Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 46

Xavier Whilson's POV

We reached home late night and decided to straight away go to bed as Eva and I were really tired and Ace had already fallen asleep. Dad must be in the middle of dreaming about strange things so there was no point in meeting him then.

But what we didn’t expect was to see Dad and Claire in each other’s arms laughing in our kitchen the next morning.

“Uh Uh. They look really happy. Maybe we should leave them and let them have their moment.” Eva suggested while looking at them in awe.

“But I’m hungry.” I complained.

“Be hungry for a little longer then.” She snapped.

“No. I’m finally getting a chance to get my revenge. I’m not giving it up.” I said smirking.

“Xavier, don’t be stupid. Let them be.” Eva said but I was already in the kitchen by then.

“Hey, Dad. I brought you a new pair of socks so that you can finally throw away your stinky twenty year old bunny printed ones. I still remember fainting from the smell of that few years ago.” I told casually walking in acting as if I had just came in and hadn’t noticed Claire in his Dad’s arms hugging him. She immediately pulled away and nervously flipped the already burned pancake.

“Xavier? I didn’t know you were back home?” Dad asked confused. Eva came further into the kitchen as I had already ruined her plan to back away.

“I had texted you days ago we’ll be home soon. But seems like you were busy and it got out of your head.” I teased.

“Xavier, stop it.” Eva said and pinched my side in warning but I was having too much fun to give up.

“Well, Claire’s house had some issues and she wanted a place to stay till the problem is resolved and so I suggested her to stay with us. It would be easier for Eva and her to plan and finish the shop work too.” Dad justified and I felt myself smirking at his excuse.

“Uh Uh.”

“He is just messing around. We are happy to have you here, Claire. Some woman presence would be appreciated by me.” Eva said with ever friendly smile to make Claire feel welcomed.

“Thank you, Eva. I think we will have a good time.” Claire said with honesty.

“Me too. I will help you make breakfast. The pancakes here is kind of burned though.” Eva herself couldn’t stop from teasing and I grinned along with her.

“Oh. I Uh..I was..” Claire stuttered while glancing at Dad for help.

“That’s okay. There still some batter left.” Eva’s stopped knowing Claire was slightly embarrassed.

“We will leave you ladies to catch up then as it seems like you no longer require us.” Dad said faking sadness.

“You guys do that. With Xavier here God knows what will happen to the kitchen.” Eva said mischievously.

“I’m not that bad.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I did cook us noodles remember?”

“After God knows how many trials.”

“Son, we all know about your cooking skills. So let’s not argue over it.” Dad said dragging me away from the kitchen.

“You should have taught me to cook when I was younger.”

“I would have if you have shown some interest in it. And moreover I valued our lives way more than your need to ‘learn’ cooking.”

“That’s a rude thing to say.”

“Xavier Whilson is talking about rudeness. That’s hilarious.”

“What do you mean? I’m not a rude person.” I waved off but we both knew I am and he just shook his head at me.

“Hey, which socks were you talking about earlier? I don’t ever remember owing a socks that made you faint.” Dad asked while glaring at me.

“I was just kidding, Dad.”

“It was not funny, Son.”

“It kind of was. You should have seen Claire’s face. She will surely run away from you the moment she see you removing your shoe.” I teased and he slapped the back of my head.



“I.. I wanted to ask you something.”

“What is it, Dad? You want some help or something?”

“No. It’s know about Claire. I know I should have asked you way before but I just wanted to ensure that she is the one before I made the decision and ask you about it.”

“Ask me what, Dad?”

“Ever since the day I first held you in my arms I had prioritised you. Every choices and decisions I made was for your better living. And now you have grown into a successful man and I am proud of you. You matter a lot to me and so does your opinion.” He paused for a moment before continuing.

“When I first met Claire I was attracted to her. I thought of her as a kind and beautiful woman. We have been friends for a while now and I know a lot more about her. She is beyond beautiful inside and out. She is really a wonderful woman. A woman I would be proud to have by my side till my end. I wish to pursue a relationship with her. But only if you are okay with it. As my son you have the right to say no to it. I will respect your decision and just continue my friendship with her.”

“Does she make you happy, Dad?”

“She does, Son. I don’t know what power she has but every time she is around me I feel content and..and you know kind of fuzzy inside.” He said with a faraway look.

“It was a yes or no question, Dad. Do you think you can keep her happy and take care of her? Just say yes or no.” As I much as loved seeing him happy in love, it was weird to hear him gushing about his relationship.


