Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 57

It’s been couple of weeks since I returned home from my grandparents and so far things have been going smoothly. We no longer have to tip toe about the whole pregnancy with Ace who have come to accept and even like his baby sibling. The first time we took him to the doctor’s appointment with us was a memorable moment for all of us. I think that is when he actually fully comprehended the fact that he is going to have a sibling soon. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat and seeing the baby on the screen made it more real for him than our words did. The way he reached out to touch the screen in awe is an image that I would always treasure in my mind. His fears may not have subsided fully but his excitement grew more and more each day. He was no longer against the new changes. He slowly began accepting them and was more optimistic about everything which I was proud of.

Today probably more than Xavier and I, Ace was more excited about the doctor’s appointment to know the gender of the baby. We had initially thought of having a gender reveal party however the three of us were way too curious that we couldn’t wait any longer and we also wanted the three of us to be the first ones to know. But just so that I wouldn’t miss the experience of gender reveal party, Xavier had suggested that we hold a party to reveal the gender to our family and friends and I agreed to it immediately.

“I’m so so excited, Mamma.” Ace said while jumping around.

“So am I, Ace.” I replied gently rubbing my now visible bump.

“Let’s go. I can’t wait anymore.” Xavier said and rushed us out.

After the appointment we all left the hospital with huge smile on our faces. The gender of the baby didn’t really matter to us. We know we would love our baby no matter what but still the curiosity and the excitement was too much. Ace was too hyped up after knowing the gender of his sibling that he refused to sit still and went on blabbing about what all they would do together. The games they would play, the books they would read together and so on.

“I can’t wait to hold Bub in my arms.” Xavier said placing his hand on my bump and I looked at him in complete happiness.

“Mamma, Daddy, let’s go. We have to buy things for baby.” Ace said and got into his car seat. I had suggested to start purchasing everything new born related few months later on so that the boys didn’t end up buying the entire baby things in the world by the time nine months is up but they insisted on being prepared and to buy necessary things and both of them were so looking forward for the shopping that I couldn’t say no.

The boys went wild the moment we got into the shop. Both went on and on picking things and throwing them into the cart. Ace didn’t even know what half the things that he was picking up were but he deemed that they might come in handy at some point whatever they were. And Xavier knew a lot about baby products. More than myself, if I must say. He knew which baby carrier was the best, which baby monitor and what material cloth would be ideal for the baby mostly from his own experience with Ace and then from his research. And so I trusted him with all that. But he too went overboard and I stood staring at both father and son zooming around the store.

“Baby, we already got more clothes than needed. And that is meant for one year told babies.” I told Ace who pouted at me.

“But it is so cute. And what if it’s not here a year later?” He asked and I gave him a pointed look which made him put it back.

“I think we are done for today.” I said and they both frowned at me.

“But we still has so much left to get.” Xavier said and I glanced at the three cart full of items.

“And we have lots of time to get them. We already got too much stuff and I’m also getting tired from walking around.”

“Why didn’t you say that before?” Xavier asked now concerned and took me to the car immediately. He asked them to deliver the purchases to our house and drove us home quickly. Once home I took a nap while the boys neatly organised the baby things in the room we have planned to turn into nursery.

That weekend we had all our close friends and family at our house for the party. Even my grandparents who rarely stepped out of our village stood eagerly in our backyard waiting for the gender reveal.

“You look beautiful, Mamma.” Ace said running into the room and gave me a quick hug. I looked at myself in the mirror one more time and smiled at the mirror image of Ace and I. I was dressed in an off shoulder long white gown which showed my bump nicely. My hair was in a long braid and with few strands framing my face. Ace wore a white shirt and navy trouser and his father had styled his hair for him today to match his own style.

“Thank you. And look at you. My handsome young man.” I said pinching his cheek.

“Thank you, Mamma. Everyone is waiting for us. Uncle Gabe tried to bribe me to tell the gender three times already but I turned them down of course.” He grumbled out the last part.

“I’m proud of you for not falling Gabe’s bribing. Let him stay in the dark for some more time. He will know the gender when it’s time for him to know.” I said and he nodded in agreement. “Come on, let go find your Daddy now.” I said and held out my hand for him to hold.

“Angel.” Xavier murmured when he saw both of walking towards him.

“You look wonderful, my love. And so do you, Mamma’s boy.” He said placing a kiss on both of our cheek. We thanked him and walked towards our family who were waiting for us.

“My child. It’s seems like it was just yesterday that I held you in my arms and now you are mother of two. It’s so surreal.” My tearful grandma who had always dreamed of this day said after hugging me.

“Don’t go sappy on me now, Grandma.” I teased so that she wouldn’t get more emotional and she as expected tapped on my head for that.

“Where is Grandpa?”

“He is busy scoffing down all the sweets here.”

“Nothing surprising there.” I said laughing.

“Woah, sis. You are glowing.” Gabe said as soon as he saw me.

“It’s my highlighter. I knew it was worth the price.” I said making him look at me weirdly.

“You are weird as hell.”

“Mamma is cute not weird. And highlighter is the shiny thing on her face if you didn’t know already.” Ace said and I almost laughed at look on Gabe’s face.

“Thank you for telling me that, Ace. I’m sure your future girlfriend would appreciate your knowledge on makeup.” Gabe said and Ace just shrugged in reply.

“Hey, man.” Gabe said when Xavier appeared beside me with my juice.

“Hello, Gabriel. How are you doing?”

“Doing great. So can you please reveal the gender already? How long are you planning to keep us hanging like this?”

“Patience, Bro.” I said patting his shoulder.


“I’m not telling you.” Ace said immediately and ran away.

“Don’t you have anything else to do than bribing kids?”

“Nope.” He said and ate an entire cupcake in one bite.

“So what’s the plan?” I asked Xavier when we were alone. He has yet not revealed to me on how exactly he planned to announce the gender of the baby and took care of everything by himself.

“You’ll see.” He said smirking.

“Xavier, do you even have a plan?”

“I do, my love. So don’t worry about it.” He assured.

“If you say so.” I said shrugging my shoulders before walking towards the pastries which have been tempting me for so long.

I saw Xavier talking to someone over the phone for few minutes before coming over to me with Ace on his hip.

“It’s time.” He said pecking my lips. I looked around to see what was going but upon seeing nothing unusual I looked back at him.

“What is going to happen?”

“Look up, my love.” I said and glanced up to see a plane flying over with a huge banner attached to its tail which revealed the gender of the baby.

Of course, he had to be make it extravagant!

Everyone around us glanced up and then cheers were heard and at the same time confetti and smokes of pink colour surrounded us.

“It’s a girl.” My brother Gabe read out aloud and then began whooping loudly in excitement.

“I’m having a baby sister.” Ace shouted loudly for everyone to hear. Xavier pulled me closer to him and placed a warm kiss on my forehead. I looked at the happy faces before me and rubbed my belly silently telling my baby that she has so many people here to love and cherish her.

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