Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 22

Xavier Whison’s POV

Tapping impatiently I checked my messages again. It has been nearly half an hour since Eva texted me saying she is on her way to my office but she hasn’t reached yet. I did not want to call her and distract her from driving and so I resorted to checking the cctv footage of the parking lot. Noticing her car already parked there I closed the tab and waited for to come in. When fifteen minutes passed I frowned and checked the footages of various floors to see where she was only to see her fifteen feet away from my cabin talking to my assistant.

“Not again.” I groaned out in frustration. Laura or chatty Cathie is an efficient but silent employee but with Eva she had a thousand stories to tell. Every time Eva came in to see me in my office Laura and she would spend half the time chatting away and I barely get any time alone with her.

I took up my office phone and rang her line and watched her pickup the phone still laughing to whatever Eva was telling her.

“I believe Miss. Eva came to see me and not you.” I pointed out and watched her smile fade.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well, then stop your chatter and send her in.” I said sternly before ending the call. Eva walked in the next minute and I stood up to greet her.

“Xavier, are you overworking Laura? We were having such a nice conversation and then she had to abruptly leave to arrange a meeting. During lunch!” She grumbled out while putting aside her handbag. I assured her that I wasn’t overworking her and then complained.

“Lately she is taking up more of your time than me.”

“Aw, you silly, devil. That is not true. I don’t think anyone takes up my time as much as you do.” She said pinching my cheek and I found myself smiling.

“So what have you got for me?” She sifting through the package of lunch I got for us.

“You got us ramen.” She said looking at me in shock.

“That’s not ‘ramen’ ramen. Its chef’s special.”

“Fancy ramen is still ramen, Xavier.” She said giggling.

“Here.” I said passing her another box.

“Dumplings!” She said excitedly and took it eagerly from me. We both sat down to eat while watching the show ‘Friends’ in her phone. Since last week she has been forcing me to binge watch it with her and like usual, I had given in to her wishes.

“I’m so full.” She said after we were done eating and laid down on the couch with her legs placed on my lap.

“Angel, I have to ask you something.” I said and tugged on her hand to make her sit back up.

“What is it?” She groaned out and I let out a long sigh.

“I have to go to Norway next week.” I said and saw her frowning.

“For how long..?”

“Two weeks.”


“There is some issue with my company there. I tried my best to have it sought out without having to go there. But it seems like I will have to after all.”

“Is it serious?” She asked now concerned.

“No,no. Nothing I can’t handle.” I assured her.

“I wanted to ask if it would be okay for Ace to stay with you till I come back.” I asked and saw her eyes widen in shock.


“To be honest I want to take you both with me but as much as I want to, I can’t ask you to take days off from your office for two weeks to join me on a business trip and nor can I make Ace take leave from school especially when he is excited to perform that little speech you have both been working on. His nanny is currently unavailable. She is having a surgery and his grandpa is also unfortunately busy. And Peter surely cannot take care of him for more than few hours.” I explained to her.

“Xavier..I..I don’t know how to take care of a child.” She said biting on her lower lip nervously.

“But you have been taking care of him since the day you met him.” I reminded her. I knew her reluctance was not because she didn’t want to have him with her. She was just scared that she would mess up.

“But..but not full time. And definitely not alone. What if I ended up hurting him or something bad happened and I didn’t know how to handle it?”

“Angel, I truly believe that you can take of him better than anyone can. Even more than I am capable of.” I assured her but she shook her head anxiously.

“Alright, it’s okay. I understand. Don’t worry about it. I’ll figure out something else.” I told her not wanting to force her. I did not mention that Ace was the one who had declared that he will stay with her even before we came to know about his nanny’s and grandpa’s unavailability. I also did not mention that he was so sure that she would agree that he had already packed his bags and made plans for them. And I decided to not tell Ace about this either. He wouldn’t understand her fears and would only take it negatively. He would be heartbroken and so it is much better for him to think that I did not even ask her about this.

Eva was lost in thought for a while after that. Despite my assurance, she was still worrying over it. And so I played the next episode of the show to distract her until it was time for her to leave. Ten minutes after she left she called me over the phone and I picked it up in worry.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yeah…I just wanted to tell you to not to look for nannies. He can stay with me.” She said and weirdly enough I wasn’t too shocked by this.

