Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 31

Xavier woke up groggily from his nap and found his little angel sleeping beside him. He smiled at the sight of her and quietly walked out of the room so as to not disturb her. He felt eternally grateful for her presence in his life and could not thank her enough for taking care of him and his son. He was sure that she is their saviour sent to show them how life should be lived and now that he got her he was determined to never let go of her.

“Are you alright now, Daddy?” Ace asked upon seeing his father.

“Yes, son. I’m quite alright now thanks to your Mamma. And I’m really sorry for scaring you that night.” Xavier said mentioning the night where Ace found him lying on the floor.

“It’s okay, Daddy. I’m happy you are not sick anymore.” Ace said and gave his father a brief hug.

They spent the next two hours playing video games together. Xavier then ordered dinner for them and once that was delivered, he decided to check on Eva. Eva was still sleeping curled up on the bed and Xavier hesitated in waking her up. He sat down on the bed beside her and pressed a kiss on her forehead and frowned at the heat coming of her skin. He placed the back of his hand on her forehead and his eyes widened in alarm. He then immediately dialled Doctor Cole’s number.

“Good evening, Mr. Whilson. How are you feeling now?”

“Why the heck didn’t you tell me that my flu was contagious?” Xavier screamed at the doctor.

“Did Ace get the flu?” Asked the doctor.

“Luckily no. But my woman is sick now.” Growled back Xavier.

“It happens sometimes even with common flu and you know that. But again it is nothing to be scared of. She will be fine in a couple of days.” Said the doctor calmly and it enraged Xavier.

“You are-“ Xavier began to shout but hearing Eva groan from her sleep, he stopped.

“Xavier, stop shouting.” Eva said groggily in her sleep and held her temple in pain.

“I’m sorry, Love.” He mumbled to her and kissed her cheek.

“Just be here ASAP.” He snapped at the doctor and ended the call.

Eva felt something cold on her forehead and smiled feeling Xavier bundle her up in blankets. She woke up when she felt an unfamiliar touch holding her wrist and frowned at seeing Dr. Cole.

“Dr.Cole? What are you doing here? Is Xavier sick again?” She asked and tried to get up but Xavier stopped her.

“It’s you who has got fever now, Miss. James. Mr Whilson’s flu got passed onto you.” The doctor explained after checking her pulse.

“Oh.” She mumbled rumbling her temples again.

“Angel, I’m so sorry. If I had known th-“ Xavier began

“Hush, Xavier. It’s not your fault. And I’ll be fine in no time.” Eva assured holding his hand and realised that her voice has changed.

“Here are the medicines for you. And like I said for Xavier, rest is important. Good rest and healthy food along with the medicines will cure you in no time.” The doctor assured but Xavier was still angry at him but he controlled himself for the sake of Eva.

“Stop looking guilty, Xavier. It’s not your fault at all, alright? Even if I had known I could get sick, I would still have taken care of you. Let’s just make sure I don’t give it to Ace now.” Eva said once the doctor left.

“Ace doesn’t know you got sick. I told him you were tired and will eat dinner later on. I made him have his dinner and sent him off to bed.” Xavier said while adjusting the pillow behind her.

“I’ll go home in the morning before he wakes up.”

“No, you will not. You are not going anywhere. You are sick and will remain under my watch till you get better.” Ordered Xavier. “And even afterwards.” He added in his head.

“Xavier, don’t be stubborn. I can’t stay here. Ace will get sick too if I stay.”

“I will handle Ace. Don’t worry about that. I’ll make sure to not get him too close to you. You are not leaving when you are sick like this.”

“You cannot keep him apart from me, Xavier. This is Ace we are talking about.” Eva said bluntly. “And it would be painful to be here and not cuddle him.” She continued.

“You are staying here and that’s final. Now I’ll go get your dinner. You have to have your medicines after that.” Xavier said and left before she could argue further.

“I’ll leave before you get up tomorrow.” She muttered under her breath. But by next morning she was so sick that she could not even sit up on the bed on her own. Xavier took the role she had taken for him and was determined to nurse her back to health soon. He was even more fussier than her. He constantly checked her temperature, made her take naps, made her drink healthy juice concoctions. While Xavier was cured fairly quickly, it took time for Eva to get back to normal. Her temperature kept fluctuating. She was cold one minute and hot the next. Xavier would bundle her up seeing her shiver in cold in her sleep and ten minutes later he would remove it all seeing her covered in sweat. He even began carrying her to bathroom after she fainted when attempting to do it on her own.

“Xavier, it’s too hot. Did you switch off the air conditioner?” Eva groaned out. He looked at the AC that was making him shiver in cold and then at his poor angel who is sweating through the tee shirt she had put on.

“How about I prepare a bath for you, Love? Maybe that would help cool your body?” He asked tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“That sounds great. Thank you, Xavier.” She replied opening her eyes to look at him tiredly.

“I’ll be right back.” Xavier said and kissed her cheek before leaving. Once he prepared her bath, he carried her in and walked out after asking her to not lock the door. Eva did not argue and just closed the door knowing his fear that she might faint in there was relevant.

Ace peeped into the room to see how his Mamma was doing and Xavier let him know that her temperature had gone down slightly. Eva did not let Ace anywhere close to him in fear of infecting him. He would talk to her from the door or at the maximum by the foot of the bed except for that one time he sneaked in to lay cuddled to her when she was asleep and his father had gone to take a shower. Xavier had caught him then and carried him back to his room telling him that his mother would be way too upset if he got sick.

“Angel, are you alright in there?” Xavier asked probably for the hundredth time since he left her in the bathroom.

“Yes, Xavier. Can you please come in here?” Eva said as taking the bath itself tired her body and she could not even take a step ahead without the fear of fainting. Xavier immediately went in and upon seeing her state, he scooped her into his arms.

“I got you, Love. I got you.” He said gently and carried her back to the room.

“Hi, Ace. How are you, baby?” Eva asked straightening herself so as to not worry Ace more. Xavier noticed this and shook his head.

“I’m good, Mamma. I’m just worried about you.”

“Don’t be, little one. I’m getting better already. My fever has went down today, hasn’t it Xavier?”

“Yes, it has. I told him that. Ace it’s time for school already. You will be late if you don’t head out now.” He pointed out after noticing how much effort his Eva was putting to make herself look fine in front of Ace when she is clearly tired and in pain.

“Yes, Daddy. I’ll get going now. See you both in the evening. Love you.” Ace said and Eva gave him a flying kiss. As soon as Ace walked off, Eva slouched back onto the headrest and Xavier fed her something light and made her take her pills. He then gently brushed her hair once it was dry and put it in a bun.

“Thank you..” She mumbled out gratefully and rested her head on his chest as he stood beside her. He helped her lay down on what he now referred to as ‘their bed’ and watched her drift off to sleep only to wake up half an hour later feeling cold. He then bundled her up in the blanket and cuddled her in his arms.

“I got you, Love.” He whispered again and pressed a kiss on her head and she snuggled deeper into his arms.

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