Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 26

Xavier Whilson’s POV

I had just laid down on the bed when I heard knocks on the door and I sat up frowning.

“Ace, is everything okay?” I asked seeing him open the door and come in. He had gone to bed over two hours ago but didn’t look like he had any sleep.

“Are you not able to sleep, son?” I asked helping him up on the bed.

“I miss Mamma.” He murmured looking down at his lap. It was his first night back here without Eva and he is clearly having a hard time getting back to his old routines.

“Do you want to call her over the phone?” I asked reaching for my phone but he shook his head negatively.

“Mamma must be sleeping, Daddy. I don’t want to disturb her. I just wanted to talk to you about something.” He said and the frown on my face returned.

“What is it, Ace?” I asked and he let out a long sigh and I smiled at this without meaning to.

“I just have been doing some thinking.” He began and I found it hard to hold back my smile at his way of speaking.

“Okay..about what?”

“Daddy, Mamma is ours right? Our family?”

“Yes.” I replied without any hesitation.

“So she has to stay with us, Daddy. I cannot do without her. I need her here.” He stressed. He did not wait for me to reply and continued to talk.

“According to my observations…” He started and I raised my eyebrows at this. I was sure if Eva was here she would coo at the way he pronounced observations.

“..if people have children, they live together. And you both have me but we still don’t live together.” He said petulantly. Gone were the days when Ace apologised profusely for calling Eva Mamma aloud. Now she is his mother and there is no ’if’s or buts to it. And he would announce it to the world if he could.

“And the other way people live together is if they get married.” He said eyeing me seriously.

“And so that’s our only option right now, Daddy. You have to marry Mamma.” He stated and I grinned at this.

“That’s the plan, son. But it’s not as easy you think it is.”

“Why not? Don’t you want to marry Mamma?” He asked accusingly.

“Trust me, I do. But your Mamma is not ready for it yet. I have to woo her first and make her like me.”

“Or…you could marry her first and tell her about it later.” He suggested and I laughed at this.

“Ace, your Mamma and I can’t get married without her knowing about it.” I told him and he gave it a thought.

“Daddy, remember the movie we saw last night? The couple in that got married. According to that you both only have to say ‘I do’ to get married and we can make Mamma say that without telling her its for the wedding and then ones that’s over and you are married we can tell her the truth and she would then have to live here.” Ace cooked up a plan. He has not been into many weddings and I don’t think he even understands the concept of marriage. All he knows ‘from his observations’ is that married people live together and he is desperate to have Eva live with us and is clearly willing to go to extremes to make that happen.

“It won’t work that way, Ace.” I said and saw a flare of anger in his eyes.

“You are Xavier Whilson, you can make anything work.” He said raising his volume.

“Ace, I won’t fool Eva into marrying me. That’s not the right thing to do and I refused to do things wrong with her. It would hurt her and we don’t want that, do we? We just have to be a bit patient. Our Whilsons charms would soon make her fall for us, okay?”

“She already loves me, Daddy.” He said in a matter of fact tone and I rolled my eyes at this.

“You don’t have to rub salt into my wounds, alright? You just wait, your Mamma would definitely fall for me soon.” I said with determination.

“You have a long way to go, Daddy.” He teased.

“Hey, have some faith in you Daddy, Mamma’s boy.” I said and he giggled.

“Why don’t you sleep here with me tonight?” I asked patting the space beside me and he hesitantly agreed.

Eva came to office the next day during lunch and this time I made sure Laura would not be near when she arrived. We had our lunch together while watching Friends like usual and once that was done we decided to visit the building to check on its progress. My phone rang just as we were about to step out of my cabin and I sighed seeing that it was a business call.

“You attend it. I will go catch up with Laura.” Eva said and she kissed my cheek before leaving. She has been a bit more affectionate with me and I am over the moon everytime she does such little things.

The call took about fifteen minutes and as I stepped out of my cabin, my gaze went onto a guy from finance department standing not far from me. He was smirking at something and had not noticed me. My gaze followed his and I saw Eva bending over to pick up some files and papers that had fallen from Laura’s table. My eyes went back to that asshole realising what he was looking at. I charged towards him and the next second he was laying on the floor clutching his jaw. I looked up and noticed that only Laura had seen my action and just as Eva stood up and turned back to see where the noise came from I put aside my anger and lifted the man off the floor.

“You should be really careful on where you look. If you don’t look at where you are walking, you are bound to trip and fall over nothing again.” I said through gritted teeth getting my point straight to him and also trying to make it seem to Eva that he had only fallen.

“Xavier, I think he broke something. There was a cracking sound.” Eva said coming towards us. I had the asshole facing me so she didn’t see the bruise.

