Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 2

“Sir, here is your order.” A waiter said handing Mr. X a package who grabbed it from him and handed him money without even counting it. With no words said he held my hand in his and began to walk out of the diner.

“Uh, you can let go now.” I said awkwardly once we were out of the diner. He instantly let my hand go and began to walk towards the car.

“Get in.” He said after opening the passenger seat door.

“Thank you.” I said after climbing in.

“You may start eating.” He said after we drove away from the diner.

“I will. What about you?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“I’ll eat fast and then I’ll drive while you have your dinner.”

“Not necessary.”

“Why not? Are you worried that I’ll damage your car? If so don’t be. I’m a very capable driver and moreover it’s not like you can drive all night.”

“I actually can.”

“Not if you want us to end up in hospital because you fell asleep while driving.”

“I assure you that wouldn’t happen, Angel. Now please have you food because your stomach is in dire need of it.”

“Fine.” I said shrugging and began eating the burger that he brought for me along with the fries.

“Let’s switch now. I’m done eating.” I said after I finished gulping down my food. I heard him let out an annoyed sigh before agreeing.

“Do not cause an accident.” He said once we switched our places.

“Aye aye, Captain.” I said and began to drive while he ate his food.

“Tell me when you get tired. I’ll take a short nap in the meantime.”

“Okay. Is music allowed in this car?”

“I said I’m going to nap.” He stressed his words out.

“So? I’ll listen with low volume.”

“No.” He snapped and closed his eyes indicating that he was done with talking.

The next half an hour was spend in complete silence. The man beside me slept stiffly while I drove us closer to our destination. He offered to drive as soon as he got up but I assured him that I am capable of driving some more.

“Would you rather have to read aloud every word you read or sing everything you say out aloud?”


“I asked whether you would rather have to re-′

“I heard what you said.”

“Then?” I asked annoyed.

“Why are asking me such a ridiculous question?”

“Because I’m bored.”

“Here, I’ll put on the music. Happy?”

“It was just a simple question.”

“A stupid one which I rather not waste my time answering.”

“You could have saved your oh so precious time answering it in the first place than making excuses not to or just straight off say you don’t want to answer it.”

“I would rather read aloud than sing everything I say.” He said sighing.

“Me too. I’m a terrible singer. I would rather not have people ears bleed because of me.”

“Would you rather sleep a whole year or sleep for only two hours everyday for a year.” He asked shocking me.

“The questions aren’t stupid anymore?” I asked and he shrugged his shoulders casually.

“I would rather sleep a whole year for sure because sleeping is my priority any day. What about you?”

“I’ll be fine with just two hours sleep. So I chose that.”

“That’s like being cruel to yourself.”

“I’ll survive. What’s the next question?”

“Would you rather spent a night in a forest with wild animals or spent a week with an annoying partner.”

“Forest.” He replied immediately making me laugh.

“You rather be killed by an animal?”

“I chose to have a quick death by the animal than be killed slowly every day for a week.”

“Well that makes sense.”

“Would you rather eat dog food or eat rotten fruits?”

“That’s a horrible question to ask. What does dog food even taste like?” I asked cringing at the thought of consuming dog food.

“Do I look a dog to you now?”

“You do have some similarities so I guess you do.” I teased him just to annoy him more.

“Not funny at all. Now answer the question.”

“I think I’ll go with the rotten fruits.”

“I’ll be sure to make you eat some soon.”

“Don’t be an asshole now.” I warned which made him scoff loudly.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, Angel.” He said lightly.

“Can you please pass my drink?” I requested seeing that it was closer to him.

“Here you go.” He said bring the cup with the straw close to my mouth. Before I could hold it, he nudged the straw close to my mouth forcing me to drink from it.

“Uh thank you.” I said after drinking and felt my cheeks redden in embarrassment.

“You are welcome. You are getting tired. I’ll drive now.”

“Okay.” I said and parked the car on the side of the road seeing there was not many cars passing by.

“It’s cold outside so don’t get out. You can switch over to the passenger seat after I get out, Okay?” He said and I hummed in agreement.

