Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 34

Ace gave us hugs as soon as we reached and while Grandpa took him to see the kittens again, I took care of Xavier’s knuckles.

“Mamma, Daddy, look, I’m holding the kitten. It loves me.” Ace said coming towards us holding an adorable ginger coloured kitten.

“I’m sure it does, son.” Xavier said ruffling Ace’s hair.

“Daddy, what happened to your hand?”

“Just a small cut but your Mamma wanted to put a big bandage on it.” Xavier said and I rolled my eyes at him.

“You ought to be more careful, Daddy.” Ace lectured and I nodded to that. Ace then sat between us holding the kitten in his arms.

“Mamma, what if the kitten pees on me? Should we put a nappy on him?” Ace asked making me laugh.

“I don’t think that’s necessary, Ace.” Xavier said laughing.

“I’m not letting him pee on me!” Ace said and placed the kitten on the floor.

“I will take him away before he does pee in here.” Grandpa said entering to the living room.

“Did grandma forgive you?” I asked and he let out a sigh.

“Not until she gets her cupcake.” He said sighing and scooped the kitten into his arms.

“You should know better than to steal it.”

“I couldn’t resist. It was simply asking me to eat it.”

“Yeah, right!”

“Be a bit sympathetic to poor me. She told me to sleep in the dog house today.”

“She has told you that several times before. Nothing to be sympathetic about.”



“Eww. The kitten peed on you Gran grandpa. And...pooped too.” Ace squealed out.

“Yuck, you little monster. I give you food and shelter and this is what I get in return?” Grandpa asked while holding away the kitten by its neck. He then stormed out to God knows where all the while cursing the kitten.

“Should have put a nappy.” Ace mumbled and leaning on to his father’s chest.

“So are you liking it here, Ace?” I asked and he nodded.

“Yes, Mamma. It’s nice here.”

“That’s good. Tomorrow we will go out again and I will show you around, okay?” I asked and he agreed.

And so the next day we went out to have breakfast and afterwards we walked around for a while idly.

“Daddy, can you please give me some money?” I heard Ace whisper to Xavier.

“Why do you want money, Ace?”

“Because I want to buy Mamma flowers.” He whispered not wanting me to hear. I walked a bit forward not wanting to ruin his surprise for me.

“Here you go.”

I took a peek and saw Ace walking towards the flower shop nearby and choose flowers for me.

“He is so sweet.” I told Xavier once again feeling grateful to have them in my life.

“Just like his Dad.” Xavier said smirking and I rolled my eyes at him. He then suddenly crouched down in front of me shocking me.

“Xavier, what are you doing?” I asked but then realised he was tying my shoe laces for me which I had not realised have come off.

“There, all done.” He said and stood up.

“Thank yo-’

“You little Rascal! Are you blind or what?” I heard a very familiar voice screech. I turned towards the voice and what I saw made my blood boil.

“I’m gonna teach you a lesson so that you won’t ever repeat the mistake.” She screeched again and raised her hand towards Ace to slap him.

“Don’t you dare!” I said rushing to them and blocking her hand.

“Don’t you dare raise your filthy hand towards my son!” I screamed at her.

“Your son? Since when did you have child? You on drugs or something?”

“I think you are the one who is on drugs. How could you even dare to raise your hand against a child, Natalie?”

“Child? He is devils spawn. He pushed me to the floor.” She said glaring at Ace but I stood between them blocking her view of him.

“I swear it was an accident, Mamma. I didn’t do it intentionally. I apologised for running into her. But she didn’t fall.” Ace said with a whimper.

“Shh. It’s okay, Ace. It was an accident. See, he has already apologised to you and instead of forgiving him you were going to hit him. What is wrong with you?” I asked while picking him up in my arms

“Leave all that. Why don’t we focus on the fact that this kid is your son.” She said and I realised that blinded by anger I had declared him as my son to her.

“Any problem with that?” I asked raising my eyebrow at him.

“Now I understand why you don’t have any boyfriends. Who would want a whor-′

“Don’t you dare finish that.” Xavier said angrily and finally reached to us. He then stood protectively in front of us and I saw few of the security guards getting out of a car parked nearby.

“Wooh. Hey.” And just like that her tone became flirty.

“Don’t you dare ‘Hey’ me after disrespecting my family.” Xavier snapped.

“Family? Her?” She asked pointing at me while Xavier glared at her.

“Handsome, I don’t know why you would stick with her when there are much more pretty one’s available here.” She said flashing her lashes and I thanked God for the will power He gave me for not punching her.

“Have you got no shame?” Xavier shouted at her and I could see a crowd forming around us. “You almost beat my son, insulted my woman and now you are trying to flirt with me? You repulse me!” He continued and Natalie’s face redden in embarrassment.

“That was..a mistake. I did not know he was you-’

“You don’t have to know whose child it is to decide how you should treat them, Natalie.” I told her while still holding Ace in my arms. Her eyes hardened as they met my mine and her hatred for me was clear. Natalie was controlled by her envy and pride. And because of that she detested me from the beginning. Kane was the most charming boy in the village but it was known to the entire village that Kane and I were one. Hence she wanted him and similarly whatever I or anyone else had that we valued here she has always tried to snatch it for herself. But what she wanted most was to leave the village to have a city life but unfortunately her circumstances did not allow that while I got lucky and her hatred for me only increased after that.

