Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 33

The holidays arrived sooner than expected and I was more than nervous. Xavier and Ace was all ready and excited to go. Xavier had his security team tailing us and was acting super cautious as if we were heading to an apocalypse. I told him several times that my small village is one of the safest places on earth but he was unrelenting and I gave in because it kind of made me also feel safe about them. With Xavier having fame and wealth, danger followed and hence the security put me at ease about the Whilsons safety.

We reached at my hometown around 3:00 pm and there were many familiar people loafing around. They waved at me and I waved back happily.

“Turn right.” I gave Xavier the directions.

“And here we are!” I said seeing my home. I got out quickly and after helping Ace to get out of the car, I headed towards the door and knocked it.

“Grandpa.” I said and hugged him as soon as he opened the door.

“I missed you, Princess.” He said and kissed my head.

“Missed you too, old man.”

“I ain’t old, young lady.”

“Oh sorry, I forgot that you are still in your twenties.” I teased and grandpa lightly pulled my ear.

“Baby, our granddaughter is here.” He called out making me choke.

“Baby? Oh Grandpa. What did you do this time?”

“I just ate one of her favourite cupcakes. Only one. But it happened to be the last cupcake that she was saving to eat for later. I didn’t know that. Well maybe I did.. but why does she have to be so angry at me for that. A wife should always share things with her husband.”

“But you don’t share your food with her so why should she share her cupcakes with you?”

“Well you know how men and food are.” He said with shrug while Xavier and Ace looked back and forth at me and Grandpa waiting for grandpa to notice them though they were literally standing in front of him. I was about to introduce them when Grandma appeared at the door.

“Oh my favourite grandchild is here.”

“Grandma, I’m your only grandchild.”

“Don’t go sassy on me, young lady.”

“Whatever you say, Grandma.” I said rolling my eyes which luckily for me went unnoticed as her gaze went to the Whilsons.

“ must be Xavier and Ace. Welcome, welcome. I hope you had a nice journey. Oh don’t just stand there. Come on in. I have prepared snacks and drinks for you.” Grandma said and led them inside forgetting her only and favourite grandchild. Grandpa shook his head at this and smiled at me.

“Come on in, child.” He said and we both went in to see grandma already chatting up with Xavier.

“I will get bring them the juice you made.” Grandpa suggested interrupting them.

“If I could make the juice then I could serve it too.” Replied grandma stubbornly clearly displaying her anger.

“No, it’s fine. You sit and relax with them while I get them the drinks.”

“Okay.” she said nonchalantly while the rest of us three tried not to laugh at grandpa’s attempts to make his wife forgive him.

“Would you like to help me, dear?” Grandpa asked Ace who looked at me and Xavier shyly.

“Go on, Ace. He would probably drink them all from the kitchen. So you go keep an eye on him, okay?” I said encouragingly.

“So Xavier, tell me little about yourself.” Grandma began with her interrogation.

“Grandma..” I called her warningly.

“What? I just want to get to know him.” She replied innocently.

“You don’t have to get to know him.” I stated.

“It’s okay, Angel. I don’t mind.” Xavier said and my grandma almost cooed at the endearment he used. Right then some noise was heard in the kitchen.

“Ace?” I called out.

“We are fine, Honey.” Grandpa yelled out and grandma went in to make sure he did not break anything.

“Xavier, do not call me angel in here, okay? In front of grandma we should not act even as friends. Just acquaintance, okay?”

“An acquaintance whose son calls you Mamma, got it.” Xavier mumbled sarcastically and before I could retort grandma was back.

“You are lucky that it did not break.” I heard grandma grumble. My very scared looking grandpa followed her with the drinks and Ace walked beside him giggling.

“Here are the drinks and snacks.” Grandpa said placing them in front of us.

“Here you go, Love.” Xavier said handing me the juice glass. I just stared at him and from the way his lips quirked I knew that he did that on purpose. I told him not to call me angel and so in order to annoy me and hype my grandmother he used the other endearment he has for me. This time my grandma did let out a squeal and I wished for the ground to open up and pull me down.

“Did you hear that? Did you see that?” Grandma gushed to grandpa.

“Mamma, Gran grandpa said he would show me new born kittens.” Ace said and I frowned the title he used to refer to my grandpa. Did grandpa tell him to call him that? Did grandpa join hands with grandma in her matchmaking business?

“Eva, why don’t you take him to see the kittens? We’ll have a nice chat with Xavier in the meantime.” Grandma suggested.

“Absolutely not.” I refused knowing what she is upto. “He is coming with me. He needs to see the animals too.” I said and tugged Xavier out of the house.

“What was that, you devil?” I asked Xavier as soon as we were outside and away from grandma’s view.

“What was what?” Xavier asked but the mirth in his eyes told me he was having lots of fun at my expense.

Here you go, Love.” I repeated his words imitating his voice and Ace giggled at this. Xavier fake gasped at this and tried to tug me closer to him.

“No, touching.” I said immediately and glanced back to see if my grandma’s hawk eyes were on us and it definitely was. She was peeping from inside through the window.

