Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 5


Here is a lil Christmas gift for you guys...


Sunday being a holiday I had decided to sleep in but that plan was ruined by a phone call early in the morning.

“Hello?” I said sleepily still not putting effort to fully wake up.

“Eva! It’s me Ace.”

“Ace? Is everything alright?” I asked sitting up on the bed now fully awake.

“No. No. I just..just wanted to talk to you.” I heard him mumble.

“Oh. About what, dear?”

“Just anything? I missed you so..but I can cut the call if you want me to.”

“No, it’s alright. But does your parents know that you are calling me? Did you ask them before calling me?”

“Uhm..yeah. It’s all good.”

“Can you handover your phone to your Mom or Dad so that I can speak to them for a minute?” I asked just to be sure.

“Daddy is not here.” He said and I grew suspicious about him telling me he had his parents permission.

“Oh. What about your mother? Can I speak to her?”

“I don’t have one. If you don’t want to talk to me then you don’t have to. I won’t trouble you.”

“No, it okay. That’s not it, Little one. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making you feel that away.” I said while mentally scolding myself for bringing up his mother.

“It’s okay.” He mumbled.

“So what is your plan for today?”

“Daddy usually takes me out. So I guess we’ll do that.”

“That’s sweet. Is that why you woke up so early today?”

“It’s not early. I wake up everyday by this time.”



“Yes, I swear. I’m no lazy boy.” He said immediately.

So I am a lazy woman, I guess.

“I never said you were a lazy boy, Ace. I know you are not.”


“Did you have breakfast, Ace?”

“I did. Thank you for asking.”

This boy is damn polite.

We talked about random things for a little longer before ending the call and then I spent the rest of the day cleaning and organising things around my house and watched Netflix.

“Morning, Eva.” Anne, my assistant and friend greeted me when I reached the office next day.

“Morning, Anne. How did your weekend go?”

“Went to meet family so it was great.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“What about you? Did you visit your grandparents?”

“I didn’t, Anne. As much as I want to I knew I wouldn’t get enough time to spent with them as the journey from here to there and back to here would take up majority of the time.”

“So? You could have taken a day or two off. You never take days off and it wouldn’t hurt doing it at least once. You only visit your grandparents during the holidays and I know you and your grandparents are upset about that. You don’t have to take so much sacrifice for this company where you don’t get enough recognition and payment for the amount of work you do. You are pretty much the boss here and manages everything here but you still get paid less and it’s not fair.”

“I get paid enough to feed my family and for now that’s enough for me. In future I would for sure like to move to a company that would pay me fairly for my hard work but for now I want give my best here and take the company to higher level before quitting. I owe it to Mr Colt.”

I was the assistant of my boss when I first joined here. Mr Colt and I had a strong bond. He was both my mentor and close friend. But one year after I joined he passed away leaving all his property including the company in his wife’s name. But Martha, his wife, was not interested in this field and so she left the company for me to manage. So basically Martha is still the owner but I’m the head of the company however I get paid less than I should be paid.

“Alright. If that’s how you want it to be then I won’t talk about it anymore. Oh, I almost forgot. There is a gift for you in your office.”

“Gift? Who would sent me a gift?”

“I don’t know. A secret admirer maybe? Go check it.” She said with a teasing smile and left to her cabin.

On my office desk there was a small box of chocolate with a note on it.

To my beloved friend. Have a happy Monday.-Mr. X

“Xavier Whilson sent me chocolates?” I asked myself. A minute later I received a call from an unknown number.

“Angel, I hope you liked the chocolates.”


“Who else it would be?” He asked arrogantly.

“What is it with chocolates and all? What is going on, Devil?”

“I just thought I will be a good friend and treat you with some nice chocolates.” He said causally.

“You are taking this friend thing way too seriously now. How did you even get my number?”

“You have been working on my project so of course I would have your number.”

“You didn’t know I was working for you till the end.”

“Doesn’t matter. And if we are done discussing about the unnecessary things shall we discuss about things that’s worth to be talked about?”

