Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 48

One year and four months later.

“Mamma, Daddy was late to pick me up again.” Ace complained storming into the kitchen where I was making him sandwich.

“I was not that late, alright? Because of my tardiness you got to chat with that girl too. So you should be thanking me.” Xavier justified coming after him.

“Exactly, Daddy. You gave her more time to annoy the star out of me as if annoying me during class was not enough.” Ace snapped angrily biting onto the sandwich I gave him.

Their bickering and complaining has become a normal thing in this household. Everyday there would be something to fight about and it sure is a great source of entertainment for me.

“Maybe she likes you.” Xavier teased.

“No she doesn’t!”

“How can you be so sure of that? What if she does like you?”

“I’ll run for the hills.” He mumbled still munching on his food.

“Good luck then.” Xavier said and snatched a sandwich from Ace’s plate.

“Hey! That’s mine. Get your own, Daddy.” Ace yelled trying to get it back.

“I’m happy with this. Thanks.” His father replied with a shrug.


“Don’t worry, Ace. There is more here. That was not that great anyway. Here, have this.” I said and handed him another one.

“Thanks, Mamma.” He said politely but then turned to stick his tongue out at Xavier.

“You and I have to go to your Grandpa’s house to bring the books that you left behind there. So please go take a shower because you are all sweaty right now.” I said poking his nose.

“Okay, Mamma. I’ll be back soon.” He said and ran to his room.

Xavier and I were ecstatic when we came to know that Dad was permanently moving to New York. His house was just half an hour drive away and so we were able to have many dinners and outings with them. With them as in Dad and Claire who is also living in there with him since they got married around seven months ago.

“Angel.” Xavier murmured while wrapping his arms around me.


“I love you.”


It was pretty late when we went to sleep that day and I was almost asleep lying beside Xavier when I heard him whisper the precious three words for the first time. I spoke nothing and just pretended to be asleep as he clearly didn’t intend for me to hear it and also because I didn’t know how to react. And despite my tiredness I stayed up thinking over about my feeling while my heart kept beating normal than usual.

The next day the both of us along with Dad and Claire were watching some movies while Ace was at his school. There was a scene where the male protagonist says the same words Xavier whispered the other night, to his wife. And since we were sitting cuddled up I didn’t fail to notice his body tensing up and nor did I fail to feel his gaze upon me for the rest of the movie.

That night it happened again. The same words were whispered in my ears with care. And this continued to happen for almost a month until that one day my feelings couldn’t be contained inside of me and I finally got the courage to reply to his murmur of love.

“I love you too.”

And those words were strong enough to make him slightly teary but at the same time smile wide and beautiful.

To this day we follow our tradition of whispering it to each other before we sleep and we always looked forward to hear it from the other.


“Me, you.” I whispered pecking his lips.

“Don’t stay there for too long. Come back soon.”

“Is Mr. Xavier Whilson scared to be home alone?” I teased.

“No, I’m not. It’s just not much fun after a while.” He said with honesty.

“Get some work done and we’ll be back by then.”

“Okay. Just don’t be too long chatting up with Claire. That woman has lots of things to say whenever she meets you. I bet you both complaint to each other about me and Dad.” He said frowning.

“We do not.” I stated.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Well..maybe at times? But not the way you think, okay? And through such talks I have also come to know that you and Dad are so much more alike than you think.”

“It doesn’t require much of a brain to come up with that conclusion. He is the one who brought me up so of course I would learn a thing or two from him making us do similar things. He is the one to be blamed for all the weird things I do.”

“Now put all the blame on that poor man.”

“He has to be blamed. Did you know that man dressed me up a princess when I was a little boy for Halloween? I would never forgive him for that torture he put me through. He couldn’t find any other costume as he only remembered to buy one that day morning. The small shop close to us had only that one outfit for the money Dad had so he brought it. He told me it was a really cool outfit and everyone would be jealous of it when I first refused to wear them. I can’t believe I fell for his words and wore them. It was so ridiculous. Everyone thought I was a girl as my Dad had also made me wear a wig that he had borrowed from our neighbor. I did get extra candies though for being an ‘adorable princess’. But that wasn’t enough to make me celebrate Halloween afterwards. I had enough by then.” He said pitifully and ended his talk with a long sigh.

I controlled myself for few seconds before bursting out in laughter.

“Hey, stop laughing. You are my girlfriend so you are supposed to console me after what I went through.”

I laughed a bit more before finally calming myself.

“Oh..I’m sorry. I couldn’t get that picture out of my mind of you in that outfit. Do you have a photo of it?”


“Sorry! You shouldn’t have gone through that. It must have been hard.” I said biting my lips to stop laughing and patted his shoulder for comfort. It was then I noticed Ace who was standing frozen with his mouth open in shock.