“Well then go for it, Dad. You had sacrificed many things in your life for me, neglecting your own happiness and I will always be grateful for it but it’s time you feel all the happiness you deserve. It’s high time that you prioritise yourself. I’m happy having my woman by side and our child and I want you to experience that. You deserve it, Dad.” I said and his eyes watered with tears. I engulfed him in a hug not knowing what else to do and it was then I noticed Eva over Dad’s shoulder smiling at us. I immediately pulled away from the hug and she laughed at my action.

“Breakfast is ready, guys.”

“Thank God. I’m damn hungry.” Dad said and walked out of the room.

“You did the right thing, Xavier.”

“I didn’t do anything. The old man was being silly and asking me permission to date.” I said shrugging my shoulders. She stared at me for few seconds without saying a word and then just kissed my cheek.

“Let’s go have breakfast. Ace is up now.”

When we walked to the dining area Dad and Claire was already seated. Ace was standing beside them and was being introduced to Claire. Eva sat down on the chair opposite to Dad and of course before I could sit beside her Ace beat me to it and so I sat after him.

“So are you my grandma and Daddy’s Mamma now?” Ace asked in between the breakfast making it slightly awkward.

“Not really, Ace.” I answered for him and Claire gave me an awkward smile.

“Ace, why don’t you tell Claire about your football match?” Eva asked changing the topic.

And that was how the rest of the breakfast time went. After that I had to go out to arrange things for tomorrow so I excused myself while Dad and Claire went out together on a date. Eva and Ace decided to have a pool party with just the two of them.

After finishing the final works for tomorrow I went back to home and they were both still in the pool and so I decided to join them.

“Daddy, I can swim well now. Mamma taught me how to.”

“I thought you already knew how to swim? Dad told me he taught you the last time you went to visit him.”

“He did but I was horrible at it but I’m not anymore. Look!” He said and began swimming towards me while his Mamma bear walked beside him to hold him in case he got tired.

“I got you.” I said and held him when he was close.

“See, Daddy? I did it, didn’t I?”

“You did, Champ. You were great.” I said while my gaze was on my beautiful girlfriend who was in a swim suit.

“Thank you, Daddy. I wanna pee now.” He said pouting and so I guided him to the end of the pool and helped him out.

“Be careful. Do not run. Your legs are wet and you will fall.” Eva called after him.

“I will. Be back soon.” He said and walked away.

“Hello, beautiful Angel.” I said after pulling her into my arms and pecked her lips.

“Hi.” She mumbled blushing.

“And there is the blush that I love.” I said kissing her rosy cheek.

“Stop it!” She said and swam away from me.

“Hey, get back here.”

“No, thank you.”


“Is currently unavailable.” She joked.

“I am back.” Ace said and sat on the edge of the pool waiting for one of us to help him to the shallow part of the pool.

“I brought more chocolates for us.” He said when Eva helped him into the pool.

“Thank you, Ace. Why don’t you give one to your father?”

“He doesn’t eat chocolate. So it’s more for us.” Ace said shrugging and just to annoy him I snatched a chocolate from his hand.

“I feel like eating one now though.” I said and took a bite of it. Ace gaped at me.

“Daddy, you are eating chocolate?”

“Is that a crime now?”

“No..but it’s you.”

“Me what?”

“Nothing, Daddy. I’m happy that you like good things now. I’m proud of you.”


“Thank you?”

“Is chocolate really big of a deal?” I asked in Eva’s ear.

“For kids, yes. And for me too. So I’ll take that.” She said and took it from my hand.

Weird people.

That day night we had homemade pizza for dinner and we gave Dad and Claire the gifts we brought for them which thankfully they liked.

“Daddy, is everything ready for tomorrow?”

“It is, Son.”

“It has to be special.”

“I know and it will be.”

“What are you both whispering?” Eva asked coming out of the bathroom after changing into her pajamas.


“I love you, Mamma. Goodnight. Sleep well.” Ace said giving her a flying kiss

“Love you too, little guy. Goodnight.”

“Come on, it’s getting late and we should sleep.” I said moving over in the bed to give her space.

“Hmm. All the swimming got me tired.” She said and let out a sigh the moment her back hit the bed.

“Goodnight then. Sleep tight.” I said and placed a kiss on her cheek.

The next day I managed to wake up early and brought in dozens of balloons inside the room.
My Eva was not a huge fan of cheesy romantic things but I figured once in a while she would appreciate it and love it. But then again this wasn’t a romantic gesture in the first place and nor was it my idea. My duty is to only manage things and make sure everything is perfect.