“Are you sure, Love?”

“Yes. How hard it can be look after our Ace? He is the most responsible and mature kid I know. I think we’ll be okay.” She said with determination.

“That’s my girl. I’m sure you both will be having lots of fun together. He will be very happy.” I told her smiling. We bid goodbye and before I even put the phone down on the table, it rang again.

“Yes, Angel?”

“ I have to baby proof my home?”


“Angel, you don’t have to worry about all this. The kid will eat whatever you give him.” I told her seeing her pond over and plan two weeks meal.

“But that doesn’t mean I should give him horrible food.” She replied glaring at me. She then dragged me to get grocery saying she wanted my help in picking his favourites and I didn’t bother telling her that she knew them even better than me. She was overly anxious about the whole stay over and wanted everything to be perfect for Ace and so any unnecessary comments from my side would only trigger her and that won’t end well for me.

“Here.” I said putting pineapple into the cart. She looked at it and then at me before putting it back from where I took it. She then picked up mangoes, watermelon and berries instead.

“Okay…” I mumbled to myself shrugging my shoulder.

“He is not a big fan of pineapples.” She then explained.

“Can you pick up a pint of ice cream?” She asked next and moved to the next aisle.

“Sure.” I said and then stood staring at the flavours for about ten minutes.

“You got it?” She asked me when she was done picking up snacks.

“Is this okay with you? Ace eats this.” I asked showing her the flavour that is usually always there in my house. She glanced at it and the other flavours once before choosing another one.

“He is obsessed with this one lately. Let’s get both.” She said as she put it in the cart and I shook my head smiling because she just proved that I was right about her knowing him the best. She was very observant with him and easily picked up his likes and dislikes even without him mentioning them and I was trying my best to be more like that for him.

We picked up few more things and then went to her house to drop them off there. As I was passing by her guest room I noticed that the room had undergone a whole new transformation. Except for the paint everything else looked different. The minimalistic room was replaced by a children’s room. This shocked and amazed me at the same time. I had vaguely heard about the concept of nesting but now I actually got to see it. Ace was moving in only for two weeks and yet my angel was taking drastic measure to make sure he truly felt like at home here. It made me realise how lucky Ace and I am to have her in our lives.

“What are you doing here?” Eva asked rushing towards me. It was clear then that she didn’t want me to find the room.

“I was putting away the toilet papers and then I saw this room. It looks a bit different from the last time I saw it.” I said smiling and saw her cheeks redden.

“I just picked up few décor stuffs from the thrift store nearby.” She said playing it cool.

“And I’m sure Ikea, Urban outfitters, Walmart were all giving away things for free.” I said eyeing the opened boxes and packages laying on the corner of the room. She glared at me adorably for a moment before replying.

“Did you forget the fact that I am an interior designer? I like making new changes now and then. I like doing makeovers and I felt like doing one now for Ace and I did. And I didn’t buy all of these. Some of them were bought for previous projects and we didn’t end up using them. They were laying useless in the garage and so I picked them up.” She justified looking flustered. I held her wrist and tugged her abruptly towards me making her gasp.

“You.” I whispered kissing her forehead.

“Are.” I said and kissed her left cheek.

“Amazing.” I completed and kissed her right cheek. My gaze flickered towards her rosy lips and I ran my thumb gently across her bottom lip. I saw her gulp and leaned closer to her but a sharp tap to my forehead stopped me.

“And you are naughty.” She said and swiftly moved away and I shook my head smiling.

For how long will my Angel run from love?


“Ace, you are not going today. You are going tomorrow after I leave.” I mentioned seeing Ace tug down his bags from the top of the staircase.

“I know, Daddy. I’m just getting it ready for tomorrow.” He explained. The kid is not even a bit sad to be away from me. He never was to be honest. He was used to me being away every now and then and I had myself to blame for that. But for the past year I had kept the trips to minimum and ever since Eva came to our life, our father- son relationship had also developed for the better and so I had expected a different reaction from him this time.

