Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 6

Xavier Whilson’s POV

“Here is your coffee, Sir.” The maid said and placed the cup on the table before walking out.
I let it cool down for few minutes before taking sips from it while finishing off some works from home before leaving to office.

“Ace is ready, Mr Whilson.” Peter informed.

“Alright, let’s go.” I said and collected my things required for office before going downstairs.

“You got everything you need for today?” I asked Ace and he nodded in reply. We then headed to our car and drove off to his kindergarten.

“See you in the evening, Ace.” I said ruffling his hair.

“See you.” He mumbled before running off to his class.

“Shall we leave, Sir?” Peter asked while my eyes was still on Ace.

“Yeah.” I said and he began driving again. Sighing I picked up Ace’s phone that I had with me and went through the photos hoping to find some pictures of his and found out that there weren’t many. I then randomly checked the contact list and frowned upon noticing a new contact. As far as I know the only people who had this number were me, Peter and two of the staffs from the security team.

“Peter, do you know anything about the new contact in my phone that Ace uses?”

“Uh? I don’t think I kn- oh yeah. Mr Whilson, remember the lady I told you about? The one who saved our Ace? He has her number in that phone.” He said and I felt the anger rise inside me.

“Why the bloody hell would she give her number to Ace? That too saved as ‘Mamma’. How dare she do that? I told you that woman seemed suspicious. She didn’t even bother meeting me yet. There must be some ulterior motive behind her actions.”

“No, Mr Whilson. I assure you that she is a kind woman. She has no other motive. She doesn’t even know about you or your connection to Ace. And Ace was the one who asked for her number so that we could contact her to arrange a meeting with her. I don’t know why Ace saved her number by that but I assure she has no part in it, Sir.” Peter defended the woman and it irritated me even more.

“Ace has called her twice. The first time they had talked for over fifteen minutes and the last call was unanswered. And if I remember correctly both these times the phone wasn’t given to him. It was in my office back home so he must have taken it from there which he never did before because he knows it’s not the right thing to do. She surely must be holding something against him or else why would he bother doing all this and call her?”

“I want a meeting arranged with her today no matter what excuses she makes. I don’t trust her or anyone when it comes to Ace and if this woman is trying to play her trick on us through Ace then things wouldn’t go well for her. I also want her details send to me soon.” I said and got off the car as soon we reached.

It took hours for me to finally calm down and a few meetings later it was time for my meeting with Eva.

“Did you call her?” I asked Peter on our way to my building.

“I did but she unfortunately didn’t pick up. She must have been busy with something. I’ll try again later, Sir.”

“Okay, I had enough. This woman is seriously pissing me off. She is ignoring your calls intentionally. One way or another I’m meeting her today and confronting her. She was daring enough to call herself Ace’s mother but is scared to face me because she knows I’ll have her sued. ”

“Sir, I told you. It wasn’t her who saved the number. It wa-′

“Stop defending her if you want to keep your job. Call her again and demand her to meet me and if she is not willing then get her location.”

“As you wish, Mr Whilson.” He murmured.

“We are here, Sir.” Peter said and my hand went to my hair to tame them a bit and through the front mirror I saw Peter’s eyes widen at my action.

“Is this is a special meeting, Sir?” He asked warily.

“Yes.” I said before walking out.

Eva was already there with her team and they were talking among themselves when I approached them.

“Mr Whilson.” The woman standing beside Eva said and nudged her to look up.

“Hello, Mr Whilson.” One of them greeted when I was close but my eyes were on someone else.

I nodded to be polite but didn’t bother looking at them.

“Hey, devil.” Eva said with a teasing smile while others weren’t paying attention.

“Hello, Little Angel.” I said placing my hand on her back.

“What happened?” I asked frowning seeing a fresh scar on her forehead.

“Had a minor accident. Nothing serious.” She said while gently caressing it.

“That damn car is causing you serious troubles. Just get rid of it immediately.” I told her feeling angrier than usual. The thought of her safety being jeopardized enraged me and it irked me how she was being so careless with her own life.

“Hey, my car had nothing to do with this. Stop blaming my baby.”

“So shall we start with the building tour first?” A curly haired man asked eagerly and I scowled at being interrupted.

“Yes, let’s get started.” Eva said immediately noticing me glaring at the man standing before me.

“We will continue with this conversation later.” I muttered to her and lead them inside and began showing them around.

“So what do you think of the building?” I asked Eva by the end of the tour but instead of getting her reply, one of her teammate took it upon herself to give an elaborated and unnecessary reply.

“What is your opinion, Miss. Eva?” I stressed out feeling annoyed.

“Just like Anna said. It’s great and working in this project is going to be a really good experience. I’m glad you chose us, Mr Whilson.” She said and I gave her a nod in reply.

We discussed about the project in detail for the next hour or so and ended the meeting around five in the evening.

“Do you want to go out to eat something?” I asked her while the others were leaving.

“I’m kind of hungry. So sure.” She replied with that beautiful smile of hers on her face and I found myself letting out a small smile.

We were about to walk out when her phone rang and she excused herself to attend it.

“Is everything alright?” I asked seeing a frustrated look on her face.

“I’m sorry, Xavier. I have to be somewhere urgently. I have to meet wit-

“Excuse me.” I said as my phone rang.

“Yes?” I asked over the phone annoyed at Peter for calling at the wrong time.

“Sir, I was able to contact her. She is willing to meet you in twenty minutes.”

