Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 38

“Goodnight, little one.” I said and kissed Ace forehead.

“Night, Mamma.”

“Daddy, bring her home before 10.” Ace commanded and then let out a giggle. “I learned that from a movie.” He confessed. I shook my head smiling at his antics.

“No promises.” Xavier said and kissed Ace’s forehead. “Now go to sleep.”

“You ready for our second date?” Xavier asked once Ace was asleep. It has been a nearly a week since we officially started dating but because we didn’t want to leave Ace alone we had put off our date till now.

“Yup.” I said and wrapped my arms around his.

Xavier led me to our backyard where he had a table set. There were fairy lights on the tree besides it and soft music was being played creating a nice romantic ambiance.

“I know it’s a bit cliché..”

“But I like it.” I assured him. We still did not wish to leave Ace alone for a long time now and hence what he planned was perfect.

“Come on then.” He said and pulled the chair out for me.

“Ah. Its steak.” I observed.

“Yes. Tell me how it is.” He said and waited for me to taste.

“Oh wow. This is the best I have ever tried. 10/10.” I rated and went in for another bite.

“I’m relieved. I continued our hunt for perfect steak and this is where it led me.”

“This is already a perfect date.” I said and he grinned at me.

“Well, we have more things coming.” He said and pointed at the covered platter.

“What is it?” I asked and lifted the cover and chuckled at what I saw.

“Cheese burger?”

“And fries. Your favourite.” He said and I remembered mentioning it when Ace asked me my favourite food. I loved the fact that instead of making it super fancy he picked my comfort foods to make the date special.

“I love it.” I said and took a large bite out of my burger.

I kept glancing at him every now and then even though I tried not to do it and blushed everytime our eyes met.

“Wow, I’m feeling like a teenager again.” I confessed rubbing my pink cheeks.

“See, I told you the Whilson charm is working.” He said and pressed a kiss on my knuckles.

“Oh shut up.” I mumbled and he laughed at me. Once the dinner was over, Xavier insisted that we dance and I gave in.

“I’m beginning to think we are good dancers.” Xavier commented as we danced barefoot on our backyard.

“Together, yes.” I agreed and he pulled me into a kiss. We slow danced for what felt like hours before heading back inside. We then sat by the pool with our legs dipped in the cool water and talked for hours long.

“This is nice.” I said and lifted my head from his shoulder.

“It is.” He said cupping my cheek.

“Would you rather be able to teleport or be invisible?” I asked after a while. Xavier smiled probably remembering how we played this game the night we met for the first time.

“Teleport.” He said without hesitation. “Would you rather be able to travel to the past or to future? He asked next.

“To the future.” I answered.

“Would you rather take a lonely trip to New York or give a ride to a hitchhiker?” I asked biting my lips.

“If that hitchhiker is my beautiful Angel, then definitely.” He said and brushed his lips against mine.

“Even if that means you would be stuck with her forever?”

“Hell, yes.” He said and I deepened our kiss.

“Let’s swim.” I said impulsively and jumped into the pool fully dressed.

“What? Eva, what are you doing?”

“Having fun.” I said grinning and he shook his head at me.

“It’s midnight, Angel. And the air is also cold, you will get sick.”

“You are such a worry wuss. Just jump in.” I told him and splattered water on him and he gaped at me.

“Eva, stop.” He said and shielded his face with arm.

“Okay, that’s it.” He said seeing that I wasn’t stopping and got into the water to chase me. I let out a squeal and tried to swim away but he caught hold of me in less than a minute.

“Say sorry.” He said and I shook my head defiantly.

“I’m not sorry.” I said smirking at him and the next thing I know I’m pulled under water by him.

“Are you now?” He asked coming back upto the surface with me in his arm.

“You are such a devil.” I said tightening my legs around his waist.

“And you are my adorable angel.” He said and began peppering kisses all over my face.

“Xavier, you are acting like a hyperactive puppy.” I said giggling and tried to get away.

