Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 23

Ace and I went back to my home. He was very happy with his new room much to my relief. I helped him unpack his clothes and toys before getting started with lunch. After lunch we just lounged around for a while and in the evening we went for a long walk. After dinner I took him to his bathroom and prepared a bubble bath for him.

“Wow, Mamma. This is so cool.” Ace said when I used a bath bomb.

“You have never used this before?” I asked and he shook his head negatively.

“Well, then you are going to have an amazing bath today.” I said and helped him get into the tub. The childish glee in his eyes tugged my heartstrings.

I went back to his room and came back with a children’s book. I sat beside the tub and read to him for a long time but stopped when I noticed that he was falling asleep. I then put the book aside and helped him wash up.

“I didn’t know baths could be so fun…”Ace mumbled sleepily as I picked him up from the tub and bundled him up in a towel. I had to help him in brushing his teeth and he was fully asleep before he even got into his pyjamas.

“Come on, Buddy. We are almost done.” I told him as he whined in his sleep as I was dressing him. I had made him stand on the bed and he completely leaned on to me as I helped him wear his pants. It was much harder to get him to wear his tee shirt and once that was done I laid him down on his bed and covered him with blankets.

“Goodnight, little one.” I cooed to him and placed a kiss on his forehead.

“Mamma…” He whined out just as I was getting up to leave.

“Shh..I’m here.” I told him patting his arm and he moved to grip my hand in his and did not let go. Sighing, I moved him a little and laid beside him, deciding to sleep there today.

I woke up earlier than usual the next day and did my work out first. After my shower I checked on Ace but noticed that he had surprisingly not woken up even though he is usually up very early. Deciding to let him sleep a little more, I left the room and prepared breakfast and lunch for the day. Once that was done I went back into Ace’s room again and he looked up at me sleepily before raising his arms up silently asking me to lift him up. Ace is usually very independent and does most things himself and so it surprised me how he suddenly wanted to be babied.

“Good morning, Bubba.” I greeted after picking him up and he just snuggled into my arms.

“You have to get ready for school, little one.” I said and he shook his head.

“Today’s is Sunday.” He croaked out and for a minute even I was doubtful and checked my phone.

“No, it’s not.” I said.

“It is. I declare today as Sunday.” He said and it made me laugh.

“It doesn’t work that way, Ace.” I said and he huffed.

“It’s Friday today and so that means the next two days you won’t have school and we can go out and have fun together.” I gave him hope and he was willing to get ready.

“Ace, where is your bag?” I asked running about everywhere trying to get things done as quickly as possible so that we won’t be late for his school.

“Okay, I got it.” I said before he could even reply.

“Check. Check. Check.” I muttered to myself while making sure he had everything he needed.

“Ace are you done getting ready?” I called out to upstairs.

“Yes, Mamma.” He said coming into the kitchen. I checked him from top to bottom and finger combed his hair to make it look a little more put together.

“Okay, now please check your bag and see if I have missed anything. I have to pack your lunch and snacks. Oh, and your water bottle too. You still haven’t had your breakfast. And I have to check if-“ I rambled out while hurrying up with my tasks.

“Mamma. Mamma. Mamma.” Ace called out soothingly and tugged me towards the kitchen stool.

“Calm down, please. We still have got time. A lot of time. So please don’t worry. We got this.” He said patting my cheek in the end and once again I was surprised by his mature behaviour.

“Okay, okay. You are right.” I said and placed a kiss on his little hand.

“Let’s have our breakfast first.” I said and led him to the table where breakfast was served already.

“Shall I take a picture of you to send it your dad?” I asked him as he was eating and he nodded in agreement.

“Sure, Mamma.” He said and posed stoically for the picture. I send it to Xavier immediately and he replied with red heart emoji. It’s like he had only recently discovered the existence of emoji’s. On our earlier chats he never used them but now there is heart flying in every other sentence.

I don’t see my angel in this.- Xavier

Shaking my head at his text, I shifted my chair closer to Ace’s and posed for another picture. I swiftly placed a kiss on Ace’s cheek and he involuntarily let out a smile and at that very moment I clicked the picture.

“Okay, now you can peacefully have your food. I won’t disturb you anymore.” I told smiling.

“You don’t ever disturb me, Mamma.” He said and leaned up to kiss my cheek in return. I send our picture to Xavier and received more hearts in reply. He then facetimed us and we spoke to him over breakfast and I let the Whilsons talk alone for a while after that and left to finish packing Ace’s lunch.

I dropped Ace off at the school and was promptly there to pick him up in the evening. We had nuggets and apple juice once we reached home and that night we had a Disney movie marathon.

The next day we decided to have a picnic and Ace was thrilled because he had never had one before and so wanting to make it extra special I packed all his favourite snacks and fruits.

“This so nice, Mamma.” He murmured laying down after eating as much as he could.

“I’m glad you like it.” I said caressing his hair. As he laid soaking up the sun I took out my book and read for a while. Xavier facetimed us sometime later and Ace went on and on about the picnic.

“Don’t worry, Daddy. We’ll have a picnic again once again when you are back.” I heard him say.

“Definitely.” I heard Xavier reply.

“Mamma also took me to this rabbit place where they take care of lots and lots of rabbits. Daddy, Mamma is actually an animal whisperer. I think she even knows how to talk to them. Two of them fell asleep on her too.” Ace said not mentioning the part where he demanded the caretakers to take those two bunnies off my lap and to their own parents.

“Mamma said she lived in farm and she always played with animals. Isn’t that cool, Daddy?” He asked and I sighed as their conversation is focused more on me than them.

“Mamma also said that we’ll go to the beach tomorrow.” Ace then boasted.

“She is spoiling you, isn’t she?” Xavier asked grinning.

“No, I’m not. And even if I am its only because he deserves to be spoiled.” I intervened. Ace then looked at me in awe and gave me a hug.

“I love you so much, Mamma.” He said pulling back.

“And I love you too.” I assured him.

“All by myself…I’m all by myself.” Xavier made Alexa sing interrupting us.

“Alexa, shut up!” Ace groaned out and I laughed at this.

That night like usual once Ace was asleep Xavier called again and we both talked for about an hour. It surely feels different and strange now without him appearing suddenly at the office or house. But even when he is not here, he was still taking care of us from far. Ace got everything he wanted sent to him and I still received flowers and chocolates and there is always security trailing us which though initially of disturbed me, I deemed it necessary for Ace’s safety.

Xavier is obviously having a tough time there. He complains of having to stay there while we are having a nice time here. He is missing Ace terribly and calls whenever possible and I could tell that Ace is missing him too even if he won’t admit it himself. Xavier asks me a thousand questions on each call regarding Ace’s and my welfare. He himself would be overworking but then worries if I’m doing the same. He would randomly send me messages at work to take off my stress which is weird because I don’t even know how he knows when I’m stressing. He is very sweet but also a pain in the butt.

And I admittedly do miss him.

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