came out of the bathroom and saw the father and son duo laying on the bed watching TV. I made my way to them before Xavier could get up and sat beside Ace.

“You okay?” Xavier asked coming closer to check on the bandage.

“Yes, I am, Xavier. You are making a huge deal of this. I’m not as fragile as you think I am.” I said and heard him sigh and then I felt slightly bad.

“Relax, okay? I’ll let you know if something is wrong.” I assured for his sake.

“You have to tell me too, Mamma. I’ll take care of you too.”

“Of course, champ.” I said ruffling his hair.

“What’s your favourite colour, Mamma?” Ace asked out of nowhere.

“Blue, I guess.”

“What’s yours, Daddy?”


“What’s yours, buddy?” I asked him.

“I like brown.” He said and moved to sit in front of Xavier and I forgetting about the movie.

“What is your favourite food?” He asked next.

“Are we playing twenty questions?” I asked him and he looked confused.

“I’m trying to get to know you, Mamma. Not playing games. We can play games if you want to though.”


“Baby, twenty questions is a type of game where each person alternatively ask the other person twenty question to get to know each other more.” I tried to explain while Xavier just resorted to watching us.

“But I wanna ask more than twenty questions.” He complained and I laughed at this.

“Alright. You can ask me as many questions as you want. And I choose cheese burger and fries as my favourite food. ”

“Mine is pizza. I like spaghetti and mac and cheese a lot too. Especially the ones you make for me. What’s your favourite, Daddy?” He asked Xavier who chose some fancy Italian dish that I have never even heard before.



“Who is your favourite person?” He whispered out this question and looked at me eagerly and inched closer to me as if silently trying to give me the answer.

“ favourite person? I don’t know..” I said hiding my smile.

“Think, Mamma. Just think again.” He said now sitting on his knees in front of me and cupping my face in his small hands. I could see Xavier smiling beside me seeing his son’s antics.

“Okay..let me think again then..oh there is this handsome boy that I know. He is just the best, you know? He is smart, sweet, very adorable.” I said and noticed his face fall.

“Oh.” He said dejectedly and slumped on the bed between Xavier and me and buried his face into the pillow.

“Hey, don’t you wanna know his name?” I asked trying to get him to sit up.

“No, I don’t like him.” He muttered defiantly and Xavier and I smiled at each other.

“But that’s not possible. I don’t think anyone can ever not like my Ace.” I said and his ears perked up.

“Ace?” He asked.

“You mean Ace Whilson, Angel? He is my favourite too. You are right. He is the best.” Xavier said playing along.

“Yes, I meant Ace Whilson. Have you seen anyone as charming as him? He is the cutest munchkin ever.” I said and though Ace didn’t sit up we could hear him giggling.

“And he is so handsome too. Just like his father, I believe. A little gentleman.”

“I wish I could see him right now. I would give him a big kiss on his adorable cheek.” I said grinning and Ace immediately sat up and jumped onto my lap.

“Ace is here.” He said grinning ear to ear.

“Oh there he is. I’m stealing him from you, Eva.” Xavier said and grabbed Ace from me.

“No. He is mine.” I said tugging onto Ace’s leg and all the while Ace laughed and laughed and laughed turning his cheeks red and his eyes watery.

We played around this way for a while and in the end he laid on our laps with the most content look that I have ever seen on anyone.


What do you guys think of our lil adorable munchkin Ace?

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