“I’m sure he is fine. Let’s go now, Angel.” I said and took my hands off the mutt who lacked decency and morals when it comes to women. I held onto her hand and lead her to the elevator.

“Deal with him, Laura.” I said as I was passing by my assistant and she had worked with me long enough to know that I meant to fire him.

I was seething even in the elevator but tried my best to calm down seeing Eva looking at me in concern.

“Is everything alright, Xavier?” She asked and I smiled in assurance and placed a lingering kiss on her temple.

We checked the building and later picked up Ace from his school. We did grocery shopping together and Eva cooked us delicious dinner for us.

“So..where are we going tomorrow?” My Angel asked once we were done with our dinner. I had planned a small family trip for us and she has been trying to get to know the location the whole day.

“You are not getting it out of me. You will see it tomorrow.”

“It’s a surprise?” Ace asked excited.

“It’s a surprise.” I confirmed.

“Fine.” Eva mumbled out.

“Thanks for the dinner, Angel. I will do the dishes. You guys go watch some movie.” I said after the dinner.

“I’ll help.” Eva volunteered.

“I can manage. Now go.”

“Alright.” She said and left with Ace.

“I’m back!” I said after finishing the heavy task of washing the dishes.

“Shh.” Ace shushed me and that was when I saw my Angel sleeping with her head on Ace’s lap who was running his hand through her hair.

“Sorry.” I mouthed and tip toed to them. I sat on my knee and placed a kiss on her forehead only for Ace to rub that area with his hand and place a kiss of his own instead. He then stuck his tongue out at me. I dramatically gasped at this and erased his kiss from her forehead and placed a kiss there and Ace once again removed my kiss and placed his. I then placed kisses all over her face and Ace pushed my head away and placed his share of kisses. I went to kiss her face again but before I could she turned her head away and snuggled onto Ace’s stomach who covered his mouth with his fist so as to quiet down his laughs. I huffed at him and then picked her up in my arms and began to walk away but not before sticking my tongue out at him. He stormed upto my room behind us and as soon as I placed her on the bed he climbed on the top of her and his Mamma even in her sleep didn’t fail to show her love for him by wrapping her arms tightly around him. Ace then looked at me smugly and then snuggled to her soon falling asleep. Seeing them together like this filled me with joy and I placed a kiss on their foreheads before joining them.

My sleep was interrupted by an irritating sound. I felt Eva shift beside me and I hid her face in my chest not to let the sound wake her. The sound continued and Eva tried to get up by moving away from me.

“Shh, go back to sleep.” I murmured.

“It’s the alarm. We have to get up for the trip you planned.”

“Five minutes more.” I said and pulled her back into my arms. Sometime later again I felt her shift in my arms and I held her tight.

“Go back to sleep. I will be back.” She mumbled and I reluctantly let her go. Sleep didn’t come to me after that so being tired of waiting for it to come I got up and went in search of Eva. I found her cooking in the kitchen already dressed up and ready.

“Good morning, Angel.”

“Morning, Devil.” She said and threw the nearby plastic box at me which hit my forehead.


“That’s for sleeping beside me.”

“You didn’t complain when you first woke up.” I said and was rewarded with a punch on my biceps.

“That was because I wasn’t fully awake then.” She said with a glare.

“Whatever you say, Babe.” I said and she glared at me for that.

“What are you cooking?” I asked seeing her busily moving around in the kitchen.

“I made a light breakfast for us to have now. I also prepared some sandwiches and few other snacks to eat later on. And now I am making chocolate chip cookies which Ace was craving for since the last time I made for him.”

“Angel, we could have bought breakfast and snacks on the way and I’m sure Ace wouldn’t have minded if you didn’t make him cookies today. You didn’t have to do all this that too early in the morning.”

“It’s fine and now you go and get ready.”

“Let me help you pack them and in cleaning the kitchen.”

“It’s okay. I’m almost done anyways.” She assured.

“Don’t wake Ace yet. Let him sleep a little longer.” She said and went back to making cookies.

When I came out of the bathroom showered I saw Eva sitting on the bed next to where Ace was sleeping.

“Do we have to wake him up? Can’t we just carry him to the car? He looks like he is having a peaceful sleep.” She mumbled and kissed on his forehead.

“But he have to get ready, Angel.” I said and woke him up knowing she won’t do it and will let him sleep.

“Daddy?” He called sitting up.

“You have to get ready, Ace. We are going out to have a fun day, remember?” I asked and he nodded rubbing his eyes.

“Come on, I’ll help you get ready.” Eva said and picked him up and he laid his head on her shoulder.

I went down to serve the breakfast so that Eva doesn’t have to do that. Soon she came down carrying Ace who was now dressed up nicely and she sat with him on her lap.