“Daddy, you forgot the letter balloons.” Ace whispered sleepily after just waking up. He placed a pillow in his place beside Eva and walked to me.

“I did not. It’s downstairs. I will bring them up and you arrange them. I have to go out to bring something. If you are confused with the spelling ask Dad or call me, okay?” I said after carrying him outside the room so that she doesn’t wake up.

“I know the spelling, Daddy. You just be back before Mamma wakes up.”

“I will. Dad will help you with remaining okay?”


I drove to the flower shop where I had pre-ordered for the flowers. As I was early there weren’t much customers thankfully. So I quickly paid and bought the flowers.

Maybe I should get some flowers for Claire? Uh no. That would be weird. But it would be rude too if I didn’t.

What should I do?

Letting out a sigh I asked the guy to get few white roses and paid for them.

When I reached back home Ace was almost done with cooking with the help of Dad and Claire. He was stubborn about wanting to cook by himself and only accepted verbal helps.

“Let’s go wake your Mamma up now.” I said and picked him up while carrying Eva’s flowers along with us.

My Angel laid on the bed still asleep while hugging a pillow not sensing the excitement in the room.

“How do you suppose we wake her up?” I asked Ace who was unintentionally bouncing in my arms from excitement and nervousness.

“With kisses, of course.” He said in ‘duh’ tone.

“Let’s do it then.” I said and sat on the bed with Ace on my lap. He immediately went to her other side and kissed her forehead and I just gazed at them for a moment.

“Daddy, I’m gonna love her with kisses more than you.” He challenged me.

“No way, Bud.” I said and pecked Eva’s cheeks.

“Guys, what are you doing?” Eva groaned out and rolled over to sleep on her stomach there by hiding her face from us.

“Mamma, wakey wakey.” Ace said and hugged her from behind.

“No..” She murmured out sleepily.

“Wake up, Angel. Today is special day.”

“Special?” She asked finally opening her eyes to look at me.


“What’s the speciality?”

“Turn your head and see for yourself.” I said which she followed and she immediately sat up on the bed and looked around the room.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mamma!” Ace shouted in glee and hugged her while her eyes watered.

“Mother’s Day?”

“Yes, Mamma. Today is your day. Why are you crying, Mamma? You didn’t like it?”

“I..I love it, Baby. I’m just so happy.”

“We have more surprises, Mamma. Please get changed fast and we will have special breakfast. Oh and this is your outfit for today.”

“This is not mine, is it? Did you buy this for me?”

“Yes, Mamma. I know everyday we should celebrate mother’s day but in calendar only today is so we should celebrate extra today. So today you even have an extra new outfit from your lovely son.” Ace said cheekily,

“Thank you, baby. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Mamma. Forever. Now please hurry up.” He replied and ran out of the room to probably set breakfast onto the dining table.

“Happy Mother’s Day, love.” I said once we were alone.

“Thank you. This is my first ever Mother’s Day and you guys are doing all this for me.”

“This is the first time we are celebrating Mother’s Day too. And you deserve the best.” I said kissing her lips.

“I’m so happy.”

“That’s all that matters. Now go get dressed.”

“This is really beautiful. Our son does know how to choose a good outfit. I should take him for shopping with me from now on.” She said looking at the beautiful outfit he brought for her. He had even picked up boots and accessories.

“I helped too, you know.”

“I find it hard to believe but anyways thanks. Let me shower and put this on. See you soon.” She said and literally ran to the bathroom, her smile never fading.

I myself got changed into something nicer and combed my hair to tame the mess.

“Where is Mamma?” Ace asked coming into the room again.

“Still in the shower.” I groaned out.

“No, I’m not.” She said from behind and came out of the bathroom.

“How do I look?”

“Beautiful, Mamma.” Ace said in awe and I nodded in agreement.

She is indeed beautiful.

“Please sit down, Mamma.” Ace said pointing to the vanity chair.

“Uh why?”

“Because we have to do your hair.”

“You want to do my hair?”

“Yes. I’m going to pamper you like you pamper me everyday.” He said and once again she was almost in tears.

“But that’s okay, baby. I can do my own hair.”

“Not today. Today Ace will do it for you.” He stated firmly.

“Yes, Sir.” She gave in and sat on the chair. He dragged in another chair and stood on it behind her.

“What are you thinking of doing?” I asked seeing him do nothing just looking at her wet hair.

