Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 60

Almost every weekend or any free time we got from then on we went to the orphanage to meet Kai and Elijah. Ace and Kai has become inseparable over the past couple of weeks and Ace would throw tantrums when it’s time to go back home while Kai put on his best upset face to try and convince us to stay there longer.

“Hurry up, please. Kai must be waiting for us.” Ace ushered and ran towards the backyard where he knew he would find Kai.

“What’s wrong?” Xavier asked and turned to face me.

“I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.” I mumbled while shrugging my shoulders. Today Elijah is finally coming home with us as his best friend left the orphanage yesterday. But with Elijah gone we would no longer have an excuse to come to the orphanage to meet Kai, the sweet boy we have all come to care for like our own.

“Let’s be happy about Elijah for now. I will make sure that we get to meet Kai even after today.” Xavier assured but I found myself shaking my head.

“You know most employees here already questions our interactions with Kai. If it wasn’t for Emily they would have even asked us to stop meeting him.” I said with a sigh. We had been getting stares from everybody whenever they see us with Kai who has the history of having anxiety attacks in the presence of strangers. Then they started throwing questions upon realising that we weren’t here to adopt him but to adopt Elijah. Emily, the lady who spoke to me during our first visit talked to them and tried to make them understand that we mean no harm and that we, especially Ace has been helping Kai a lot in being confident in himself.

“I’ll take care of it, Love. I promise.” He said and placed a kiss on my forehead. We then went after Ace to see him running behind Kai who strangely enough was chasing a bird.

“What is going on?” I asked feeling confused.

“Birdie, Stop.” Kai yelled out at the little bird who was already flying away in the sky and then almost tripped but Ace caught him before that could happen and held him close.

“Birdie.” He whimpered and Xavier picked him up when he began sobbing loudly.

“Why was he running behind the bird?” I asked Ace who was looking at Kai in concern.

“He had placed some grains on the ground for the birds to eat but none of them came down and then he saw that bird and began running behind it asking it to eat the food he kept for it.” Ace explained while Kai continued to sob. I had to stop myself from letting out a loud ‘Aww’ at his thoughtfulness.

“Shh, its okay, Son. That bird wasn’t hungry. When a hungry bird passes by he will for sure come down to eat and then tell God about your good deed.” Xavier said gently rocking Kai in his arms. I felt my breath hitch when he called Kai ‘son’ and looked down at Ace to see that he didn’t react to it.


“Promise.” Xavier said and wiped the tears off Kai’s face.

“Eva.” Kai called out noticing me beside him.

“Baby Kai.” I cooed and ruffled his hair while he blushed shyly. He then got down from Xavier’s arms and went to stand beside Ace and held hands with him.

“Kai, I had bought some of my toys for you. We can play with them now if you want to.”

Yes, Ace Whilson is finally sharing his toys with someone else.

“Yes, please.” Kai said politely and I took out the toys that Ace had filled inside my handbag for him.

“You boys play here while both of us go see Dad. Please don’t go anywhere else and don’t leave each other’s side, okay?” I asked and they nodded in agreement. I placed a kiss on both their forehead and then turned to walk in the opposite direction with Xavier beside me.

“I feel like crying.” I admitted and I was immediately hugged by my husband.

“I blame my hormones though.” I justified.

“You can’t blame everything on your hormones now. Give it a break.” Xavier teased and I slapped his arms.

“No matter what happens Kai will always be safe. I’ll do whatever I can to ensure that. You have my word.” He said and I let out sigh before giving him a nod.

“Hey, Dad.” I said seeing Dad holding few bags which I assumed to be Elijah’s.

“Hey, you met him?”

“Yeah. He is playing with Ace.”

“I see.”

“Where is Claire and Elijah? Are you ready to leave for home already?”

“They are both doing some last minute packing. And we were planning on leaving in the evening so that it gives both of you and Ace some time with Kai and Elijah will also get time to say goodbyes to others here.” He said with a soft smile and I knew that he was doing this more for us as I knew he would rather have his son back home with him as soon as possible.

“Thanks, Dad.” I said and gave him a hug.

