Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 27

“Aaaaa!” I screamed jolting awake from sleep and I glared at the person who was on the laughing out aloud.

“You did not.” I said jumping up and down to remove the ice cubes off me.

“I did.” Gabe said smirking.

“What happened?” Xavier asked running into the room panicked followed by an equally panicked Ace.

“This happened.” I said pointing to myself, the ice cubes and the still laughing Gabe.

“You worried us so much. We thought something happened to you.” Xavier said and hugged me tight not minding my partial wetness and Ace soon joined him. They helped me remove some of the ice cubes that were still on me and I threw each one at Gabe.

“You are being mean to Mamma.” Ace said to Gabe with his hand on his hip.

“Apologise to Mamma and hug.” Ace ordered. Gabe then walked towards me and hugged me from behind.

“Sorry, Ev.” He said and then I felt the coldness again. That bloody asshole had put a handful of cubes over my head. Laughing he ran out of the room and I began to chase him.

“Stop, you evil puppy.”

“Nah. Catch me if you can.” He said running around the table which I hate.

How will you catch someone when they are running around the table.

Suddenly I’m picked up making me squeal and wrap my arms around the person who is none other than Xavier.

“Xavier, what are you doing?” I said trying to get out of his arms.

“You have to change or else you will fall sick.” He said and carried me back to my room. Deciding to listen to him I send a final glare to Gabe.

“Okay, put me down.”

“I’ll carry you or else you will both get into another fight.”

“No we will not.” I said but he still carried me into my room.

I showered and changed into shorts and tees that I had in here and went down to have my breakfast only to find it already served and everyone was already sitting around it and waiting for me.

“Hurry up, come sit.” Granny Anne said pointing at the seat between Gabe and Ace. I gulped seeing the amount she had served in my plate.

“Don’t just stand there and make us more hungry. Go take your seat.” She said and I obeyed.

I ate maximum as I could which was not even half of the plate and then looked at my all time food saviour Gabe. I looked at Granny to see her eyes on her food alone and slowly kicked Gabe under the table and gestured him to take my scrambled eggs.

“Eva, don’t even think of passing your food to your brother.” Granny Anne warned still though her eyes never wavered from her plate.

How does she know our move every time?

“Never.” I muttered and still keeping an eye on her I passed it to Gabe. And I saw Grandpa Paul gesture Gabe to pass him some to him from what I have given. They both silently fight and I also noticed Ace passing his food to Xavier.

“Ace, dear, eat your breakfast on your own and don’t give it to father. You are growing boy aren’t you? You need to eat food to be strong like your father.” Granny Anne cooed though her eyes never once looked up to actually know what was going on.

“And you stop feeding your old man more eggs!” She scolded Gabe.

“You a witch, Gran?” Gabe asked casually.

“You want a kick, Grandson?” She asked finally looking up.

“No, I’m fine, Grandma. Thank you for asking though.” He joked.

“Don’t tempt me, boy.” She warned and he smirked at her in return.

After the breakfast we went horse riding and walked through the vineyard. We then decided to take our leave and said our goodbyes.

“Bye Granny Anne, Bye Grandpa Paul.” I said hugging them and kissing their cheeks.

“Bye, Sweetie.”

“See you later, Paul and Anne.” Xavier said with a small smile.

“For sure, dear.” They said with a glint in their eyes and I was scared that they might have already informed about Xavier to my grandparents who are yearning to see me dating.

“Bye.” Ace said and gave them both hugs.

“Bye, Gabe.” I said giving him a hug.

“Bye, Ev. Take care of yourself, alright? Don’t make me come there.”

“Okay. Okay.” I said pulling away from the hug.

“Bye, Gabriel.” Xavier said shaking hands with Gabe.

“Bye. And don’t forget anything of what I said.” He said to which Xavier nodded.

Hope Gabe didn’t give the ‘Talk’ to Xavier being the over protective brother he is.

“Bye, Uncle Gabe.”

“Bye, Nephew Ace.” He replied picking Ace up and kissed his head.

“Take care of your Mamma for me will ya?”

“I sure will, Uncle Gabe.”

“Did you like the farm and the people, Ace?” I asked him during our journey back.

“I loved it. Thank you for taking us there, Daddy.”

“Yeah, thank you Xavier for taking me there. I had missed them so much.” I said giving him a sincere smile.

“I’m glad that you both had fun. And it was fun meeting your family.” He said and lifted my hand to press a kiss on it.

“Daddy, can we please go to park?” Ace asked after we had our lunch from a small restaurant on the way back home. Xavier looked at me to see if it’s okay with me and I nodded my head at him.

“Sure, bud.” Xavier replied making Ace happy.

“Thank you, Daddy. You are the best.” Ace leaned to kiss Xavier on cheek. Xavier grinned with adoration and ruffled Ace’s hair.

“No kiss for me?” I asked Ace pouting.

“Yes kiss for you.” He said cutely and showered my face with kisses making me giggle. I got out of the car once we reached the park with Ace placed on my hip.

“Mamma, swing!” Ace said pointing to the swing and I carried him there.

“You sit in here and I wish push the swing for you okay?” I asked and he shook his head.

“No. I want to sit on your lap.” He demanded.

“As you wish, Little One.” I said and sat on the swing with him on my lap. Xavier came behind us and slowly pushed the swing.

“You guys enjoying?” Xavier asked and kissed my head.

“Yes.” Ace said smiling.

Xavier then wrapped his arms around us while we were still sitting on the swing and placed his head on my shoulder.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“Hugging my family.” He whispered back and I was sure my heart did a somersault.

“What are you both whispering? I want to hear.” Ace stated turning his head to look at us.

“Nothing, Son. I was just telling your Mamma that she is very beautiful.” He said kissing my reddening cheek.

“Yes, my Mamma is very very beautiful.” Ace said and kissed my cheek.

“And my Ace is very very handsome.” I said and kissed his cheek in return.

“What about me? Am I not very very handsome?” Xavier asked coming to stand in front of us. He then did a girly pose with a pouty face making me and Ace laugh uncontrollably. Xavier can get really silly at times and its always fun to watch his antics then.

“Yes, Daddy. You are very very handsome.” Ace said still laughing. He then looked at me and said ‘not’ with a cheeky smile which Xavier didn’t miss.

“You cheeky little thing.” Xavier said and came to grab Ace who managed to get off my lap and ran with Xavier chasing him.

“Careful.” I said and got up from the swing.

“Mamma, help.” Ace said running towards me and he jumped into my arms. Xavier then began running towards me and I ran to the opposite direction to get away from him while holding Ace tightly in my arms.

“I’m gonna catch ya.” Xavier said wickedly making me run faster but it was hard since I couldn’t stop my laughing.

“You can’t.” Ace said and urged me to run faster.

Arms suddenly wrapped around us slightly lifting me off the ground and twirling us around while all the three of us continued laughing.

“Gotcha.” Xavier said and began tickling us making us laugh louder.

I realized then that I was much happier than I have been in a while.

All thanks to the Whilsons.

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