The Rose and The Wolf

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Myra is a princess who inherited her father's empire of blood. Her possessions involve riches and jewels - and most peculiarly, a man. Although surely he isn't a man, but a thing like a man - because rather, he is a killing machine, and Myra has no idea what to do with him. This Raygar thing. [THEMES: SCIFI, EROTICA, ACTION, ROMANCE] This is WOLF DOMINION VOL. 3 but can be read on it's own. If you'd like to start from the beginning, read WOLF DOMINION VOL. 1

Romance / Scifi
C. Swallow
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Chapter 1

Princess Myra.

Possession count.

And a strange listing at the end of this list.

It was an inconvenience to call him a valuable inheritance.

After my vile father died in a war, I was now receiving all his possessions.

Raygar was one of them, and I’m staring at his name on paper.

“I have no need for a Messier,” I say, feeling uncomfortable, as Messier were seen and not heard. They were only really needed for the warring factions. There was a large portion of humanity who enjoyed peace, you know, like me, so I would not need him, but still I now owned him, “I don’t want anyone dead.”

“If you don’t mind me saying – now that you are in possession of the Palai Fort – there may be others who wish you dead,” my butler often spoke out of line, but I’m grateful of the honest opinion.

I never thought of that. Very well said. However…

“Well I’ve never bothered anyone before,” I tell Billy, “I have no enemies. I have no need of war.”

“I have not met a Messier – but they are also good defence, princess,” Billy quickly walks over to my desk, wiping off some dust that floated down from the ceiling.

I look up at the Palai Fort, and I wonder when the last time this place had been cleaned. There were stains on the walls.

“How many people have died in this room?” I sigh, “I can only imagine how many my father executed in here.”

“Soon time for a spring cleaning,” Billy smiles and notices a commotion at the doors, “Oh – they’re arriving with the treasure,” he backs off to the wall, as I watch a procession of Security Holders carrying in all the precious rocks my father had acquired… or stolen… from across the galaxies.

A lot of girls had the title of Princess in Wolf Colony.

Almost everyone from the Wolf’s Colony was rich.

And now, every human back on Earth, in their Fortifications and their colonies – had affluence. And we were all at war.

Aside from a small few. Who chose to go without possessions. Strange ones.

I watch as chest after chest is brought in, it’s a long line of Security Holders.

“I don’t need to see all of it,” I murmur.

“You need to count it,” my accountant, Kon at my right, pushes up his spectacles, “It is the law.”

“Every piece?” I whisper.

“Every chest, and the weight,” he explains, “Not every individual piece.”

“Oh… thank goodness,” I sigh and watch as a scale is brought in to weigh each part, “How long is the queue.”

“At least a kilometre outside,” my advisor, Elizabeth on my left, flicks through her phone, “You’ll be here all afternoon – you should be done counting by 10pm, or midnight, if you’re – I mean they – are slow.”

“I’ll miss dinner,” I whisper, “I wanted to go to dinner.”

“Well, I can bring you a snack here?” Billy asks.

“Not now, I’m not hungry yet,” I change my mind, “It’s time to start counting.”

“You read out the weight, I’ll add it all up,” Kon murmurs, getting his pen ready.

I nod.

This was going to be a long night, but I would survive the task.


6 hours later

It’s almost midnight and I’m starting to fall asleep. We all are. Billy is sitting on a stool, head lolling back, and his loud snoring is what wakes me up before I drift off.

“Billy!” I yell, my voice husky, “Go to bed… I can count the last three chests,” I turn to Kon, who is still awake but looking a little weak at the wrist. Elizabeth is almost asleep on my shoulder. I gently wake her up, and then tell her to go to bed. Kon, wants to stay, I can tell, but I convince him to leave as well, “All of you, please – I will do this alone.”

One by one, they reluctantly leave me to complete the task.

I could do it. It would take a couple of minutes.

I look at the document from Kon. Chest. Type of treasure. Weight. Add it onto the tally. Check the final results. Done.

My Security Holders push the chests onto the scale, one by one, and I quickly write down each weight.

Easy. Peasy.

It is such a relief by the time the last chest is finished, and I have recorded the last.

I watch each Security Holder then pick up the heavy chests together, and they slowly walk out.

My pink pastel dress is sweaty from all the hard work of the afternoon and the heat of the Destor summer. It was a cruel climate. I take a drink of ice water and sip it. I watch the last Security Holder leave, and I notice the doors are left wide open.

I sigh.

Could they not do their job right at the end and just shut the doors? Now I have to do it. I stand up, my numb-butt is tingling.

Before I go around the desk, I reach into a draw and take out a comb, brushing through my long auburn hair. I give it a quick tidy, as a cooler breeze wafts in.

When I look up – there is another arrival. Oh, no, almost done.

The last possession was to be counted.

But I forgot he wasn’t a chest – but a warrior.

Humans did not own people. But these warriors were not people, and I was about to find out why.

I had never seen a Messier in the flesh.

But my god – he turns the corner and walks right through the doors… what am I looking at? Impossible dimensions, for one.

