Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 52

The next day Xavier and I finished up with work early and decided to go to mall together so that I could pick out a gift for Mike’s upcoming birthday.

“What do you suggest we buy for him?” I asked once we were inside the mall.

“Balloons?” He joked.

“Xavier, be serious.”

“Buy him whatever, Love. He would like it.”

“Thanks for the help.” I said sarcastically.

“You are welcome, Angel. Can we have something eat before shopping? I’m starving.” He said ignoring my sarcasm.

“I am too.” I admitted and decided to get food first.

Xavier went to order food while I chose our table. I had found a vacant table for us and had just sat down when this asshole came up to me and began to annoy the hell out of me with his flirty and perverted pickup lines. I literally shoved my left hand to his face so that he would get the hint and leave before Xavier sees and kicks his ass. But no, he had the guts to sit beside me and touch my thigh.

“Hand off you, Asshole.” I yelled at him and slapped him.

“What the hell, Bitch?” He yelled back glaring while touching his now red cheek.

“You are the bitch here who is not capable of keeping his hands to himself.” I shouted which turned people’s attention to us.

“Keep your damn voice down or else you won’t have it anymore.” He hissed at me while trying to grab my wrist.

“Who are you tell me to keep my voice down? Get lost, you pervert.”

“That’s it.” He threatened and made a move to grab my wrist again. “You are going to suffer.” He muttered under his breath.

“Oh. You mean to say you are going to suffer, right? That is quite true. Let’s pray that you still get to breath after this.” I said smirking, noticing Xavier furiously storming towards us. And before that pervert could say or do anything Xavier already had him lying on the floor.

“Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” He asked me looking for wounds or bruises on my body.

“No, I’m fine.” I said and after he glanced at me to assure that I wasn’t hurt he turned back to the man who was now getting up only for to fall back down from Xavier’s kick.

“How dare you treat my wife like that, you asshole?” Xavier asked kicking and punching the man who then began to bleed. Sounds of the man’s cries, punches and bones breaking was heard aloud in the food court. I was not stupid enough to get in between and try to stop Xavier only to get hurt. So I just stood where I was and tried telling him to stop after I was sure that the man got what he deserved. Security reached by then and pulled Xavier off the man and dragged the man away.

Xavier came to me and hugged me to him trying to calm himself down. Making the situation worse I suddenly felt nauseous and drowsy and I gripped on his shirt while trying not to faint.

“Angel, what’s wrong? Do you want to sit down for a bit?” Xavier asked worried and I gave him a nod in reply. He made me sit on the chair and sat on his knees before me and I laid my head on his shoulder while he rubbed my back.

“Can somebody get some water instead of just staring?” I heard him yell but I didn’t get the chance to drink and as I was unconscious by then.

When I opened my eyes the next time I realised I was laying on the hospital bed with my distraught husband sitting beside me.

“Angel, thank God you are awake. You had me worried shitless. Are you feeling okay now?”

“Yes, I’m fine now. So please take that frown away.”

“He did hurt you, didn’t he? And so you fainted.”

“No. He tried touching me and I slapped him when touched my thighs. You were already there before things could go wrong.”

“That asshole will rot in prison for even thinking of laying his filthy hands on you. I promise you that.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary. You already punished him enough.”

“It’s not enough. He should think of the consequences the next time he even thinks of groping a woman.” He said firmly and I kept quite knowing there is no use of talking about that matter anymore since he has already made up his mind.

“We have to inform the doctor that you are now awake.” He said and pressed a switch. A nurse immediately ran inside and looked fearfully at Xavier.

“Yes, Sir?”

“My wife is awake now. Call the doctor.”

“Please.” I added and she ran out again.

“What did you do to scare her like that?”

“I did nothing. That lady has been acting like I would shoot her the moment she even blinks her eyes.” Xavier said with a shrug but I knew there was something else going on. He probably must have scared the whole hospital when he came in with me.

The doctor soon arrived and checked on me. He asked me few question and nodded silently to my replies.