“Anything for the three of you. Four I mean.” He corrected looking down at my baby bump and I chuckled at this.
After chatting with him for some more time we went back to the children to see what they were doing.

“Mamma, we are hungry.” Ace said coyly as soon as we sat beside them and a pouting Kai nodded along to his friend’s words.

“I know you have seen me pack the chocolate chip cookies in my bag. Is that why both of you are suddenly hungry at the same time?” I asked with a knowing smile.

“Maybe?” Ace said sheepishly. Ace loves cookies and we found that Kai too has a great love for them. So after making sure with Emily that he is not allergic to any of the ingredients and getting permission from her I had been bringing homemade chocolate chip cookies once in a while and today happened to be one of those days.

“Here you go.” I said and handed them the cookies I packed for them.

“For Eva.” Kai said and gave me a cookie for which I thanked him for.

“Here is one for you, Daddy.” Ace said giving Xavier one.

“For Baby.” Kai said and handed me another cookie.

“Baby said thank you.” I said and he leaned over and whispered a ‘welcome’ to my baby bump making my heart melt.

“Mamma, is my baby sister hungry?” Ace asked while rubbing my belly.

“I don’t think she is, Ace. This cookie will do for now.” I said and he placed a kiss on my belly before going back to eating with Kai.

By the time it was evening the boys were tired of playing and sat down beside me and Xavier. Kai handed Xavier a book that we had recently bought for him and requested him to read it for them while I was busy munching onto some chips and watching them.

“Alright, story time.” Xavier said and began reading it for them. The boys listened to him eagerly and at times would open their mouth looking at me and I would feed them the chips.

“Kai.” Xavier called him once he was done reading the book.

“Hmm?” He hummed in reply not bothering to lift his head up from Xavier’s chest while he was sitting on Xavier’s lap. Ace was sitting comfortably beside me with his body leaned against mine.

“Elijah is coming with us today.”

“So you won’t come back to meet me anymore?” Kai whimpered and little tears soon started dripping down his eyes.

“Of course we will come to meet you. We might not get to come here as frequently as before but I want you to know that we care for you very much and will do our best to visit you whenever possible.” Xavier promised but Kai didn’t stop crying. Ace and I tried consoling him but he still wasn’t convinced.

“I can’t go long without see you, Kai. We’ll be here soon. We’ll come here tomorrow even. Please stop crying for me.” Ace said while rubbing Kai’s back. Before any of us could stop Kai was suddenly taken out of Xavier’s arm by a woman but Xavier held onto Kai and tried to take him back.

“Sir, please back off. Kai isn’t comfortable with people and you are making him cry.” The lady said and Kai began crying more loudly while trying to get back to Xavier’s arms.

“Give him back.” Ace yelled at the woman who merely ignored him.

“Mam, I promise you we didn’t intend to make him cry. He is sad about the thought of not seeing us frequently. Please give us some time with him.” I requested seeing Kai now thrashing around in her arms.

“I think it’s best for you to leave. Elijah and the rest of your family is already outside and getting in the car. I would suggest you to do the same. You are giving this poor child false hope anyways. Getting him attached to you wouldn’t do him any good. He will be heartbroken when he realizes you wouldn’t come back for him anymore. So please leave.” She said and began walking off while struggling to hold the screaming child.

“Wait, don’t take him away.” Ace shouted and ran behind her.

“He is crying. Please give him to me.” I pleaded as Kai wailed louder and louder and as soon as I was close to her Kai managed to jump into my arms and I began rocking him in my arms trying my best to soothe his worries away. Xavier appeared beside me holding Ace in his arms and they both began to murmur sweet nothings to help Kai in calming down. Soon he drifted off to sleep and was once again taken by the woman who had good intentions and did what she truly believed to be the best for him.

“Please wait.” Ace said and ran back to get the toys he had bought for Kai.

“These are his. Please give it to him when he wakes up.” Ace said and handed the toys to her and she nodded in reply and gave him a small smile before walking off with Kai.

