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Chapter Twenty-Six


The week went by in a flash, and I felt like I was floating.

I wouldn’t call it love yet, but the knowledge that I was slowly getting there scared the shit out of me. I don’t think I had ever been in love, and certainly not with an unpredictable bad boy. One I knew nearly nothing about.

The thoughts kept swirling in my head, even when we sat at my parents’ dinner table that Saturday.

I couldn’t help but glance in Noah’s direction every once in a while, and my cheeks were permanently red as he occasionally smirked at me.

“Bella?” My mom brought me back to reality, placing a hand on my arm.


“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

My heart skipped a beat for a whole different reason now, and I nodded, following her to the backyard.

The sound of crickets surrounded us as we sat down on the plush lounge chairs, and I waited for Mom to talk. “What’s up?”

She didn’t look upset, but I still got the feeling something was wrong.

“So I tried calling you at work yesterday,” she stated, and I couldn’t keep my eyes from widening.

“What?” It came out like a whisper, and judging by the expression on her face, I might as well just have dropped the act.

“I was informed that you haven’t worked there since spring last year.” She crossed her arms, raising a brow.

I lowered my eyes to my fingers as I fumbled with the hem of my skirt, scared to look up at my mother and see the disappointment in her eyes.

Of course, I knew she would find out one day, but I had hoped that she would hear it from me, and that I might have something better by then.

Though it didn’t seem like I was getting something better for a while.

“Bella...” she trailed off, grabbing my hands.

I looked up, feeling incredibly guilty.

“I was going to tell you—”

“Bella,” Mom interrupted me, giving me a warm smile. “I’m sorry you felt like you couldn’t tell us that you switched jobs.”

My eyes got watery, the guilt of keeping stuff from my mom crushing me as I stared into her eyes.

“I just didn’t want you to be disappointed,” I mumbled, looking back at our hands.

“Oh, baby.” She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me against her chest. “It will be alright. You’re an amazing young woman, and I believe you are going to do great things.”

I sighed against her shoulder, mentally slapping myself in the face for how I’ve acted.

“I just hope that you share your struggles with me in the future.”

I nodded, letting out a long breath as I straightened back up. “I feel like I’m letting you down.”

Mom opened her mouth to say something, but Dad interrupted us. “Nora? Want me to prepare dessert?”

My mother nodded quickly, cupping my jaw with her hands and brushing her thumbs over my cheeks. “You’re my beautiful, amazing girl, and you could never disappoint me.”

She smiled at me, caressing me on the head before she stood up. “Now, let’s eat some dessert. We’ll talk more another time.”

I felt lighter as I followed her into the house. God, I should’ve just shared my problem with my parents. They never gave me a reason to believe that they were not going to be there for me when times got hard, and I knew they always supported me and my brother. In everything.

Well almost. Robbing a bank, for example, was not included.

“I’m just going to go to the bathroom real quick,” I said when we walked back into the dining room, and I turned to the hallway.

I didn’t actually need to go, but I just wanted a moment to collect myself.

“Everything is going to be ok,” I told myself in the mirror, washing my hands with some cold water and splashing it over my cheeks.

Feeling relieved, I walked back into the hallway, but before I could make it back to the dinner table, someone pulled me into the living room.

I managed to keep in a shriek, especially when Noah’s hand closed over my mouth.

“Shh.” He smirked, caressing a hand over my shoulder, down my arm.

He removed his hand from my face, placing it on the wall behind me to lean on.

“What are you doing?” I whispered, my eyes shooting to the doorway, from which we could hear my family’s voices and the sound of metal against porcelain.

“Well,” he said softly, one hand disappearing under my skirt as I sucked in a breath. “I wanted to see if you could be a good girl.”

I pressed my lips together as hard as I could when his fingers brushed over my underwear, which was already getting soaked. “I...”

He brought his lips to my neck, mumbling the words in my ear as he pressed two fingers past my thong, into me. “While I fuck you with my fingers with your family in the next room.”

I couldn’t contain my gasp when he started to pump his finger into me with a little more force, curling them like an expert to give me the perfect amount of pleasure.

“Noah...” I breathed out, my eyes rolling back in my head as he used his thumb to circle my clit.

“Shh, baby. Wouldn’t want your parents to hear you.”

