Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 20

After that bombshell I was speechless. No words of protest or speeches about consequences came out of my stunned mouth and I could only merely look at him in astonishment as he placed his usual kiss on my cheek and withdrew from me.

Xavier quickly shifted the tension by insisting that he will make salad as I am already wounded and my thoughts moved from the words he uttered to his safety. While I got away with a small cut, Xavier could accidently chop off his entire hand when handling knife.

“See? I told you I could do this. I’m not that bad.” Xavier boasted once he was done. We took our rice bowls to the patio and had our lunch there enjoying the days warmth. In the evening we went for a short walk and then came back and finished off last night’s ice cream before I bid goodbyes and left for home.

The next day as planned Mike and I went out to the mall to get him an outfit for his colleague’s wedding. Shopping with Mike was both tiring and fun. He could be very picky at times and he always gave commentary on each outfit either of us tried.

“Will you just pick something already?” I asked him after being dragged to about ten shops.

“Shush, you child. Do not rush me.” He said and began sauntering through the aisle of clothes. Groaning, I began to follow him but stopped briefly as my phone beeped to alert me of incoming message. It was Xavier asking me where I was. I let him know that I was at the mall and put the phone away when Mike showed me a black tuxedo.

“Why don’t you try it on?” I asked but he gave the outfit one more look before putting it back.

“Everyone wear black suit.” He complained.

“It’s classy.” I justified.

“And boring.” He said giving me a sarcastic smile. He then ushered me out to another shop. After an hour more of searching Mike finally got the suit he wanted. The suit he bought looked black to my eyes but according to fashion guru Mike it wasn’t and since I was more grateful that the search was finally over I didn’t argue with him and instead agreed to whatever he said.

Just as we left that shop I heard the very familiar little voice calling me and felt the small body bashing onto my legs almost making me fall.

Gulping soundly, I looked at Mike to see if by some luck he had missed Ace calling me Mamma but seeing the ’what the hell?” question clearly in his eyes I knew I wasn’t that lucky. His eyes widened further when ‘the Xavier Whilson’ as Mike liked to say came to us and gave me a short hug in greeting.

So much for the Sassy and Silly façade.

“Hello, Angel.” Xavier said kissing my temple.

“Funny running into you guys here.” I said chuckling nervously. Somehow I now stood alongside the Whilsons making it look like I was with them while Mike stared at us stupefied opposite to us. I cleared my throat awkwardly and pulled away from Xavier and stood in between the two parties.

“Xavier, this is my friend Mike whom you have met once before and Mike, you already know them.” I gave a very awkward and idiotic introduction even though they have already met once before.

“Nice running into here, Mr. Whilson. You are Eva’s present client, right?” Mike pried as Ace was tugging on hand trying get my attention.

“And her close friend.” Xavier claimed and the way he said it sparked Mike’s interest. Mike looked at me weirdly and I knew he was upto no good.

“I wonder how because the last time I saw you, you had pushed her to the ground.” Mike jibbed and successfully made this encounter more tense.

“Which was a mistake that I had apologised for.” Xavier replied sternly and right now even little Ace was glaring at Mike.

“Hmm, sure. Well anyways, Eva and I were about to have lunch. Would you both care to join us?” Mike asked and I knew he had an ulterior motive behind this. He wanted to know what was going on. He wanted to know why the business tycoon who is known for his indifferent attitude is now claiming to be friends with someone unpopular. It isn’t really that unusual for people of different social backgrounds to be friends but there was lot of stigma created around Xavier by the public that even what could be normal is viewed as strange.

I glared at Mike silently threatening him to back off and tried to convey that I would tell him whatever he needed to know but he gave me sly smile and I knew the wicked man was hell bound on having fun by putting me in awkward situation.

“Sure.” Xavier said and held my hand and began walking. Mike walked beside me on the other side only to get pushed aside forcefully by Ace who squeezed in between us.

“Ace, that’s not nice. “ I chided and he lowered his head but just as he thought I took my eyes off him, I saw him turn towards Mike to glare at him. Mike looked very amused by this and the silly goose stuck his tongue out at Ace.

“Mike, behave.” I whisper yelled at him and this pleased Ace who was now giggling but muffled them immediately when I looked at him.

We ordered lunch and somehow I was seated squeezed in between the Whilsons while Mike sat opposite to us. There was an awkward silence that I didn’t know how to fill in. I wanted both parties to mingle and get along well as they were both major parts of my life now but so far they haven’t shared a word to each other.

“Five.” Xavier said breaking the silence and put a small piece of his steak on my plate. Xavier and I had this game going on where we rate steaks of different restaurants and so far very few had hit the mark for us.