The Guidance Officer by his side, delivers my Messier in the dark, which is, I believe, common courtesy when delivering a Messier to their station. By the night. No wonder he arrived at midnight.

I wait for any papers to come forward, but nothing does.

This is Raygar. He is at least 8 or 9 ft. I can see he is very handsome. His eyes glow like the moon. His cutting jaw is very still, his glowing eyes are laser focused on me. I feel like I’m taking in a terminator, a robot, or a soulless creature. There was no way he could have a soul.

They were made to be dangerous after all, from what I had heard.

And oh... I heard what my kind did. Humans had sexual relations with these Messier warriors. Oh, humans were surely insatiable. I could not imagine asking for that giant in my bed. Let alone to send him off to kill for me.

I was not like my father.

I watch as his human Guidance Officer leaves, clocking off in a hurry.

He just goes without a farewell.

And leaves the Messier alone with me?!

Well, I – I stare at the open door.

I should not worry. Messier were well trained after all. Well behaved. Totally obedient. They were not dangerous to their masters.

Although that already made this dynamic rather uncomfortable. I was not involved in war. I was involved in dresses and day spas and designing new shades of make-up. I loved feminine things. I hated the sight of blood.

This Messier was built for violence. What to do, what to do…

I now look him up and down, and raise my chin as I address him, even though I am exhausted, “My name is Myra. Well now, you should find a bed in this place – and just relax, and take off that heavy uniform, it looks rather tight,” I say, waving my hand up and down as I take in his metallic shade of navy. A very pretty uniform. When Raygar says nothing, and just stares at me, I realise he needs to be asked a question, ah, “I know your name,” I tell him, realising that is not a question, “Uh, you knew my father…” still not a question, “How was – ? Never mind,” I seal my lips shut.

I should not talk to this Messier. That would be foolish.

After staring at my finger nails on the desk, I look back up to Raygar to then point to the door at the end of the room, “Do you have a room here?” I ask.

“No,” Raygar answers so softly but deeply, his voice almost melts my ears.

“O-oh, where did you sleep before?” I ask, confused. I myself had not lived with my father, I had lived outside the Palai Fort, willingly. Now I had no choice but to return to the palace, so I was probably more unfamiliar with it than he was.

“I don’t usually sleep,” Raygar answers, “…standing, most of the time…”

He can’t be serious.

He sounds serious.

“You sleep standing,” I state, completely shocked. My father was a barbarian!

I wait for him to explain, but he does not.

The Messier just blankly looks at me. Surely he is stupid. Or a robot. Like my first thought.

“Come with me, to a bed,” I order, my finger pointed, “And you cannot leave for three days,” he had to rest!

I turn and start to walk, looking over my shoulder, I make sure he is following – and oh my, he is following, and gaining, very quickly. His strides were much bigger than mine.


I rush through the door and into the rest of the palace.

I look at all the doors, currently occupied with guests visiting and grieving for my father’s passing.

I walk all the way to the end, where my new room is. I had settled in yesterday.

Hmm. All the guest rooms were taken, it seemed. I could be generous and allow the Messier to sleep in my bed – not with me of course.

I could sleep with Elizabeth on her couch.

I open the door to my room and walk in with Raygar, making my final arrangements.

I walk around to grab a bag and all my supplies, and a night gown.

When I glance to Raygar, he is standing in the middle of the room, watching me, slightly concerned but not saying anything.

“What?” I stop what I’m doing and just stare at him.

“What do you want?” Raygar asks.

“I want you to lie down,” I point to the bed, “Now.”

Raygar looks perpetually annoyed with me as he watches me and slowly and hesitantly walks to the bed, then I realise he is going to lie down without undressing, “Take off your –” I shut my mouth, as Raygar spins to me and waits for confirmation of the command, “Sorry,” I change it last minute, “I just realised how I sound. I am not asking you to sleep with me, I am letting you sleep here. And I am going to another place to sleep,” I calm down, feeling a little silly, “Do you have an objection to that?”

Raygar doesn’t know how to respond to that. He must be stupid.

He opens his mouth but then shuts it and looks at me suspiciously.

Does he think I’m playing a game?

Oh I have no idea how to talk to this thing.

“Um,” I change tactic, “Wait for me to leave, then take off your clothes, please relax, and go to sleep. Thank you. I will work out something for you to do tomorrow. No, next week, just rest, please. I’m sorry… I have no idea… I don’t… I mean I’ve never met a Messier. What do you do?” I ask, totally out of my usual whit.

“Anything,” Raygar responds.

“What do you usually do?” I ask, frustrated by his slow responses.

“Kill and fuck,” his answer has me blushing all the way down my neck instantly.

Oh, my g –

I can’t even look him in the eye after.

“Then shower first, before you go to sleep,” I whisper at my bag, “Goodnight.”

I turn to the door, and I hurry out before I make a further fool of myself.

I open the door – and peek out into the corridor.

That’s when I see my father’s General lurking outside.

Just waiting there. Before I can shut the door, he turns and steps into me.

I drop my stuff on my feet in a fright.

“Clint,” I gasp, “What are you –?!”

