Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 53

“Good morning, Love.” Xavier murmured.


“Any morning sickness?”

“No.” I said with a sigh. I had waited few minutes laying on the bed after I woke up to see if I’m going to spend my morning puking my guts out or not. Luckily I got morning sickness only on certain days however when I did get them they were pretty bad.

“That’s good. Morning, Bub.” Xavier said skimming his hands over my belly.

“I’ll start with the breakfast.”

“Be careful.” He reminded like usual.


“Good morning, Eva.” Chris greeted me upon seeing me enter the kitchen.

“Good morning, Chris. Any suggestions for breakfast?” I asked while wondering what to make today.

“Healthy and delicious breakfast is already ready, Dear.” Chris said emphasizing on the word healthy as Xavier is recently very strict about it not only on Ace but also on me since we came up to know we were expecting.

“You don’t always have to cook for us, Chris. You already have too much work to do. I can do the cooking when I’m home or not very busy.”

“I do not mind, Eva. I enjoy cooking and taking care of your family. Also who can say no to bonus money?” He asked grinning cheekily making me giggle.

“Are you flirting with my wife, Chris?” Xavier asked Chris, coming to the kitchen with Ace beside him.

“No. Never.” Chris replied quickly.

“Hmm. That’s better for you.”

“Of course, Sir. I have my woman back home with my kids and grandkids. She will kick my poor butt if I even smile at another lady.”

“He is messing with you, Chris. Xavier, you made the poor man sweat.” I said pinching Xavier’s arm.

“Stop hurting me, woman.” Xavier said swatting my hand away.

“Breakfast.” Ace demanded annoyed.

“Ace..” I called raising one of my eyebrows at his tone.

“Sorry, Mamma. I meant can I please get breakfast, please?” He asked now politely. I nodded in agreement and served him breakfast.

We began having breakfast together while discussing our plans for the day and Xavier kept on adding more food onto my plate making me glare at him.

“That’s not for you. It’s for Bub.” He whispered in my ears.

“Both of us are full.” I said pushing my plate towards him silently asking him to finish it.

“You barely ate.”

“I ate enough.” I stated and he finally gave in.

“Mamma, you know you are supposed to eat more food now, right?” Ace said suddenly making me almost spit my juice.

“What?” Both Xavier and I said together.

He knows already?!

“Grandpa said you were sick and had to go to the hospital because of not eating enough. I can’t let it happen to you again. Ace was very scared when you had to go to the hospital. Ace didn’t take enough care of his Mamma. But from now on he will take super care of you, Mamma. You won’t be sick again.” He said sounding determined.

“You have always taken great care of me, Ace. So don’t say otherwise. Mamma is fine now. You don’t have to be scared anymore, okay?”

“But you still have to have more breakfast.” He insisted and I had no choice other than to give in.

“He is making sure his younger sibling gets enough nutrients without even intending to do so.” Xavier said to me as soon as Ace left to get ready to kindergarten.

“He is very nurturing.”

“And he will be the same way toward our little Bub.”

“That is if he likes the idea of having one.”

“Since when did you become so pessimistic?”

“I don’t remember the exact number of days.” I said sarcastically which didn’t amuse him as expected.

“Let’s get ready for work before it’s late.”

“I’ll come in the noon to have lunch together. If at all you are feeling uncomfortable or nauseas please inform me the very instant.” Xavier while dropping me of at the office and I agreed with him so that he could stop being a worry wart.

Just as said he appeared at my office during lunch carrying food with him and actually hesitated by the door to see if I was feeling nauseous by the smell of the food before coming in.

“How have you been since morning?”

“Great, Xavier.”

“And to make it even more great I have bought your favorite dishes. So dig in, Love.”

“Thank you very much.” I said and began to eat my lunch with him.

“Why are you zooming that picture so much?” I asked Xavier seeing him zoom in the ultrasound picture of our baby on his phone.

“I’m trying to see if I can identify the gender. I mean I know the doctor said it’s too early to tell but maybe if I zoom in the picture I’ll be able to tell.” He said and I literally face palmed at his words.

