Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 56

Xavier Whilson’s POV

“Good morning, Mamma. Good morning, Daddy.” Ace yelled out as climbed down the stairs the next morning forgetting his mother’s absence.

“Good morning, Son.” I greeted him putting aside the newspaper.

“Where’s Mamma?”

“She is at her grandparents’ house, remember?” I asked and he groaned out.

“Come, we’ll have breakfast. Chris has prepared it for us. You need to head for school soon.” I said and got up to go to the dining table.

“Can we call Mamma first? To say good morning?” Ace asked after sitting beside me.

“Ace, your Mamma doesn’t have to go to work today and nor does she have to send you off to school. So let her sleep in. We’ll wait for her to call us, okay?” I said and he grumbled but agreed. But just then as if knowing her son wanted her, Eva called. I put the phone on speaker and began with my breakfast.

“Good morning, boys.” She greeted and I smiled at how cheery she sounded.

“Good morning, Love.”

“Good morning, Mamma.”

“Grandpa’s results came and fortunately everything is okay. Well, except that he has to cut down his sweet intake a lot which he is very much upset about.” Eva said laughing in the end.

“Will you come home today then?” Ace asked immediately.

“No, baby. I’ll stay here till the weekend like we planned and then you guys can come pick me up.” Eva said and Ace let out a sigh.

“How are you feeling today, Angel? Any morning sickness?”

“You got sick this morning?” Ace asked immediately not knowing anything about pregnancy symptoms.

“No, baby. I’m all fine.”

“That’s good.” Ace said. “Did you have breakfast, Mamma?”

“I did. A big breakfast. And grandma said we can bake apple pie today.” She said happily as she has been craving for it every now and then now.

“Save some for me, Mamma.” Ace said and I let the mother and son talk until breakfast before sending him off to get dressed for school. Eva and I talked alone for a while before heading out for the day.

That night Ace and I decided to watch a movie to pass time. He laid down with his head on my lap and I gently ran my hand through his hair.



“When will the baby come?” He asked surprising me.

“It will take about six to seven more months.”

“Why so?” He asked now turning to face me.

“Because your sibling has to grow inside your Mamma’s belly first.” I said and lifted his legs up slightly. “Have to grow legs.” “And arms.” I said holding his arms. “And then hands.” I said entangling our hands. “And we need some of those cheeks too.” I said pinching his cheek and he giggled throughout my demonstration. I knew by this time our Bub has got all these but it seemed easier to explain it to him this way.

“The baby is about the size of a lemon.” I said checking the pregnancy app I had installed in my phone. Ace looked at me in extreme shock at this fact and just gaped at me for a solid minute.

“You are kidding..” He said finally and I smiled at this.

“That’s very very tiny. How can baby be so tiny?” He asked bewildered.

“The baby will grow a lot in the next couple of months and then will come to be here with us.” I said and he nodded slowly before turning back towards the TV to continue watching the movie. I was a little disappointed that the conversation ended there but decided to not to push my luck. It was good that he is curious about the baby. It means he is slowly coming around to accept the fact that there will be a baby joining us soon. And for now that will have to do.

We had dinner soon after and I tucked him to bed and his mother told him bedtime story over the phone.

“Goodnight, my son.” I said kissing his head.

“Night, Daddy.” He replied back after which I went back to my room to get ready for bed. An hour later however, just as I was about to drift off to sleep, Ace sneaked into my room and tugged on my hand.


“What is it, Ace? Are you alright? Did you have a nightmare?” I asked sitting up.

“Daddy, if the baby is in Mamma’s belly then how will the baby breathe? And how will the baby eat food? Maybe that’s why the baby is only lemon size. Because of not eating.” He said and I couldn’t stop smiling at this.

“I thought I put you to sleep.” I said raising my eyebrows at him.

“Daddy!” He called impatiently.

“Baby would get everything through Mamma. Oxygen, food and everything baby needs would be provided by Mamma’s body. So now she not only eats for herself but for the baby too.” I said and he pondered over it for few seconds.

“Okay, Daddy. Good night.” He said and kissed my cheek before running back to his room and I shook my head smiling.

The next day I dropped Ace off his school and began driving to the office but somehow without being even fully conscious of it, I found myself deviating from the usual route and driving through the familiar roads leading to Eva’s village.

When I knocked on the door it was Eva who opened the door and she looked surprised seeing me there.

