Trapped by the Whilsons

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Chapter 8

Saturday came in way sooner than expected and I stood hesitantly over their front door. Before I could even bring myself to ring the bell, the door was opened by Peter.

“What exactly is your job, Peter?” I asked confused as I have seen him doing several different task.

“Basically I’m Mr. Whilson’s driver. But I also run other errands if required.” He explained.

“You may leave. I will take it from here.” Xavier said appearing beside me.

“You could atleast be bit grateful towards him, you know?” I said after Peter left with a nod.

“I am.” He said and I let out a sigh knowing he is a lost case.

“So where is Ace?”

“He has been getting ready for the past one hour. He is trying to look good infront of you.”

“He is such a sweet child.”

“You can thank his father for that.” Xavier said with a smirk.

“Nah. I have seen his father. He is rude as hell.” I said and was suddenly tugged into his chest.

“Is that so, Miss James?” He asked while one of his hand ran along my back.

“What the hell are you doing, Devil? Get out of my personal space.” I said and gulped down nervously feeling his intense gaze on me. Being close this close to him was not good for my erratic heart.

“I like you close.” He murmured and with his other hand which was initially on my waist, he curled a piece of my hair around his finger.

“Eva.” I heard Ace call out loudly from far and I immediately pulled away shuffling around nervously.

“Hey there.” I said seeing Ace run towards us.

“Hey. How are you doing today?”

“I’m doing good. Thank you for asking. What about you? How was your day?”

“It was good.”

“Would you like to see around the house?” Xavier asked and I found myself nodding.

“I’ll show you my room first.” Ace said and grabbed onto my hand and began tugging me.

“Ace, let’s show her this floor first and then we will move to upstairs and show her your room, okay?” Xavier suggested.

“Fine.” Ace muttered but still didn’t leave my hand.

They showed me around the entire house and by the time we were done my legs grew weak from all the walking.

“Ace, will you please see if the dinner is done?”

“Oh don’t make the poor boy go up and down the stairs again. We can all do down together.” I suggested.

“It’s fine, Eva. I can do it.” Ace said and went out of Xavier’s room leaving both of us alone in there.

“You can sit down, you know? You look like you want to.” Xavier said pointing to his bed.

“Is it safe and disease free?” I asked absolutely not thinking before speaking.

“I’m sorry. That was so rude of me. I don’t know what came over me. Sorry again.” I said quickly but the man stared at me for a second before starting to laugh.

“You are one strange woman, Angel. Go on. Sit down. I assure you that the bed is safe and disease free.”

“Alright.” I mumbled and sat on the edge of his bed and he decided to sit next to me.

Uh uh

“So did you talk to him?” I whispered to Xavier just incase Ace runs into the room quickly.


“And how did it go?”

“Not so good.” He said sighing.

“He apologised for taking the phone without my knowledge. He felt embarrassed that I found out about the caller name. I’m surprised that he didn’t realise that I was going to see that.”

“What did he say about that? And quit speaking so loud.” I whispered again.

“You quit whispering.” He said tapping my nose and I slapped his arm for that.

“What did he say?” I repeated again.

“As I said he was embarrassed. He considered you as his mother in his head but he had no intention to let you or anyone know of that. He knows you are not his real mother and understands that he shouldn’t call you so which is why he calls you Eva out loud. I didn’t know that he craved for a mother’s love so much. He never let me know. He is never open about his feelings with me.” He said sounding frustrated in the end.

“He is a child after all, Xavier. It must be hard for him to watch other kids with their mother. It was for me. But I was still lucky enough to feel my parents unconditional love before they passed away.” I said gulping down the lump in my throat. Xavier silently wrapped his arm around my shoulders and brought me close to his chest and pressed a kiss on my hair.

“I don’t think it would be good for Ace to picture me as someone who I am not. He would be hurt when I wouldn’t able to fulfil his expectation. And it would create more confusions and troubles.” I said pulling back from him.

“I tried my best to make him understand. But he insist that he means no harm and at last said he would give up such thoughts. But I know my son. It would be hard for him. And is it selfish of me to say that I kind of want him to feel that love? Even if you are not his mother it would be great for him to have a caring woman whom he can look upto.”

“He has a caring father who is capable of teaching him what’s right and wrong. I can be there for him but not in the way he wants me to be. I don’t want to end up hurting that poor child.”

“I understand. Just be the way you are. That would be enough.” He said and before I would say anymore I heard hurried footsteps.

“Dinner is done.” Ace said huffing a bit from the run.

“I’m sorry I had to go to the bathroom so I was late.” He mumbled sheepishly.

“That’s alright. Let’s go eat.” Xavier said and we walked down together.

“This is very delicious.” I complimented on the pasta.

“I’m glad you like it, Angel.”

“Eat some more, Eva.” Ace urged making me smile.

“I will. You make sure you finish up everything in your plate alright?”

“I will, Promise.” He said before going back to eating.

After dinner we talked for a while before going back to living room to talk. Ace was telling me everything about his kindergarten when his father interrupted him by clearing his throat.

“Just so you don’t forget, Eva is my friend.” Xavier said with a teasing smile.

“No, she is my friend.” Ace corrected him.

“No, she is not. She is my friend.”

“Daddy, stop lying.” Ace said before turning back to me and continuing from where he stopped.

“Angel, are you Ace’s or my friend?” Xavier asked and both the Whilsons looked at me expectantly.

“I’m adorable, right? You said so.” Ace pointed out to me.

“That you are.” I said grinning at his cuteness.

“And who made you adorable?” Xavier asked pointing to himself.

“God.” Ace said instantly and I chuckled at Xavier’s expression.

“True. But my genes also helped.”

“God had a hand in that too.” I said and Ace nodded.

“Fine. But looks doesn’t matter in friendship, right? And moreover I’m not bad looking either. I’m handsome.” He boasted and I liked how playful he was being now with his son.

“Eva is mine.” Ace stated.

“She is my Angel.”

“She is my Mamma.” Ace blurted out aloud and covered his mouth quickly upon realising what he said.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled out before quickly running out of the room. Xavier and I sat in shock for a minute before getting upto follow him.

“Maybe I should talk to him?” I asked nervously.

He nodded at me in agreement. “I think he is in his room.” He said and led us to Ace’s room. He waited outside while I knocked and entered the room and my eyes fell on Ace’s curled up body on his bed.

“Ace.” I called out sitting beside him. He immediately lunged into my arms and apologised profusely.

“I’m sorry. I won’t do that again. Please don’t leave me. Please.” He cried out.

“Shh. I’m not going anywhere. Stop crying, dear. It’s alright. I’m not mad. I promise.” I assured soothingly.

“I’m sorry.” He whimpered out again and I murmured sweet nothings in his ears till he calmed.

“You won’t stop talking to me, pinky promise?” He asked curling his pinkie.

“Pinkie promise.”

“Thank you.” He said while Xavier entered the room. Ace immediately wiped away his tears acting like nothing happened and a sad smile appeared on Xavier’s face.

“Why I am not included in this group hug?” Xavier asked faking a pout.

“Because you are too old to be with us young people.” I mocked and Ace laughed out aloud.

“That is so rude.” Xavier said dramatically and got into the bed and hugged us both tightly.

“Let us go.” I groaned out trying to get away from his arms but he just tugged me further in.

“I’m not leaving you both. Ever.”

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