“I’ll help.” I said and got the bags from him and carried it downstairs.

“Thanks, Daddy.” He said after I was done and wrapped his arms around my legs. But before I could react to the surprise hug, he ran off. I smiled at this and then picked up my phone to do some calls. Eva came home an hour later and found me in my room blankly staring at my phone.

“Xavier, haven’t you packed anything?” Eva asked seeing my suitcase laying open empty.

“No.” I said sighing.

“What’s wrong?”

“I was just trying to see again if I can send anyone else in my place.” I said even though I know this issue require my presence.

“Xavier, don’t worry. I swear I will try my best to keep Ace safe and happy while you are away.” She said but from her frown I knew she was doubting herself again.

“It’s not that, Love. I’m not in the least worried about your capability of taking care of him.” I said pulling her to sit on my lap which she didn’t even notice in her own worry which my careless words induced.

“Then what is it?”

“I just.. I feel like Ace and I have gotten closer than ever and if I go away now what if the time spend apart distance us again?” I let out my worry and Eva gazed at me understandingly.

“Oh, Xavier.” She said cupping my cheek. “Nothing like that would happen. Two weeks isn’t going to break the love between a son and father. And you not going to just disappear altogether for two weeks. You are going to call and facetime him all the time. And it’s just for two weeks after all. It would be over soon.” She assured me.

“I hope so, Angel. I hope so.”

“It will be so. You will see.” She guaranteed. I brought her closer to me and nestled my head in the crook of her neck feeling at ease in her warmth. But like usual our sweet moment gets interrupted.

“Mamma! You are here.” Ace said coming into the room and Eva who now noticed our position tried to jump off my lap but I held her tight.

“Xavier.” She bit out and I gave her a cheeky smile.

“Hmm..let me see.” I hummed and sat her gently inside one of the suitcase.

“Xavier!” She yelled but I turned towards Ace and picked him to put him inside my next suitcase.

“Well, I’m done packing now.” I said folding my arms and looked at the stupefied pair. Ace then began to giggle in amusement and Eva shook her head smiling and tried to get out of the suitcase.

“Silly, Daddy.” Ace muttered shaking his head.

The next morning was sombre for me. We had early breakfast together and I then brought down my luggage.

“I guess it’s time to say goodbye then..” I said looking at them.

“No, it’s not. We are coming to drop you off.” Eva declared surprising me.

“You are?”

“We are?’

Ace and I asked simultaneously.

“Of course we are. Why do you guys have to even ask that?” She asked as if it was already an unsaid rule that they would see me off. All of us got into Eva’s car and drove to the airport. Once we were there it was really time for goodbyes and I found it harder than I expected it.

“Come here.” I said and picked Ace up in my arms. And something about the way he hugged me told me that he is actually affected by my departure. That he is really going to miss me.

“I love you, Son.” I told him and placed a kiss on his head.

“Love you too, Daddy.” He replied patting my shoulder with his tiny hand.

“You will take care of yourself and your Mamma, won’t you?” I whispered at him and he nodded firmly.

“Of course, Daddy.” He said and I put him down after giving him one last kiss.

“He will call you often, Xavier and update you on the fun we have, right Ace?” Eva asked to assure me that Ace is going to be okay even though I needed no assurance for this for I was sure he would be under her care.

“Yes, Daddy. I will call you.”

“He has his phone with him right?” Eva asked and I shook my head negatively.

“He is with you so he won’t need them. He has his iPad with him for entertainments sake.” I told her and realised that the amount of trust I put in her shocked her.

“Now won’t you give me a goodbye hug?” I asked her and opened my arms for her.

“You have fun with our kid, alright? And call me often.” I told her after enveloping her in my arms and she nodded.

“I’ll see you soon.” I said and kissed her temple.

“Take care.” She replied and pulled away to press a soft kiss on my cheek and this made me pull her back into a hug. I then said a final bye and walked off. I turned back once and saw Eva crouching down to Ace’s height and talking to him for a minute. She then stood up and extended her hand out for him. They both then held hands and walked towards her car.

Next two weeks is going to be hard.


Happy New Year!!!

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