Trapped by the Whilsons

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Few months later.

“I’m hungry.” I mumbled to myself while waiting for the mini pizza’s to be done.

Usually I had Kai with me while Xavier and Ace is away during the day for school and work but today Kai went out with Dad and family. This was a huge step for Kai as he is a very shy boy and is not as comfortable with Dad, Claire and Elijah as much he is with us and going out somewhere with them especially is a huge leap of faith for him.

“Might as well as start with dinner.” I mumbled to myself and began taking out the ingredients for dinner.

“I know. I know you are hungry, girl. I get it. I’ll feed you soon so please stop kicking me.” I said to my baby bump and Chris peeped into the kitchen to see who I’m talking with and then left snickering. As if Chris doesn’t have enough work in the house, Xavier has now asked him to guard my seven month pregnant self whenever he is away.

“Mamma, we are home.” I heard Ace and Kai yell out and soon enough they came into the kitchen with both of them being carried by Xavier.

“Love.” Xavier greeted before pecking my lips while the boys bend in his arms to kiss my belly. This is one thing that they do every single day and I have grown to love it. Usually Xavier would pick Ace from school and Kai would wait for them in the front and the three of them would come to me together.

“Are you feeling alright?” He asked and I nodded my head.

“Hi, Mamma.” Ace said and leaned upto to kiss my cheek and Kai followed him and placed a kiss on my other cheek.

“Hello, Little one. How was school today?”

“It was fine.”

“That’s good to hear. What about you, baby Kai? How did the day go?” I asked and Kai gave me a thumbs up.

“Where you scared or nervous at any point of the day?” I asked though I had called Dad several times the day to ensure he was fine.

“At first. Then Kai was okay. Kai had fun.”

“That’s great, Kai. Why don’t you and your brother take a quick shower and you can then tell me everything about your day, alright?” I asked and they nodded before running off to their room. Ace always lets Kai shower first before he does and while Kai is in the shower he mostly cleaned their room or did his homework.

And while they were in their room Xavier and I gets some time to ourselves and half of that time is spent by Xavier asking me about my day and enquiring about any discomforts that I had during the day.

“Sit down, Angel. You must be tired.” Xavier said leading me to the single sofa chair he had placed in the kitchen for me.

“How is our little Bub doing today?” He asked while sitting on his knee infront of me.

“Been kicking all day.” I said while he placed his hand on my belly to feel the baby’s movement.

“Giving Mamma trouble, aren’t you?” He asked after placing a kiss on my stomach and she decided it’s time to kick again as a reply to her father.

“I’m so excited to meet you, Princess.” He said and gently laid his head against my belly.

Soon the boys came down and we moved to the living room ready to eat the pizza which was freshly out of the oven. Ace later on went to do his homework while Xavier went to freshen up. And Kai and I like usual munched onto my weird pregnancy cravings.
He is the only one in the family who would dare to eat my weird cravings with me. In the beginning Xavier used to try to stop me from eating whatever he felt was unhealthy but he stopped it knowing he was just wasting his breath. Ace would not comment even if he sees me eating the most bizarre things but also wouldn’t try eating them. But unlike them Kai would always want to try them with me and surprising enough would end up liking most of them.

“I’ll cook dinner.” Xavier said and went to the kitchen where I had the ingredients ready.

Yes, Xavier Whilson after years of struggles have finally learned how to cook.

Apparently my husband had been trying to learn to cook behind my back for a long time and only told me about it the day he believed he had perfected the art of cooking. There are still many dishes that he doesn’t know to make but at least now he rarely ever makes mistakes with recipes which I believe is a great improvement.

Ace and Kai been absolute sweethearts decided to give me foot massages while their father made dinner.

“You feeling good, Mamma?” Ace asked and I nodded in reply.

“I do. Thank you, my loves.”

“It’s so swollen.” Kai said with a pout and I almost cried when he bend his face down to kiss under my foot.

“I can never thank God enough for the two of you and your sister.”

“We love you, Mamma.” They said simultaneously.

“I love you both too.” I said tearfully.

“Thank you for giving me amazing foot massage. You may both go play now till dinner is ready.” I said and they still sat there with me for five minutes before going to play.

“Dinner is ready.” Xavier yelled out and I put aside the book I was reading and went to the dining table where my beloved chef, sons and Chris were waiting for me.

“Here you go, Angel.” Xavier said pulling out the chair for me.

“Thank you.”

