Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 32

Eva’s fever went down completely two days later but she was still tired most of the time and took several naps throughout the day. Ace who got back his cuddle rights remained close to her all the time now and Xavier still fussed over her.

Ace was watching videos on his iPad while Eva was sleeping when he heard her phone ring. He put the phone on silent not wanting it to disturb his Mamma who needed her rest. The phone however continued to ring and noticing the caller id was grandma he took the phone out of the room with him to answer thinking it was Grandma Anne who is calling.

“Hello, Grandma Anne. Mamma is sleeping right now. She will call you back once she is up.” Ace said as soon as he picked up the call.

Cara almost dropped the phone when she heard a little boy answering her granddaughter’s phone and calling her very single grandchild ‘Mamma’. Her mind immediately went to what Anne, her close friend had informed her during Eva’s visit there and put two and two together. She had tried to get information regarding Xavier and Ace through Eva but Eva had always deflected her inquiries.

“This is not Anne. This Cara, Eva’s grandmother speaking, dear.” Cara replied sweetly and decided to get some information through the child. She suspected there is something going on between the child’s father and Eva and would be happy to have it confirmed. She has been praying and plotting to get her grandchild to date someone and now it seemed like her prayers are being answered.

Ace gulped nervously now realising who he is talking to and was afraid of giving a poor impression of himself to his Mamma’s grandmother.

“Hi, Cara. How are you doing?”

“I’m doing fine, dear. May I know your name?” Cara asked though she very well knew from Anne his name.

“My name is Ace. I’ll ask Mamma to call you once she wakes up, okay? Bye.” Ace fumbled out deciding the sooner he ended the call the lesser he made a fool out of himself.

“No, wait. Don’t end the call.” Cara called out desperately.

“Are you in Eva’s house right now?” She asked curiously.

“No, I’m home.” He mumbled out.

“ that means she is staying there with you..” Cara pried.

“Yeah..” Ace mumbled out and Cara wasn’t sure on how to react to this.

“And your Daddy? Is he and Eva close?”

“I’m more close to Mamma.” Ace bragged instead and Cara tried to think of ways to get more information regarding Xavier and Eva’s relationship.

“So Eva is living with both of you?” Cara asked again and was irritated that her granddaughter kept such important details away from her.

“Mamma got sick and so we took care of her here. She will go back to her house again but I don’t want her to.” Ace complained. Cara was aware that Eva had gotten flu but did not know she was under the care of the Whilsons and also did not know that the health updates she had been receiving was sent by Xavier through Eva’s phone as she was too sick to do that.

“Can you ask her to live with us?” Ace then asked with the hope that maybe Cara would be able to convince his mother.

“Well, child. If I had my way she would be already married to your father.” Cara muttered. “That is after I make sure your Daddy is good man.” She then added.

“Daddy is a good man. Very good man. He takes good care of Mamma and me.” He defended.

“Oh is that’s so? I will have to see it with my own eyes first. Is your Daddy there now, Ace? Can I have a word with him?”

“One minute..” He mumbled and went to the kitchen where his Daddy was serving up food that he had ordered for them.

“Daddy, Mamma’s grandmother wants to talk to you.” Ace said running to his father and handed the phone to Xavier.

“Hello, Anne. How are you doing?” Xavier said and Ace shook his head.

“Not Anne.” Ace whispered just as Cara introduced herself. Xavier like Ace got a bit nervous talking to Cara knowing this woman played a huge role in Eva’s life.

“So I heard that you have been taking good care of my grandchild when she was sick. I would like thank you personally for it and would also like to invite you to our house next week. Eva would be visiting us then and I would love to meet you and your son and get to know you a bit.” Said Cara. If Eva wasn’t going to introduce them to her, she would take things into her own hands.

“I see it as an honour to be there for Eva so please don’t thank me for that especially when I am the reason she got sick in the first place.” Xavier said and explained that he had got sick first.

“But I would be happy to visit you, Cara. Thank you for inviting us.” Xavier added and Cara found it really hard to control a squeal of excitement.

“Well, then I shall see you and your son next week.” Cara managed to say after controlling her excitement.

“See you soon, Cara.” Xavier replied and ended the call soon after.

“Well, that went well, didn’t it?” Xavier asked Ace after letting out a long sigh.

“Yes, Daddy. I think it did. I think she likes us.” Ace said nodding to himself.

“So are you ready to take a trip next week?” Xavier asked smiling at his son.

“Where are you both going?” Eva asked frowning and walked into the room.

“To your Grandma’s house, Mamma!” Ace said happily and Eva chocked on her saliva.


“Hey, hey, calm down. Come on, sit down here please. You still haven’t fully recovered and you are already walking and climbing the stairs.” Xavier said and led her to sit on the couch.

“What did he mean by that?” Eva asked Xavier.