We went back home in silence and Ace ran into his room as soon we reached and I let him cool off for sometime before going to him. He refused to talk for a while but then stared at me with tear filled eyes and made me promise that we would meet Kai again soon no matter what happens. Later that night we went to Dad’s house as he had invited us for dinner considering this was Elijah’s first day home. And despite the issues with Kai, we all tried our best to keep it aside for one night and be there for them as much as we can.

After coming back home I put Ace to sleep and was on my bed applying some cream on my belly while trying to figure out how to tell Xavier about what has been going on in my mind since the past couple of days.

“Angel, I have been thinking about something lately and I want to share it with you.” Xavier said suddenly and sat beside me.

“I too have something to say. I’m not sure if you would be okay with the idea though.” I said while he took the cream container from me and began applying it on me to keep himself busy.

“What is it?”

“You first tell me what you wanted to say.”

“Ladies first, Love.” He said put the cream away when he was done applying it.

“Alright.” I said with a sigh.

“So.. I was thinking that maybe..maybe we could-′

“Mamma?” I heard Ace calling and looked up to see him standing at the door.

“What happened, Ace? Are you hurting anywhere? Or did you see a nightmare?” I asked worriedly while he climbed onto the bed and sat beside me.

“No, Mamma. I couldn’t sleep properly. Can I sit here for sometime?”

“Of course, my baby.” I said placing a kiss on his head.

“Mamma?” He called again after few minutes of silence.


“Can we bring Kai home?” He asked and I sat frozen hearing his words. My son had just asked me the same question that I have been pondering over for so long.

“What do you mean, Ace? You know they won’t permit us to bring him here for both of you to play, right? Especially after today.” Xavier said while I remained silent.

“Not like that, Daddy. Uncle Eli got to leave the orphanage and get to stay with Grandpa and Grandma forever now. Similarly we can have Kai live with us forever. He can even sleep in my room if he wants. We won’t create any trouble and we would even guard baby sister from all the danger.” Ace said and I almost jumped up in joy after hearing his words.

“Ace, I get that you miss your friend. But adopting him is a huge responsibility. He will forever be your younger brother. And there will be no backing out once it’s done. What if one day you woke up and decide you don’t love having a younger brother anymore or that you don’t want us to play with him or talk to him? What then? Kai is a sweet child. He deserves unconditional love and care and if we can’t give him that then we don’t deserve him.”

“I won’t do such nonsense things, Daddy. I promise. Kai is like my younger brother already and will always be. Nothing and no one can change that. Please, Daddy. Mamma, please. I want him home with us.”

“How can we be sure that you are not saying this just because you miss him now?” Xavier asked and Ace promised that he sincerely loves Kai like a big brother would do.

“You have gotten almost everything you have asked for in your life but if this is some momentary wish of yours then I would rather not grant it and upset that child in future.” Xavier said firmly.

“But it’s not like that, Daddy. I swear to God I really want him as my younger brother.” Ace said trying to convince Xavier.

“It’s late now, Ace. Way past your bedtime. We’ll talk about this in the morning, alright? I promise we will. For now please go to sleep and think it through tomorrow and we will have discussion, okay?”

“Fine. But I’m telling you already that my decision won’t change by tomorrow. Kai is my brother and will always be.” Ace stated and went back to his room and Xavier went with him to tuck him in.

I let out a loud sigh and laid down on the bed and went through their conversation in my head.

“You have been quiet for sometime. What’s wrong?” Xavier said while lying beside me.

“Just thinking.”

“So what is that you have been wanting to say?”

“I pretty much know your answer already but I will still say it.”

“Go on, Love.” He said rubbing his thumb along my jawline.

“I wanted to ask the same thing Ace asked us.” I finally said what I have been keeping in my head for a long time.

“About adopting Kai?”

“Yeah.” I mumbled out sadly already knowing that he is against the idea.

“You must be kidding me. I was going to talk to you about the same thing.” He exclaimed and I sat up in shock.


“That boy has sneaked his way into all of our hearts and I know none of us would be happy with him taken away from us.”

“Then why did you react that way when Ace talked about it?” I asked feeling confused.