“We have to wait for her hair to dry, Daddy.” He said sounding as if I asked the most stupid question.

“You can use the blow dryer if you want to.” I suggested.

“Is that the hair instrument?”

“Hmm. It called hair dryer and it can be used to dry your hair when you do not have time to let it air dry.”

“Can we use it, Mamma?” Ace asked and she agreed to it.

Not wanting our four year old son to use the dryer on his own and somehow ruin my girlfriend’s waist length hair I decided to help him with it so that I would still be able to see her hair in future.

“Now that it’s all dry how do you want to style it?” Eva asked curiously.

“It looked good the way it is. So I don’t know…maybe we should just put a hair tie and let it be?” He asked while playing with her hair.

“Like a ponytail?” She asked and he just shrugged in reply. I decided to let him do his thing and moved back to watch them and even took a picture of them.

“Done. Is it okay, Mamma?” He asked pulling her cheek. It was as expected not perfect and a very messy ponytail but wasn’t too horrible either.

“It’s more than okay, little one. I love it.” Eva complimented and a hue to pink appeared of his cheeks.

“Thank you, Mamma.” He said with a bow. Eva picked up a lipstick from her vanity table and was about to put it on but was stopped by Ace.

“I will do it for you, Mamma.” He said and grabbed the lipstick from her hand. Her doubtful eyes met mine through the mirror and I shrugged helplessly.

“Okay.” She said and turned her face towards him. Ace did a poor job and applied it all over her lips and above and then resorted to wipe it with wipes.

“Thank you for making me more beautiful, Ace. Shall we have the special breakfast now?”

“You are welcome, Mamma. We have to take a picture of you first and then we can have breakfast. Daddy, can you please take a picture of Mamma?”

“Sure.” I said and took few photos of her.

“Now one picture of me and Ace please.” Eva said pulling Ace to stand beside her.

“Wait, let me put on my matching shirt.” Ace said and went to his room to wear his white shirt to match with Eva’s white dress.

“He is the best thing ever.” Eva said grinning.

“He is. And you are too.” I said while wiping off lipstick from her chin.

“I forgot to give you these.” I said and handed her the flowers.


“I know you love them.”

“They are truly beautiful. Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome. Would you mind taking a picture with me, my Queen?”

“Sure, my king.” She replied with a wide smile and I captured it in the picture.

“Stop, I’m not there yet.” Ace said running towards us still buttoning his shirt after we took few pictures as couples.

“There comes our prince, Love.” I said and picked him up in my arms. After taking a bunch of family photos and their photos we went downstairs for breakfast.

“Finally, we have been waiting forever.” Dad said and sat down for breakfast.

“This is for you, Claire.” Ace said and gave her the roses I brought for her.

“This is for me? Thank you very much, Ace.” She said with happiness clear in her voice.

“Daddy brought them for you actually.”

He didn’t have to say that!

“Really?” Asked Dad.

“I was getting some flowers for Eva and so thought it would be polite to get something for Claire too as she is living with us now.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you, Xavier. Thank you.”

“No problem.” I said feeling awkward and sat down beside Eva who gave me her soft smile.

“Here you go, Mamma. This is made by me for you.” Ace said serving her two weird shaped pancake, a bowl of fruits and some orange juice.

“You made all these for me?”

“Yes, Mamma.”

“It’s delicious, Baby.”

“Now do I get some breakfast or should I wait for Father’s Day?” I teased.

“Don’t be silly, Daddy. I made some for you too.”

“I’m glad you did, Ace. Thank you.”

I had to admit his cooking was not as horrible as me despite him being just four years old. Seems like he didn’t inherit my horrible cooking trait. Lucky him.

“Now Mamma and I are going out.”

“And where exactly are we going?” Eva asked curiously.

“Places, Mamma.”

As in malls, museum, beach, park and whatever is there to see.

“Okay then let’s go.”

And while they were out having Mamma-son time I had to turn our backyard to dinner suitable area. I had set up a table and lights. Dad helped in collecting woods for bonfire and to set up a large tent because Ace wanted to camp out and sleep in tent today. Dad and Claire volunteered to cook dinner for us. And I had already brought extra snacks to have while we were having our bonfire. Dad and Claire had a date night planned and so they left as soon they were done preparing dinner for us.

Luckily Eva and Ace reached back home around seven and I guided them to our decorated backyard after they had changed to comfortable outfits.

“Woah. This awesome. How did you manage to do all this? This is really beautiful, Xavier.”

