Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 29

“Yeah, it’s me.”

Why the heck is he calling me?

“How did you get my number?” As I had changed my old number that he had.

“Got it from nurse Susanne.” He replied nervously.

“You are lying. Susanne would never give my number to people whom I don’t trust.” I spit out.

I heard his breath hitch and knew that got him.

“I..she didn’t actually give it to me. I took her phone when she was busy with some patients and then took your number from it.”

Desperate much?

“What do you want to talk? Wait. Are my grandparents okay?” I asked worried at the thought of them not being well.

“They are completely fine. Don’t worry.”


“I just wanted to talk to’s being so long.”

And whose fault is that?

“What exactly do you want to talk, Kane?”

“You know..just we used to before.”

“That was before, Kane. Then we had so much to talk about. But now what’s left?” I asked sighing at having to deal with this right now.

“Eva, I’m sorry. I ruined everything between us. I keep on thinking how great it would have been if I hadn’t messed things up. We would have been together and happy.”

We are not together now but guess what?

I’m happy!

“Thinking about what happened or what could have happened won’t do us any good. We have both moved on and are doing good separate.”

“No, I haven’t. I haven’t moved on from you and I never will.”

Dude, you have a girlfriend.

“Well, I have. And I’m happy with my current life.” I said honestly and it was silent for a while.

“So it is true, huh? I was hoping it wouldn’t be but you did get yourself a rebound.” He muttered and I frowned at his words.

“What the heck do you mean?”

“Oh, don’t play with me now. I ran into Gabriel and he threw it my face details about your new amazing boyfriend.” He spat and I was even more confused.

What in the world was Gabriel thinking? Why would he make up such lies?

“Why are you quiet now? Don’t you have anything to say to me?” He asked and I felt anger rise in me.

“Why would I have anything to say to you? My life has got nothing to do with you and if you have nothing important to say then I’m ending the call.” I said coldly. He was the one who wronged me and still I was willing to be civil with him but if wants to act bitter then there is nothing I can do.

“I broke up with Natalie.” He blurted out and I bit my lip not knowing what to say. Natalie is the woman he had relationship behind my back while we were together.

“Oh.” Was the only thing that came out.

“I did soon after broke up with me. I realized how stupid I was being in going after her and destroying the one good thing I had in my life. Eva, I know I hurt you and what I did to you was unforgivable. But can you please forgive me and give me another chance?” He pleaded and as I never expected this I was very shocked. And according to him, I’m already in a relationship so did he really expect me to break it off for a man who had once cheated on me? The audacity!

“No, Kane. I’m sorry but I can’t give you any more chances. You got one and you ruined it and that’s the end of it. Let’s just forget it and move on, alright?” I said softly hoping he would get the point and would not make things harder than it already is.

“Oh, so am I too low for you? Now that you got a billionaire boyfriend am I not pleasing to your eyes?” He asked bitterly and it shocked me that a man who was one so good and kind could turn into such a bitter person.

Wait? Billionaire boyfriend? Did Gabe tell him Xavier is my boyfriend?

“Is that it, Eva?” He continued to yell and I had it enough.

“Yes, Kane. I know my worth and I deserve someone who is not a cheating asshole like you.” I snapped.

“Eva, please, listen to me. Forget what I did and think of how happy we were together before I committed that mistake. We were so in love and inseparable then. Always attached to the hip. We always had each other’s back. We were the perfect couple. And we can be again. No one can make you as happy as I can, Eva. We belong together.” He spoke softly.

“But it is not that easy to forget, is it?” I pointed it out and I heard him sigh.

“Kane, I know you regret your actions now and I’m happy that you do. Let’s just keep the past in the past and move on.” I said again feeling exhausted from just talking to him.

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to move on without you. I want us back. And what? You actually think you have moved on from me with your rebound guy? Baby, as much as you don’t want to, I know you still love me. We have known each other since we were toddlers and it’s not easy to just get rid of the love that has been alive in you from childhood.” He said and I wanted to pull my hair out in frustration.

“You are delusional, Kane. And I have already wasted enough of my time trying to talk sense to you but now I know that’s impossible. I’m going to end the call here and please don’t call me ever again.” I said and was about to press the end button when his voice came again.

“Bring him here, Eva. Bring him here when you visit your grandparents and I will prove to you that is you who is delusional thinking you can forget me through him.”

“Kane, it’s been years since we ended our relationship. Years! Why do you think I would still be hung up over you?” I asked annoyed.

“True love doesn’t fade even years later, Eva.” He said softly and I wanted to barf at this.

“If you still claim to have moved on then bring him here and prove it to me.” He continued.

“I don’t have to prove you anything, Kane. And like I said do not ever call me again.” I said and ended the call.

“I’m going to kill you, Gabe.” I muttered under my breath. I rubbed my temple feeling a headache coming and decided to put aside the whole issue for now and get some sleep. And when I had finally managed to sleep I was woken up by my bloody phone ringing again.

“Hello?” I mumbled sleepily to the phone.


“Ace?” And now I was wide awake. I checked the time to see it was about 12:30am.

“Ace, is everything okay, Baby?” I asked concerned.