“You are still that same rude man I met few days ago.”

“People don’t change overnight, Eva. Anyways, I actually called you to discuss about my new project that I want you to work on. It’s a new building for my business and I would love to have you and your team work on it than anybody else. I have already discussed about it with Ms Martha, your boss and she has agreed.”

“Oh. I guess then we will hold a meeting to discuss about the project.”

“I’d like to have it soon. Is it possible for all of you to meet us at the building site tomorrow?”

“I’ll inform you that after checking on everyone’s schedule.”

“Alright. Let me know soon.” He said and I agreed with him before ending the call.

After discussing about the upcoming project with my colleagues and finalising a meeting tomorrow with Xavier and doing a bunch load of work I was leaving for home when I received a text from Jane asking me to meet her at the ice cream shop and I knew that instant that she has broken up with her recent boyfriend.

“That cheating asshole.” She muttered and ate a spoonful of ice cream.

Jane unlike many others has a different approach after a breakup. While some drank alcohol and ranted on their ex, Jane ate ice cream in an excessive amount while bitching about her ex. She ate too much of ice cream that she would be sick for the next couple of days and by the time she gets better she would be fine about the break up too.

“But he was so good to me. I actually felt like he was the one you know?”

“You said that about every guys you dated.” I pointed out and received a deadly glare from her.

“Would you ever take back Kane?”

“No.” I replied without any hesitation.

Kane is guy from my hometown. We knew each other since our diaper days and we always did everything together. Years later he asked me out and I agreed to date him as I couldn’t picture myself spending my life with anybody else then. The people of our village wasn’t surprised by this though. They had already expected us to be together. But then she came to our village. And slowly but surely I felt Kane drift away from me. I never doubted him though. He was my rock. Months later I found out that he was seeing her behind my back. It hurt me more than anything. Because to me he was my best friend before anything and that day I lost my best friend of years. But I was quick to recover. At least that’s what I’d like to believe. I locked the betrayal and pain I felt inside me and faced them with a smile. That bastard hadn’t expected me to find out. And I know it pissed the hell out of him when I smiled and acted as if I didn’t give a shit and got over it. He did apologize to me and I said I forgave him after thanking him for teaching me that even the most trusted one’s can betray you.

“But what if he sincerely regrets his actions?”

“Then he should ask for forgiveness which he did.”

“And that’s the end of it?” She asked and I gave her a nod. Before she could ask anything I heard my phone ring and I picked it up.

“Hey, Eva. It’s me Peter.”

“Hello, Peter.”

“Remember I told you about my boss wanting to meet you? Do you think you can meet with him now?”

“I’m sorry, Peter. My friend needs me now so I won’t be able to come.”

“Can you please make some arrangements with your friend because my boss is only free right now.”

“Peter, I honestly don’t understand the point in meeting your boss and as I said my friend really needs me now and I’m not leaving her. I hope you understand.”

“I do. And I’m sorry for disturbing you like this. I’ll let him know that you are busy.”

“Thank you, Peter. And I’m sorry if I sounded rude.” I said while eyeing Jane who is continuously gulping down ice cream down her throat.

“You weren’t rude, Eva. You are being a good friend. I have to go now. Talk to you later.” He said and I ended the call with a quick bye. Jane once again began ranting about her breakup and I silently listened to her. After lots of talking, sobbing and ice creams she was finally ready to head back home.

“Why do I even need a boyfriend when I got a friend like you?”

“I’ll ask you that when you come to me to talk about your new boyfriend two days later.”

“I tried to be sweet to you but yeah whatever.” She said while shrugging her shoulders and then hollered a thanks to the waitress for offering her one free ice cream out of pity.

“Let’s go home, woman.” She said aloud and sat in my passenger seat.

“You didn’t drive in your car?”

“Nope. Came in a cab but now I’m broke after buying so much ice cream so you’ll have to drop me home.”

“Alright.” I said and drove her to her home which was almost an hour away and by the time I reached home I was too tired and slumped on the bed not noticing my phone ring.


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