“Fine. I’ll be out in a minute. Bring in the car.” I said and ended the call.

“Apparently I have this sudden meeting with someone.” I told Eva with a groan.

“You don’t seem interested.”

“I’m not. But it’s better to deal certain things at the earliest.” I said and she nodded in understanding.

“We’ll meet up on another day. Just take care of yourself okay?” I asked while walking her to her car.

“I will. You do the same.” She said and I found myself leaning down to place a kiss on her forehead and then walked away without waiting to see her reaction.

“So where did you ask her to come?” I asked once Peter pulled in the car before me.

“To your house, Sir.” He said while I got in.

“Are you bloody stupid? Why the hell would you invite a suspicious woman into my house, Peter? I thought you knew better than that but it seems like you are getting more idiotic each day.” I snapped at him.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Whilson.” He apologised knowing it would just anger me more if he made excuses to justify himself.

“Call her and ask her to meet us at one of our restaurants.”

“She must be there by this time. Asking her to go to another place would be more troublesome for all of us, Sir.”

“I don’t care. Do as I said.” I ordered and he parked the car to make the call.

“She is not picking up the call, Mr. Whilson.” He said bashfully and I let out a series of curses.

“Take me to the house. We’ll catch her if she comes there and if she is not there I’ll have someone track her down.”

“As you say, Sir.”

“Peter, is Ace home?”

“Yes, Sir.” He said and I felt my eyes widen.

“Drive faster then. If anything happens to him because of that woman then I’ll sue you along with her.” I said and immediately called home to enquire about Ace.

“Is everything alright back home, Sir?”

“No woman has appeared there so far. She will have to pass the gate first anyways which she won’t be able to as she has no access inside.”

We reached home and waited for around fifteen minutes for that woman to appear but she didn’t come.

“She is not coming. It’s time I do things in my own way and she for sure isn’t going to like it.” I muttered angrily.

“She is here, Sir. I got a call from Conor. He said she is by the gate. There is a man accompanying her though.”

“Let them in. And tell Conor to follow them inside to make sure they don’t cause trouble.”

“As you say, Sir.” He said and walked out.

“Mr Whilson, they are waiting for you.” Peter informed after checking in on the visitors.

As soon as I entered the living room my eyes landed on the back of a woman who was about to pat Ace’s head and I rushed to them in rage.

“Stay away from my son.” I yelled out and pushed the woman away and picked up Ace in my arms.

“Daddy, no!” I heard Ace protest but paid him no heed and instead turned to look at the woman who was now laying on the floor clutching her chin in pain though it wasn’t actually my intention to hurt her.

“Are you okay, Miss James?” Peter asked while the man who was with the lady was helping her up.

“Yeah..” I heard her mumble and felt my eyes widen at her voice.

“Eva, take your hand off. Let me see.” The guy urged in worry and carefully pushed her hand away and I took a step back in shock seeing her face properly.

“Angel?” I immediately placed Ace down and hurried to her.

“I’m sorry, Love. I didn’t know. Shit, does it hurt?”

“Back off, Asshole.” The guy beside her said angrily.

“How dare y-′

“How dare you treat her like this? You called her here for this?” He shouted at me while Ace went close to Eva who was now sitting on the floor.

“Ma..Uh..Eva, are you okay?” He asked and I was surprised at seeing him so concerned over her.

“I’m fine.” She said with an assuring smile while trying to stand up again. I went to her and picked her up and sat her down on the sofa all the while ignoring the guy yapping in our ears.

“Is he bipolar?” I heard the guy ask Peter and I shot him a glare.

“What are you doing here?” Eva asked me while my focus was on her slightly bruised chin where it hit on the floor as she wasn’t able to break the fall.

“This is my home, Angel. Peter, go get some ice for her. Quick!”

“Here is the ice, Mr Whilson.” Peter said coming to the room few seconds later.

“I don’t need that. I’m fine.” Eva assures but I still went on and gently placed the ice on her bruised skin.

“Yep. Definitely bipolar.” The guy muttered.

“Who the hell is this guy?” I asked being really frustrated with him.

“I’m her best friend.” He stated and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Eva, does it hurt now?” Ace asked and she shook his head negatively.

“No, dear.”



“I’m really sorry for what I did. I didn’t meant to hurt you. I didn’t even know it was you. I thought you were someone trying to hurt Ace.”

“That’s okay. I understand.” She said but I still apologised again.

“It’s fine, devil.” She said with a teasing smile.

“Would you like to have something to drink, Miss James?” Peter asked looking at Eva softly and I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Just a glass of water if you don’t mind.”

“And a glass of juice for me.” The annoying guy said and sat down on the sofa.

“I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

“Peter, wait.” Eva stopped him while he was about to leave.

“Do you want me to get anything else, Miss James?” He asked while I now noticed how cosily Ace was sitting beside Eva, leaned against her and playing with her fingers.

“You wanted me to meet your boss and if this is Xavier’s house then..”

“He is my boss.” Peter confirmed and I saw Eva’s eyes widen.

“Of course. It would be only you who make ridiculous demands and wouldn’t care how busy others are..but..wait..wait. Before all this fiasco happened you called Ace your..and he called you..” She said as her eyes widened further while she put things together.

“Who is this man to you, Ace?” She asked Ace who was lost in his own world.


“Who is he to you?” She asked again pointing at me.

“He is my father.”


Oh Eva....!!!

So this is the first chapter in this version written in Xavier's point of view. Did you guys enjoy it?

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