“Your grandmother invited us to go with you to visit her.” Xavier said and her eyes widened in alarm.

“Is she here?” She whispered looking around.

“No, Angel. She called on your phone.”

“I thought it was Grandma Ann and answered the phone. She asked us to come with you, Mamma.” Ace said and Eva groaned out knowing very well what her grandmother was intending to do. After Kane’s call she especially did not want to take the Whilsons there.

“Ace, please go get a glass of water for Eva.” Xavier said and Ace ran off to do the chore.

“Are you in pain, Love?” He asked seeing her look troubled.

“Xavier, you don’t have to come with me okay? I’m sure you have other plans for the holidays. Cancelling them would be bad.”

“No, it’s okay. I had no plans made so far and I promised your grandmother we would visit.” Xavier said and picked up the glass of water from Ace. Ace then went to his room to take a shower while his parents talked.

“No, I’m telling you don’t have to come. It’s really fine. And don’t worry about my grandmother. I’ll handle her.” Eva said and it made Xavier suspicious.

“Angel, I’m telling you I don’t mind coming with you. In fact I’m really looking forward to meet your grandparents.”

“Xavier, my grandmother is very shrewd and crafty. I cannot talk to a man without her picturing me in a wedding dress and so imagine what would happen if I took you home.” Eva huffed out and her reason made Xavier smile. “And there is the issue with Kane and it wou-’ Eva stopped rambling abruptly realising her mistake but Xavier had already caught on to her words.

“Kane? Who is Kane? And what issue?” Xavier asked immediately.

“Uhm..its nothing. Oh, water.” Eva fumbled out and took the glass of water from him and gulped it down.

“Who is Kane?” Xavier asked and took the glass from her seeing her look at it instead of him.

“No one important. And like I said my grandma is-’ Eva began trying to change the topic.

“Who. Is. He?”

“He was my friend..” Eva said sighing and Xavier frowned at this.

“Why would he be an issue if I come there?” Xavier asked trying to figure out how their visit would affect whoever this man is.

“Well, you see..uhm..he is my ex-boyfriend too and-’ Eva began to explain the whole situation but stopped when she heard a crack. She gasped out aloud upon seeing that Xavier had gripped the glass in his hand hard enough to break it.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. What have you done? Your hand is bleeding.” Eva freaked out and held his hand to check if the glass had pierced inside. But luckily the cut wasn’t too deep and she got up from the couch to get the first aid box but Xavier stopped her and made her sit back on the couch.

“First explain the whole Kane situation and how us going there will be a problem.”

“Xavier, you are bleeding.” Eva emphasized not understanding why he is hung up on that matter when he has got a wound that needs to be treated.

“I don’t care.”

“Why do you do crazy stuff like this? Let me go get the first aid box.” She said and got up again and glared at Xavier when he tried to stop her. She rushed back soon and treated his hand.

“Why would you worry me so much with such actions of yours?” Eva asked him as she was treating his wound.

“I’m sorry. I did not realise I was gripping the glass too hard.” Xavier said noticing that she was seriously concerned for him.

“Now that’s done, would you please explain?” Xavier asked as Eva was closing up the first aid box.

“It’s not much of a big deal as you think it is, Xavier. And it is all Gabe’s fault. The next time I see him, I’ll kick him off to another planet.”

“What did he do?” Xavier asked and Eva shortly narrated her relationship with Kane and why she broke up with him.

“And that was years ago but apparently he still wants to get back together with me.” Eva said not noticing the anger in Xavier’s eyes.

“Then soon after our visit to Grandma Ann he ran into Gabe who lied to him that I’m in a relationship with you.” Eva said not meeting his eyes.

“I don’t see anything wrong in that.” Xavier said bluntly and Eva blushed at this.

“I’m not sure if he gave your name but he told Kane that my boyfriend is a billionaire and so he definitely meant you. I received a call from Kane after that.” She said and continued to explain what happened on the call.

“And now he want to see my so called boyfriend for me to prove to him that I had actually moved on and for him to prove to me that what I feel for my boyfriend is not true love like I felt for him.” She groaned out and rolled her eyes at Kane’s stupidity. Xavier was trying to control his fury at Kane’s guts. He was furious that after what Kane had done, he still had the audacity to make such demands and still expect Eva to be hung over an asshole like him.

“Well, if he wants to see me then he shall. In fact I definitely wants to see him now. I’ll give all the proof that he needs to last this lifetime.” Xavier said grinding his teeth to control his anger.

“That man has got nothing to do with me or my life anymore and so why the heck should I prove him anything? That’s just ridiculous. And we are not doing it. Moreover he is not the man I grew up with. He has turned bitter and angry and I don’t want him to lay his wicked eyes on you and Ace. So you are not coming, okay?” Eva said and her protectiveness filled him with warmth.