“Six.” I said after tasting but then the chewy texture made me grimace.

“Urgh. Who am I kidding? I give it four. I’m surprised that you are even eating this.” I said when Xavier raised his eyesbrow at me. He moved the bottle of water towards me and I took a sip of it to get rid of the taste. Then I realised Mike was watching us like a hawk and cleared my throat nervously.

“How’s your food, Mike?”

“It’s pretty good.” He said as I stole some fries off his plate.

“Mamma, have mine. It’s tastier.” Ace said and he shook my hand which was still hovering over Mike’s plate to make me drop the fries back to his plate and gave me his fries instead.

“We both brought from the same place, buddy.” Mike said clearly amused by Ace’s action and Ace glared at him.

“But I still got special one’s.” Ace bit back and Mike shook his head chuckling. He met my eyes and I knew though he barely spoke throughout the meal, he was having fun.

After the meal, Mike wanted to get himself some shoes and the Whilsons joined us as we yet again searched shop after shop for it.

“Why don’t you try this one?” Xavier asked after nearly twenty minutes of search, pointing at black pointed shoes that wasn’t too flashy but not too cheap looking either.

“Ah..that’s actually pretty nice. Thanks, Man” Mike said and he tried it on. And that was an ice breaker for them. Afterwards things were a bit smoother even though Ace still wasn’t impressed by Mike.

We went to few more men’s shops to get few causal outfits for them. As soon as Mike got me alone he whispered in my ear,

“You got yourself a nice family there.”

“Oh shut up. We are just friends.” I said feeling my cheek redden.

“And I’m Beyonce.” He mocked but before I could give him a punch Xavier’s tugged me to him and caressed my visibly pink cheeks.

“What happened?” He asked sounding a bit concerned. I was about to say Mike was being a bully but stopped myself knowing Xavier would take it seriously.

“It’s nothing. Mike’s just teasing.” I said huffing.

“Xavier and Eva sitting under a tree..k-i-s-sing.” Mike began singing from behind us and I looked at him horrified.

“Mike!” I yelled while Xavier just chuckled pulling me closer to him and kissed my temple. I pulled myself away from him and stormed towards Mike who was now singing louder.

“Mike, stop it.” I said slapping his arm.

“Okay..okay..fine.” He said and I gave him final warning look and turned away from him only for him to start again.

“Mike..” I called warningly.

“Don’t mind his teasing, Angel. Let’s continue with the shopping.” Xavier said trying to calm me but I could clearly see the mirth in his eyes.

“Oh shut up. I know you are enjoying this.” I said and the smile that he was trying to hold in broke out.

“He clearly wants Xavier and Eva to sit under a tree and Ki-“ Mike stopped talking because of the pain he received from the punch to the stomach that I rewarded him with.

“You are such a child.” I said and walked off to the next aisle where Ace was going through the kid’s clothing.

“Hey, munchkin. You like anything?” I asked and he began showing me few tee shirts. Spending few minutes with him cleared off all my irritation and so when Xavier and Mike joined us I didn’t glare at them.

“I’m sorry, Love.” Xavier said entangling his hand with mine and I smiled at him silently telling him that I wasn’t mad at him. We did some more shopping and by 5’o clock we were ready to leave. Mike said his goodbyes first and Xavier gave him a polite nod in return.

“It was nice meeting you.” Ace who had spent the entire day glaring at Mike said and stretched his hand out for a handshake. Mike smiled at this and bend low to hold Ace’s hand.

“It was nice meeting you too, buddy.”

“Well, I guess I’ll see you guys later?” I told the Whilsons after Mike left.

“Mamma, can’t you have sleepover at our house today? Please?” Ace asked tugging on my hand.

“Didn’t I have one just a day ago?”

“So what, Mamma? You can have more. It will be fun.” Ace urged.

“It will be.” Xavier joined in.

“Maybe some other time but not today.” I said much to their disappointment. Xavier then gave me one of his bear hugs that made me feel so cosy and warm that I just relished it not minding that we were standing in the parking lot in the view of many people.

“I’ll drop by at your office tomorrow. We can go check the progress on the building together.” Xavier said I just nodded in reply.

“I will have Chef Antonio cook your favourite so don’t get lunch tomorrow.” Xavier said and I lifted my chin off his chest to mutter a thank you.

“Okay, enough. Now it’s my turn to hug Mamma.” Ace said pushing his father legs to make him leave me. I pulled away feeling a bit embarrassed and Ace immediately hugged my legs.

“Bye, Mamma. I’ll miss you a lot.” He said after pulling away.

“I’ll miss you too, bubba.” I said and leaned down to kiss his cheek. I then got into the car and drove off with Mike’s song ringing in my mind.


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