Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 24

Xavier was in the middle of meeting when he received a call from Eva. He picked it up on the first ring not minding the members of the board and felt all the stress in his body leave at hearing her voice.

“Hey, are you busy?” Was the first thing she asked.

“No, of course not.” He replied immediately, waving at the people infront of him signaling them to leave. They nodded at him and did accordingly. They knew their boss valued family greatly and also knew that his mood was a lot better after calling home and that was exactly what they wanted.

“Ace did the speech today. It was so cute. He did not make any mistakes and did even better than he did while we were practicing. His was one of the best.” She gushed and Xavier felt proud at his son’s little achievements more than he felt for his own biggest successes.

“I filmed the entire thing for you. I will send it now. He was truly amazing, Xavier and everyone clapped for him. I mean they did clap for every kids but I could tell everyone liked him and I did the most embarrassing thing ever.”

“What?” Xavier asked curiously.

“I cried. Not cry, cry. But tears were dripping down which is bizarre because why would anyone cry at such happy moment. There was absolutely nothing to get emotional over. It was a little speech after all. But it happened and Ace saw it and freaked out.” Eva said sounding truly embarrassed and Xavier laughed at this.

Xavier who knew about her motherly instincts more than herself knew it was happy tears at Ace’s success and once again his woman awed him. He wished he had been there to see his son perform and to see that reaction of her.

“Xavier, don’t laugh. You are supposed to make me feel better.” Eva chastised.

“Okay, sorry. But don’t feel embarrassed. I’m sure there were other parents who got emotional too.”

“Yeah..there were a few. But that’s different. And none of their kids reacted like Ace. Ace freaked out real bad. He even glared at the nice lady sitting beside me thinking she did something to me.”

Xavier couldn’t help but laugh at this. His son was mini him in such scenarios and he was happy about it.

“So I wanted to ask you if I could buy Ace a little gift for his performance today.” Eva asked and Xavier frowned at this.

“Of course you can. Why are you even asking me this? You have bought him gifts before. You don’t have to ever ask me permissions for such things.”

“It was just a formality. I have already ordered it. It will reach tomorrow.” Eva replied offhandedly and Xavier smiled at this. They talked for a while longer and once the call ended he rescheduled his meeting with the board who were relieved to see him in a much better mood than he was before.

The next day Eva and Ace had lunch outside and afterwards Eva took him to a thrift shop and they browsed for décor items for the Whilson mansion. Eva would be starting with the interior work in a few months and she was really excited for it.

“This mirror looks beautiful, doesn’t it Ace?” She asked showing him a large vintage mirror.

“It does.”

“Okay, we are definitely getting this. We’ll have to do some painting work but that’s okay.”

They picked up few more things and then Eva got the idea of getting a huge canvas for Ace’s room to add a personalized touch. They took their findings to Xavier’s house to store them there. Peter greeted them and helped in putting away those items in the storage room. Eva video called Xavier to show him the stuffs they got and then went out to get spray paints and acrylics.

Eva and Ace went to the backyard and put the large canvas on the ground and poured different layers of colours in a small cup before pouring it on the canvas. She helped Ace swirl the canvas to get the paint everywhere on the canvas and she even sprinkled a bit of gold glitter in the end.

“This looks like a galaxy, Mamma. I love it!!” Ace said grinning widely.

“You did a great job, little one.” She praised him and he looked down shyly at his paint covered hands. While they were waiting for the paint to dry, Eva worked on the mirror and afterwards they both began to coat paint over some unique vases they managed to find.

“I’m an artist now.” Ace declared after messily painting two vases.

“The most adorable artist.” Eva said smiling at him.

“And the messiest.” Came a voice from behind them.

“Daddy!!!” Ace yelled out and went running towards the surprise visitor. Xavier scooped him up in his arms and peppered kisses all over his face while holding the little body close to him. Eva stood looking at him in surprise and fought her own urge to run into his arms. Xavier’s eyes met hers and he smiled warmly at her.

“Come here, love.” He said extending his other arm towards her and she gave up fighting with herself and leaped into his arms. She buried her face into the croak of his neck and took in his scent feeling content.

Xavier held his lifelines close to him and felt finally at home.

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