“Xavier, what are you doing here?” She asked and looked behind me for Ace.

“He is at school.”

“You didn’t tell him you were coming here?”

“I didn’t really plan on coming. But I somehow ended up here.” I said shrugging.

“Right.” She said smirking and led me inside.

“Where is Clara and David?” I asked looking around.

“They are both taking a nap.” She said and as soon as I heard it, I gripped the back of her neck and smashed my lips into hers in a long kiss.

“Someone sure did miss me.” She said breathlessly after pulling away.

“I sure did.” I said and kissed her again.

“Is that a baby bump?” I asked looking down at her belly.

“More like a food bump.” She said chuckling lifting her shirt and turning sideways to show it to me. “Grandma has been feeding me nonstop.” She said patting her stomach.

“No, that’s our Bub growing, Isn’t that right, precious?” I lowered myself to talk directly to her belly and pressed a kiss on it making Eva giggle. I told her about Ace’s queries regarding our Bub and she as expected was over the moon to know that he is slowly getting used to the idea of having a sibling.

“Come on.” She then said tugging on my hand.

“Where are we going?” I asked seeing her go to the kitchen and coming back with a picnic basket.

“I’m taking you on a date.” She declared.

“Is that so?” I asked smirking.

“Uh..Uh..Let’s go, Devil.” She said and walked out after writing a short note for her grandparents. And in fifteen minutes she had a picnic set with a beautiful view around us. She then began munching onto grapes and talking about her day so far but stopped abruptly to lean towards me to kiss my cheek.

“I love you.” She then said giving me that beautiful smile of her and at that moment she looked so beautiful with the greenery around us and her hair open and moving along with the light breeze, with her wide smile and rosy cheek that I stood stunned for a whole minute.

“I love you, my Angel.” I whispered back caressing her cheek while feeling so grateful and blessed to have her in my life. Eva pecked my lips and then laid down on my lap and my hands found solace in her hair.

“We should go on a babymoon.” I suggested running my finger gently along her face. “We’ll have Ace stay with his grandparents and go somewhere for a couple of days. Just us.”

“Well, it won’t be just us..” Eva pointed out placing her hand on the top of my other hand that was resting on her stomach to remind me of Bub. “But yes, we should have a babymoon.” She agreed.

“Where do you want to go?” Eva asked.

“Wherever my wife wants to.”

“Somewhere quiet. And close to nature. Like the cliché cabin in the woods type. Where we can stay in all day and just be lazy and cosy and be with each other.” She said smiling as she spoke.

“I would like that very much.” I said and raised her knuckles to lips and gently pressed a kiss on it.

“But we should have access to apple pie and chocolates and pickles and ice cream.” She pointed out making me chuckle.


“On that thought, can we get some baklava now?” She asked sleepily as she turned to snuggle to my stomach.

“Whatever you need, Love.” I whispered seeing that she had already drifted off to sleep. Soon after that I headed back home to be with Ace but only after making sure that my Love got the baklava she craved for along with plenty of kisses that I craved for.


The next day evening I took Ace to the park. He didn’t really go play with other children in the park but Eva still often brought him here and since we had nothing much to do around the house I thought we might as well spent some time outside.

We both sat on a bench a little further away and he began telling me about his day at school while munching onto fries. It was then we saw two kids arguing with each other.

“Mom, Gus took my toy.” We heard a young boy complain to his mother.

“No, Mom. It’s mine not his.” The eldest boy huffed out angrily.

“Both of you put that toy away and go play with the other kids.” Their mother ordered.

“I don’t wanna play.”

“Geo, do as I said. Gus, take your brother with you.”

“No, I’m not taking him with me. I’m going to the slide.” The eldest child said and went off. Geo ran behind to catch up with him but he fell down when another kid intentionally kept his foot out to trip him.

“Geo!” Gus yelled out and before anyone could go help, Gus ran back to his brother and helped him up.

“You hurt my brother.” Gus muttered angrily before pushing the other kid down and began fighting with him which was soon stopped by their mothers. After the mothers were done scolding them for their actions, Gus held his little brother’s hand and together they walked towards the swing like the last ten minutes did not happen. I looked at Ace to see him also watching them.



“Do siblings fight a lot?”

“Some do. Some don’t.”

“Gus and Geo seems to like fighting. Are every brothers like that?”