“Get some sleep now. You are beyond exhausted.” He said once we were on road again.

“I’m fine.”

“Angel, I’m not going to do anything while you are asleep. I promise. If you ever feel threatened you may use that pepper spray you have been hiding with you.”

“I surely will. I didn’t need your permission for that.”

“I know you don’t. If I find any good hotel I’ll wake you up and we can stay there till morning and get back on road again.”

“Okay. Oh the network is back. Let me call my grandparents and inform them I’m safe.”

“Wouldn’t they be sleeping?”

“Knowing them they would be awake worried on why I didn’t call them yet.” I said and dialed the number. After assuring them I’m safe and not telling too much about the current situation I ended the call and drifted off to sleep.

“Miss E? Angel, wake up.” I heard a voice say while feeling a hand gently shake my arm.

“Have we reached at the motel?” I asked sleepily.

“It’s morning now, Angel. We have reached New York.”

“We have?!”

“Yes, we have.”

“So we didn’t stop at the motel?”

“There wasn’t a decent one and we were almost here by the time I saw good ones.”

“And you drove the whole way. You could have woke me up instead, you idiot.” I said and slapped his arm lightly and he just looked at me in amusement.

“What’s done is done. Now come on let’s have breakfast.”

“Breakfast? Hell yes.” I said and got out of the car. Firstly going to the washroom I used the mouthwash I had in my bag and then sat opposite to Mr. X.

“I’ll be home soon. Tell him that once he is awake.” I heard him speaking through the phone.

“Ready to order?” He asked after ending the call.


I ordered waffles and hot chocolate while he asked for pancakes and coffee.

“Would you rather spend a whole terrifying night by a road or hitch hike with a stranger?” I asked curious of what he would if he was in my position.

“I wouldn’t be in such a situation.” He said firmly.

“How can you be so sure of that? I didn’t ever imagine it happening to me but it did. Same way it can happen to anybody even you.” I said and he just shook his head negatively.

“Your car broke down. Mine wouldn’t.” He boasted arrogantly.

“Your posh car too can break down. Now answer the question, please.”

“It won’t. And I would choose to spend the night by the road.”


“You were lucky to be picked up by someone who had no cruel intentions. It won’t happen every time to everyone.”

“So you would rather be eaten alive by wild animals?”

“Sometimes they are more merciful than humans. At least with them you know what to expect unlike with people.”

“The sad truth. But honest and kind people still do exist so we can still have hope.” I said and he just shook his head silently.

“Here is your order. Hope you like it.” The waitress said placing our breakfast in front of us.

“Thank you.” I replied and she left after giving me a smile. We ate our breakfast while having small talks in between.

“Would you like to have anything else?”

“No, I’m full.” I said while patting my stomach.

When the waitress appeared again with the bill and I snatched it from her before Mr. X could take it.

“What are you doing? Give it to me, woman.”

“I’m paying for us. It’s the least I can do for you after all you have done for me. You can consider it like a friend treating you with breakfast.”

“You are one strange woman.” He said after I paid for our breakfast making me scoff at his words.



“My name is Eva.” I said and saw him smile at me.

“What about the safety reasons?”

“I feel like I can beat you down if you plan to do something.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” He said looking amused.

“Hey, don’t judge a book by its cover alright? I can do some serious damages if things comes to that.”

“Whatever you say, Angel.”

“I told you my name is Eva.”

“And I heard you saying it, Angel.” He teased.

“Look who is annoying who now.” I said while suddenly noticing the bus opposite to us.

“That’s bus right there goes close to my apartment area. Thank you for driving me till here. I appreciate it a lot. Here you go. I told you I would pay you once we reach. Thanks again. Bye.” I said placing money in his hand and gave him a quick impulsive hug before rushing to the bus before he could say a word.

“Take care, Mr. X.” I said and waved my hand while the bus began to move and only sat down once he was out of my view.

It’s funny how sometimes you meet people at unexpected times and with them you have some unforgettable memories.

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