Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 3

After having breakfast with my best friend Mike who had returned home the day after my car fiasco, I went to visit the site of my recent project to have a final meeting with the owner as my work there was almost done.

“There you are, Miss James.” Mr. Thomson the restaurant owner greeted as soon as I was in the building.

“I hope I’m not too late.”

“You aren’t late, dear. I was way too excited and came here early. I have to say though many recommended your company I did have my doubts especially when it came this project but I’m happy I chose your company. This is much better than I thought it would be and I think my partner would like it too though he is tough man to please.”

“Thank you, Sir. I’m glad you like it and if there are any changes that you or your partner would like to have my team and I would be happy to help.”

“He and a few friends of mine would soon be here. We’ll hear their opinions and see if there are anything else to be done though I do pretty much like it this way.” He said and I agreed.

Since the others would take time to reach Mr. Thompson, his assistant and I went to his office to discuss finances and he also talked about his future projects.

“Sir, your friends have reached and they are waiting for you.” His assistant informed sometime later.

“Please provide them with drinks. We’ll be there in few minutes.” Mr. Thompson said before continuing our conversation. Few minutes later she barged in again looking very nervous.

“Mr. Whilson here.” She informed and Mr. Thompson immediately got up from chair and began to walk out after asking me to come with him. When we reached the main restaurant area I could see a group of men crowding around someone. Knowing that I would anyway be meeting everyone anyway I didn’t bother to struggle to see their faces.

“Hurry up, Miss James. We shouldn’t keep him waiting.” Mr. Thompson said while hurrying towards the men. It was only when a tall guy who stood in front of the other man moved that I realized who it actually was.

“X!” I called out loudly not thinking about the formal setting and saw everyone look at me weirdly. I saw him turn quickly towards my voice and met his surprised gaze. He left the other men and walked towards Mr. Thompson and me in large strides and soon stood before me.

“Eva.” He murmured looking like he is a daze.

“Man, I told you that X sounded weird.” I told him while glancing at others.

“What are you doing here, Angel?”

“Mr. Whilson, this is the interior designer I told you about. Ms James and her team has worked on this restaurant. But it seems like you already know her.” Mr. Thompson said interrupting us. X or as now known as Mr. Whilson suddenly wrapped his arm around my waist before turning us to face Mr. Thompson who was looking at us in curiosity.

“Mr. Thompson, it seems to me that you have forgotten some basic manners. Do not rudely interfere people when they are busy in a conversation and do not talk for others.” Mr. Whilson snapped at his partner and I almost flinched at his tone.

The rude man is back it seems.

I casually wrapped my arm around his waist and pinched his side in warning. His eyes immediately met mine and I narrowed my eyes at him, silently asking him to stop being an asshole to a man older than him but the devil just looked at me in amusement making me wish to poke his eyes out.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Whilson. I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Mr Thompson apologized which the devil didn’t even bother to acknowledge.

“Maybe we should give dev..Uh.. I mean Mr. Whilson and your friends a tour around this place.” I said hoping I do not get lectured about manners now for speaking in between and also mentally cringing at the almost slip up.

“Sure.” Mr. Whilson said and began walking while dragging me with him. I got into business mode during the tour and explained in details about the decor that each area had.

“I’m surprised to say that I overall actually like it. After those minor things are changed then I guess this is going to be one of the best here in New York.” Mr. Whilson said to me and I found myself grinning. He was thankfully truthful and if at all there were some tiny aspects that he didn’t like he pointed them out to me and I assured them it would changed by tomorrow.

“The inauguration will be on Monday so we should start sending invites to special guests from today.” Mr Thompson suggested.

“It’s Monday today. Since the work is done earlier than expected I don’t think we should wait for another week. We’ll hold the inauguration on Thursday.”

“As you wish, Mr Whilson. Miss James, you and your team are personally invited for the function and after party. Please convey the message to your team.” Mr. Thompson said with a smile and I gave him a nod.

“I surely will. Thank you for the invite. Now that we are done here I must take my leave and get back to office to discuss the changes with my team.”

“You may, Miss James. Hope you have a great day.” He said and left to speak to his friends who has not talked a thing to me probably due to the intimidating presence besides me.

“So I guess I’ll see you at the party, Mr. Whilson.” I said awkwardly while trying get out of the hold he still had on my waist.

“Call me Xavier.” He said while pulling me closer and there by stopping my attempts to move.

“As you wish, Mr Xavier.”

“Just Xavier would do, Angel. And quit be so formal, woman.” He said sounding annoyed.

“Alright. I’m sorry. It’s just weird you know? They are being so conscious around you and you have the business mode on so I didn’t want seem like I’m disrespecting you.”