I dug my teeth in my lower lip as he continued to pleasure me, my legs close to giving out when I felt the build-up to my orgasm.

My head pressed painfully against the wall behind me, reminding me that it was the only thing separating me from my family.

The thrill of having to be quiet added to the moment, even though I would admit that I loved to be vocal during sex. Especially with Noah.

“Yes,” I moaned softly, closing my eyes as I waited for the euphoric feeling to wash over me.

But Noah had other plans.

To my horror, he pulled his fingers out of me and took a step back, leaving me a mess, slouched against the wall.

“What?” I hissed, angry at him, but most of all the nasty grin he sported.

He looked me in the eye, and even though it was relatively dark in the room, I could clearly see how he licked his fingers, one at the time.

It turned me on even more, and my cheeks were hot enough to cook an egg on. I rolled my eyes.

He startled me by grabbing my jaw, looking down at me with hooded eyes. The grin had disappeared, but the fire in his eyes told me he was far from done with playing with me.

The loud sound of my Dad’s laugh bellowed through the house, but that didn’t stop Noah from bringing his face even closer.

“What do you want?” he asked, sliding his hand down to sit around my throat.

I tilted my chin up, daring him to do...well...anything.

“I want you,” I said, keeping my hands to myself because I didn’t want to ruin this moment. “Inside me.”

His smirk returned, and he quickly undid his jeans, fumbling with his wallet to take out a condom.

Ok. We were really doing this.

My excitement grew as he grabbed the back of my legs to lift me up, pressing me gently against the wall. It was a shame that he couldn’t be as rough as we both knew he wanted to—and I wanted to, let’s be honest—but that didn’t stop us from continuing our sinful venture.

Noah pressed his lips on mine to muffle the gasp I let out when he pushed into me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

“We need to be quick,” he panted, already out of breath from doing all the work. I’d feel sorry for him if I wasn’t so busy with my own pleasure.

Clenching my teeth together, I tried to keep any sounds in as Noah continued to push into me with long, hard thrusts.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to come, and Noah let out a low groan when I tightened my walls around his dick, having one of the best orgasms of my life.

I’ll admit, all orgasms Noah gave me were the best.

A high-pitched, squeaky sound left my throat as I continued to bathe in the euphoric feeling, and Noah slammed into me a few final times until he was finished too.

He captured my lips with his as we slowly came down from our high, still tangled up in each other, and I sighed into the kiss.

Maybe life wasn’t as bad after all.

We didn’t have long to stay lost in each other, so Noah pulled out pretty quick, redressing himself before he pecked me on the lips and walked to the bathroom to trash the condom.

I straightened out my clothes, my legs still shaking from that earth-shattering orgasm as I brushed my hair out of my face.

“There you are,” Isaac said as I walked back into the dining room, quickly taking my seat and taking a big gulp of my water.

“Are you alright?” Dad asked, and I nodded, looking around the table for dessert.

“Here we are.” Mom beamed, carrying a beautifully decorated cake, and my mouth started watering.

Sex and chocolate cake in one night? Best day of my life.

“Ugh, where is Noah?” Isaac moaned, his fork already in his hand and his eyes fixated on the glazed goodness in front of him.

“Here.” Noah took his seat, smiling at my mother as she plated a piece of cake for him.

I blushed, grinning at my own piece, butterflies going crazy in my stomach as Noah shot me a quick wink.

When we came home, Noah stepped into his own car and left again, making me wonder what he was doing in the middle of the night.

So, once again, he kept me awake for hours.

I kept my ears open, listening to the silence of the night, but an hour later, he still wasn’t home.

Was he alright?

I scoffed at myself, annoyed that I kept worrying about a grown man.

But then, I heard something downstairs.

I shot up in bed, flipping the covers off me and grabbing my robe before I tiptoed to the hall.

All the blood drained from my face when I heard a giggle come from the living room, and I swallowed a sob.

Was he breaking my heart before I had a chance to fully give it to him?

Eager to find out, and call him out on his behavior, I stumped down the stairs.

But before I had a chance to say anything, I noticed a head of blond hair. My brother’s hair. And behind him...oh.

Kelly looked up when she heard me, and smiled painfully.

“Hi, Bella.”

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