Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 41

Waking up a bit later than usual completely tired and seeing a stranger hold your son by his leg swinging him upside down wasn’t how I expected the day to begin. Grabbing the closest thing which was a T V remote I ran to the man holding my Ace and hit him with it continuously and grabbed Ace from him while sending the man few kicks here and there and called out for Xavier. I could feel Ace who I now held tight in my arms trying to grab my attention but after yesterday’s events my mind was totally out of place and saw the man as a threat trying to take my boy away.

“Stay away from my child.” I yelled at the man.

“Eva, Love. Stop, he won’t do any harm. Calm down, Angel.” I heard Xavier say soothingly while wrapping his arms around me from behind pushing me away from the stranger who was trying his best to escape me.

“Xavier, you catch the man first and comfort me later. Call the cops. Kane must have sent him.” I yelled and Xavier and threw the remote at the man because I couldn’t reach anymore with Xavier tugging me back. The man quickly duck his head and the remote fell on the ground.

“Shh. Stop panicking, Baby. He was not trying to harm Ace. He is my father. He won’t harm Ace. They were just playing around. Ace is safe. We all are. Calm down.” He said and hugged me closer while gently rubbing my back. It was only a minute later that his words sunk in me.

I just beat my boyfriend ’s father with the remote ..


“Why didn’t you tell that he is your father first?” I hissed at him before turning to face the poor man who had be subjected to torture from my hands.

“Mr. Whilson, I’m terribly sorry. I did not realize that you are Ace’s grandfather. I did not even know you would be visiting. I’m so sorry. Does it hurt? I will go get you some ice.” I rambled out apologetically.

“I’m fine, dear. You don’t have to get me ice. Didn’t Xavier tell you that I was coming today?” He asked and I glared at Xavier.

“He did not.”

“Oh he didn’t? But I had informed him weeks ago. That’s very rude of you to do so, Son.”

“Dad, stop putting me in trouble. It’s not funny.” Xavier said with a huff.

“Oh you are already in trouble, Mister.” I whispered to him and then turned to smile at his father.

“Why don’t you have a seat, Mr Whilson? Would you like to have some tea?” I asked politely.

“Anything other than more beating is welcomed, dear. So sure.” Joked Mr Whilson.

“Dad, you are being an ass.” Xavier said annoyed.

“Mamma, Daddy used the three lettered bad word that starts with ‘a’ ” Ace pointed out while smirking at Xavier.

“I know, little One. Guess your Daddy loves to dig deeper holes for himself.” I said. “Mr Whilson, I am once again very sorry for hurting you.”

“I know, dear. I was only joking.” He assured. “And I would love to have tea. I’ll just freshen up first.” He said and left the room. I headed to the kitchen to make the tea and Xavier followed me.

“I’m sorry I forgot to mention he is coming.” He said and I nodded.

“Will he be staying with us for a while?” I asked.

“Will that be a problem?”

“Of course not.” I objected immediately. “He is your father. I only asked so that I can come up with a plan to get into his good book.”

“He already adores you, Angel.”

“Yeah, right. I beat him like anything and he adores me huh? Don’t make such petty lies, Xavier.”

“Trust me, I know my old man. He isn’t upset with you. You have just proved to him unintentionally that your feelings for us is sincere and you would do anything to protect us from what you feel is danger.” He said holding my face in his hands.

“What about your mother? Is she not visiting?” I asked and suddenly realised that Xavier has never talked about his mother to me.

“I never knew her. I lost her when I was a baby. Both my parents actually.” He said in a matter of fact tone.

“So Mr Whilson?” I asked confused.

“Technically he is my godfather. He took me in after their death. Brought me up as his own.” He spoke with great admiration for his father.

“He gave up a lot to bring me up and today I am what I am because of him.” He continued.

“And I’m sure he is really proud of you.” I said caressing his cheek.

“You and he are similar in many ways. Hence why I said he will like you.” He assured and pressed a kiss on my head.

“Did you get any news about Kane?” I asked nervously remembering about the previous day.

“They are still trying to find him. He got rid of the number he texted you from and hence it may take longer than expected to catch him. Both Ace and you will have extra bodyguards until he is behind the bars.”

“You will also keep additional guards. He made one attempt to take your life and there is no guarantee he won’t try again. So at least for my peace, always have security by your side.” I ordered.

“Okay, I will do as you say. Don’t worry anymore, alright?” He said and kissed my forehead.

We had breakfast together and headed to office after dropping off Ace at the school. Mr Whilson also went out to meet with a friend he had here. In the evening I got dressed for the bachelorette party of my colleague.

“How do I look?” I asked once I was ready and turned to face Xavier who was laying on the bed.

“Too beautiful.” He said getting up to twirl me.

“I’ll drop you off.” He said after pecking my lips.

“No, it’s okay. Stay here and give your father company. I’ll go with Peter.” I said and he opened his mouth to argue. “I’ll be fine.” I said before he could speak. I said goodbyes to Ace and Mr Whilson and then left with Peter.

The party was set up at a friend’s hotel. Anne, Jane and I reached there first to make sure everything was perfect and gradually others showed up. The party was going well but after an hour I stopped having fun as the feeling of being watched hit me. My eyes went around the hall discretely to see if anyone new is there but everyone looked familiar and so I set that feeling aside and tried to enjoy once again. Hour an hour went by and I still felt very uncomfortable and so I decided it would be best to just leave. My paranoia wouldn’t let me enjoy anymore and hence the best thing to do would be to head home where I would feel safe. I texted Xavier informing him that I am heading out of the party and went around saying bye’s to the ladies at the party. I was about to call Peter to ask him to pick me up when Xavier called me.

“I’m almost there.” He said as soon as I picked up.

“I thought Peter would be picking me up. I told you to stay home with Ace and your father.” I said while looking around again when I felt someone close.

“Angel? Eva?” Xavier called and I realised he was talking to me while I was busy looking around.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

“Is everything alright, Love?”

“I just..maybe I’m just being paranoid but I feel like I’m being watched.” I said biting my lips.

“What?” I heard him yell.

“Xavier, don’t get worked up. Maybe it’s just me being paranoid after what happened.”

“Just stay inside, okay? I’m almost there. And don’t end the call. I’ll be with you in a minute.” He said but during our conversation, I had already walked out of the building to get away from the noise.

“Okay.” I said and began walking back inside but suddenly I was grabbed from behind and I let out a scream.

“Shh.” The man behind me said and then I felt a pinch on my neck. A second later though I felt his arm loosening around me and heard a thud as he fell onto the ground. Confused and feeling slightly dizzy I looked around and saw that one of my assigned guards had shot Kane with dart and he was now writhing on the ground. I felt my neck and pulled out the syringe he inserted. Through my blurry I saw that it still had some content in it and so that means only a little amount had went into my system. The very next second I heard a car stopping close by with a screech and soon I was engulfed in Xavier’s arms.

“Are you okay, Eva? Does it hurt anywhere?” He asked as he frantically ran his hands on me to check for injury. Hearing Kane groan from the floor, Xavier attention was drawn to him and he charged onto him with rage.

“Mr. Whilson, Mam needs to be taken to the hos-’ I heard the guard saying over the sounds fist meeting skin. I gripped onto the guard’s arm as I grew more faint but before I could lose complete consciousness, Xavier was beside me once again frantic with worry.

“You are going to be fine, Angel. You hear me? You are going to be alright.” He said as he carried me and I knew he was trying to assure himself more than me.

“Yeah..don’t..worry.” I managed to say before losing my consciousness.

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