Trapped by the Whilsons

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Bonus chapter 2

“Son, hand her over to me now.”

“No means no, Daddy.” Ace whispered back in frustration.

“But why not? I want to hold her too.”

“Cause she is sleeping and you always do something to wake her up but she needs her sleep now.” Ace said looking down at his baby sister who was comfortably sleeping in his arms while he sat on the bed with his parents watching over them. But Xavier’s intention was to get Xia though.

“I do not!”

“You do. And please lower your voice, Daddy. Remember that Mama will be pissed at you if you wake up Doe.” Ace warned glancing at the closet where his mother was getting ready to go out with her friends for the first time since child birth.

“I’m not going to disturb her sleep. I just want to hold her for a while.” Xavier whined like a kid while longingly gazing at his precious daughter.

“Xavier, Xia just went to sleep. Please don’t do anything to wake her up.” Eva said as she came out of the closet and Xavier gaped at her.

“Why do you people always assume that I’m going to wake her up? When have I ever unnecessarily woken her up?”

“Yesterday. And the day before and the day before.” Eva pointed out.

“Today morning too, Mama. Daddy sneezed and she woke up from her nap.” Ace added.

“That was unintentional like all the other times.” Xavier said pointedly.

“Yeah, right.” Eva said with a hand on her hip.

“Ace, we can lay her down on the bed or in her crib, Baby. You don’t have to hold her the entire time.” Eva said while lovingly running her hand through his soft hair.

“Okay, Mama. Just two minutes more.” Ace said while rubbing his thumb along his sister’s soft cheek.

“Ace. Mama. Daddy!” Kai called out running into the room and immediately quietened down and mumbled an apology noticing his sister sleeping.

“What is it, Son?” Eva asked crouching down before him.

“I repaired it. I repaired Ace’s aeroplane.” He said in excitement and showed off the now functioning toy to his family.

Kai, they realised had a great interest and talent for repairing things be it be broken or damaged. Ace was known for breaking his toys within an hour of getting it and each and everyone of them Kai tried to repair and make it useful again and if not for playing then for something else. Though he isn’t successful at all times he does succeed in quite a few which is surprising since he is so young and has no learning to do it.

“You didn’t.” Ace whispered in shock.

“Did too, Acey.” Kai said with a wide grin. Eva immediately picked up Xia knowing Ace was going to tackle Kai in a hug.

“Thank you so much, Kai. You are the best.” Ace said while squeezing his brother to his chest.

“You are welcome, Acey.” Kai said patting Ace’s back. Eva and Xavier appreciated their son and then Eva gently laid Xia on the bed and surrounded her with pillows before going back to the closet to pick out her shoes. Seeing his chance Xavier rushed to his daughter and peppered her face with kisses but unfortunately his stubble scratched her soft skin and Xia woke up with a cry which ensured his upcoming death.

“Please don’t tell her it was me.” Xavier pleaded to his older children and laid down at extreme end of the bed feigning to be asleep. Soon angry footsteps approached towards the bed and the boys were quick to blurt out the truth.

“It was Daddy!” The brothers said simultaneously.

“Xavier Whilson!”

“It was unintentional!” Xavier said and picked up the whimpering baby into his arms.

“You are putting her back to sleep now.” Eva told him sternly and then turned towards their sons.

“Let’s go through your homework before I leave and once I’m back we can have a movie marathon.”

“Yes, Mama.” The boys agreed while their father lulled his princess back to sleep.

“Come on then.” Eva said and began walking out and the boys ran out ahead of her.

“Hey, what if she is hungry?” Xavier asked from behind.

“Then you feed her with your man boobs!” Eva said with a glare.

“I’m really sorry, Angel. I swear I didn’t mean to wake her up. I know you had a tough time in putting her to sleep.” Xavier apologised sincerely.

“I know and it’s okay. And I had fed her not long ago so she will be fine. But if she is hungry call out to me and for when I’m out there will be pumped milk so she will be fine.”

“Okay, Love. Take care of our boys now.” Xavier’s lowering his gaze to his child again.

Several minutes later Eva came back into the room and by then Xavier had successfully lulled Xia back to sleep and was just adoringly gazing at her like usual.

“Is she asleep?” Eva whispered and sat beside Xavier who was sitting leaned against the headrest.

“Yeah. Are you excited to go out today?” Xavier asked his wife who now laid her head in his shoulder with her eyes closed.

“I am. I’m sure all the ladies have some interesting stories to share. Would you be fine though? Alone with the kids?” Eva asked tilting her head to look up at Xavier.

“I’ll be fine, precious. You just have fun. I know the last couple of months have been tough with nothing going as per the schedule and you barely had any time for yourself so at least today you must pamper yourself.” Xavier said placing a kiss on her forehead.

“And you? When will you take time for yourself? The past couple of months you were with me step by step and you should also make time for yourself at times.”

“And I will but now it’s your time and please don’t be worried about us when you are out. We’ll be fine and in case if things aren’t going well I’ll call you immediately so don’t worry about that.” Xavier said and Eva wordlessly shared her gratitude by placing a soft kiss on his lips.

“Have fun.” Xavier said pecking her lips again and after placing a kiss against her daughter’s cheek Eva left with her friends. After laying Xia down in her crib and went down in search his boys.