“Mamma, Daddy is sick. He went to the bed sick and few minutes ago I heard a loud thud and went to check up on him. He had puked and is laying on the floor unconscious. He is not waking, Mamma. I called him several times but he isn’t waking.” Ace said and whimpered.

“Don’t worry, Baby. I’m coming there. Nothing will happen to your Daddy. He will be fine. I’m coming.” I said moving aside the comforter and got out of the bed.

“Come fast, Mamma.”

“Yes, baby.”

I hurried out of the house not bothering that I’m in my pajamas and began driving to their house. Xavier was fine when he came to see me at the office today. What happened to him so suddenly?

God..please let him be okay.

I dialed Peter’s number several times but he was not answering and knowing that Ace is alone inside the house and must be panicking worried me more. As soon as I reached their house I ran out of the door and entered the house after typing in the password and other security details.

“Oliver?” I yelled the name of the only other guard whose name I knew.

“What is it, Miss James? Is everything okay?”

“No. Xavier is not well. Please help me with him and call a doctor.” I said to him and ran upstairs to Xavier’s room while wondering why Ace didn’t contact the guards first. Probably his first instinct was to call me.

“Xavier.” I called out and ran towards his unconscious body beside whom Ace was sitting with tear stained face and I also noticed puke on the floor.

“Xavier, open your eyes. Xavier.” I said patting his cheek and brought his head to my lap. I tried waking him by sprinkling water on his face and he opened his eyes for a few seconds before tiredly closing them again.

“Mamma.” Ace cried hugging me sideways.

“Shh. I’m here. Everything will be fine. Daddy opened his eyes for us, didn’t he? He will be fine soon.” I said and kissed his forehead.

“Ace, can you please bring a wet towel for me?” I asked to which he nodded and ran away to bring it.

“I just called their family doctor and he will be here soon.” Oliver said coming to the room. I just hope he gets here soon despite the late hour.

“Oliver, please help me to get him lay in the bed.” I said and then he and I together put him back on the bed.

“He is burning with fever.” I muttered to myself worriedly.

“He will be fine, Miss James. Doctor is on his way.” Oliver consoled.

“Mamma, here.” Ace said handing me the towel and I thanked him for it.

“You may go down, Oliver. Bring the doctor here when he arrives.” I said and began to wiping Xavier’s face, neck and bare chest to get rid of the vomit.

“Yes, Miss James. Call me if you need me.” He replied before leaving the room.

“Ace, look after your father for a moment. I will be back.” I said and went to the kitchen to get the cleaning supplies. I then quickly mopped the floor to remove the puke. Once that was done, I was beside Xavier again to see if there was anything I could do to help him.

“Ace, baby. Go to sleep. You have school tomorrow.” I said seeing him sit on the bed beside Xavier.

“No. Not until Daddy wakes up.”

“He will soon, Little One. You heard what Oliver said. Doctor will be here soon. You sleep now and by the time you wake up your Daddy will be all fine.”

“No! I won’t sleep until he wakes up and tells me he is fine.” Ace said stubbornly.

“Ace yo-′

“The doctor is here, Miss James.” Oliver said entering to the room with a middle aged doctor.

“Doctor Cole, Daddy is not waking up.” Ace complained.

“Ace, you are still awake? Go sleep and by the time you are up he will wake up.” Doctor Come said beginning to check on Xavier.

“That’s what Mamma also said but I won’t sleep until Daddy wakes up.” Ace said with a huff.

“Mamma?” Doctor Cole asked and then looked at me for a moment before going back to check Xavier. He injected Xavier and then turned to us.

“He will be fine. It’s the normal flu and the things that comes with it. But he needs rest. A lot of rest.” Doctor Cole said and I let out of sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Doctor. We were all so worried.” I said with a relieved smile.

“Ace, can you please go and get me a glass of water?”

“Yes, Doctor Cole.” Ace said and left the room and Oliver accompanied him.

“What is it, Doctor? Is everything really okay?” I asked knowing he requested for water to get Ace out of the room.

“Everything is fine, dear. It’s just flu as I said which worsened a bit as he didn’t take proper care of it. He might have taken some medicine not bothering to take proper care or consult doctor as he usually does. I have told him a million times to take care of his health but the man never listens. I don’t know what your relationship with him is but I hope you will be able to convince him to be more conscious about his health.”

“I will, Doctor.”

“Good. And don’t worry. He will be fine soon if takes proper rest. Don’t let him get out of the bed.”

“Yes, Doctor. Thank you for coming even at this late hour.”

“No problem. Call me if his fever doesn’t goes down. And I will prescribe some medicine which he has to take without fail.” He said handing me his number and prescription.

“Here you go, Doctor Cole.” Ace said coming in and gave him the water.

“Thank you, Ace. You can now sleep as you know your Daddy is fine.”

Soon Doctor left and Oliver went to get the medicine.

“Ace, you have to sleep now.”

“What about my bedtime story?”

“Lay down and close your eyes.”

“Okay.” He said and laid on the bed and I sat beside him. Almost at the end of the story Ace fell asleep and I placed a kiss on his forehead.