“We had some tests and the results has come.”

“What is it, Doctor?” Xavier asked gripping my hand.

“Mam, is it alright with you if I say it in front of him or do you want me to disclose to you privately?” Mr Charles, the doctor asked angering Xavier.

“I happen to be her husband and there is no freaking way that I’m going out. Now you better tell us why she is sick or else you will be jobless the next minute.” He threatened coldly while roughly gripping Mr Charles’s collar.

“Xavier, leave him. He is only doing his duty. Calm down.” I said sitting upon the bed and gently tugging on his shirt. “It’s alright, doctor. Like he said, he is my husband. He can hear whatever it is that you want to say.” I assured the doctor but by now my worry increased.

“Lay back down, Angel.” Xavier said moving away from the doctor and gently pushed my stomach to make me lay down on the bed.

“Are you going speak up now or do I have to do what I warned you about?” Xavier asked looking back at the doctor.

“Sir, your wife is pregnant. Congratulations. You can take an appointment for the check up.” He said quickly and began to leave.

I felt myself go still in shock unsure if I heard right. Xavier’s hand on my stomach also froze and we stared at each other gaping.

“What did you just say?” Xavier asked out slowly making the doctor stop on his track.

“Your wife is pregnant, Sir.”


“Yes, Sir.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Sir. I have to check on other patience. So I’ll take my leave now.” The doctor said and hurried out.

“Pregnant?” Xavier asked out aloud staring my stomach. He slowly removed his hand from my stomach which I notice was now shaking. He glanced at his shaking hand for minute before looking back at my stomach. And I pinched myself to see if I’m dreaming but I wasn’t. This is all real. I then poked my belly gently in wonder.

“Angel, you are pregnant.” Xavier murmured cupping my head. Before I could stop him Xavier picked me up and twirled us around.

“We’re going to be parents again! I’m going to be a Dad again.” Xavier yelled out making me laugh while tears escaped my eyes.

“We’re having another child, Love.” He whispered pushing his arms which was supporting my neck forward so that my face was close to his and he placed a kiss on my forehead and then a long kiss on my lips.

“We are.” I whispered back breathlessly. Xavier placed me back on the bed and wiped my tears away. He then bend down to place a kiss on my stomach.

“Hello there, we just came to know you are in there, Bub. I’m so happy. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms. I love you already.” He whispered and pressed another kiss. The tears continued to flow out of my eyes seeing him act this way.

“You are happy with the news, aren’t you? I know we didn’t exactly plan to have a baby now but our Bub is already there in your womb though we were safe. So this was meant to be, Love. God gifted us with the baby.” He said gently cupping my face in both his hands.

“I know. I’m just shocked but I’m happy. Really happy but also really scared.” I whispered.

“It will be fine, Love. I promise I will support and help you through out and make sure you are okay and comfortable.” He said hugging me to him. I had no doubt about that. I was sure Xavier would go overboard and panic about every little thing I do from now on.

“Do you think we’ll be a good parent to this one here?”

“Of course, Love. Ace is alive. We didn’t kill him by any carelessness so I think we are great parents.”

“I’m terrified of how Ace will react. You know how he is. He isn’t ready to share us yet.”

“Let’s not tell him right away. We’ll figure out something and slowly ease him into the idea of having a sibling.”

“He is not going to like it.”

“Don’t stress about it, Eva. Things will turn out to be fine.”

“I hope so. Shall we leave now?”

“We shall if you sure you are fine.”

“I am.”

“I will take an appointment with the best gynaecologist and we’ll visit the doctor later today. For now let’s get you something to eat. You haven’t had anything since noon and it’s already time for dinner.”

“It’s night already, Xavier. We can go first thing in the morning. And we can eat from home. Ace must be alone and worried since we are so late.”

“He is not alone. Dad and Claire is there with all the security guards outside. The three of them are sure worried after hearing you fainted.”

“Let me call them and inform I’m fine then. They must be freaking out. And Xavier, drive home. The sooner you reach the better.”