“Who wants to help Daddy in cooking dinner?”

“Me! Me!” Kai said jumping up and down.

“I’d like to help too, Daddy.” Ace said calmly.

“Come then. Let’s do this.” Xavier threw both the boys over his shoulders and carried them to the kitchen and assigned them small duties like washing the vegetables, stirring and tasting.

“Can I have some of those vitamin A that you are cutting, Daddy?” Kai asked and Xavier looked down at different vegetables that he was cutting in confusion.

“The carrots, Daddy.” Ace elaborated as if it was the most obvious thing.

“I’m sure few other vegetables in here also has vitamin A in it.” Xavier justified as he handed the carrots to Kai who munched on them.

“Thank you, Daddy. I love you.” Kai replied and his cute confession made Xavier tug him to his arms and press a hard kiss against his cheek. Xavier was a tough guy but his woman and his kids could bring him to his knees with a mere glance. There was nothing he valued more than his family. He has been teasing his wife for blaming her sentiments on her hormones but lately he felt like his hormones were all over the place for he felt strong emotions all the time and was constantly showering his family with affection.

“I love you too, munchkin.” Xavier replies and brushed away Kai’s wild curls away from his forehead.

“And you too, little warrior.” Xavier said pulling his other son who was watching them from the side and brought him to his chest.

“You are the best Daddy in the world, Daddy.” Ace said gently patting his father’s cheek.

“Yes, Daddy.” Kai agreed immediately.

Xavier had a time blinking away the tears from his eyes. Around two years ago his biggest fear was that he would turn out to be a terrible father and that he would be a huge disappointment for his son but now hearing his kids words he felt truly accomplished.

“Only because I have got the best children and best wife in the world.” Xavier said while silently thanking God for the treasures He blessed him with.

“Now you boys go play. Daddy, got the rest covered. Thank you for both of your help.” He said and lowered them to the ground.

“You are welcome, Daddy.”

“Keep an eye on your sister for me.”

“For sure.” Kai said and both the boys left the kitchen.

An hour later Mrs. Whilson returned home and she rushed to the living room hearing the sounds of her husband and kids.

“Mama, you are back.” Ace exclaimed happily seeing her entire the room.

“Yes, I am. What did I miss when I was away?” She asked and went to her husband to take their daughter from him.

“When did she wake up?” Eva asked Xavier while placing a kiss on her baby’s soft skin.

“Just ten minutes ago.”

“You didn’t miss out on any fun, Mama. We played and coloured in our book. Daddy also cooked dinner for us today.” Kai reported.

“You are the best.” Eva said and pecked his lips and Xavier felt all emotional again.

“Yeah..yeah. I’m Xavier Whilson after all.” Xavier said boastfully hiding his true feeling behind his arrogant mask and Eva rolled her eyes at his comment.



“Tomorrow is Saturday.”

“Okay...” Xavier replied in confusion.

“So tomorrow we’ll be going on our Saturday date.”

“Really?” Xavier asked just to clear up. Between work and kids the couple hadn’t got much time to go out on dates and with Xia being so young Xavier knew she would hesitate to leave her home and it had taken lot of convincing from his part to get her out of the house even today. Due to these reasons Xavier hadn’t forced her to take some time out for them alone. He was satisfied with their late night talks and dates they held in home after their kids went to sleep but secretly he have been wishing to spend a couple of hours with her alone without worrying about works and kids though he loved them both.

“Yeah. Their grandparents has agreed to babysit like usual. Elijah would like to have some company too.”

“Uncle Eli told he will teach us some new trick.” Ace said sounding thrilled.

“Mama, tell Daddy our Sunday plans.” Kai said sounding equally thrilled.

“Sunday plans? You guys have been making plans behind my back?”

“Yep. All of us are going on a trip this Sunday.” Eva said and intertwined their hands together while her other hand held their baby who was making little notices.

“It’s going to be Doe’s first trip.” Ace said and leaned down to kiss her tummy.

“Where are we going?” Xavier asked his wife who shook her head.

“You’ll know when you are there.”

“The boys knows?”

“We do. It will be a surprise for you and burrito, Daddy.”

“Will Kai tell me the location if I give you a chocolate bar?” Xavier asked playfully.

“You can’t bribe me, Daddy.” Kai said giggling and tried to tickle his father as punishment and Ace joined him. The boys then fought and rolled over the carpet but stopped when they heard Xia let out a yell.

“Someone is jealous.” Xavier cooed and kneeled before his wife to look at his precious gem nestled in her arms and the little boys soon appeared beside him to give their attention to her.

As the their kids interacted with each other Xavier lovingly looked up at his wife who had stood beside him through everything and helped him in making his dreams come true. He leaned towards her to place kiss of gratitude.

“Daddy, no. Don’t give Mama cooties.” The boys protested together and pushed their father away from their mother making Xavier groan while his wife laughed at their antics.

“I’ll get my revenge few years from now.”


That's it, guys. We have come to an end here. I hope you guys enjoyed reading the book and had a good time with the Whilsons. I know this book was a long journey and I want to thank you all for sticking with me till the end and for not giving up on the book.


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