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Chapter Twenty-One


“I think I’m going home,” I told Isaac about an hour later.

I needed a -cold- shower, and comfy clothes. Or just to be alone. Either way, it was time to go.

“Ok, hold on,” he replied, beckoning someone over the crowd.

I clenched my teeth when Noah walked up to us. I really couldn’t seem to avoid this guy, could I?

“What’s up?” he asked when he reached us, looking a little soberer than before, when he—

“You were ready to go home, right?” Isaac asked him, and I closed my eyes. It was obvious where this was going. Especially when Noah nodded. “Can you walk with Bella? It’s not that far but it’s dark as fuck.”

Noah looked at me, his eyes roaming my face before he answered. “Sure.”

I rolled my eyes, quickly pecking Isaac on the cheek before I walked away, in the direction of home.

Noah followed me, staying about six feet behind, but I gave him no opportunity to catch up.

“Bellamy, I’m sorry,” he said when he closed the front door behind him, flicking on the lights in the living room.

“I don’t care,” I snapped, feeling tired and most of all; done with Noah’s confusing ways for tonight.

I jumped when he moved in front of me, blocking my way up the stairs. “Bellamy...”

“What, huh? Want to mess with me a little more?” I said, crossing my arms. He seemed surprised by my question, watching me with a frown.

“Well? What’s your deal?”

Noah scoffed, running a hand through his hair. “I don’t—”

“You don’t what?”

He sighed, thinking about providing me with whatever bullshit answer he was going to come up with, before he decided against it, and went upstairs.

But I wasn’t done yet.

I sprinted after him, catching him in the hall.

“Don’t walk away from me,” I exclaimed, stomping my foot down like a little kid. “Why do you always do that?”

I jumped when he swiftly turned around, storming at me before grabbing me by my throat and pushing me against the wall behind me.

“Because every time we fight, every time we argue, and every time you make me angry,” he hissed, my heart thumping for dear life underneath his fingers as he brought his face closer to mine. “I fantasize what it would be like to fuck that attitude out of you.”

My eyes widened as I stared into his, realizing what he just said. And that it was exactly what I secretly wanted to do every time. Especially lately.

“Then...do it,” I breathed out, tilting my chin up.

He didn’t hold back as he crashed his lips on mine, pushing his body against me as he explored my mouth.

Only then, did I realize how much I had missed the feel of his soft lips on mine, how his hands explored me, leaving not a single inch of me untouched.

“Noah,” I moaned, grabbing a fistful of his hair and pulling him further in.

He grabbed me by the back of my legs, pulling me up and around his waist, before he turned and carried me to his bedroom.

I didn’t resist. Hell no.

Maybe it was the alcohol talking. Maybe it was the tension between us that had been begging to get taken care of, but I couldn’t let go.

The sound and feel of his lips on my skin as he trailed kisses down my neck made my eyes roll back into my head, and I gasped when he dropped me on the bed.

He pulled his shirt over his head, his muscles flexing as he did, and I pulled my top over mine—surprised to see a metal bar through his left nipple.

He crawled back on top of me, his hips between my legs, and brought his lips to my ear.

As he licked the shell, goosebumps spread over my arms, a soft moan leaving my lips.

“Oh, my God,” he breathed as he trailed kisses down my stomach, running his hands up and down my waist.

I tried to cover myself when he undid the strapless bra I was wearing, but a simple tug with his hand made my arms fall limp at my sides.

I gasped when his hot mouth closed over a nipple, and I arched my back, needing to feel more.

Slowly working his way back up, he captured my mouth in another toe-curling kiss.

“You’re so beautiful,” he mumbled against my lips, and I let out a high-pitched noise when I felt his hardness against my leg.

He grinned, and it probably was the first time I had seen some kind of happy expression on his face.

High on adrenaline, I trailed a hand down his stomach, but he grabbed my wrist before I could get a hold of his belt.

“I...” I trailed off, embarrassed with my lack of experience in the bedroom, my cheeks undoubtedly crimson as I stared up at him.

