Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 55

The next morning Ace acted as last night’s talk didn’t happen at all. He was back to his usual self and both Xavier and I was confused on how to bring up the topic without going through what we went through yesterday.

“Let him take a leave today. I’ll also not go to office and will try to make him understand that nothing will break our family apart.”

“But he has that kindergarten trip to the museum today.” Xavier reminded.

“Oh that’s today? How could I forget that?”

“Don’t beat yourself for forgetting. We have a lot of things going on right now so it’s normal that something’s slip out of our head. We’ll talk to Ace after he is back from school.”

“Okay.” I mumbled suddenly feeling faint. Before I could sit down I felt myself falling down but was thankfully held up by Xavier.

“Shit. Angel, here. Lay down for a bit.” He said and helped into the bed and brought me water to drink.

“Have you eaten anything since yesterday? Did you have your breakfast?” He asked once he was sure I was okay.

“I will eat soon. I wanted to spend as much as time possible with Ace after he woke up.”

“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feed yourself. Just stay here till I return.” Xavier said and came back five minutes later with lots of food.

“Eat up everything. No excuses.” He said sternly and I gave in knowing he wouldn’t be at peace till I ate it all.

After eating my breakfast we dropped off Ace at school and I left for Claire’s to spent time with her as Dad was away for work.

“Here you go, have this salad while I make calls to some friends of mine to see if they can come here and give us a spa day here in home.” Claire said placing the salad before me.

“Alright, go do your thing while I finish up this. Thank you for making this for me.”

“No thanks required, dear. Now feed yourself and you baby.” She said and left the room. By the time I finished eating the doorbell rang and the ladies barged inside as soon as the door was opened.

“Wow that was fast.” I couldn’t help but say.

“Our girl called us for a favour and we make it happen ASAP. That’s our rule.” Said a lady with black hair and blue highlights.

“And prepare yourself to have the best spa day ever.” Another woman said already taking out nail polishes.

“Eva, this one with blue highlight is Amanda, the one there holding nail polish is Chloe and the shy girl who haven’t said anything till now is Piper and girls this is Eva.”

“Nice to meet you all.”

“Nice to meet you too and congratulations. Claire said that you are pregnant.”

“Thank you.”

“Alright enough talking. Get to work ladies.” Amanda said and started on my hair.

Around three hours later I had my hair trimmed, deep conditioned and blow dried and also had my nails done after so long. Claire too did her hair and nail done and had some face treatment. Both of us enjoyed our time as the girls were hilarious when together. Piper too after a while seemed comfortable enough to crack a joke or two.

“I’m hungry.” Amanda said and let out a sigh.

“Let’s order something.” Claire said and we all agreed.

Soon we started binge watching Netflix while having lunch and making fun of each other.

“I farted infront of my first crush before I could to ask him out.” Amanda said and we all broke out laughing.

“I was sixteen and I was dared to climb a huge tree. I climbed and reached the top but lose my grip while trying to get down and fell on the top of a guy who had a crush on me since I was a child. He was passing by and didn’t see me on the tree till I fell on him and a broke one of his bone. He never came near me after that and I couldn’t be happier.” Piper said grinning wickedly.

“I bet that wasn’t accidental.” Chloe said narrowing her eyes at Piper.

“Maybe or maybe not. But what matters is that I didn’t get even a scratch from that fall. Lucky me.”

“Poor him.”

“I was at a grocery store and this lady grabbed onto the last Greek yogurt they had from me arguing that she wants it when it was me who picked it first. I cursed bloody murder at her and left the store happily with my yogurt. A week later my boyfriend took me to meet his family.”

“Don’t tell me...”

“Yep. She was his mother and she kicked me out. My boyfriend spoke nothing to support me even when she threw insults at me and my family. I then realised he was a coward. So kicked his nuts and walked out in slo-mo.” Chloe said.

“Damn girl.” Amanda hollered.

“I was with a guy and was happy because he knew I couldn’t birth to a child and still wanted to be with me. Later I found out that he wasn’t serious about our relation and considered me as a mere fling. I punched him which broke his nose though I didn’t mean for it to. I also keyed his car and told his nice mother how much of an asshole he was. He got yelled so loud by his mother that all his neighbours came to know about his actions which again I didn’t meant for it to happen but it did and I believe he learned to never mess with a woman’s feelings after that.” Claire said

“You go girl.” Amanda and Chloe cheered.

