Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 37

“I don’t remember allowing you to sleep in my bed with us.” I said when I woke in Xavier’s arms.

“I don’t remember you specifically saying me not to sleep here last night.” He pointed out.

“That’s because I fell asleep before I could remind you. But you should have thought about it and slept in the guest room.”

“How come Ace is allowed to be here but I’m not?”

“Ace is cute, you are not.” I teased and he let out a loud fake gasp.

“You wound me woman.”

“Aww. Should I call you cutie then?”



“Yes. No- actually I’m cute in a manly way.”

“I seriously don’t get why men think being called cute is less manly.”

“It just is.”

“No, it’s not.”

“It is.” He said and then suddenly kissed me.

“Xavier, no.” I said breaking the kiss. “I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet.” I said but he sneaked in another kiss.

“I had to confirm that I wasn’t dreaming about kissing you last night.” He said cupping my cheek. “And considering the fact that you haven’t broken any of my bones yet, you did agree to date me.” He concluded and I scoffed at his logic. I turned to my left to see Ace still fast asleep and my mind went back to the previous day’s incidents.

“He is going to be okay, love.” Xavier assured sensing my trail of thoughts.

“Yeah..” I mumbled while running my hand through Ace’s hair.

“Mamma..” Called Ace waking up from his sleep.

“Good morning, Little One.” I cooed cuddling him closer.

“Morning.” He murmured rubbing his eyes.

“Morning, Son.”

“Morning, Daddy.” Ace replied now sitting on my stomach.

“What would Mamma’s boy like to do today? Where do you wish to go?”

“Anywhere is fine.” He mumbled.



“What happens when my Little One is being sulky?” I asked playfully and soon Ace jumped away from me and laid on his Daddy’s chest only to get tickled by Xavier.

“He gets tickled by Tickle monster.” Xavier said tickling Ace further.

“Mamma, save me.” Ace said and jumped back into my arms and I engulfed his tiny body with mine covering him away from our so called tickle monster.

“Will you stop sulking then?” I asked and he nodded.

“That’s my boy.” Xavier said hugging us to him.

“Are you okay, Mamma?”

“Yes, I am. Why did you ask?”

“Because you still haven’t kicked Daddy out of the bed.” Ace said sounding confused.

“Ace, shh! Don’t remind her.” Xavier said keeping his palm against Ace’s lips.

“I tried to, Ace. I really did. But the man won’t move. He is like a brick. I was waiting for you to wake up so that both of us could kick him out.”

“Did you just call me a brick?” Xavier asked accusingly.

“Did I? When?”

“You are hearing things, Daddy.”

“Uh..okay.” Xavier played along making me and Ace laugh.

“So where do you wanna go?” Asked Xavier.

“How about Zoo?” Ace asked shyly.

“Sure.” Both Xavier and I agreed.

“So what’s for breakfast, Love?” Xavier asked kissing my forehead.

“What do you both want?”

“Wait. Am I missing something? Are you sure you are feeling well, Mamma? Did you get sick again? Why are you okay with Daddy being cheesy cheese today?” Ace asked looking utterly lost.

“Son, what did I ever do to you for you being so mean to me?” Xavier groaned out.

“Drama Queen.” Ace murmured to me making me giggle.

“What did he say?” Xavier asked me suspiciously.

“Nothing. Just that he loves you.”

“I love you too, Ace.” Said Xavier falling for the lie and Ace let out a small chuckle at this.

“So, Ace. Guess who your Mamma’s boyfriend is?” Xavier asked excited and all smiles disappeared from Ace’s face.

“Boy..boyfriend? What? Mamma, you cannot have a boyfriend!” Ace declared angrily.

“And why not?” I asked now curious.

“Because you already got Daddy and me. We are your family.” Ace stated and I saw Xavier smiling proudly at Ace while I was speechless.

“Ace, first ask who her boyfriend is. I’m sure you will like this person.” Xavier suggested and Ace turned towards his father with a look of betrayal.

“Daddy, How are you okay with this? We had a deal remember?” He asked and I frowned at this.

“What deal?” I asked but Xavier shook his head.

“Ace, I’m telling you will like your Mamma’s boyfriend.” Assured Xavier.

“Who is it?” Ace asked sounding both angry and worried.

“Xavier Whilson.” Xavier said proudly and Ace just looked at him in confusion.


“It’s me, buddy. See, I told you your Mamma would fall for my charms.” Xavier said smirking at me and I gave him a pinch on his forearm.

“What? Seriously, Daddy? When did this happen? You are not lying are you, Daddy? Tell me you are not. Mamma, is he saying the truth?”

“Maybe.” I replied.

“Maybe? Maybe what, Mamma? Just tell me already.” Ace said cupping my face in his little hands.

“Yes, Ace. Your Daddy and I decided to date.” I assured and he remained silent for few seconds still trying to process the news and then the happy dance and the squealing began.

“Yes. Yes. My Mamma and Daddy is together. Together forever. Mamma likes Daddy and Daddy likes Mamma. They are together. And Mamma will stay with us.” Ace sang jumping around making us laugh out aloud.

“Ace, calm down, baby.” I said and brought him to me.

“This is such a good news. Now I can always be with you as you will be staying with us.” He cheered.

“Ace, I won’t be staying with you guys. I’ll still be living in my home.” I spoke gently.

“Why? Why won’t you live with us? Is it because of me? Is it because of me that you won’t live with us? You wish I was not there and it was just you and Daddy, don’t you?”

“Ace, what are you talking about, son? We would never, never think like that. You are our boy and we would always want you to be close to us.” Xavier tried to assure as my eyes instantly filled up with tears.