Thank god we didn’t put a light on in here.

He watched me as he undid my skirt, his fingers grazing along the thin and soaked fabric of my thong as he did, and I took a sharp breath.

Bringing his face to my chest, he licked all the way up to my chin as his fingers crept under my panties.

He was back to watching me again as he swirled a finger over my clit, knowing the exact right spot to bring me swiftly to the edge.

I moaned loudly and furrowed my brows in pleasure as he quickened his pace, rubbing my juices all over me in the process.

“Oh, Noah,” I gasped, moving my hips against his hand, grinding myself to an orgasm.

He allowed me to come, and the feeling of euphoria washed over me in waves, making my legs shake and all my muscles tense.

Still out of breath from that amazing explosion, I looked up to Noah, who was looking like he was in pain. Oh, shit. My turn.

But he wouldn’t let me.

Instead of allowing me to remove his shorts, he grabbed something from his bedside drawer, before effortlessly flipping me on my stomach.

“Wait,” I said, turning back around and placing a hand on his chest, almost getting distracted by the heat of his skin under my fingertips.

“We don’t have to do this,” he replied, brushing a strand of hair out of my face that had escaped from my loosened bun.

“I want to. I just—”

My cheeks got hotter by the minute, and I looked away, afraid he would judge me.

“What’s wrong?”

Rolling my lower lip between my teeth, I attempted to take a deep breath before I spoke. “It’s just—I haven’t...”

His eyes widened, but he didn’t move. Ok, thank god.

“You’ve never had sex before?” he asked, and I shook my head.

“No, it’s just been a while,” I replied, hoping he wouldn’t find me weird or crazy. Oh, god. What are we doing?

But, he smirked, the second time tonight I saw a playful expression on his face. It appeared as though he had come alive someway, and it made him look even better.

“I’ll be gentle.” He flipped me back on my stomach, pulling my hips up. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I felt his breath on my shoulder, and I held mine when he spoke. ”For now."

Listening to him removing the rest of his clothing, I braced myself, nervous about what’s to come.

My first time hadn’t been...pleasant.

The rip of the condom packet startled me, and I jumped slightly when I felt him at my entrance.

“Relax,” he cooed, rubbing my nipples as he pushed in.

At first, there was a little pain, but as he distracted me with kisses, he pushing in all the way. He stayed like that for a second, letting me adjust, and the pain slowly turned into pleasure.

A loud moan escaped my lips when he started to move, and I pressed my hips harder against his, taking everything I could.

“Oh, my God,” I yelled, the sound muffled because Noah pushed my face into the mattress, and I grabbed the sheets in my fists, squeezing my eyes shut as he thrusted into me harder.

He had full control, and I was glad to let him do everything to me, exactly the way he liked it. The way he used me, while still being gentle, made him even hotter, and it didn’t take long for me to get lost in our mess of quick breaths.

The sound of his hips slapping against mine turned me on even more, and my moans became louder as he grabbed my hair and pulled.

This guy definitely knew what he was doing, and I couldn’t help but feel sad for my younger self that this wasn’t my first time.

“Fuck,” he groaned, sliding a hand over my stomach down to swirl a finger over the little bundle of nerves and push me over the edge. Again.

“Yes! Yes!” I screamed, toes curling, walls tightening and muscles tensing as I came. Hard.

With a final thrust, Noah came too, and he collapsed on top of me when we were done.

Still bathing in the feeling of bliss, I closed my eyes, listening to his breathing and trying not to think about the fact that I just had sex with Noah Taylor.

After a couple of minutes, he pulled out with a hiss, walking away to trash the condom, before he came back and curled up beside me.

I didn’t know what to do. Was I supposed to go? Did he even want me to stay? Or did he get what he wanted and now he was done with me?

“Stop overthinking,” he mumbled, flipping the covers over us and pulling me against him.

My cheeks got even redder as I hesitantly rested my head against his collarbone, closing my eyes to drift into a restless sleep.

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