“You deserve the world, Claire.” I said while giving her a shot hug.

“So do you and everyone.”

“Alright. Your turn, Eva.”

“I did beat my now father in law with a remote when we first met as I thought he was kidnapper and came to take my son away.” I said saw them wince.

“Dang, girl. I’m surprised that he let you marry his son.”

“My charms never fail, you know?” I teased.

“Take lesson girls, you wanna marry someone you beat his father with a remote.”

“And you may end up in prison than with your love.” Claire mocked.

“My turn. When I was a kid I stole my mom’s favourite lipstick and buried them hoping that it would grow into a lipstick tree and would give us many lipsticks.” Amanda confessed sheepishly.

“I remember being terrified of eating watermelon as a child. I thought if the seed went to my stomach it will grow into a tree and I would die.”

And that’s how we spent our time till 7 in the evening before I rushed back home in Claire’s car as Xavier wasn’t picking up his phone.

I heard shouting’s when I was close to the front door and hurried inside to see Ace yell at his father about something.

“What’s going on?” I asked nervously.

“How did you come? I told you I would pick you up.”

“I took Claire’s car. Now tell me what is going on here.”

“It’s nothing. You may freshen up and take a nap. Chris has cooked dinner before leaving so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“It clearly not nothing, Xavier. What happened here before I came in?” I asked and before he could reply I crouched down in front of Ace and ran my eyes over his now red face.

“Ace, what’s wrong?” I asked placing my hand on his shoulder.

“Go away.” He yelled and slapped my hand away making me flinch in shock at his words.

“Ace, what is the matter? Talk to Mamma, little one. Tell me so that we can find a solution.”

“No. Just go away.” He yelled again and this time I felt my eyes getting teary. Xavier lifted me up from the floor and made me sit on the couch before turning to towards Ace.

“Do not yell at your mother ever again, Ace.” Xavier warned sternly.

“She is baby’s Mamma now. Not Ace’s. Tony was right. Mamma would leave once she have a baby. Now she has a baby and she would leave me like he said.” Ace said and angrily kicked away the onesie we bought few weeks ago. I stood up immediately from the couch and went to him.

“That’s not true, Baby. Mamma would never leave you. Never. I love you too much and can’t even bear the thought of being away from you.”

“No, you lie. Mamma lie. You will leave. You won’t love me as such as the new baby. And then you will leave. You can leave. Ace won’t stop you. If Mamma don’t want Ace then Ace don’t want Mamma either. I don’t want you! Leave now, Mamma. LEAVE.” He yelled so loud that every word uttered seemed to echo in my ears and I was sure I could never forget them. I was too hurt by his words and mentally tired that I didn’t notice his little arms trying to push me away and I ended up falling and hit my head on the glass table.

“Eva.” I heard Xavier shout in worry and I was soon lifted up by him. He guided me back on to the couch and carefully checked on the wound.

“Angel, you’ll be fine okay? The doctor is on her way.” I heard him say. I knew nothing major happened to me but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that there was no need of a doctor. My head didn’t even hurt or maybe I was still in shock but I still knew that I was fine and so was my baby.


“Ace sorry, Mamma. I didn’t mean to hurt you, Mamma. Ace is sorry.” I vaguely heard a small voice murmur but once again I found myself unable to speak. All I could hear in my head was my son telling me he didn’t want me and asking me to leave. Or did I dream all that? Or was I hallucinating. My pregnant self have been eating many weird food combinations as of lately so maybe that made me hallucinate or else why would I hear my son saying bizarre things?

“Ace, please go to your room now. Come down when I call you, okay?”

“But, Dadd-”

“Now, Ace.”

Once I heard footstep fade away I felt arms surround me for a minute before they left and return to treat my forehead. The next few minutes or hours was a blur.

“Talk to me, Angel. Our Bub is fine in there. Are you in any pain? The doctor has given you pain killers before she left. Do you want take one now?”

“Does he hate me now?” I was finally about to speak.