“No, Son. Sometimes sibling likes to bicker a lot with each other. But if someone else tries to hurt one of them then they might get protective like how Gus was. Think of how your Mamma and Uncle is whenever they meet. They fight, they prank each other and they tease each other a lot too but they also love each other very very much and would do anything for the other.”

“Did you wish to have a sibling, Daddy?”

“At one point I did wonder how it would if I had a brother or sister but then I realised that I probably won’t get one.”

“But now you can. Little uncle Eli will be like your brother right?” Ace asked and I nodded after giving it a thought. I’m not sure if Elijah and I would exactly have a sibling relation when he comes to live with Dad but I know I wouldn’t particularly mind having it if that’s possible.

Ace was honestly weirded out when Dad and Claire told him about Elijah which was understandable but he gradually came to accept the idea of having a kid few years older than him as his Grandfather’s son. As Dad has been a constant figure in his life since he was a baby, he wasn’t insecure about it and also with Claire he was fine but when it comes to his mother he deeply feared losing her.

“And now you are also a brother.” I pointed out half expecting him to express anger again.

“Am I having a brother or a sister?” He mumbled so low that I almost didn’t hear it. I then smiled in relief and in joy .

“We don’t know that yet. The doctor will tell us soon.” I said and he nodded.

“Ace, this baby is not going to affect your relationship with your Mamma like you are fearing. You are both her children and she will love you both equally. And so will I. You will just have one more person to love you unconditionally like we do. Someone who would look up to you and play with you.” I said and he remained silent looking at the ground.

“We will be a family, Ace. Always. And we will love you more and more everyday.” I promised and he looked at me for assurance and then hugged me silently.

“You will always be my pride and joy.” I promised and heard him sniffle. I brought him closer to me and kissed his head.

That night again I put him to sleep and kissed him goodnight but around 1:00 am he came to my room worrying me.

“Ace, what’s the matter?” I asked now worried because not only was it very late and way past his bedtime, he also looked very tensed.

“The baby would hate me, Daddy.” He said in worry and I let out a sigh, relieved that he wasn’t hurt.

“I had a a nightmare. I don’t remember now what it was but I think the baby hates me. I said mean things to Mamma and baby. I said I don’t want a sibling. The baby must have heard and would think I hate him/her. Baby wouldn’t understand that Ace was just scared. Baby would think I’m mean and hate me.” Ace said now sounding almost hysterically. I picked him up and put him on my lap wiped away the single tear than was now trailing down his cheek.

“No, baby boy. Our Bub doesn’t hate you. You are Bub’s only big brother. So how can baby hate you? You are smart, kind, loving and thoughtful. I’m sure your sibling already loves you.” I assured him but he shook his head.

“But Baby won’t think like that because I was mean then. I have to apologize, Daddy. Say that I didn’t mean any of those.” He insisted so much that I had no other choice than to call Eva and wake her up from her sleep.

“What happened?” She asked worriedly as soon as she picked up the video call.

“I need to talk to the baby, Mamma.” Ace said with determination.


“Just show him your belly, Love.” I said but she still looked at me in bewilderment. Seeing that I was being serious, she moved the phone lower to face her stomach. Ace then let out an audible sigh before beginning to speak.

“Hi…it’s me Ace. So you might be mad at me and maybe even hate me-

“Ace, what are you-’ Eva began to say but I interrupted her knowing he needed to do this.

“Let him talk, Love.”

“I know I said mean things when Mamma and Daddy told me about you. But that wasn’t because I didn’t like you. It was only because I was scared I would lose our Mamma. That she would choose you over me. That she would leave. But our Mamma never lies, do you know that? So if she say she won’t leave me, then she won’t leave me. If she says she will love me only more then I believe her. Daddy told me that we are both a part of her and that she cannot and won’t choose one over the other. That we make her whole. That we are a family. The Whilsons. And I trust Daddy too. So I’m not scared anymore. But I’m really sorry for being mad. I hope you won’t hate for it. Can you please forgive me?” He asked in the end and waited a couple of seconds. “It’s okay. You can give me a reply when you are here. But know that from now own I’ll love you and take care of you. And I’ll try to be the best brother in the world for you.” Ace promised and his whole talk made me teary and I could hear Eva sniffling from the other side.

I know Ace’s insecurities haven’t vanished altogether from him overnight. I know they would be back to gnaw at him once in a while. But now he had the strength to fight them and our love for him would be a proof that he is valued and it would help him fight his demons.

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