“Yes, Daddy. Don’t touch my Mamma.” Ace said and stood in between us.

“Well, you can’t stop me, shorty.” Xavier teased and slowly brought his pointer finger to touch my nose.

“Boop.” He said as he did so making both Ace and I frown in annoyance.

“I’ll bite you, Daddy.” Ace warned.

“Is that so, my tiger cub?” He asked and then lifted Ace up high in the air and balanced him with one hand on Ace’s stomach.

“How will you bite me now?”

“Xavier, let him down.” I told him but he began to turn in circle with Ace held up above.

“Daddy, I will befriend all the animals in this farm and make them attack you.” Ace threatened.

“Are you an animal whisperer now, buddy?” Xavier asked lowering Ace a little to hold him against his chest.

“Yes, just like my Mamma.” Ace said and turned to cup my cheek with his tiny hand and I brought it to my lips to kiss it.

“Come on now, let’s go see the animals and get away from my grandma’s nosy eyes.” I said and led them. Ace however fell asleep in Xavier’s arms soon and we cut the tour short and headed back to the house to lay him down on the bed.

“Why don’t you show him around our village?” Grandma suggested when we went down to kitchen.

“Ace is asleep, Grandma.” I told my stubborn grandmother.

“So? Let him sleep. I’m sure he won’t mind. He can go out tomorrow.” She said and I was about to argue but then thought better of it. I have to pick my battles now and if I don’t give in now, she will cook up bigger matchmaking schemes.

“Do you want to?” I asked Xavier.

“If you don’t mind.”

“Let’s go then.” I said and lead him out.

“Be safe, kids.” I heard grandma say and it was followed by her giggle which made me roll my eyes.

“Yes, Grandma.” I said in a high pitch voice to annoy her.

We met few people I knew and talked with them for a while but they all mistook Xavier as my boyfriend because my Grandma has a big mouth and had spread the false news in the entire village.

“Why don’t we go there? They have the best chocolate pastries.” I said pointing to the cafe where I had been hundreds of time.

“Sure.” Xavier agreed.

“Hey, Eva. I was very glad to hear you have come. It has been long time.” The owner of the cafe, Tina said.

“I know. I have been busy. But I’m glad to be back and see you all.”

“And who is this? Your boyfriend, I hope? Your Grandma told me you finally got yourself a man.” Tina said and Xavier only smirked at this.

“No, Tina. You know how grandma is. She just wants me to marry someone and gets excited over every male friend I make.” I told her but she shook her head in disbelief.

“She wanted to keep us a secret for a while and is mad her grandmother went about telling everyone about it.” Xavier, the man I now want to kill lied to Tina.

“Oh sweety, you know there is no such thing as secret in this village. And you have got yourself a nice young chap so why not flaunt him? But anyways, I’m very happy for you. And you better take care of her, young man.” Said Tina.

“I surely will.” Xavier said before I could speak.

“Uhm..actually’ I began.

“You’ll have your usual?”

“Uhm yes..and Xavier is not my-’

“I’ll have your chocolate pastry. Angel said it’s your speciality.” Xavier interrupted.

“It sure is. I’ll be back with your order in a bit.” She said and left and I turned towards Xavier.

“What in the world are you doing?” I asked him narrowing my eyes at him.

“Having fun.” Xavier admitted shamelessly.

“By lying and ruining my peace?” I asked and he shrugged his shoulders giving me a playful smile.

“Hot chocolate and chocolate pastry for Eva and just chocolate pastry for Eva’s man.” Tina said placing it front of us.

“Thank you, Tina.”

“You are welcome. Enjoy.” She said and left.

“Hmm..this is good.” Xavier said eating the pastry.

“Told ya. Maybe we should buy one for Ace.” I said drinking my hot chocolate.

“We should.” He said and continued to eat and then casually took a sip of my drink.

“You should have brought your own drink if you wanted.”

“Why when I can have yours?” He asked with shrug.

“You can’t!” I said and took my cup back.

“I can.” He said and took my wrist and carefully directed my hand holding the cup to his mouth and drank from it. I slapped his hand away careful not to spill my drink and gulped remaining down burning my tongue a bit.

“Blablala.” I stick my tongue out and waved the air around trying soothe down the burn.

“Here. Drink some water.” Xavier said and handed me a glass of water.

“You okay now?” He asked and I nodded in reply.

“So careless.” He mumbled and I huffed.

“Don’t you dare.” I warned seeing him extend his hand to pinch my cheek. He took his hand back but just as I looked down he leaned closer and kissed my cheek.

“I can’t help it when you are so adorable.” He said grinning cheekily when I glared at him.

After having our pastries, we bought few extras for Ace and my grandparents and left the café. We walked along the empty streets and I stopped abruptly upon noticing that Xavier had taken off the bandage covering the wound on his hand.

“Why did you take it off so soon? It hasn’t fully healed it yet. And you were supposed to apply medicines.” I said taking his hand in mine to observe his wound.

“It’s not that bad.” Xavier said calmly and I glared at him.

“Xavier, you are being so-’

“Eva?” A voice interrupted.