“Ace? No, Love. He can never hate you. He is just angry now. But we’ll talk to him once we are all calm.” Xavier said while wrapping his arms around me again. I found my gaze moving to the onesie that was laying in the floor.

“He was already pissed about a kid pushing repeatedly him during the trip and when I was in kitchen he went to our room in search of something and found the onesie and that added fuel to his anger and he began yelling at me asking me to throw it away and that was when you came and all this happened.”

“I’m ashamed to say this but I don’t know what to do about this anymore. I just want things to go like before.”

“I know, Baby. And it will be alright soon. For now rest okay? You are more than tired.”

The next morning I woke up to the sound of phone ringing which was followed by a curse.

“I’m sorry, Love. Go back to sleep.” Xavier said silencing his phone. I sleepily reached for my own phone and checked the notification to see a message from Grandma.

“Is something wrong?”

“Grandpa’s arthritis is causing him trouble but he refuses to see a doctor. Grandma wants me to talk to him.” I said sleepily and put the phone aside to try and get some more sleep.

“If he is refusing to go to a doctor then we’ll have a doctor go to him.” Xavier said and I looked at him to see him look suddenly lost in thought.

“Get some more sleep, Angel. I will bring in the breakfast for you.” Xavier said noticing I was looking at him and then kissed my forehead.

I woke up again sometime later and this time it was Ace who was beside me.

“I’m so sorry for hurting you, Mamma.” He apologised looking at my forehead. He however did not realise that the wound hurt me way less than his words.

“I know, baby. It was an accident.” I said cupping his face. “It’s all forgotten. Don’t worry about it, okay?” I assured him about the wound.

Deciding to bring up yesterday’s fight and hopefully convince him that having a baby doesn’t mean I will leave him, I sat up on the bed but suddenly I started seeing black. Clutching my head I blinked hard to clear the dizziness but it wasn’t too successful.

“Mamma? Mamma, are you okay?” Ace asked worriedly.

“I..I am, baby. I think I got up a little too quick. Why don’t you go get ready for school now? And please ask your Dad to come up here.” I said leaning against the headrest. Ace hesitated for a second before leaving and just as he was leaving Xavier came in with breakfast.

“Xavier, I don’t feel too good.” I said once Ace was gone. He immediately put the tray aside and rushed to me.

“What is it, Love? Where does it hurt?” He asked in concern while I laid back down on the bed.

“Is it your head?” He asked checking over yesterday’s cut and I winced from the sudden pain in my stomach.

“Let’s get you to hospital.” He said immediately and hurried carried me out of the house and into the car. The pain in my stomach vanished as soon as it appeared but it had instilled a deep fear in me regarding the safety of our baby and I knew Xavier too felt it even when he was trying to reassure me.

After several long minutes of tests and check-ups it was fortunately concluded that the baby is fine and only then did I feel like I could finally breathe.

“Our baby is fine, Angel. Bub is fine.” Xavier repeated in relief and kissed my knuckles while his other hand rested on my belly. Once that news sunk in Xavier began interrogating the doctor again.

“Then why did she feel pain? She felt faint too. She has been feeling faint every now and then.” He asked the doctor who explained that my blood pressure has been fluctuating and that is most likely the reason for the fainting spells.

“Mrs. Whilson, I will be giving you medicines to help but you have to make sure you don’t strain your mind or body. You need to prevent yourself from stressing. It’s highly important for you and your baby right now.” The doctor emphasized in the end before leaving.

I looked at Xavier who was now the epitome of stress. Even without any words, I could tell what was going on his mind and I knew he was more than terrified while rushing me to the hospital. And I also know that a part of him must be blaming himself now.

“Xavier, I’m fine now. And our bub is too.” I assured him squeezing his hand. He silently burrowed his face into my stomach and stayed like that for a while.

“Love.” He said after a while and was silent for a minute.

“I think it would be better for you to stay with your grandparents for a while. I have been thinking about it since morning but now I’m sure that it would be better.” Xavier said cupping my cheek.

“Xavier, what are you talking about? Are you sane right now?” I asked. Xavier being a worry wuss always stayed close to my pregnant self. And now he himself was suggesting that I go miles away from him.