“Ace, what’s wrong?”

“Daddy? Princess?” He asked horrified.

“Shit. Shit. You heard nothing, okay? Now both of you go meet the old man and his wife. Shoo.” Xavier said and pushed us out of the house before I could scold him for cursing in front of Ace.

When we reached back home three hours later he grumbled to us for being out for so long. And thankfully he had ordered dinner so I didn’t have to cook that night.

“Daddy, look what Grandma bought for me.” Ace said showing off his new toy. After Dad’s wedding Ace had stopped calling Claire by her name much to her and Dad’s happiness.

“That looks cool. Too bad it wouldn’t last long.” Xavier said with a sigh. Ace is at times aggressive with his toys and most of them breaks them within a week of purchase. Some I manage to stick back together but most of them are beyond repairable.

“I will be more careful this time.”

So he said all other times.

“Sure.” Xavier replied with a shrug having heard this a thousand time. Ace then took it to his room to play with it for a while.

“So any improvement? Did they find him?” He asked after Ace left for his room.

“Not yet. They visited an orphanage yesterday too but he isn’t from there.” I said feeling upset about it.

Few months ago Dad and Claire had talked to us about wanting to adopt a kid. We both respected their decision and told them to do what makes them happy though Xavier initially found the idea of having a possible younger sibling a little weird.

Weeks later while Dad and Claire was walking in the beach in the evening when they met a kid there who left a huge impact on them. He apparently had ran away from an orphanage which they only came to know later on and was taken back to the orphanage by caretaker who had caught him from the beach. Few days after that they had come to us telling about the incident and their firm decision to adopt that boy. But unfortunately they did not know which orphanage he was in as the man who had came to collect him left with boy before they could ask more about the boy and the orphanage. It worries us a lot not knowing if the man was a genuine employee or not. There was a police officer with him so Dad is also trying to speak to him to find the child.

“This isn’t going to work. There are many kids with that first name. It’s been almost a month since they have been visiting orphanages after orphanages looking for that boy. The cop is hospitalized after getting into an accident and isn’t in a condition to talk either. Now let me see what I can do to find him. Don’t tell Dad about it though. He believes he will be able to find the child by himself and doesn’t want to seek my help. I know how important this is to him and I’m not going to wait any longer for him to come to me. It could be too late by then. He shouldn’t have to ask anyways. It’s my duty to fulfil his wishes. He wishes for another son, for that boy and so I shall grant him his wish. I owe him everything.” Xavier said, his voice filled with determination.

“I will not tell him about it.” I assured cupping his cheek.

People say shit about him. Says that he is cold hearted but they have no idea on how much he values those who he loves. He would fight with the entire world if necessary to bring happiness to our lives.

“Let’s go sleep now. It’s getting late.”

Ace was in his room waiting to hear his bed time story. He at times sleeps on his own bed but mostly we still wake up to find him snuggled between us.

After the story and usual murmurings of love and good nights we went to bed.

The next day around 12:00 noon Xavier dropped off Ace at Dad’s house. Over the months Xavier have come up with the idea that every Saturday would be date day which doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go on dates every week. The plan was to spend a day together as a couple while Ace gets to spend quality time with his grandparents. If there is some other plans or vacations for the weekend we shift the date day to any of the week days. And on Sundays we do things together as a family and the three of us would go to park or some other places.

“So what are we doing today?” I asked coming out of the bathroom in my robe.

“We are going out on a date today.” He said wrapping his arms loosely around me.

“Where exactly?” I asked while he was busy peppering my neck with gentle kisses.

“Somewhere I hope you would like.” He asked and slowly pecked my lips.

“You have never taken me out to place which I hate. I’m sure I would love this too.” I said placing an assuring kiss on his jaw.

“You better.” He said lightly pinching my cheek before placing a kiss there.

“Before you distract me even more, here, I brought you this outfit for today.” He said handing me the dress.

“You are spoiling me a bit too much.”

“I’m just treating my Queen the way she deserves to be treated.” He said kissing my hair before going to the walk in closet to change.

The dress was long lace one and reached upto my ankle. It was maroon coloured and had few patterns embroidered to it and it fit snugly till around the waist. The sleeves were up to my elbow and the dress also had a slit from my right thigh.

“This is really beautiful, Xavier. Thank you!” I said aloud for him to hear.

“My pleasure, Love.”

I changed into the dress loving the way it fit me perfectly. I did my makeup and put on some jewelry while waiting for my hair to dry a bit before using the blow dryer as my hair usually took hours to dry and we did not have that much time now.

