Two Halves

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The story will follow Levi who is in love with his childhood friend Levi. The love he has is forbidden as they are both wolves and it is against everything they stand for.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One- Moments

There will never be a day I don’t remember our first time meeting together, we both were seven. There was an awkward silence between us as we both hid behind our mothers as they started talking. “Oh what a beautiful boy he is” the lady spoke. I watched the eyes of the boy who was hiding behind his mother widen as he stepped in front of her arms folded across his puffed out chest, he had the pride of a wolf even then. “There is no way that’s a boy” were the first words I ever heard from him as his eyes looked me up and down judgingly.

My mother wasn’t surprised by my next action at all as I tried to lung for the young master, I was a feral child when I was young, the moment I went to move a firm hand grabbed my arm as a sweet smile that went to her mouth but not her eyes appeared on my mothers face . “Now, now I’m sure our young Alpha never meant to offended you Levi and remember mommy told you best behaviour" I nearly gulped hearing my mothers silent warning loud and clear.

“Shut up old hag, I was talking to the girl” the words only managed to get out of the young princes mouth before all eyes and a hand went flying towards his ass. I couldn’t stop myself even now, I still laughed thinking about how his eyes widened as the hand of rage corrected his bad ways.

That would be the first of many times I would hear his name being called, a name that occupies my mind. “THEON HEARDWULF!” the words echoed through my head as I felt two muscular arms wrap around my waist pulling me in from behind. Instantly I was engulfed by the scent of coffee and cinnamon, speak of the devil and here he comes realising his pheromones all over the place.

“What are you thinking about Levy?” Theon’s voice was just above my ear, I could feel his breathe tickling my hair. I had to stop myself from squirming because my heart felt like it had just caught in my chest having him touch me. The butterflies and goose bumps followed by my usual pangs of guilt, It was wrong for me to have these feelings from just him. My kind aren’t meant to be feel like this, I was a disgrace.

“Hello your highness” I mocked using my natural defence system aka my overly sarcastic personality and moody attitude. “What have I told you about spreading your pheromones all over me, everyone always says I stink like you over my own scent” truthfully I wasn’t complaining I loved his smell more than anything it made me feel like home. I could feel Theon chuckle as the sound hit my ears, heaven.

“I like it when you smell like mine though Levy”

Oh did this man know the words to say to make my heart feel like it would burst into one hundred pieces. Words that probably meant nothing to him. I couldn’t stop my sigh as I pulled his joined hands apart in front of me to free myself as I turned to face him looking him up and down like I was summing him up, when really I was admiring him lets be honest because there he was standing in all his glory, standing similarly to how he did as a child. It was something he never grow out off.

This man was my best friend, my future leader and Alpha.... Theon a man I never should have fallen in love with. You could tell he was going to be our next alpha even from looking at him, he was bigger and leaner than the rest of us and his body was built to fight to protect his pack and people. Tight muscles, strong hands and arms the perfect body and an even better face to match. Dark short and faded hair pushed back from his face, golden eyes and tanned kissed skin from hours spent out in the sun that brought out the whiteness in his teeth. A man that exudes sexuality there wasn’t a single thing wrong with him.

“Theon I’m not some shewolf, it grosses me out smelling like you” Theon frowned the second after I finished speaking, I could see the pouting look on his face he was playing hurt. “No woman is going to want me if I smell like shit” I scoffed as he laughed in return.

“Smelling like me would have every woman crawling over you and you know it”....he wasn’t wrong.

“Yeah right more like have them running a mile everyone knows your reputation P.l.a.y.e.r” I made sure to spell out the word even if it hurt me to say it.

“Hey now Levy, that was my old way you know that I have only been loyal to you for a year...well apart from 6 months ago I have been on my best behaviour” Okay, this time I couldn’t stop myself scoffing at his words.

“Yeah right only because we have been going to male and female only pack training at a camp for the last year and we only get away once every SIX months” Theon rolled his eyes at my response, knowing I was right he raised his hands up in defeat.

“You caught me, god I hate that your dad made this a mandatory for every wolf at 18 and even worse he made it split? Men and woman separate? What is a young and healthy hound to do with his appetite. That’s why I’m luck your here and I still have some eye candy, you know the guys in here say your too beautiful for a man.. way too tempting” he reached out to me placing a hand on my cheek as his thumbs brushed my lips. “And that’s when I tell them they are blind” he smirked as his hand quickly reached to ruffle my hair.

Goddess, I hated how this man made me feel and how he made my heart flutter. Honestly, I was grateful my Dad made a two year army training after education it gave me another two years with Theon and this was our last year together. My father was the current Alpha Theon’s father supreme commander he controlled all military operations for the pack. Our pack is one of the largest and strongest within the world. It was a spot we fought to keep not only with our army but within the business world too. We owned land, buildings, hotels, stores the list was never ending and it was all ran by our Alpha who controlled our entire territory he really was an amazing man and Theon would have to full those footsteps, a man in a different world from me.