“I am, Love. I was laughed it off when your grandma suggested but now it feels like it’s th-’

“Ha! I knew you couldn’t have come up with such an idea. Xavier, I don’t mind going to my grandparents in fact weren’t we already planning to go to them this weekend or the next? So why should I go alone now? Let’s all go together.” I suggested. “And when did you even talk to my grandma?” I asked confused.

“I talked to her this morning after she texted you about your grandfather’s refusal to visit the doctor. I had arranged for a doctor to consult him at home and had called her to inform about it and then we got to talking about you and your grandma just joked that I should take you there if you are were being stubborn and overworking yourself and that she would make sure you prioritize your health. I told her not to worry and that Ace and I are taking care of you but now I feel like a couple of days alone with them would do you good.”

“No, it won’t. I would only stress more wondering what is going on with you both here.”

“It’s only for a few days, baby. We will be there this weekend and by then Ace would have calmed down too.”

“Ace is calm now. I talked to him this morning. We just have to sit down and talk to him and make him understand. If I go now it would only make him think that he was right about me leaving him. He would think I left him, Xavier. And that is the last thing I want to happen.” I argued.

“I wouldn’t let things go that way, Eva. I promise. And he will be talking to you over phone all the time too.”

“Xavier, forget it. I’m not going. We’ll go together as planned.”

Xavier Whilson’s POV

Before I could persuade her further my phone rang and I picked it up as it was from home.

“Hello, Daddy? Is Mamma okay? I came down after getting dressed and you were both gone. Chris said you took Mamma to hospital. Is she sick? Or does her head ache?” Ace rambled out in worry.

“Your Mamma is okay now. We’ll be coming home soon.” I assured him and I saw Eva smile upon realising it was Ace on the call.

“And” He asked slowly and seeing the surprise in my eyes Eva frowned.

“Daddy…?” He called when I didn’t reply immediately. The hint of concern in his voice when he asked about his sibling shocked me.

“The baby is fine too, Ace.” I assured him and Eva gaped in surprise.

“Okay, I will see you when you get home.” He said quickly and ended the call. He was surely shy now but I could also tell from his voice that he was relieved.

“He asked about Bub.” I told Eva who was waiting for me to speak. “He was worried about both of you.” I told her and happiness shone in her eyes.

“He will grow to love the baby, won’t he?”

“He will, Love. He surely will.” I tried to convince her.

Once we got home as expected Ace began fussing around his mother. I reheated the breakfast that I have gotten for her in the morning and carried up to her.

“How many times have I told you Mamma that you should eat enough food? You keep getting sick because you don’t eat enough. You fainted that day in the mall too.” Ace chided reminding us of the day she fainted and we got to know about Bub.

“Okay, bubba. I will eat. Don’t be mad.” Eva said and opened her mouth for him to feed her as he insisted on it.

“Doctor has said that your Mamma shouldn’t stress about anything. Stress can cause issue for her and the bab..’ I paused worrying the word would trigger him.

“Do not go anywhere near the kitchen then, Daddy.” Ace teased and I huffed dramatically at this while the mother and son duo laughed.

“Don’t worry, Daddy. I’ll take care of Mamma. No stress, worries or sickness. Only happy Mamma.” Ace promised and his mother kissed his cheek hard making him chuckle.

“I love you, little one.” She said running her hand through his hair.

“I love you too, Mamma. Now you please eat this.” He said and began feeding her and when I sat beside them he fed me a strawberry saying,

“Here you go, Daddy. You need to be strong too.” And I thanked him by giving him a kiss.

After Eva was done eating her breakfast I went down to put away the plates but when I came back up Eva was looking stressed again and Ace was trying to assure her of something.

“What’s the matter, Love? Are you feeling sick again?” I asked rushing to her.

“Gran grandma called, Daddy.” Ace reported.

“What did the doctor say, Angel? Is something wrong?”

“He gave him medicines for arthritis. Said it will help. But while treating grandpa asked him about a lump he had which he had not mentioned to any of us. The doctor said it looked concerning and that he should have it checked in the hospital and get some tests done. Grandma sounded really worried.”

“We’ll get it checked then. We’ll have him do all the necessary tests. Maybe it would be nothing serious.” I try to assure her. The more I tried to keep her stress free the more things happened to worry her.

