Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 50

I’m now Xavier Whilson’s wife.

When Xavier proposed to me I hadn’t thought that I would be getting married to that cheeky bastard two weeks later. He had already started preparing for the wedding months before he even proposed to me. Like how crazy is that?

But I should have seen it coming. It’s Xavier Whilson we are talking about here. Apparently he felt weird using the word fiancé but loved the word wife and so he wanted to get married to me really soon so that he could start calling me something he loved. At least that’s his excuse. But I’m not complaining. I didn’t see any point in waiting either.

The wedding was a small event with just both our families and close friends and surprisingly everything to the flowers and cakes were my personal favourite. I can thank my husband for that. My grandma was over the moon the entire day as her dream of seeing me married was finally being fulfilled.

“Why is he driving so slowly? It’s taking so long.” I complained feeling like we were driving on a snail than in a car.

“Baby, he is driving at the maximum speed as allowed. If we exceed that we will be more late as we will have to deal with the cops. We are almost there anyways.” He said rubbing my arm up and down.

“It’s your fault that I couldn’t see my son for almost two weeks.”

“Hey you can’t blame me for wanting to spend some quality with my wife. And it’s not like you didn’t enjoy our time together.” He said whispering the last part in my ear.

This devil!

“Stop with the teasing.” I said feeling my cheeks turn pink. He just laughed and placed a kiss on my cheek.

“We are here, Love.”

As soon as I heard that I bolted out of the car before it could even stop properly and ran to the door where my boy along with his grandparents were already waiting for us.

“Mamma!” Ace called out running to me and I picked him up and twirled us before bringing him close to my chest.

“I missed you so much, Baby.”

“I missed you too, Mamma. Very very much.”

“No hug for Daddy, Ace?” Xavier asked standing beside me.

“Yes hug for you, Daddy.” Ace said jumping into his arms with a wide smile.

We greeted Claire and Dad before entering to our home.

“How was the trip?”

“It was good. How are you and Claire? I hope Ace wasn’t too mischievous for you.”

“We are fine, dear. Ace was a good boy too. Well..kind of.” Dad said poking his grandson’s nose.

“He was actually really good. Caused us no trouble but he did want to you both to return soon so he could be home with you again.” Claire said pulling me away from Dad to give me short hug.

“Mamma, come with me please. I have got a lot to show you.” Ace said and dragged me away from others.

“And he is back on duty.” I heard Xavier mutter from behind me.

Ace showed me the wedding photos one by one though I had already seen it beforehand. But I didn’t have the heart to tell him that seeing how excited he was to show me.

“Grandpa showed it to me few days ago. Look that’s you and Daddy. You both look amazing.” He said pointing out a picture of me and Xavier laughing at something while he was holding me.

It’s still so surreal thinking about it. I’m now a married woman.

I’m now Eva James Whilson.

Yes, I still kept my family last name, James, because I was not ready to give up that name and never will be. It has been a part of me and has been my identity ever since I was born and I will carry that name till my death. With marriage I just gained one more last name and not lose the one I already had.

“Mamma, this is me and you. I love this picture so much.” He gushed.

“I do too, little one.” I said and gave me wide grin.

“And there one with the three of us.”

“Look at this one, Mamma.” He said laughing at it. It was the picture of my grandma and grandma Anne dancing. They went crazy with their dancing. It was major shock to see them dance and I don’t think I would ever forget it. Gabe had Maria accompany him that day but I wasn’t sure where their relationship stands as I did see them bicker the entire time. Mike was there too along with Jane, Anne and few others from my office. He looked in awe the entire time. Heck he had almost fainted when I had first told him about the wedding.

“We should get some of these framed.”

“Yes, Mamma. I want to have them in my room.”

“Angel, Dad and Claire are about to leave. Please come down.” Xavier yelled from downstairs.

“Come on, Bud. Let’s see them off.”

“Why don’t you come here tomorrow for dinner? We can have a movie day.” I suggested.

“That’s a great idea. I will bring the dessert.” Claire said excitedly.

“We’ll see you guys tomorrow then.” Dad said and bid us goodbyes.

“What have you been up to these days, Buddy?” Xavier asked lifting Ace up.

“Doing homework and homework and homework, Daddy.” Ace said groaning and I couldn’t contain my laughter.

If kindergarten works haunts him then I wonder what he will say few years later.