Dinner consisted of small talks and lame jokes mostly made by Chris after which he took the charge of doing the dishes.

“I wanna poop.” Kai blurted out suddenly while placing both his hands on his butt and I laughed aloud.

“Oh oh.” Xavier said and ran towards the nearest bathroom with Kai.

“Mamma, can you please teach me how to hold a baby properly?” Ace asked once we were alone. He have being trying to learn more and more about taking care of a baby and each day I get more proud of the length he has come from not wanting a sibling to now trying his best to be a good brother for Kai and our baby girl.

“Of course, Little one. Can you please go bring one among the many dolls that you and your father have brought for her?”

“Sure, Mamma.” He said and ran off to his sister’s nursery and returned few minutes later with a doll and I taught him how to hold it properly like a baby. He asked me more questions related to taking care of baby like he usually does everyday and I answered them all for him the best I could.

“I’m done and I’m here. My butt kinda aches though.” Kai said walking towards us with Xavier and we all laughed out at his words.

“You will be fine in no time, Kai. Now come here. I will teach you to hold our baby sister properly like how Mamma taught me.”

“But that’s not our sister.” Kai said pointing at the doll Ace held.

“No, it’s not. But if we learn with this doll first then we won’t make mistakes with our sister.”

“But I want to hold burrito first and not a doll.” Kai said pouting defiantly.

“You’ll get to hold little doe soon, Kai. Just be patient.”

Burrito and Little doe are names they came up with for their sister after coming to the ultrasound with us. I don’t know why or how they came up with those names but that’s what they have been calling her so far and I’m sure she will be called by those names in the future too.

“But it’s been ages. I wanna meet her already.” Kai said sounding like he is about to cry.

“Baby, I told you good things takes time. Your sister still have to grow some more before she can come to meet you. Just be patient, Kai.” I said and he gave a slow nod. He then climbed onto the couch beside me and soon started to talk to my belly about what all he did today. It is one of the cute ritual he bought into our daily life. At the end of everyday he would come sit beside me like this and lay his head on my lap before starting to talk about everything he saw, did or feel through out the day even if all he did was spend the day with me eating weird things. He goes on with his talking for a long while and doing this has also improved his speech and helped him a lot with his stuttering. He seemed to be more confident and comfortable with talking during this hour than any other occasion. And after he is done with explaining everything he makes the three of us to do the same thing and it is honestly something I love doing as a family. This way I get to know how everyone’s day went and we get to share our troubles and the boys usually confess about things they have done during this session so we then talk about it and let them know what’s right and wrong about what they did.

“Time for bed, boys.” Xavier said and threw both of them over his shoulder and carried them to their room. Xavier and I temporarily moved into a room downstairs so that I wouldn’t have to climb up and down the stairs a hundred times everyday with my swollen foot and huge belly. And though it may sound weird I wasn’t comfortable with having my children’s sleep in a different floor than me though wherever they sleep they do somehow end up in our bed during the night but still we had them move into the room next to ours which thankfully they were okay with.

By the time I waddled into their room, the boys had already brushed their teeth and were in the bed fighting with their father.

“Cut it out, Boys.” I said and they soon settled down. I told them a small bedtime story before kissing them goodnights and then went back to Xavier’s and my room.

“Little bit of alone time with my wife again till our boys barges in as usual.” Xavier said and wrapped his arms around me while we were in the bed.

“Love you, devil.” I said and brought his hand to my lips to place a gentle kiss on it.

“Love you too, my Angel.” He said and placed a kiss on my shoulder. Five minutes after that we heard our door opening and as expected two boys stood there sheepishly.

“Go find someone else to cuddle with. Your Mamma is mine.” Xavier said childishly.

“You wish.” Ace said and climbed onto the bed after helping his brother to climb in.

“Did you hear that, Eva? He is so rude.”

“Blame his father.” I said with a smirk.

“Stop taking their side.”

“Daddy, Shh.” Kai said and laid down on Xavier’s chest while Ace intentionally got in between me and Xavier and snuggled into me.

“I’ll make sure to get revenge on you boys when you both gets partners in future.”

“Keep on dreaming, Daddy.” Ace said and though I was having fun hearing them bicker I stopped Ace from teasing his father any further.

“Go to sleep everyone. I’m tired.” I said and we murmured goodnights to each other and to our little baby once again.

“Goodnight, Little doe.”

“Night, Burrito.”

Bub kicked in my belly in reply and I fell asleep with a smile being grateful for my family.

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