“As much we would love to have Kai here with us we have to be sure on what Ace wants. I know Kai is the first real friend he made and therefore he feels the need to spend all of his time with him but like I said I don’t want him waking up one day wishing he hadn’t asked for a brother. It took him some time to come around the idea of having a younger sister and I’m worried if having another sibling would be overwhelming for him as he suddenly will have to share his parents with two others. Ace is also used with getting whatever he wants and I don’t want Kai to be someone who he wants for sometime before getting bored with him and pushing him away like a mere toy. He have to fully accept Kai as his own sibling and understand that blood or not Kai will be our family once we bring him home and that there will be no going back.”

“I understand that but to be honest I really feel like he isn’t playing around about this. He always has this protective aura on whenever he is with Kai. I have never seen him being so patient like when he is with Kai. He always listen to Kai whenever he speaks and waits for him to finish talking no matter how much time he takes. It’s more than just a new friend thing. They have bonded strongly in a short span of time. I have confidence in Ace and his love for Kai but I’m more worried about Kai though.”

“Why so?”

“The orphanage have been his home ever since he was a baby. Emily had said that he had never really stepped outside to explore places like other kids there. He refuses to step out of his comfort zone. The orphanage is his safe haven and I’m worried he won’t step outside of it for us.”

“Then we would become his safe haven. We will become his home and comfort zone. We’ll show him the world and provide him with the safety and care he deserves.”

“You are right. We’ll give shower him with so much love and trap him here with us. With love of course.”

“Just like we trapped you.” Xavier said with a smirk and pecked my lips.

“We’ll discuss about this with Dad and Claire tomorrow after speaking with Ace again and then move forward with the adoption.” He suggested and I nodded in reply.

“Did you take your medicines?”

“I did.” I assured and closed my eyes willing myself to sleep.

“Goodnight, both of you.” I heard him murmur and felt him place a kiss on my forehead.

Like planned we talked with Ace once again about this topic in the morning and fortunately he was pretty adamant about his decision and also very sincere about it and so we went to Dad’s house to talk to them about our decision. On the way I called my grandparents and Gabe to inform them about the adoption and they were happy about it as I had talked to them already on how I was thinking of doing it the last time I was on call with them. We had more conversations about this in the next couple of days and once we were fully sure that we could be the family that Kai deserves, we decided to go ahead with the adoption.

We were discussing about going to the orphanage to talk to Kai about it when Dad received a call from the orphanage.

“You look worried. What was the call about?” Claire asked sounding concerned.

“It’s about Kai. He is in the hospital.” Dad said and I felt like heart stopped beating for a second.

“What? Why?” I asked while praying to God for him to be okay.

“What happened to my Kai?” Ace asked in worry.

“Dad, what happened to him?” Xavier asked immediately standing up.

“He was sick since you guys left and had also refused to eat anything. He didn’t get any better over the night so they had to take him to the hospital. Emily said he has been constantly asking for the three of you in his sleep. The doctor told them that it would help Kai a lot emotionally if the three of you stay there with him till he gets better.” Dad said and we rushed out of the house after getting the name of the hospital Kai was in.

“Thank you for coming. He is still not conscious and his fever so far haven’t gotten any better.” Emily told as soon we reached the room Kai was in. We immediately went to the bed he was laying down and Ace began patting Kai’s head when he began whimpering in his sleep.

“We are here, baby Kai. Everything will soon be okay. I promise.” I said placing a kiss on his forehead. Xavier sat on the bed beside him for few minutes before leaving to talk to the doctor. He soon had Kai moved into a private room and by the time his fever went down slightly Ace was asleep beside him on the bed. Xavier had me seated comfortably on the sofa while he sat on the chair placed next to the bed.

I heard soft whimpers and sat up straight to see Kai look through his half open eyes.

“D..Daddy..” He whimpered out seeing Xavier beside him and I couldn’t explain what my feelings were when I heard him call Xavier that.

“Shh, it’s okay. Daddy is right here. Go back to sleep. I promise I will be here when you wake up. I promise.” Xavier assured and slowly lulled him to sleep and I gave them their time and resorted to watch from the sofa where Kai couldn’t see me properly. Once Kai went back to sleep Xavier turned to me to speak.

“He chose us, Angel. And we are not letting him go.”

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