“Maybe..I should go like you said. Grandpa will have to be taken to a hospital in the city, Grandma won’t be able to do it all alone.” Eva said but then looking at Ace she looked troubled.

“We’ll all go together today. Take him to the hospital to get the tests and then you can stay with them till the weekend if nothing is wrong. Ace and I will return tonight.” I said. “You have your exam tomorrow.” I pointed out seeing Ace open his mouth in protest.

“But I’m still technically a kid. I can miss exams.” Ace argued and despite her worries Eva smiled at his words.

“I don’t want you to. Let Mamma stay with her grandparents for a couple of days and she will come back. We’ll have Daddy-son time together in the meantime.”

“We can have Daddy-son time with Mamma there, Daddy. If we come back then who will take care of Mamma? Gran Grandma has to take care of Gran grandpa. And Mamma will take care of them both but there would be no one to take care of her and she will get sick again.” He argued and his reasoning now worried me.

“Ace, Your Mamma is a grown woman who is capable of taking care of herself.” Eva pointed out sternly. “And no matter what happens both grandma and grandpa will be there for me if I need anything.” She assured me.

“And I will also arrange a help.” I said. “To help around in the kitchen and the farm. Your Grandma might need help now and I don’t want you to do everything on your own.” I added before she could protest and she agreed to put me at ease.

“That’s decided then.” I said but now Ace looked worried.

“But you will come back, won’t you? You won’t leave me? Especially after what I said yesterday?”

“Of course, I will be back, baby. Even if you yell at me a thousand times that you don’t want me I will still be here with you because I need you okay? I need you always.” Eva promised.

“But I need you too, Mamma. I’m sorry I said otherwise yesterday. It was lie. Ace can’t be without his Mamma.” He said hugging him.

“Ace won’t be without his Mamma and Daddy. No matter what happens we will always be there for you. We will love you always, little one.” She promised and Ace looked at us for a minute before replying.

“I believe you.” And hearing that we both let out a sigh.

I helped Eva pack her bags making sure she had all her medicines and ordered grocery containing her current cravings so that she wouldn’t be without them there. Once that was done without much delay we started on our journey. Much of the day was then spent in the hospital. Despite her grandfather’s protest we had him take numerous test to make sure everything was okay and then headed to their home as most of the result would come out only the next day. We had dinner together at her grandparent’s house and then it was time for Ace and I to head back home which we were now very reluctant to.

“Why are you boys acting like you are leaving her in a prison or haunted house? This is her house. She will be fine here.” Clara said looking at Ace and I.

“We know Eva will be fine and happy with you, Clara. We have no doubt about that.” I said quickly so that she won’t feel offended.

“But we’ll miss her a lot.” Ace continued for me.

“Distance makes hearts grow fonder, my child.” Clara said ruffling his hair and he just looked at her in confusion. We bid her grandparents goodbye and walked to the car with Eva to see us off.

“I love you, Mamma. I will come get you in four days, okay? Don’t even unpack your bags. We’ll come soon.” Ace promised her making her smile.

“I love you too, little one. You take care of yourself and your Daddy, alright?”

“Yes, Mamma. And you take good care of yourself too.” Ace said and gave her a goodbye kiss. As soon as she was done putting Ace inside the car, I had her in my arms. Though it was initially my idea to have her take some time away from home, now all I wanted was to snatch her back home.

“I love you.” She mumbled into my neck and I pulled back to give her a sound kiss.

“I love you, too. Promise me you will call if anything happens. Even if it’s a little discomfort, you will call me, okay?” I said and she nodded in agreement. “And call me otherwise also.” I told her and she laughed.

“I will. Don’t worry too much about me. Bub and I will be okay.” She assured caressing my cheek

“Daddy will back soon, Bub. I love you.” I said and pressed a kiss on her belly. I gave my wife one last kiss and reluctantly pulled away.

“See you in four days, Love.” I told her as I got in the car and drove off slowly.



“How are we going to survive the next four days without Mamma?” He asked and I looked at him with a sigh.

“I don’t know, son. I don’t know..”

“Daddy?” He called again after about five minutes of silence.


“Can you please give me your phone?”


“To talk to Mamma.” He said in well duh tone.

Oh well..

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