Clint puts his hand too boldly by my face on the door, and forces it open even as I try to hold it closed.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, Myra,” Clint growls over me, arrogantly, about to push his way right into my bedroom – like a fucking rapist! Except, he is halted – by his changing decision? Good. Something in his eyes has turned. He should think hard about this. I could ruin him. I had the friends to rip apart his reputation if I so desired.

Clint is still frozen, and I realise a little late that the door is now open enough to reveal my Messier.


Clint has locked eyes with Raygar for some time, before he looks to me, scoffing.

You too?” Clint asks, strangely, “And I thought you were a pure virgin.”

“That’s none of your business,” I gasp again, “Get out!”

“Clearly not anymore,” Clint motions to Raygar, “You little slut,” he whispers, “Wait till I tell the whole Moon council.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” I almost stutter, “Clint – show some respect, please. I can have you thrown out –”

Clint’s hand twitches, and he raises it, but barely keeps it contained, “You fucking brat – your father always knew you’d fail this colony if you ever came to lead. You better hope there is no mutiny. You serve our interests, if you expect our loyalty. Like your father did,” Clint warns me, wagging his finger, “You serve us as much as we serve you…”

But even though that is his big-bad speech he clearly intended to deliver, he backs off, and I don’t want to walk back out there to be at the mercy of him at this hour of the night.

I gently shut the door, and when I turn – I’m immediately engulfed by Raygar standing right behind me.

Wide eyed, I look the Messier-thing up and down, while I’m backed up into the door as Raygar looks over me, with disapproval.

“I didn’t know you moved so close,” I explain, “I’m sorry you witnessed that. You must think I am hopeless?” I try to out-manoeuvre him.

Raygar stops me escaping his presence, boldly his giant hand clasps my elbow tight, to keep me still, right in front of him.

I can’t breathe.

His other veiny hand, comes up to my neck – where two fingertips brush under my chin, to keep my head up high, so he can look at me.

“You are not helpless with me,” Raygar says it like I’m stupid, but also rather kindly, while tilting his head at the same time, like a wolf, “As for before, I do have a bed – I was teasing you. Humans are easy to tease. And no, I do not sleep standing. I do have a room here. You need to understand your protocols with me, princess. And I do not sleep in your room, while you sleep elsewhere – once more, I have a room in the Palai Fort. But if you want me to stay tonight, I suggest you do not remain alone in this palace until all your enemies are dead.”

“I have no enemies,” I whisper.

Raygar looks at the door and back at me, waiting for me to change my answer. I don’t change it.

You just met one,” Raygar growls at me, meaning Clint, “And there are many others who will want you dead to take your authority…” he is quite stuck on the word authority, while his eyes roam too boldly all over me. He can’t quite believe it. And I feel rather like a specimen. Gosh.

“Stop touching me, and step back,” I command him. His touch was making my brain freeze.

His two fingers leave my chin, and his hand leaves my arm.

Raygar steps backward.


“Stay,” I agree now, nodding, “Stay the night. I am unaware of what else will unfold. But I am annoyed you lied to me before. O-or teased me, I mean why would you tease a girl, how rude – ”

“Get over it,” Raygar’s mouth twitches a little bit, and he sounds mean, “Princess,” he says my title far more politely, confusing my mind, “I will stand guard,” Raygar immediately assigns himself, opening the door and shutting it.

Huh. I stare at the door. He is now on the other side. So he does have a mind of his own. And he wasn’t just a thing.

Although he was very large, like a thing.

What was I thinking?

Now alone, I walk back to my dresser and drop all my stuff back to where it should be.

And I look to my bed.

And back to the door.

Maybe a Messier wasn’t so bad a possession after all… as long as I could command him correctly. I would ask Raygar for protocols tomorrow. Because I did not understand how to address him.

I mean all he said he did was kill and f… how… sad.

I think briefly of having a late-night shower, but the thought of being naked while Raygar is right out the door, makes me a little squirmy. He was truly overwhelming.

I run to my bed and I jump under the sheets, still blushing across my cheeks, still blushing down my neck.

I smile at the ceiling.

W-well, until tomorrow then.

If I could sleep...

I look at the door, and I blush some more.

I’m blushing at a door, calm down Myra.

I remember my father. Slaine.

A name appropriate – he was infamous. Hated by so many. Like a drug dealer, he always traded illegal items. Raygar must have done all his killings. Ever since the Messier gift from the Elites, Raygar allowed my father to have full authority over the Wolf Colony. He went from thief to king when I was 8 years old. That is when I had run away to live separately from Slaine. Now ten years later, I was 18 and had inherited his kingdom of blood.

I lose my blush very quickly.

A handsome face could not hide what Raygar was to Slaine – and now to me.

A purebred killer.

I should really keep my distance from that thing.

And I really should think of him as a thing.

Because the last thing he was, was human, or human-like, or human-born.

I just wish the thing was ugly. Because he scrambled my brain like eggs.

Oh, eggs!


I would have eggs for breakfast, because I skipped dinner.

Mind at ease – I finally fall asleep, thinking of a warm breakfast tomorrow.

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