“Shut up Theon, I had to wait outside here at 6am for half an hour to pick you up in the cold and now I have to listen to you talk shit? Then again what did I expect when it’s the only thing that ever spews out of that mouth of yours” I smirked sticking my tongue out as he grinned in return. I was lying when I complained about waiting for him or listening to him speak. This moment we shared before classes was everything to me, this and the drive home are highlights of my day.

“Well lets go then Princess, I will drive to make up for my rude behaviour ” he bowed to me before heading to the passenger side as he opened the door for me and mentioned for me to get inside.

“What have I told you about calling me that asshat” I grumbled as I got into the car as he closed the door behind me. When he got in the car the smell of his pheromones filled the small space. It was so enticing I almost has to cross my legs, I really wish he didn’t do that most men didn’t spread them like him. I almost never used mine but Theon? he used them like an aftershave to pull people in like a charm.

As soon as the engine started I used the button to bring down the window shivering as freezing cold air hit me. “What are you doing look at you? Close that your shaking. Wear this and close that. Also what did the doctors say, I know you don’t like talking about it but don’t keep bottling it up ” Theon said as he handed me his jacket that was around five sizes to big for me. I did as he said closing the window and slipping his jacket on wrapping it around me as I snuggled into his smell and warmth. Though I was hoping he wouldn’t bring this up but of course he would he was worried about me.

Theon and I are the only two that ever got to leave the training camp, I was allowed to go to doctors appointment and Theon attended council meetings that’s why I was picking him up this morning. We still had a 40 minute drive back to the camp our land was massive and the camp was deep within the forest away from the pack homes and even further from the city, every wolf our age was desperate to get to the city to mingle and find their mate.

“I’m only cold because I had to wait for a certain someone who slept in and it’s so cold here that the inside of the car was so cold I might as well been standing outside so that’s exactly what I did and.... the doctors have said my levels are getting better my body should become normal soon” the first half was true, the second a lie nothing had changed my issue was still the same but there was no point worrying him.

Theon looked over to me but I kept my head forward he let out a little sigh looking back to the road, he knew me well enough to know that was the end of that conversation. Also what was there to say? That I’m not like others of my kind? I think it’s painfully obvious even when you just look at me. Mentally I was like every other male wolf but physically I was different in every. I was petite, feminine and had the curves of a woman my body wasn’t like a mans at all...even my face was like a woman’s.

My father hated that about me, he hated his son that looked like a woman I was his biggest disappointment a fact he didn’t care to hide. I wasn’t strong like the others and my physical ability was definitely lacking but I was smart, smart enough to have the second highest grades in the entire academy under Theon but that didn’t matter to him. My ultimate flaw to my dad which is why he sent me to the hospital once a week even though I didn’t want to is because I didn’t produce pheromones so I couldn’t never attract my mate.

“A man who can’t even of the scent to attract his mate, what kind of man are you? what kind of woman would want a pathetic man like you”

“I wish you had never been born, it’s embarrassing to call you my son”

I could hear those words echo in the sound of his voice in my head. Things said that many times leave deep and dark wounds. Could you imagine if he knew I loved another man? I would die to him on the spot he would never let me near my mother or brother again, if he even let me live. My chest started to feel tight at the thought, my heart breaking knowing this would be a love that would have to die without ever being known. I pushed the thoughts away thinking back to my doctors appointment.

They love to called me a medical mystery. Most wolves male and female reach sexual maturity at eighteen and start to produce a pheromone to attract the opposite sex. It’s different for both male and female wolves, a male wolves smell can cause a female to go into heat and in turn she can cause a male to go into rut where basically it’s a mess of instincts and sex drive the animal in us taking over. Pheromones are the most sacred thing to wolves and is what is used to attract our ‘fated pair’ the other half of our soul something we had control over and something that also controlled us. Any strong emotion could set this off anger, lust, love.

There was a small part of me that was grateful mine had never turned up, I don’t know if I could hide my love for Theon the thought of that terrified me and it had for years. Part of me thought the reason I never got them was due to psychological reasons I pushed that part of me deep down to never rock the boat. I would kill that part over and over inside me if it meant keeping these moments safe. I felt a pain in my chest like it was tightening

“Hey, you know I’m here for you always I hope you know that and there is nothing that will ever change that” It was like he was reading my thoughts as my eyes threatened to spill tears as I tried to laugh it off. “I was just thinking about the scene in this super sad movie I watched last night called Grave of the fireflies. I cried like a baby” I informed him as he turned to look quickly at me before back to the road.

“Oh yeah wanna tell me about it?” he asked.

“Okay so it’s about this....” I started telling him the harrowing story as we drove to the school and just like that the conversation started flowing and I just lived in that moment with him.

Hello All!

Okay I don’t know how some people will feel about this but please let me know what you think! I just wanted to write a story inspired by the “omegaverse” google it if you would like to know more.

Thank you for reading :)

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