“Do you know what I told Mike yesterday about you? I told him that I cannot imagine my life without you in it. And it’s true. You make my life so joyful.” I paused trying to gulp down the lump of pain from my throat that his words have caused.

“I won’t be living in your house because I’m not ready to leave my house yet. It has nothing to do with you, baby. And Mamma and Daddy just started dating. We have to see how things goes before taking the next big step.” I tried to explain.

“Oh, so Daddy is the problem. I knew it! Daddy, I told you still have to work on your Whilson charms. They are terrible right now.” Ace told his father who laughed.

“I’m gonna need your help with that.” Xavier said.

“Fine, I’ll help.” Ace groaned out making us smile.

“Ace, you are a blessing in our lives. You make us so happy and I will be forever grateful to God for bringing you to my life. I would never wish that’ my voice broke and I couldn’t get the words out.

“Mamma, don’t cry. I’m sorry for saying that.” Ace said hugging me.

“You are my little one, Ace. I would never dream of a life without you in it.” I assured him while sniffling. “I love you.” I said and kissed his hair.

“To pluto and back?” He asked making me smile.

“And more.” I assured and he pulled away to grin happily at me.

“I love you too, Mamma.”

“And what about me?” Xavier asked whisking Ace into his arms.

“I love you too, Daddy.”

“How much?” Xavier asked and Ace adorably kept a finger under his chin while pondering on the question.

“To Neptune and back.” Teased Ace and Xavier gaped at his son. Ace quickly got out of his father’s hold and ran to escape but his father continued to chase him down till I made him stop. We then decided to get breakfast outside and drove to the zoo from there.

“Daddy, I don’t think that monkey likes you. He is looking at you as if you ate his banana.”

“I think so too. Let’s leave before it does something to me.” Xavier said and dragged us to where the penguins were.

“They look so cool.” Ace said not moving his eyes from them.

“They do.” I agreed with him.

“They look weird.” Xavier said making us glare at him.

“Can we please leave now? We have seen enough animals to last a lifetime.” Xavier groaned out and Ace who was sitting on his shoulder pulled his hair for his comment.

“Who wants cotton candy?” I asked to both and immediately a ‘Me’ came from Ace.

“No, that’s not healthy. It’s too sugary.” Xavier said shaking his head.

“Okay. So no cotton candy for you. I’ll go buy for Ace and I.” I said and went towards the man making them.

“I have money with me. I could have paid.” I complained.

“Too bad I already did.” Xavier said with a smirk.

Whatever. His money. His loss.

“No, Daddy. It’s mine.” Ace said when Xavier tried stealing his cotton candy again.

“Don’t even think of it.” I warned seeing his gaze turn to mine.

“Sharing is caring.” He said with a pout.

“But it’s not health. It’s too sugary.” I imitated.

“Mean people.” He muttered. Feeling bad I brought my cotton candy towards his mouth for him to have. He took a bite and then pecked my lips thanking me.

“Eww. Keep your germs to yourselves, Daddy.” Ace warned tugging Xavier’s hair.

“Hey, I just got my kissing rights.” Xavier protested and his hair was pulled again.

“You keep doing that and you’ll have a bald father.” Xavier warned.

“I can deal with that, Daddy.” Ace sassed.

“Ace, give the man a break.” I intervened feeling slightly bad for Xavier though I was admittedly having fun. And it was quiet between them for about four minutes till the bickering started again.

An hour later we left the zoo much to Xavier’s relief and had lunch in a very cosy restaurant. Afterwards we went to the mall were Xavier was hell bend on spoiling us rotten by buying us everything we gazed for more than second. We were all pretty tired after that and decided go back home. After what happened last night we thought it would be better for me to stay with them that night in case Ace had another nightmare.

“Mamma, you are gonna sleep in my room, aren’t you?” He asked as soon as we reached their home.

“No. She is staying in my room. Her things are already there.” Xavier pointed as I had spent my sick days in his room.

“So? It doesn’t matter. She is my Mamma. So she will stay with me.” Ace started and just like that another banter started.

“And she is my girlfriend. So she stays with me. Moreover it would be uncomfortable for both of you to sleep in your small bed.”

“We will manage, thanks for your concern.” Ace sassed.

“You both continue your argument while I go and settle in the guest room.” I said placing Ace down.

“No!” Both yelled out.

“That or I stay in my house.”

“That.” Ace muttered with a huff and I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling. Ace went to get changed then while Xavier and I went to the guest room.

“What’s wrong?” Xavier asked as my mind went back to the morning incidents.

“I was just thinking about what Ace said this morning. How could he even think that way, Xavier? Was there any time I made him feel like that? Did any of my action cause him to think I did not want him with us?”

“Of course not, Love. You are always dotting on him and showing him your love. I think the words uttered by the kid in the school planted that seed of insecurity of being unwanted in him. As parents we try to keep our children safe and guarded but sometimes even that isn’t enough. It angers me that such a thing has occurred but all we can do now is to stay by his side and make him believe that we will always be there for him.” Said Xavier. I nodded in agreement and pulled him into a hug.

“Now tell me about this Whilson charm of yours.” I asked smirking and he laughed.

“I can’t talk about it because it won’t work then.” Xavier said and pecked my lips.

“Well, I don’t think it’s working anyways.” I teased.

“Oh, it sure is.” He said and pulled me into another kiss.

“Mamma, did you know tha- Daddy I told you to stop giving Mamma your germs.” I heard Ace say and I quickly pulled back from the kiss.

“Why, Son? Why? Why do you always do this to me?” Xavier groaned out while I was busy blushing.

“Because I love you, Daddy.” Ace said with a teasing smile.

“Surely doesn’t seem like it.” I heard Xavier mutter.

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