“If I only I had realized you were this stupid before I married you.” I groaned out.

“You would have married me no matter what and you know it.”

“My fate.” I said sighing and he glared at me and then continued to stare at our baby’s picture.

“Xavier, our Bub haven’t grown enough yet to identify the gender. Zoom in as much as you want but you still won’t be able to tell.”

“I know that but there is nothing wrong in trying.”

“Why are you so idiotic?”

“Hey, enough bad mouthing me. Our baby is hearing everything and once he/she is born Bub will ask you why Mamma is always so mean to Daddy.”

“Our baby knows that I’m just stating facts.”

“I’m not getting you anymore ice cream.”

“Oh so now you want deprive our baby from having ice cream? That’s cruel.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You did. No ice cream for me means no ice cream for the baby.”

“Our baby requires nutrients from you to develop not ice creams.”

“What if our baby does wish to have some ice cream once in a while? And even if our baby doesn’t want it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy your pregnant wife things that she craves for.” I said using the pregnant card.

“I will get you and our baby ice cream, okay? Now stop twisting my words.”

“I didn’t twist your words!” I said annoyed.

“No, you didn’t. I’m sorry. Forget I said anything.”


“Happy wife, happy life. I get it now.” I heard him murmur and chose to ignore it.

“Time to get back to work. See you in the evening.” He said after we were done with our lunch and silly arguments.

“Take care.” I said and gave him a short hug.

“I will, Love. You do the same.” He said and after giving me a short kiss he left.

I continued to work till four and then walked to the nearby baby shop out of curiosity and roamed around the aisles merely looking around. I didn’t know I had spent almost an hour there till Xavier called me asking where I was. Soon enough he stepped in to the shop and reached up to me.

“You had me worried, woman. I have been looking for you in your office. And you only picked up the phone on my third call.” He said as soon as he was near me but I was too busy staring at the onesie in my hand.

“Xavier, look at this onesie. Isn’t it adorable?” I asked showing him the white onesie with baby elephant print on it.

“It is. It’s so tiny. I remember when Ace was born he was this tiny and I was really scared of holding him in fear of dropping him. And now we are having another tiny one.” He said while feeling the cloths in his hand.

“Dad picked Ace up today right?”

“He did. Tomorrow is Saturday so he might spend the night there. Knowing him we can’t be sure though.”

“He will come back before we go to sleep for sure.” I said smirking.

“Mamma’s boy.” Xavier said shaking his head.

“Shall we buy some things for the baby now that we did come here?” Xavier asked while going through different pairs of clothes.

“It’s too early for all those, Xavier. We’ll buy sometime later. Moreover I want Ace to be involved when we do shopping for his sibling.”

“As you say. But I’m buying this onesie now for sure.” He said taking the white onesie that I was still clutching in my hand.


“Don’t tell me you don’t feel like taking this home with you.”

“Fine. But only this one.” I said and he immediately left to the bill counter as if I would stop him buying it if he took his time.

After leaving the shop we went to have donuts before returning home. An hour later as expected Ace came home and began rambling about everything he saw in the park Dad and Claire took him to.

“Can we go sleep now, Mamma? I’m tired.” He said sleepily.

“Of course, Dear. Let me just put these dishes in the kitchen. You may go get ready for bed.”

“Mamma, fast. I want snuggles.” He said shaking my hand.

“What’s going on here?” Xavier asked coming out of his home office.

“Our boy here wants some snuggles. So here you go.” I said picking Ace up and passing him to Xavier.

“My son wants Daddy’s snuggles or tickles?” Xavier asked lightly pinching Ace’s cheek.

“Snuggles.” Ace said while wrapping his arm around Xavier’s neck.

“Snuggle it is then.” Xavier agreed and left to Ace’s room while carrying him.

“Goodnight, Mamma.” Ace murmured sleepily before they left the room.

“Goodnight, Little one.”

Sometime later I checked on them to see both of them asleep in Ace small bed which Xavier despite his words haven’t asked me to really change it so far.

It is only a matter of time till one more bundle of joy get to lay beside us and I’m counting days for that precious day.

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