Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 40

Xavier Whilson’s POV

“I’ll do the dishes.” I said as soon as we were done eating lunch.

“Okay, I’ll get changed then. I think I deserve a good nap today.” Eva said and headed upstairs after kissing my cheek. Though she might not admit herself, she had unofficially moved in with us and she very rarely went to her apartment mostly because Ace and I always came up with excuses to keep here.

As I was doing the dishes my mind went back to the earlier incidents. There was nothing more I wanted to do than hunt that asshole who put Eva in so much worry. I wanted to know what the whole point of this silly prank was. Why would he play such games to scare her? What did he intend to achieve by that? None of it made any sense. If he wanted to scare someone shouldn’t that be me instead of her?


I thought of the man this morning who ran into me this morning. That was the only suspicious thing that occurred with me today. Dropping the dishes, I picked up my laptop and checked the CCTV footage of the parking lot this morning. I watched the man with a mask on roughly brushing past me as I was focused on reading email and saw my phone and car keys drop to the ground. I had then picked up my phone and instantly turned to yell at the man who was now scurrying away. I looked back at my phone and saw the damaged done to it and let out a series of curse. My guard had run behind the man trying to get hold of him but came empty handed and I remembered ordering him to take my phone to the shop to see if it can be repaired and then I hurried back to office forgetting to pick up my….. car keys.

It wasn’t a prank.

I fast forwarded the video five minutes and saw the man in mask coming out from where he was hiding between two other cars. He then headed towards my car and after glancing around to see if there was people around before getting under my car to do whatever he thought would result in me getting into an accident.

So he did believe he had removed me from Eva’s life.

But his epic plan miraculously failed because of him trying act all macho by walking into me. Because of that I lost my keys and I ordered my other driver Oliver to pick me up instead.

I played the video again slowly and noticed that just as he was getting out from under my car his mask had lowered and he unknowingly turned his face exactly towards the camera while pulling it back up giving a clear image of his.

Eva would be devastated to know that her childhood best friend is capable of committing murder. Maybe it would be better to keep it from her for at least today for she had enough for one day but then I again if I expect her to hide nothing from me then I should do the same. Moreover this would stop her from feeling guilty for filing a complaint against him.

“Xavier, you just left the dishes in the sink.” Eva said coming to my house office in her pyjamas holding a glass of water.

“Oh sorry, are you in a meeting?” She asked seeing I was busy staring at the screen.

“No, no. Come on in. I want to show you something.” I said and pushed back my chair to create space before pulling her to sit on my lap.

“What is it?” She asked after placing the glass on my desk. I played her the video and zoomed in on Kane’s face when it was revealed.

“He was actually thinking of killing you?” She asked in shock.

“He was.” I said while feeling angry at Kane for hurting her this way.

“I..I didn’t think he was actually capable of..”

“I know.” I said holding her closer. She was quiet for the next couple of minutes trying to process the information.

“This is now an attempted murder case. He could be in prison for years for this.” I said and she mumbled out a yeah in reply.

“I haven’t informed the cops about this yet. So if you..if you don’t want me to give them the evidence…I won’t. I will take other measures to keep him away from our life.” I forced myself to say seeing her state. She turned her head to look at me properly and stared at me in awe.

“I won’t if you don’t want me to.” I repeated and she abruptly pulled me into deep kiss.

“I know you want to see him rot in hell more than anything. So I know how hard it is for you to say that. And I want you to know that I really appreciate you putting my feelings above everything.” She said caressing my cheek.

“But I don’t want to protect him. He was willing to commit a crime and so he should be willing to face the consequences too.” She said firmly. “He tried to kill you, Xavier. And I can never forgive him for that. I could have lost you today.” She said and I saw tears filling her eyes. I kissed her again to reassure her everything is alright.

“I’m here.” I told her pulling away from the kiss.

“I will not give him the chance to hurt our family anymore.” She decided and asked me to send in the evidence to the officer immediately. Once that was done, I picked her in my arms and began walking.

“Where are we going?”

“Well someone wanted to take a nap.” I said. “Unless you want to do something else.” I teased brushing my lips against her.

“You are such a naughty devil.” She said slapping my arm.

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