“That’s bad. It’s Sunday tomorrow so do you want to go out and relax after your hard work?” Xavier asked ruffling Ace’s head.


“And where do you want to go?” I asked poking his nose.

“Can we please go to the aquarium? I want to see fishes.” He said enthusiastically.

“We can, Buddy.”

“Thanks, Daddy.”

“You are welcome, Champ.”

“Who wants see the gifts we bought from our trip?” I asked wriggling my eyebrows.

“Me. Me.” Ace said pointing at himself.

“Come on then.” Xavier said and carried him to our room where our bags were already placed.

We showed him all the gifts we had brought for him and he seemed happy with all especially with the watch Xavier got for him which I believe is expensive as he was the one who purchased it.

“It’s past your bedtime. Go brush your teeth and get ready for bed.” I said putting all the gifts away.

“Okay, Mamma. Can I sleep here with both of you today?”


“Ace, you are a big boy now. So shouldn’t you sleep in your bed?” Xavier asked interrupting me and I send him a deadly glare.

“But..Fine. I do get to hear my bedtime story though right?”

“Yes you will, Bub. Now go brush your teeth.” I said and he ran to his room.

“Why did you tell him he can’t sleep here with us?” I asked Xavier frustrated.

“I didn’t tell he can’t. I only asked him to confirm if that’s what he wanted.” He said with a shrug.

“You did it purposefully.”

“Maybe I did. He can’t always sleep here with us now, can he? Now that we are married, we should have our space too, right?” He teased smirking and pulled me into his arms.

“Xavier, hush.” I said slapping his arm while trying to hide my blush.

“What? Don’t you want another one like him?” He asked leaning closer to me.

“Xavier..keep your distance. Ace will come in anytime now.” I warned but no, he does not listen, does he? And as expected just as his lips connected with mine Ace barged into the room with a yell.

“Mamma, help.” Ace said looking panicked.

“What happened, Baby? Are you alright?” I asked hurrying to him.

“I think I brushed too hard, Mamma. My tooth is moving. It’s going to fall out.” He said freaking out.

“Oh, that’s it? You freaked the hell out of me.” Xavier said sighing.

“Daddy, what do you mean that’s it? My tooth is about to fall out. Even Grandpa’s or Gran grandpa’s teeth hasn’t fallen out yet but mine is about to.” Ace said now hyperventilating.

“Little one, it’s okay. Don’t be worried. It’s normal. After this tooth is gone you will get another one. I promise. A better and strong one. Mamma too lost her teeth when I was your age but I got them back. Everyone does, Ace. Some kids of your class also has lost some teeth, haven’t they?”

“But they told everyone they lost it by fighting the bad guys away.”

“Little liars.” I heard Xavier mutter under his breath.

“You protect your family everyday so God wants to grant you stronger teeth so that you can eat more chocolate as reward. But it will take some time to get a new one though. But you know good things take time.” I tried to convince him.

“You promise I will get it back?”

“Mamma Promise.” I said pressing a kiss on his forehead.

“See if it can be pulled out now.” Xavier asked making Ace freak out again.

“It has to be pulled out?”

“Yes, Ace.” Xavier confirmed.

“Oh..but..I guess it’s okay. I can handle it.” Ace said after few seconds.

“It should come off easily now. If we didn’t pull it out it might come off during his sleep and I don’t think that will be safe.” I said after checking his upper incisor which should come out with a slight tug.

“Let’s do this now then.” Xavier said with determination acting as if he is preparing to go for a war.

“You can do it. Let me get some tissue.” I said handing him Ace.

“What? Why do I have to the one to do it? You do it.”

“You just have to do it.”

“I don’t trust myself with this. This is not my thing. I might end up pulling all his teeth out. You don’t want that to happen to our son, do you?”

“You just have to be a little gentle.” I tried to convince not having the guts to do it. It’s not that big of deal but I just didn’t have the courage.

“You do it, Angel. Ace, you want your Mamma to pull out your first tooth, don’t you? Tell her to do it.”

“Mamma, I don’t want to lose all my teeth now because of Daddy.”

“Okay. Okay. I will do it.” I gave in.

It’s not a big deal, Eva. Even Ace isn’t that scared now. Moreover it’s a special moment between you and Ace.

“It might hurt a bit but not too much, okay? It will be over soon.” I said making him sit on the edge of the bed and sat on my knees on the floor in front of him while Xavier watched us like a hawk.