“I’m coming for sure. I don’t understand why you did not mention this to me before and was preparing to go alone. What if he did something?” Xavier asked and Eva rolled her eyes at him.

“He would do nothing except talk nonsense. Forget Kane, he is not as much as an issue as my matchmaking grandmother is. I’m not taking you with me to her. That’s like straight of jumping into danger.” Eva stated and Xavier pulled her close to him.

“More reason for me to come.” He said finally letting out a smile.

“Well then you alone. I’m not going.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. In fact I’m going to call my grandma now and tell her that I’m not coming.”

“Well go ahead.” Xavier said seeing her not reaching for her phone. He now knew enough of her grandma from her to know that Cara would make sure they visited her. His smile widened seeing Eva hesitate.

“I’m calling…” She warned.

“Go ahead, love.” He urged again. Somehow during their conversation Xavier had placed her on his lap and she hadn’t even noticed it. And being close now, Xavier was able to hear Cara speak.

“Hello, Grandma.” Eva said extra sweetly when Cara answered the call.

“What is it that you want?” She asked catching onto her tone.

“Why would I want anything, Grandma?” Eva asked acting to sound hurt.

“Then why are you being so sweetly sweet making me want to puke?” Cara asked and Xavier had to bite his lips to stop himself from laughing aloud.


“Well, Grandma, I know I’m supposed to visit you next week. I know I promised to stay for few days there. I also know you have many things planned out. And I know-′

“You are not getting out of this, young lady. You are visiting your oldies next week and that’s final. You get time to visit Anne and Paul but you won’t visit your own grandparents, huh? You are grown so much that you don’t want us anymore? We are the ones you took care of you. Who brought you candies. Who changed your diape-′ Xavier could not stop his laughs now and it made Eva glare at him. She covered his mouth with her hand to quieten him and interrupted her grandma’s whole diaper stories.

“Grandma! I was about to say that since you did everything for me it is only fair that I buy gifts for you both for taking so much care of me. Is there anything specific that you want?” She lied knowing there was no other way out of this situation.

“Aww. That is so sweet of you. I didn’t want anything dear but as you are insisting I will write a list and tell you. I will ask my old man what he wants too. You are the best granddaughter ever, you know that right?”

‘Nice save, Eva!’ Eva told herself.

“I know, Granny. I know. How can I not be when I have the best Grandparents?” She bragged.

“True. And dear, I have invited two other people to come with you. You might already know that since you live with them now..” Cara said pointedly and Eva’s eyes widened.

“No, Grandma! I don’t live with them. Absolutely not. I just came by to visit.” Eva said and Xavier raised his eyebrows at her.


“Grandma, they already have a vacation planned and they won’t be able to visit this time.” Eva then said and pressed her hand harder against Xavier’s mouth to muffle his protest.

“Oh, is that so?” Cara asked knowing clearly well what her granddaughter was trying to do.


“Can you hand Xavier the phone for a minute?”

“He is not-’ Eva began to say but Xavier tugged down her hand covering his mouth and snatched the phone from him. Eva fought with him to get it back but he held her back easily with one hand.

“Hello, Cara. No, no. It’s all sorted. All plans for the vacation has been changed. Ace and I will be there. Sure. Okay, see you then. Bye.” Xavier said and ended the call.

“I’m doomed now.” Eva groaned out.

“It’s going to be okay. We’ll have a good time.” Xavier assured and wrapped his arm around her. As she laid her head on his chest his mind went back to Kane. He was finding it hard to sit still when all he wanted to do was to find that asshole and bash his head against the nearest wall. He was angry that Kane had not only broken his Eva’s heart but also her trust in people. Now he knew what she meant by her ’the Xavier Whilson’ comment. It wasn’t something she blurted out randomly. It was a projection of her own heart’s deepest concern that she herself wasn’t aware of. If a man who grew up with her and shadowed her for most part of her life could betray her so, then what’s the guarantee that a billionaire who could get anything in the world won’t? Her heart wanted him. He was sure of that. But her mind won’t let her. It wants to protect her from further betrayals and pain and had hence built a strong wall over the years.

‘I’ll show you that all men are not like him, Love. I’ll help you believe in love again.’ Xavier promised to himself and pressed a kiss on her hair. She snuggled closer to him and they sat like that holding each other for a while until Ace came in.

“Why is Mamma crying?” Ace asked concerned running to them. And just like that the moment was over. Eva jumped out of Xavier’s arms and stood few distance away looking anywhere but him.

“She is not crying, Son.” Xavier assured and then declared it was time to have dinner. After dinner Eva got ready for bed and soon slept in Xavier’s bed. It did not strike her even once during the sick days she spent there to shift to guest room which was where she usually slept during their sleepover and Xavier was more than happy about it. However as she got better, Xavier’s alone time with his angel also reduced. And he was back on third wheeling the Mamma and son duo.

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