“Mamma, why does it smells of cookie in here?” Ace asked and I tried to hide my smile.

“I don’t know. I don’t smell anything.” She replied with a shrug.

“It does. Doesn’t it, Daddy?”

“Even I don’t smell anything, Ace.”

“No, it does. It does smell of cookie. Exactly like the cookie Mamma made me few days ago.”

“Maybe it’s because your Mamma made them again for you.” I said and watched his eyes widen.

“You did?” He asked cupping her face.

“I did.”

“Thank you, Mamma. I love you.” He said hugging her.

“I love you too.”

“Can I have a cookie now?”

“First you have to finish your breakfast and then you can have your cookie.” She replied and began feeding him his breakfast which he ate without any complaints.

We left home soon after breakfast. Halfway through the journey both Eva and Ace fell asleep and I drove us to our destination in silence. I was actually taking them to a farm since I know Eva loves farm. She had mentioned that she grew up in a village and their family had a farm of their own to take care of. She had told us many stories of the days she spent taking care of farm animals and when Ace’s mentioned it over the phone last week I got this idea and tried to find a good farm nearby. When I managed to find one and contacted a farm owner, he refused at first. Said they are taking care of the farm in peace and don’t want any visitors. I tried to make him agree by offering money and got yelled at saying he won’t fall for money but when I said the farm visit is for my woman who adored animals he reluctantly agreed to it.

Ace woke up minutes before we reach our destination but Eva was still sleeping.

“Angel, wake up. We are here.” I said gently shaking her shoulder.

“Go away..”

“But we are here, Love. Open your eyes. You are going to love it.”

“I better.” She muttered and opened her eyes and let out a loud gasp looking around.

“Oh my God. It’s Granny Anne’s farm.” She squealed out and ran out of the car.


“Eva, wait!” I said and got out of the car too. Ace had already ran after her and I too followed behind him.

“Granny Anne! Grandpa Paul!” I heard her shout happily and she hugged the old couple.

“Eva, dear. Why didn’t you tell you were visiting us? Even your grandparents didn’t inform us.” The old lady said lovingly to her.

“Because even I didn’t knew I was going to come here.”

“Mamma.” Ace called out running and then hugged her legs.

“What?!” The old couple yelled and then there was silence and it was broken by me clearly my throat. Eva was opening and closing her mouth trying to get words out but failing to.

“Who are you, Son?” Paul asked me.

“I’m Xavier Whilson. The one who called you asking for permission to visit your farm.” I said Paul suddenly turned his head towards Eva in shock.

“Your woman?!”

“What?” Eva asked confused.

“What the hell is going on here?” Anne asked and then apologised to Ace for cursing.

“I’m Ace Whilson. This is my Daddy and this is my Mamma. Daddy brought us here to show us your farm but I think you don’t like us being here. So we’ll go.”

“She is your Mamma?” Anne asked to which Ace nodded and I saw Eva face palm.

“Explain. Now!” Paul and Anne said together.

“I will. Let talk inside.” Eva said and then we were lead to a cosy house next to the farm. Anne gave me and Ace some chocolate cake to munch on while the three of them went somewhere to ‘Explain’. Around ten minutes later they appeared and Anne and Paul had a smile on their face now. They looked relived and happy and was determined to make Ace and I feel comfortable.

“Are they your grandparents, Mamma?” Ace asked curiously.

“No, they are my grandparent’s friends but I love them just the same.” She said ruffling his hair.

“Thanks for the cake, Anne.” I said with a small smile.

“You are welcome, Honey.” She replied with a sweet smile.

“Why don’t we go to the farm now?” Paul asked and we all agreed.

We walked towards the farm area and Eva became our tour guide explaining everything about each animal enthusiastically. Ace and I listened to her each word not wanting to miss any information about things that she loves.

“Robin.” She squealed all of a sudden and once again began to run off. I scowled at this and stormed after her to see who this Robin is that she is so excited to meet. She soon stopped and hugged..

A freaking lamb?

“He is still so tiny. And so cute. You missed me, Robin?” She cooed to the lamb which she was now holding.


“Ace, come over here.” She said and Ace slowly walked towards her.

“Ace, meet Robin the cutest lamb in the whole world.” She said and tugged Ace close to them.

“Come on, hold him.” She encourages.

“I don’t want to…” Ace said hesitantly.

“Is my Ace scared?”

“No.. but..”

“It’s okay. You can touch him. He won’t hurt you. I promise.” She said and he hesitantly patted the lamb.

“Wow. It’s so soft.” He said rubbing his hand over it making us chuckle.

“Eva, please go check the vineyard and bring Gabriel. That boy is taking lot of time.” Paul requested.

“Gabe is here?”