“You have been saying that all day, Angel.”

“And I mean it.”

“We are staying in a tent tonight, Mamma. Isn’t that cool? Daddy said he has ideas to keep away the mosquitoes so we are safe too.” Ace said sounding really excited.

“Hope you guys are hungry. The dinner is served which I assure you isn’t made by me.”

“We are hungry.” Ace said nodding his head at the same time.

“Well, then come on.” I said and lead them to the table and pulled out chair for both of them.

“So tell what all you guys did today?” I asked and for the rest of the dinner Ace rambled on and on about each and everything they saw and did today. Over the months Ace has started to talk more and enjoy simple things unlike before and I’m glad he does.

“Now please close your eyes, Mamma.” Ace said after we had our dinner.


“Just do it, Mamma. Please?”

“Fine fine.”

Ace then stood on his chair and put the necklace he got for Eva.

“Now open your eyes, Mamma.” Ace instructed and her eyes widened the moment she saw the necklace he got her.

“The heart because I love you, Mamma. It has my finger print pressed on the heart, See? Now wherever you go I’m also there with you and so is my love.”

And this time she was fully in tears and she hugged him tight.

“I love you so much, Son.” She said kissing his cheek.

“Now it’s time for my gift.” I said interrupting their sweet moment.

“You also bought me gift?”

“I did. Here you go.” I said and handed her the documents.

“What is it?”

“Read it.”

“No. No. You are kidding, aren’t you? Xavier, tell me you kidding. You did not do this. I cannot believe you did this.”

“I did do it. It’s yours now, Angel.” I smiled at her surprised look.

“Xavier, tell me you are kidding.”

“I’m not, Love.”

“But this is too much. And she was okay with it?”

“It is not too much. And yes, she was ready to sell it. She did get enough money so of course she was fine.”

“But, Xavier. I.. how.. I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. You are now the owner of the company you have been working for the past years. You are the boss now, Angel.”

“You really bought the company for me. Are you crazy?”

“No, I’m not. You have been working like crazy in there while managing the company and everyone working in it but only getting paid only half of what you actually deserve. That wasn’t fair. But now you own the company, Baby.”

“How much did you pay for the company?”

“You don’t have to know that, Boss lady.”


“No.” He said shaking his head at me.

“My Mamma is the boss. Is it cool being a boss, Mamma?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask you father?”

“It is cool in a way while it’s not in another way.” I answered confusing Ace who then dropped the topic.

“Can we have the bonfire now please?”

“Sure, Buddy.” I replied.

“It is so cool.” Ace whispered after the bonfire was on.

“Aren’t you tired, Baby? You woke up early and has been out all day. Do you wanna sleep now?” Eva asked noticing his tired eyes.

“In the tent?”

“Yes, in the tent.”

“Come on, Let’s go sleep then.” He said in excitement.

“But I just lit the bonfire. Let’s sit here for little longer.” I complained.

“Ten more minutes.” Ace bargained.


And ten minutes later we moved into the tent and Ace was asleep a minute later.

“He wanted to sell his iPad to buy this necklace, dress and other arrangements. He refused to let us give him money.”

“He wanted to sell his iPad?!”

“He gave it to Dad to sell who of course didn’t sell it and instead gave him money lying to him about selling it. And him going missing in Florida? He had actually gone to the jewellery shop which was owned by Dad’s friend and has customised it. He had sat through the whole process of making of the necklace. It’s sometimes hard to believe he is just four.”

“So that’s why he refused to say what was going on in his mind. He just stood there and listened to us scolding him.”

“He still shouldn’t have gone by himself without informing us. Dad knew he would be going there but had thought Ace will be going there with me and not alone. But apparently Ace was scared that I won’t be able to keep it a secret from you and did not even include Peter into the plan knowing Peter would surely inform me. Only yesterday did Ace tell about all this.”

“This is really special, isn’t it?” She asked looking down at her necklace. She then pressed a kiss on the necklace and turned to place one on Ace.

“Hey, what about me?” I asked puckering my lips. She laughed and kissed my lips.

“Now that Ace is asleep let go inside and sleep in our room. I lied to him about the mosquitoes. We’ll tell him we carried him inside early morning if he asks.”

“Let’s do that. Those creatures have been buzzing around my ears for a while now.”

“Come on then.” I said and picked Ace up and carried him inside.

“My first Mother’s Day was amazing. Thank you for that and also thank you for your gift.”

“Anything for you, Love.”

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