“I need to give and get as many kisses as possible before our kid charges in with his no germs policy.” Xavier said making me laugh.

“Is that so? Fine then.” I said and pulled him into long kiss.

“Happy?” I asked breathlessly after we parted.

“One more.” He said and I gave in.

“Let’s get out now or else you will surely get sick.” Xavier said after sneaking a few more kisses. Xavier put a robe around me once I was out of the pool and hurried me to dry up and get changed. By the time I was done, he was already there in the kitchen with a cup of hot tea for me and had put on friends on TV.

“You started without me.” I complained after snuggling in beside him on the couch.

“As if you haven’t watched it in a million times already.” He retorted and handed me my tea. My phone pinged with a message just then and I frowned wondering who was texting me so late.

You thought by blocking my number you could block me out of your life, huh? Too bad that’s not going to happen. And you are right. I’m not going to back out. I’m going fight for you. I won’t rest till I have you in my arms. Let’s see what your so called billionaire boyfriend can do to stop me.

See you soon in New York, Sweetheart.

Your love,


Can this guy get any more crazy?

“Angel, what’s wrong?” Xavier asked.

“Huh?” I asked distracted.

“You have been scowling at your phone for about a minute. Is everything alright?” He asked and I immediately put my phone aside knowing how Xavier would react if he knew about Kane’s pestering but then I realised that this issue didn’t involve just me alone and everything I do from now on may impact the Whilsons too.

“Okay, so here is the thing.” I began slowly deciding hiding this would do more harm than good.

“Yes..?” He said urging me to continue.

“Well, uhm..okay here.” I said and handed my phone to him. His eyes were blazing with anger as he read the text and I gulped nervously waiting for his outburst.

“Did he text you anything else before?” He asked still staring at the text furiously.

“ time and I replied to it too before blocking him.” I said and took my phone from him to search for the previous text.

“Don’t read my reply.” I said remembering what I had sent. I could literally see the anger build in him as he read Kane’s message and I held his free hand to try and dissolve some of that anger.

“I like the reply.” He said and my cheek instantly reddened with embarrassment. “But I definitely do not like his text.” He said. “Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t want you to do. The consequences would be too much.” He spat out Kane’s previous threats.

“He dared to threaten us.” He said clenching his jaw.

“They are just empty threats, Xavier. Don’t worry about it too much.”

“I won’t take risk when it comes to my family.”

“The previous message was sent when we were there in the village. Why didn’t tell about this then? I would have killed that bastard right then and there.”

“Exactly why I didn’t tell you.”

“Promise me that you won’t do that again. That you won’t hide it from me.”

“I didn’t mean to hide it, Xavier. I honestly believed that he was just trying act all macho. I did not think he would try to follow us here. But I promise to let you know if something like this does happen again.” I assured him and he nodded.

“What are you planning to do about him?” I asked seeing Xavier contemplating.

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“And Natalie? I forgot to ask about her. What did you do with her?”

“Nothing too serious on courtesy to her mother.” He said and I did not know if I wanted to get the details of it so I did not ask anymore. Xavier kept on staring at my phone which was still gripped tightly in hand. Afraid of my phone getting broken like the glass did in his hands, I quickly retrieved it from him.

“Will you please stop frowning?” I asked gripping his jaw to draw his attention back to me. I pushed his cheeks to make him pucker his lips funnily and then pressed a kiss on them.

“Muah.” I said as I did so and he smiled at my antics.

“Give me one more.” He said pulling me into his lap. “And then I’ll stop frowning.”

“No, you are getting greedy now.” I said crossing my arms.

“Is that so?” He asked tucking a strand of my still partially wet hair behind my ear. “Well, I can’t help it.” He said and gave me chaste kiss.

“Would you rather kiss me all day or…kiss me all day?” He asked cheekily after pulling back from the kiss.

“You are such a-’

“Devil?” He completed smirking.

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