“Yeah. Now hurry up.” He said and Eva excitedly ran off.

Must be her favourite animal...

Around 15 minutes later she returned not by walking though. She was riding on a brown horse with a man sitting behind her and I stormed towards them and helped her get off the horse.

“Who is he?” I asked Eva, my voice coming out colder than I expected it to.

“This is Gabriel. Anne’s and Paul’s grandson. He is my brother from another mother. I had talked to you about him before, remember?” She asked and I felt relieved. She had indeed mentioned Gabriel in a previous conversation.

“Nice to meet you.” I said extending my hand to him.

“Nice to meet you too.” He replied and then looked around.

“So where is my nephew?” He asked and it was clear Eva had also talked about us to him.

“Gabe..” She called warningly.

“What? If the kid calls you Mamma then he is my nephew isn’t he?” He teased and even I couldn’t stop myself from smiling at this.

“Mamma, Daddy, I saw chickens.” Ace said running to us.

“Did you like them, buddy?” I asked.

“Except one, I liked them all. That one was glaring at me.” He huffed in the end making us all laugh.

“Hey, Bud. I’m Gabriel. Your uncle.” Gabriel bended to Ace’s height and introduced. And I didn’t miss the glare my Angel was giving Gabriel nor the way she discretely pinched his arm. It was clear they had a very playful sibling relationship.

“Ow. Stop pinching me. Let me bond with my ‘nephew’ ” He teased.

“My name is Ace Whilson, Uncle Gabriel.” Ace said giving his hand out to shake.

“ gotta nice name.” He mused and ruffled Ace’s hair.

“Thank you, Uncle Gabriel.”

“You are welcome, Nephew Ace.”

“Gabe, stop it. It’s not funny.” Eva said narrowing her eyes at him.

“Okay. Okay. I was just teasing. Don’t be mad.” Gabriel said pinched her cheeks but she slapped his hand away. Gabriel then tugged her hair playfully to annoy her and Eva let out a little screech and threatened to punch him and that made him stop. All of us then went back inside the house and spend about an hour talking.

“You guys aren’t leaving today and that’s final.” Anne said sternly when I said it’s time for us to leave.

“We have to. We will visit some other time.” I tried to convince.

“Okay. You guys may leave. But my sister is staying here.” Gabriel said gently running his hand through Eva’s hair.

“If Mamma is staying here then I’m too.” Ace stated.

“Well then I guess that’s decided.” I said defeated and sat on the couch.


We had dinner and then gathered in the living room. Eva went to lay down on Anne lap on the couch and Gabriel too joined them on the other said. Anne ran her hands through their hair and smiled at them softly and began telling us stories of their younger days. Ace climbed onto the couch laid on Eva’s stomach and soon fell asleep.

“She is asleep.” Anne said after sometime looking at Eva. I moved towards them to carry them but Gabriel blocked my path. Anne left us after telling us goodnight.

“Here.” Gabriel said and handed me Ace and he picked up Eva.

“Upstairs, first room is yours. Both of you can sleep there. Eva will be sleeping in my room with me.”

“That’s not needed. She can sleep with us.” I blurted without thinking. Now I don’t know much about the dating etiquettes but even I was sure that it won’t go well for me to make it seem like Eva and I share bed to her brother even if what he assumes is far from truth.

“Excuse me? Why would my sister share a room with you? I know the kind of relationship she has with your son but I still haven’t gotten the complete picture of your relationship with her. Is there anything going on between you two?” He asked narrowing his eyes at me. The nervousness I felt then I hadn’t felt ever before and I was fumbling for answer.

“ of right now, we are friends.” I began and the word friends was muttered in distaste without even meaning to. “Or at least that’s how she would describe our relationship but I intend to be more than that.” I said slowing watching his eyes darken.

“I truly care of her and will always protect her. She makes my son and I the happiest and we strive to do the same for her.” I continued hoping to convince him because by now I know that he plays a huge role in her life and his opinion of me really matters. He finally stopped frowning at me and looked at his sister who is still deep in sleep.

“My sister is too young to even think about a guy in that way.” He said defensively and hid her face into his neck and I raised my eyebrows at him. His playful tone filled me with relief.

“Okay. She is not.” He said sighing.

“I don’t have the right to say you cannot date her because it’s her life and her choices. So if she chooses you then I guess I’m okay with it as I can see that you are serious about her and is honest. But if you break my trust that I have on you to take care of her then nothing will save you from me and I swear I’m not kidding.”

“Trust me, I won’t. She will be always be safe with me.” I promised.

“Alright, but she is still not sharing a room with you.” He said glaring at me and took her to his room and I let out a long sigh. If he knew the amount of time I sneaked in to cuddle with her at night during our sleepovers back home he would probably kill me.


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