Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 17

“Xavier, it’s been days now. I’m fine.” I said trying to shrug off his arms around my waist that has become more like a part of my body than his.

“You shouldn’t be walking for a long period. And you have been walking a lot in the office today.” He reprimanded.

“Who told you that?”

“That curly haired guy.”

“Sebastain? You asked him if I was walking around?” I asked him bewildered by his actions.

“Yes. But that’s not the point here.”

“Xavier, it only takes a couple of steps to get inside the café and then I’ll be sitting down.” I said trying not to lose my patience.

Since the day I got wounded everywhere I go he has been tagging along. Everywhere I turn he is there. Now when I think about it ever since I met him for the first time my life has changed drastically.

I had finished up with work earlier than usual today and Xavier had picked me up like he had been doing for a while now as I cannot drive properly till the wound is fully healed. Usually Xavier and Ace came to pick me up but since I was done early today, we decided to get something from the nearby café to while away time and then pick up Ace from school.

“Mr. Whilson.” A voice sounded out from the other end of the café.

“Don’t look.” Xavier said trying to act as if he hadn’t heard the man who was now approaching towards us.

“And there he comes.” I heard Xavier mutter under his breath.

“Xavier, don’t be rude.” I said quietly to him.

The man greeted us both and joined us at our table and began chatting away about business deals and stocks.

“I would rather not discuss about work now.” Xavier said with as much as politeness as he could muster.

“Right. Is this your first time in this café? It’s one of the best in this area. I’m a regular customer here.” He continued on. It was clear that he was trying his best to somehow make Xavier favour him and his deals and it was also very clear that Xavier was surely not interested in him anymore that is if had been before.

“I have been here once before.” I said breaking the awkward silence as Xavier refused to give the man any more attention.

“I think I’ll have an ice tea and blueberry muffin. What are you going to get?” I asked Xavier hoping to get him to stop glaring at the man.

“A chai latte and half of your muffin.” He said finally removing that sternness off his face.

“Not happening, Xavier. Get your own muffin.” I said teasingly and he smiled as he pinched my chin while I watched him in shock. The moment was then interrupted by the other man clearing his throat and I saw Xavier’s eyes darken.

“My girlfriend and I would like to be left alone now. Whatever business you want to discuss you may book an appointment and we’ll discuss it at the office.” Xavier snapped and I chocked on my own saliva.

The man gapped at Xavier and opened and closed his mouth a couple times but then left with a silent nod. I turned my attention back to Xavier waiting to hear what he has got to say now.

“What? Why are you giving me that look?”

“Girlfriend?” I asked raising my eyebrows at him and I saw him lose his usual composure for one second. He looked slightly flustered but composed himself quickly.

“You are a girl and you are my friend.” He said calmly and I’m sure I looked utterly flabbergasted.

“Say what?” I said babbled out. Xavier looked at me again and smiled as if finding my reaction funny.

“You are too adorable, Angel.” He said and surprised me even more by kissing my cheek. He has done this several times before too but I never got used to it.

“ can’t do that.” I said looking away.

“And why can’t I?” He asked and suddenly his whole demeanour changed. His eyes hardened and all evidences of smile vanished from his lips. He jaw was clenched and for a second I wondered if he was even breathing.


“Because what?”

“You just can’t okay? And also in case you forgot, you are kind of celebrity in the business world okay? Everybody pays attention to whatever you do and we are in public right now. I do not want to see my face in tabloids.” I blurted out a reasonable excuse and saw his eyes soften again.

“You don’t have to worry about all that, Eva. Nothing like that would happen. I have methods to ensure that. Your life would continue to be as private as it was before. Nothing you don’t want will appear in any media.” He assured and just then the waiter came apologising profusely for coming to us so late and I was really grateful for the intervention.

We soon left the café after buying milkshake and cupcakes for Ace and went to pick him up. Ace was silent throughout the ride and I knew why it was so.

“Mamma, why don’t we go swim in the pool for a while? Or.. or we could play games or even watch your favourite movie? Wait, did I show you that cool toy that Daddy got for me from Mexico last year?” He asked trying to stall me from leaving.


“Just stay one more day, please?” He asked and I sighed trying not to give in like I did for the past two days.

“Ace, I did stay here so many days for you but now I have to go home, little one. But I will come see you again soon okay?”

“But I’ll miss you..” He mumbled hugging my legs.

“I’m going to miss you too, little one. You can get your Daddy’s permission to call me whenever you need to talk to me okay? And we can also make plans to meet, alright?” I said and hesitantly broke the hug.

“We will go see her often, buddy.” Xavier assured Ace.

“Okay..”He mumbled out sadly.

“Hey, don’t be sad. Like your Dad said you guys can come see me whenever and I will drop by to see you too.” I said and finally after half an hour of cajoling I was taken back to my home.

Despite the promises we made, we couldn’t meet as often as we wanted to for almost two and half weeks but we still chatted over the phone and facetimed whenever we could. After living with them for couple of days the first few days alone back in my apartment did feel a bit weird and I admittedly did miss them which was a scary thought because it made me realise how quickly they have become a part of my life.

Felling guilty of not seeing Ace enough even after promising him I would, I was determined that today no matter what I would go see him. And so here I was standing in front of their door at 5:00am in the morning to meet them and it didn’t matter if I would be able to spend only some time with them before we had to go to school or work. That short time was better than nothing.

“Eva, what are you doing here this early? Is everything alright?” Asked Peter who opened the door for me.

“Everything is fine. Thought I would pop by before getting whirled into work and errands.”

“Uhmm..but it’s like 5:00 in the morning.” He informed as if I didn’t know that already when I had taken so much effort to wake up that early.

“I know. Did I wake you up?” I asked feeling guilty.

“Oh no. I was up but the Whilsons aren’t.”

“Oh that’s okay. I will wait for them to wake up. I also bought breakfast. There is some for you too.”

“That’s very kind of you. Here, I’ll take it from you. You may go wake Xavier if you want to. Both of them will be very happy to see you.” He said and took the package from me and I thanked him before going upstairs to Ace’s room where he was sleeping on his stomach with his hair all tussled from the sleep.

“You are beyond adorable, little one.” I cooed and placed a kiss on his cheek before laying down beside him. I don’t know why I thought it would be smart to come so early when I could have come an hour or two later when they would be awake but whatever I’m here now and there is nothing I can do about it and so I might as well as get some sleep while I wait.

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