Ace must be scared now. Knowing him, he wouldn’t calm down till he sees with his eyes that I’m fine.

“You, me and our baby are hungry. We are going to eat first.” Xavier said firmly.

“Xavier, we’ll eat from home. That’s more safe and healthy anyways right?” I said hoping he would agree then.

And that idea thankfully worked.

“Ask Dad to cook dinner. Healthy dinner that is.” Xavier said while I was calling Dad.

“That’s kind of rude to tell my father-in- law that. You just keep driving.”

Xavier grabbed my phone from me and put it on speaker and right then Dad picked up the call.

“Child, are you alright? What did the doctor say?”

“She is fine now, Dad. Can you cook us something quick? She should be having something healthy with plenty of nutrients.” He said and my eyes widened at this.

“Claire and I have already started with dinner. And yes, we’ll cook something healthy. I knew that kid was not eating enough and see what happened now. I will be sure to give her lecture about it when you guys reach. Bye for now.” Dad said and cut the call.



“Why did you do that?”

“I can ask my Dad to cook for me. There is nothing wrong in that.”

“You said for me. That doesn’t matter now anyway, does it? You already did what you wanted like always.”

“I did. It honestly doesn’t matter, Eva. He doesn’t mind. You are worrying over nothing.” He said and I just sighed while rubbing my belly still in mild surprise.

“Should we tell him about the baby today?”

“Ace will be there, Xavier.”

“We’ll tell Dad after Ace goes to sleep. He would be so excited.”

“I know. He has been dropping hints for a long while.” I said and laughed thinking about the times Dad hinted at wanting another grandchild.

Ace came running to us the moment we reached and hugged my legs tightly.

“I’m fine now, Ace. So don’t worry alright?”

“You sure, Mamma?”

“I am, Baby.”

“Come on champ, let’s have dinner. We’re starving.” Xavier said picking Ace up.

We sat to have dinner and my dear husband forced me to eat more than usual and then I suddenly grew tired from eating a lot. I put Ace to sleep and came down to share the news.

“How do you suggest we tell them?”

“Uh with our mouth?” Was my lovely husband’s reply.

“I know that, Dumbo. What I meant was how we should reveal it. Telling it straight would be boring.”

“Oh. Let me google then.”

“Kids, we will take our leave now.” Dad said coming in our direction.

“No!” I said quickly.

“Why? Is everything alright?” He asked worried. By now Claire was also beside him waiting for me to reply. I elbowed Xavier who still on his phone googling and he shook his head at me.

We’ll just tell them then.

“Everything’s fine.”


I grabbed both Claire’s and Dad’s right hand placed it on my belly.

“You cannot leave the house without telling goodbyes to our little munchkin here. Bub will be upset with his or her grandparents.”

It took them few minutes to grasp what I said and then they were full on screaming and cheering.

“Are you really pregnant?” Dad asked looking slightly tearful.

“She is, Dad. In few months you will another grandchild to play with.” Xavier confirmed and I was suddenly engulfed in a hug by Claire and then by Dad.

They were still pretty hyper and cheering in happiness when a voice suddenly interrupted us.

“What is going on?” Ace asked appearing behind us. He was sleepily rubbing his eyes while looking confused. My hand immediately grasped Xavier’s in fear.

“Nothing, Ace. You Grandpa saw a spider somewhere and is freaked out by it.” Xavier said while tightening his hold on my hand on assurance.

“Silly Grandpa.” Ace said slowly walking towards us. Xavier picked him up and Ace laid his head on his father’s shoulder slowly going back to sleep. I let out a relieved sigh while Dad and Claire mouthed an apology.

“We’ll talk about this matter later on. We have to get back home now. It’s getting really late.” Dad said and left with Claire.

Xavier wrapped his free arm around me and pulled me to him.

“We’ll figure out something.” Xavier said pressing a kiss on my temple while his hand was rubbing my stomach.

Let’s just for hope things to go well.

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