I went down to bring up a bottle of water in case Xavier wanted it if he were to wake up before morning.

“Miss. James, here are the medicine.”

“Thank you, Oliver. Sorry for troubling you at this time. And please call me Eva.”

“It’s fine, Eva. Goodnight.”

“More like good morning.” I said making him chuckle. I locked the front door behind him switched off lights.

I placed my hand on Xavier’s forehead to check his fever and was glad to find that it has gone down a lot.

“A-Angel?” Xavier asked slowly opening his eyes.

“Yes, it’s me. You are in so much trouble, Mister.”

“What happened?” He asked frowning and tried to get up.

“Lay back down.” I said forcing him back to lay on the bed. “You got sick and fainted, Xavier. You have no idea how worried Ace and I were. Ace had found you on the floor and he was so panicked. He refused to go to sleep until Doctor Cole was done consulting you.” I said and covered him with blanket.

“Did he go to sleep now?” He asked and I gave him a nod.

“I’m sorry for worrying you both. I’ll be fine by tomorrow morning.” He said cupping my cheek.

“You my dear devil, is not allowed to get out of the bed. You have to take lot of rest to get cured.”

“Says who? Dr. Cole? That man always says such things. Don’t mind that. I’ll be alright by morning. In fact I feel fine already.”

“Yeah, don’t mind the words of a doctor who dedicated years of his life to study medicine to cure people and instead I should listen to you, right?” I asked sarcastically and he opened his mouth to argue but I glared at him.

“Don’t start, Xavier. Don’t. You have given me quite a scare today and now you are arguing about your wellbeing. You will listen to doctor and do as he said and I will be here to make sure of it, you hear me?” I asked and frowned upon seeing him smiling.

“What are you smiling at?” I asked annoyed at him not taking me seriously.

“Nothing. I will do as you say, alright? Now please stop worrying.” He said and kissed my palm to sooth me.

“Good. Now go to sleep.” I ordered.

“What about you? Are not going to sleep?” He asked frowning.

“I will but first you sleep.”

“Come here.” He said and scooted over to give me space on the bed.

“Xavier, what are you doi-’

“Lay down beside me.” He said patting the space beside him.

“No, Xavier. I will sleep in the guestroom alright? You get comfortable and sleep, please.” I said sitting down on the space he created for me and I began running my hand through his hair hoping it would help him in falling asleep.

“Just sleep here..” He mumbled curling into my side and he put his head on my lap. He fell asleep in two minutes and I kissed his head before gently laying it on the pillow.

I went to check on Ace and after washing my face and making myself a cup of coffee, I sat beside Xavier and throughout the night regularly checked his temperature. He woke up once groaning and after having a glass of water he managed to go back to sleep.

By morning Xavier’s temperature had gone down a bit thankfully. Before he got up I prepared breakfast and Ace greeted me in the kitchen once I was done.

“Good morning, Mamma. How is Daddy doing?” He asked after hugging my legs.

“Good morning, little one. Your Daddy is doing much better. His fever has come down. You look tired, baby. You went to bed pretty late last night? Are you sure you want to go to school today?”

“I’m okay, Mamma. I want to go to school. I have to show the teacher the drawing project you helped me with.”

“We can show it to her tomorrow, Ace. I’m sure she will understand.”

“No, it’s okay, Mamma. I’ll go.” He insisted.

“You look more tired than me, Mamma.” He pointed out and I smiled at him.

“I’ll sneak in a nap later. Now why don’t you have your breakfast? I’ll take you father’s to his room.”

“I too wanna eat from there.” Ace said and I agreed.

I carried both Xavier’s and Ace’s breakfast upto Xavier’s room and saw that he was already awake and walking.

“Xavier, I thought I told you not to get out of the bed.”

“I just went to the bathroom.”

“You could have said before going in. What if you fainted inside and I was still in the kitchen cooking and not aware that you are inside the bathroom?”

“It didn’t happen, did it? So no worries.” He said softly and ran his hand up and down my arm as if to calm me. He is the sick one and he is still babying me.

“Well, it could have. Now sit back on the bed and have your breakfast.”

“Mamma, can you feed me?” Ace asked cutely.

“Sure, bud.”

“I’m the sick one here and yet I have to eat by own. Not fair.” Xavier grumbled playfully and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Cause I’m special, Daddy.” Ace said and slowly ran his hand through his hair pushing it back like models do during photo shoot. Xavier and I looked at each other and smiled at Ace’s cuteness.

“You sure are.” We said together.

“I will drop you off.” I said after Ace was done with his breakfast.

“That’s not needed, Mamma. You have to take care of Daddy. I will go with the driver.”

“I will ask one of the drivers to take you then.” Xavier said and took his phone to call the driver.

“Bye, Ace. Be a good boy.” Xavier said to Ace and ruffled his hair a bit.

“Bye, Daddy. Listen to Mamma and get well soon.” He ordered and Xavier nodded smiling.

“Bye, Mamma.” He said and hugged me.

“See you soon, Little One.”

“Love you both. You guys have Mamma-Daddy time while I’m gone okay?” Ace said and then left the room.

What the-?

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