“You are not disrespecting me by being yourself. But I’m disappointed at the way you left that day. You out of nowhere said goodbye and ran away and got into the bus.”

“It wasn’t out of nowhere. I did tell you that I was going to go in bus. I didn’t want to trouble you more so I took the bus.”

“I told you I would drive you home. I wouldn’t have said that if you were a trouble to me. And what about the money?”

“What about the money? I told you I would pay you and I did. Was it too low?”

“Woman, do I look like I need the money for giving you a ride to New York?” He asked while pointing at his expensive suit.

“Now you are being narcissist. I told you I would pay you and so I kept my word and I paid you. The end of it. Moreover I didn’t know you were this filthy rich then. And even if I did I would still keep my word. You can save that money and donate it to someone who really needs them.” I said with a shrug and he said nothing.

“I have to go now.”

“I’ll lead you out. I’m leaving anyways.” He said and led us out not bothering to inform others that he is leaving.

“You still going around in this car?” He asked seeing my car which I had received just yesterday after getting it checked.

“Yep. Just because it broke down once doesn’t mean that I have to throw it away, you know? I had it checked and it’s as good as new now.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“Believe what you want, Mister.” I said while he opened the door for me.

“See you later.” I said after getting in the car. He bend down and placed a quick kiss on my cheek before closing the door and I gaped in surprise.

“Bye, Angel.” He said and I snapped out of my daze and drove off after mumbling a quick ‘bye’.

It was 5:30 when I reached from office and I suddenly had the urge to eat ice cream and unfortunately for me I had no ice cream in fridge. Grabbing the car keys I got out of the house. Buying two tubs of ice cream, I started to walk back towards my car and that’s when I saw him. A little boy over the age of four or five was standing in the middle of road oblivious to a truck speeding towards him. The boy bend down to pick up what looked like a book and the truck driver continued to speed towards not seeing the small figure. When the boy did see the truck coming his way he stood frozen in shock. Out of instinct I dropped the ice cream tubs and ran towards the boy and pushed him out of the road a minute before the truck reached him. Hitting my head heavily I landed in a way I took all the hard landing instead of the little boy in my arms. Quickly sitting on both my knees I started inspecting the boy for any injuries.

“Baby, are you alright?” I asked frantically running my hands over his body.

“Does it hurt anywhere?” I asked cupping his little face in my hands. He shook his head negatively but I didn’t miss the shocked and awed look in his eyes.

“Thank God.” I said and hugged his tiny body to me.

“You are safe.” I murmured to him while still hugging him tight.

“Ace” A voice said behind me. Suddenly the little guy was taken from my arms.

“I told you never to run away like that. You scared the shit out of me. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” I heard the little boy say. I slowly stood up on my feet feeling a bit dizzy.

“Are you alright?” I heard someone ask me.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Thank God. Thank you saving him. If anything had happened to him then..”

“Don’t worry, Sir. He is safe now.”

“I know.. and I’m grateful for that. I didn’t see him run away to the road to pick up that damn book. I ran to him when I saw him on the road and truck coming so close to him. But you managed to save him and I would forever be grateful for that. Are you really fine, though? Did you get hur-′

I didn’t heard the rest because the darkness enveloped me before I could stop it.

I felt something tiny on my hand. I wanted to open my eyes to look what it is. But I couldn’t open them no matter how hard I tried. It felt like someone was hitting me inside my head. It hurt so much.

“Please wake up. I swear I will be a good boy. I won’t prank the nanny’s and teachers. I will always do my homework on time. Please don’t leave me.” I heard a little voice say sadly. I wanted to open my eyes and look who the voice belongs to and ask why they sounded so sad. Forgetting the pain for a moment I tried to focus on my eyes. Slowly I opened them but closed it soon due to the bright light. After few minutes I was finally able to open my eyes without the light making me close again. I first looked at my hand and saw a tiny hand holding one of my fingers tightly. Looking up I saw the little boy I had saved sitting on the bed beside me with a sad face. I also noticed some dried tears on his face.

He was worried about me? Aww.

“Why are you crying, little one?” I asked making him look at me.

“You are awake?” He asked surprised.

“Yes. I am.” I said softly.

“You didn’t leave me?” He asked sounding pained.

“No. Now stop being so sad and give me a smile.” I said wiping his face to erase the remains of any tears left. I looked at his face and saw him smile a little.

“Good boy.” I said ruffling his hair.

“Come on. You look tired. Sleep in here till your father comes to get you.” I said wondering where the man had gone leaving his son here.

“No. I might hurt you.” He said shaking his head.

“No. You won’t.” I said and laid his head on my chest. His tiny arm wrapped around my stomach.

“Sleep tight.” I said and ran my hand through his hair. Minutes later I found myself fall asleep along with the little guy in my arms.


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