Oh oh…

I felt Xavier tense beside me and he gripped my hand in his hand tightly.

“That’s him, isn’t it?” Xavier asked as Kane walked towards us.

“How did you guess that?” I whispered to him.

“I did my research.” He said nonchalantly just as Kane reached us.

“Hello, Kane.” I said trying to be civil.

“So this is him..this is your boyfriend?” Kane asked as if he still couldn’t believe it. It seemed like a part of him hadn’t believed in Gabe’s lie.

“Her fiancé to be precise.” Xavier replied without any hesitation and my jaw dropped at this. Kane’s gaze went to my bare ring finger and Xavier followed his gaze.

What the hell is he doing?

“Love, where is your ring?” Xavier asked lifting up my left hand. I turned towards him and raised my eyebrow at him and he only gave me an innocent smile.

“Uhm…I…the ring..I think I left it by the sink before taking a shower.” I lied playing along as I did not know what else to do.

“Well, I guess I’m to blame then as I distracted you afterwards.” He said suggestively and tucked a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.

“Xavier!” I scolded blushing at his words and he merely chuckled.

“Look at you all shy now.” He said pinching my cheek and all I wanted to do was kick him to another planet.

“Eva, you know this man already has a kid, right?” Kane asked pointing his finger at Xavier.

“I’m completely aware of that fact and I happen to love his son very much.” I said boldly and he let out a chuckle.

“You are so gullible, Eva. You think this rich man here loves you but he is only using you. You will be playing the role of a nanny for his son while he is away with numerous women. Just think about it, Eva. Why else would a man like him would be with you?” Kane asked and before I could even blink Xavier was on him beating the life out of him.

“How dare you insult her?” Xavier asked lifting Kane off the ground. “How dare you even speak of her name?” He continued to yell. “You want to know why I’m with her? I’m with her because she is a beautiful woman inside out. Because she has got a pure heart and always wishes for the good of others. I’m with her because her kind soul inspires me to be a better person and her honesty awes me. I’m with her because even the thought of being away from her tears me apart.” Xavier declared and the sincerity of his words took my breath away.

“You took her and her love for granted.” Xavier spat. “But I intend to cherish her and make her feel safe.” Xavier said and threw Kane’s body aside. He began walking towards me but stopped when Kane started talking again.

“Till you get tired of her.” Kane said. “But I won’t wait for that. I won’t let some rich mutt take away my woman.” He said and I saw the fury brewing inside Xavier’s eyes.

“I am not a bloody thing for you to own, Kane. And I would never be with you again.” I shouted at Kane angry at his audacity to believe he has some sort of claim on me.

“You are my thing! Mine!” Kane yelled out in mad anger and finally managed to stand up on his own foot. I saw Xavier losing the last bit of control he had on himself over Kane’s words. He turned back towards Kane again and had him lying on the floor the next second. And I myself was so furious at Kane that I would have let Xavier do whatever to Kane but knowing Xavier might end up killing him I decided to intervene.

“Mam, please stay back.” Xavier’s security guard suddenly appeared beside me and held me back.

“Let go.” I ordered and brushed past him.

“Xavier. Stop it. You are going to kill him.” I told Xavier walking closer to the pair.

“My plan exactly.” He muttered angrily.

“Xavier, don’t be stupid. Leave him. He is not worth it.” I said and hugged his waist from behind and tried to pull him back.

“You better stay away from her if you wish to live longer.” Xavier warned and finally let me drag him back.

“Please take him to the hospital.” I told the guard and he nodded before helping Kane stand.

“And also tell him of the consequences if he pesters her again with his nonsense.” Said Xavier still glaring at Kane.

“Yes, Sir.” The guard said and took Kane away. Xavier pulled me closer to him and rested his forehead on my head. He took in my scent to calm himself down.

“How angry are you with me right now?” He asked after a minute and I pulled back to look at him.

“Very. Look at the state of your knuckles.” I asked and held his bloody knuckles in my hand. Xavier let out a chuckle and shook his head lightly.

“That’s what you are angry about?” He asked still smiling and I glared at him.

“And the fact that you almost beat him to him death, of course.” I said almost as an afterthought and folded my arms.

“ Of course..” He replied playful. “If anybody or anything poses as a threat to my family, I will have them removed.” He then added with utmost seriousness.

“Come on, let’s go home now. We have to treat your bruise. Both your hands are wounded now. Are you happy now, mister?” I asked sarcastically.

“Seems like you would have feed and take care of me now.” Xavier said smirking.

“I’m not going to. You got yourself in this state and so you face the consequences.” I said and he just smiled knowing full well I would be doing the opposite.

“You are such a big baby.” I said with a huff.

“And you are my adorable angel.” He said pecking my nose.

“Oh and I almost forgot! What was the fiancé thing? Why did you lie like that?”

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be a lie..” I heard him mumble under his breath and I narrowed my eyes at him.

“What did you say?” I asked to be clear and he cleared his throat before smirking.

“I said let’s get going or your grandmother will think we eloped.” He said and began walking ahead.

Such a pain in the butt he is.


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