“Why are you always so beautiful? That dress looks gorgeous on you, Angel.” Xavier asked coming from behind me just as I was done styling my hair into a low bun with few hair left out in front to frame my face.

“Why thank you, Devil.”

The first place he took me was absolutely mesmerizing. There is a family who lives around two hours away who grew peonies on their land. It was a private property but Xavier had taken their permission to visit. The flowers were blooming just behind their house.

“Do you like it?” Xavier asked hugging me from behind.

“I love this, Xavier. This view is captivating. Thank you so much for bringing me here.”

“Anything for you, Angel.”

Later that day we went to some fancy restaurant which I have no doubt is owned by the man standing next to me.

“Why are we the only customer here? Does that have anything to do with you?” I asked and a smirk was all I got in reply.

“I believe this decorations too have something to do with you.” I commented seeing the all candles and lights.

“Maybe.” He said and pulled out a chair for me and served me the dinner which was already on our table.

“This is delicious.”

“It has to be or else the one who cooked it will fired and they know it.” He said with a shrug making me shake my head at him.

After we were done with the dinner and dessert a soft music was played and Xavier asked me to dance with him.

“This reminds me so much of our very first date. You remember that don’t you? You had forced me to go with you.”

“And I’m glad that I did. You are a miracle that came into my life. You brought me and Ace closer and made me realise the mistakes I made by not being there for him on an emotional level. You did not stop there, you guided me with his upbringing, became his mother, supported me with my life and is there for both us whenever we need you. You did not make things better for us instead you taught us how to make things better for ourselves. You taught me to love and to do what feels right so I’m going to do something that I had felt is right thing to do for a long while. Eva James, my dear Angel, will you marry me and be my wife for a lifetime?” Xavier asked during the dance and suddenly went on his knees holding out a beautiful ring.

Please tell me I’m not imagining this.

Tears welled up in my eyes but my cheeks were hurting from smiling so hard.

“Just put the ring on my finger already!” I said literally shoving my left hand to his waiting one’s making him laugh out aloud.

“It looks perfect.” I said looking at my ring which now resides on my finger.

“You are perfect to me.” Xavier said standing up and he had me in his arms the next moment while his lips were on mine.

“Daddy, I told you to keep your germs away.” A very familiar voice snapped making me pull away and look for our little munchkin.

“Ace, at least now let me have this moment with your mother. Why are you also so cruel to me?” Xavier said mildly irritated.

“Ace, when and how did you reach here?” I asked confused. It was then I noticed that he was wearing a tux very similar to his father and I couldn’t help but staring at him in awe.

“Sometime ago with Peter, Mamma.”

“My baby looks so good in that tux, doesn’t he Xavier?” I asked while sitting on my knees beside Ace not much bothered about the dirt as I was too lost in praising my son. But since it’s Xavier’s restaurant the floor will be spot free for sure.

“He does. He wore a tux before too, Eva. Even on Dad’s wedding. You forgot?”

“I did not. He wore tux before doesn’t means he doesn’t look dashing now. He is so adorable in it and look he even wore a bow.” I praised and place a kiss on Ace’s now blushing cheek.

“His ego level raised because of you now.”

“Xavier, stop being mean to him.” I chided him and before he could reply Ace cleared his throat to catch our attention. He then went on his knee and pulled out a small ring from his pocket.

“Mamma, you make me and Daddy happy and are always there for us. You cook for me, play with me, help me with homework, takes care of me always and tells me bedtime stories. Whenever I’m sick you are always there besides me taking care of me and praying to God for me to get better. Daddy is less grumpy now and more good. You take me out to park and beach and malls and everywhere else that I wish to go. You also bake cakes and cookies for me and always celebrate my victories. And most importantly you love me and Daddy but especially me forever and ever to pluto and back. Thank you for being the best Mamma in the world. So my dear Mamma, will you accept this ring and promise to be my Mamma for a lifetime and to forever side with me against Daddy?”

I was tearful when Xavier proposed but right now I was full on sobbing.

“Mamma, why are you crying?”

“I’m just so happy.”

“So it’s a yes?”

“Of course it’s a yes, Baby.” I said hugging him to me.

“Hey! You just agreed to side with him against me. He wasn’t supposed to say that. It’s not fair.” Xavier complained but he too was a bit emotional.

“All is fair in love and war, Daddy.” Ace sassed with a cheeky smile.

“Mamma, give me your hand. Let me put the ring on your finger.” He said and put the ring on my left hand pinkie finger.

“It’s beautiful, Little one. Thank you.”

“You are welcome, Mamma.”

That night too we all went to sleep after the normal whispering of love but unlike the other nights today it was between an engaged couple.

I’m now Xavier Whilson’s fiancé.

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