“You raised your hand against my son and now I’ll make sure to teach you a lesson so that you won’t ever repeat the same mistake again.” Xavier promised her and from his posture it was clear he was struggling to rein his fury.

“Let’s go, Xavier.” I said and held his hand. He wordlessly took Ace from me and walked away from the crowd while still holding my hand.

“Are you okay, son?” Xavier asked Ace once the three of us were alone.

“Yes, Daddy. And I’m very happy.” Ace said grinning widely. Xavier and I looked at each other in confusion seeing the giddy look on Ace’s face.

“And you are happy because..?” Xavier asked.

“Because Mamma called me her son, Daddy! Didn’t you hear that? Didn’t you? You must have. She said it loudly. So you surely must have heard it.” Ace said cheerfully and it broke my heart to know that he had craved to hear it so much from me. A huge argument had broken out there with Natalie and Ace was even yelled at by her but all that didn’t seem to matter to him because he only focused on the term I used for him. Though I had blurted it out not thinking it through, it held so much meaning for him.

“Yes, I did, Son. I did.” Xavier said as I looked away sniffling.

“Shall we go home now?” He asked and I nodded my head while blinking away the tears that had formed in my eyes.

“Oh wait. Mamma, I forgot to give you these.” Ace said and handed me the flowers he had been clutching his left hand the entire time. “Beautiful flowers for my beautiful Mamma.” He said and I bit my lips hard to stop it from trembling. I leaned up to kiss his cheek and gave him a smile.

“They are very pretty. I love it. Thank you.” I told him and he smiled proudly.

My grandparents were outside the house waiting for us. And Grandma rushed to us as soon as she saw us coming.

“I heard about what happened. That girl has become more and more wicked. Her poor mother called here as soon as she came to know about the issue. She wanted to apologise to both of you on behalf of her daughter.” Grandma said under one breath. Xavier looked at me and raised his eyebrow in amazement of how quickly news travelled here.

“And I also heard that there was some issue with that Kane. I heard he was in hospital very beaten up. I wonder who did that. I would very much like to shake my hands with that person,” Grandma continued and much to my horror I saw Xavier shift Ace in his arm to raise his hand for handshake. In order to stop him I held his hand before Grandma noticed it but this only brought her attention to our intertwined hands. I chuckled nervously as I tried to separate our hands but he held on tight. When I glared at him discreetly he winked at me in return.

Such a man child he is!

“Clara, dear. Let them enter the house first. We can talk later.” Grandpa spoke much to my relief. Grandma reluctantly took her eyes off our hands and moved aside to give us way. Grandma, Ace and I hustled in the kitchen to cook lunch while the other two watched some old show in TV. That evening then all of us together went to my friend Suzanne’s son’s first birthday.

The party was very nice but the only thing I was concerned about was of Ace sending glares at the birthday boy whom I was holding and also of the chance of Kane being here since he sometimes work in Susanne’s husbands shop and might have been invited.

“Mamma, can you please hold me?” Ace said stretching his arms towards me.

“I will carry you, Son. Your Mamma is already holding a baby.” Xavier said and went to pick Ace but Ace swatted his hands away.

“I don’t care. I want my Mamma to hold me. And I want her to hold me now! Let the baby be held by his Mamma.” Ace said stubbornly. I knew Xavier was about to scold him for being demanding but I stopped him knowing Ace feels insecure when I hold other kids or play with them which is why I stayed with him throughout the party and away from other kids but when Susanne and her husband had to go inside the house to bring the cake I had no choice but to hold their baby as Susanne trusts me more with him.

“I’ll hold you in a minute, Ace. Caden’s mother is coming to take him.” I said seeing Susanne come towards us. I passed Caden quickly to her and picked my Ace before he got more upset.

“Mamma, you love me more than anyone, don’t you? You won’t leave me for anyone else, will you? Will I always be your Little One?” Ace asked sounding so insecure and sad that I felt my heart break.

“I will love you always and forever. You are my Ace. And I will never leave you for anyone and you will always be my Little One. I promise. Never doubt my love for you.” I said softly and he gave me a content smile before laying his head on my shoulder.

“She will never leave, Ace. Never.” Xavier said with determination and hugged me from behind leaving a kiss on Ace’s head. The moment was ruined when I saw the glaring face of Kane from the corner of the hall behind other people. And I continued to see his glaring face throughout the party. The face he made when Xavier and Ace fed me the birthday cake was scary. And as expected I soon received a text from him.

I’m letting them have their fun for now. But in the end they will be out of the picture and it would just me and you. Can’t wait for that.

P.s Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t want you to do. The consequences would be too much.

See you soon, My Love.

I then decided to send my last message to him.

Dear Asshole ,

I’m not interested in reading your empty threats and the nonsense that you keep texting me. I have got a man and a child whom I adore and want to spend my life with and I have no time for people like you. I know instead of moving on you would try to cause problems especially after reading this text. try your damn best. Nothing that you do will break me and them apart. Because we are a FAMILY and family stays together.

P. S ; Don’t do anything I wouldn’t want you to do. You will have very possessive man of mine behind you hell bend on ruining your life if that happens.

Good Riddance.

And with that long and final text I blocked his number and send a cold smirk in his way and making sure his eyes were on me I stood on my toes and pecked Xavier’s cheek.

“You okay?” Xavier asked in surprise and tightened his arms around me.

“Perfectly okay.” I said with a content smile while holding our Little One closer.

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