“I trust you, Mamma.”

“Here we go then.” I murmured under my breath.


“Gotcha.” I cheered once the tiny tooth came out. A little bit of blood came out which I immediately cleaned with the tissue and hid so that Ace wouldn’t freak out. He looked at his tooth in fascination.

“Smile for me, Little one.” I cooed and he gave me wide grin.

“I don’t look bad, do I?”

“You look adorable, Baby.” I said pinching his cheeks.

“That he does.” Xavier agreed while Ace checks himself on the mirror.

“Time to sleep now, my mighty warrior.” I said seeing his eyes droop once the excitement over his fallen tooth was over.

“Warrior sleeping here though.” Ace said laying on the middle of our bed.

“Alright, alright.” Xavier agreed as Ace fell asleep within a minute.

“I can’t believe we didn’t tell him about this before. He was truly freaked out.” I said looking at tooth in my palm.

“I had totally forgotten about this matter.”

“It must started moving sometime ago but the furious brushing might have made it easy.”

“You not going to keep it, are you?” Xavier asked sounding creeped out while looking at tooth that I was still staring at.

Dang, got caught.

“Shouldn’t we keep it?”

“Why should we? That’s creepy.” He said frowning.

It’s not creepy! Not for me at least. Don’t parents do this?

“Uh, okay. I will go put it away then.” I said and went out of the room. After drinking water from downstairs I came back upstairs this time holding the tooth in other hand and went to the bathroom to change, ignoring Xavier’s gaze on me.

I let out a sigh once inside the bathroom and checked the bathroom cabinet to find small container to put the tooth in. I found a small empty lip balm container of mine and put the tooth in after cleaning the container.

So what if my husband is creeped about keeping a tooth? I’m going to do it. It’s my son’s first ever tooth to come out.

I showered and changed into comfortable pajamas after hiding the container safely. Xavier was already on the bed doing some work in his laptop by the time I was done. He closed and kept it away soon after I climbed onto the bed beside Ace.

“Maybe..we shouldn’t have thrown it away.” Xavier murmured after a while of laying silently.

“What do you mean?”

“Like it’s his first tooth. Shouldn’t we keep and cherish it?” He asked turning to face me.

“But you looked creeped out with it which is why I had thrown it away. Would he ask for it tomorrow? He might get upset knowing we didn’t keep it safely and instead threw it away. He would have wanted to show it to his grandparents tomorrow.” I lied. About throwing it away that’s is. The rest might be true.

“The thought was creepy at first. It would have decayed anyways. But still we should have kept it. Where did you put it?”

“Trash.” I lied again.




What I didn’t know when I fell asleep that night was that the ‘oh’ he said meant ‘oh I will go through the trash to find tiny tooth in the middle of night which wasn’t even there in the first place.’

“Xavier?” I asked bewildered seeing him standing beside two security guards who were going through the trash can in our backyard.

“Eva? What are you doing awake? Go sleep back to, baby.”

“What the heck are you doing?”

“Looking for the tooth.”

“Come back inside. You are not going to find it in there. I apologize for disturbing both of you at this hour over nothing. You may leave now. I’m really sorry.” I apologized to the two guards.

“It’s okay, Mam.” They said in unison and left after Xavier gave them a nod.

“Angel, what do you meant when you said I won’t find it in there?” Xavier asked once we were inside.

“I meant what I said.”

“I know that it’s small. But we can find it. As you already said, Ace would be upset knowing we threw it away.”

“Did we really threw it away though?” I asked smirking at him.

“What do you mean? You went to throw it away. Oh...right! I should have known. I was an idiot to think you out of all would dispose it. Of course his mother would want to treasure it. So all this trouble for nothing?”

“I didn’t know you would be doing this.”

“You could have told me.”


“Wait, shouldn’t we place money under his pillow? You know the tooth fairy thing?” I asked remembering the infamous tooth fairy.

“Why tell him shit? He won’t believe it anyways. We could just give it to him instead of lying to him about a fairy. But for now let’s talk about you fooling me.”

“I didn’t know you would go looking for it.” I justified.

“I felt bad so I had to find it.”

I can’t believe all this trouble is about a tiny tooth.

I went close to him and give a small kiss.

“Forgive me now?”

“That’s not enough. More.” He murmured against my lips.

And the rest is history.

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