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Chapter Three


“What the fuck?” He made no move to cover his groin, instead, he just looked at me with his brows furrowed, green eyes boring into mine.

His voice seemed to flip a switch inside me, and I bit back instantly, my tone just as harsh. “Ever heard of locking a door?”

I stared into his eyes, afraid that if I didn’t, my sight would lower to less appropriate places, and crossed my arms.

“Uhm, who the fuck are you?” he asked, his gaze wandering over my body. I suddenly realized I probably looked like I just woke from a coma. Which isn’t very far from the truth.

I tried to ignore the fact that my hair was in a half loosened, messy ponytail, blonde hairs already free from their containment and sticking up all around my face, or that I hadn’t shaved my legs in a good two weeks, while I was wearing shorts.

“Excuse you?” I scoffed, able to ignore his toned physique as he turned off the shower. “I live here, asshole. Jesus, you haven’t changed a bit.”

Memories of the past came flooding back, and I clenched my jaw.

He seemed surprised by my answer, and I threw my arms in the air out of frustration, quickly turning and storming out of the bathroom. Didn’t Isaac tell him I had moved in?


Slamming my door closed, I fell face-first on the bed, sighing into the sheets. Where was Isaac anyway?

I heard the shower back on, and I flipped onto my back, listening to the water running as I stared at the ceiling. My eyes narrowed when I tried to push away flashes of Noah under the shower. The fact that I couldn’t get the image of him naked out of my head, made me even angrier at him.

I waited until I heard the door to Noah’s room close before I tiptoed to the bathroom in my robe, locking the door behind me. No fucking chance that he was going to walk in on me.

The warm water did wonders for the ache in my muscles, and I took my time to wash my hair and shave my legs. Better late than never I suppose.

After my shower, I applied some body lotion and face cream—something I honestly should do every day but I just can’t be fucked—and pulled on some shorts and a big t-shirt, twirling my hair into a quick bun.

Feeling like a brand new woman, I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking.

By the time I had everything sorted out and my suitcases were put away, I walked down the stairs, hearing voices. Curiosity took over, and I froze at the bottom, hiding around the corner.

"That’s Bellamy?” I heard Noah ask, and I rolled my eyes.

“Please be nice, dude. She’s got some shit going on,” my brother answered, and the corners of my mouth curled up in a small smile. The age difference didn’t matter; we had each other’s back.

“I don’t see how that’s my problem. She’s only been here a few hours and—”

My smile disappeared.

“What the fuck, man? It’s my sister.”

That shut Noah up, and I lifted my chin a little before I walked into the kitchen, making myself known.

Ignoring Noah’s death stare, I walked up to Isaac, giving him a hug. “Thanks for letting me stay here.”

He gave me a kiss on my cheek and smiled, looking up when the doorbell rang.

“And who the fuck is that?” Noah snapped from behind the stove, making me shift my eyes over to him. He’s got some serious issues that’s for sure. Then again, who doesn’t?

He looked annoyed—no surprises there—and his brows looked permanently furrowed as he watched Isaac walk away. I don’t think I had ever seen him smile.

Wait, Noah was cooking?

“Calm down, bro. It’s Katy.”

“Katy?” Noah and I said in unison, startling the both of us because we seemed to have our dislike of Isaac’s girlfriend in common. Isaac raised his brows.

I secretly hoped that he had already broken up with her, but what did I expect; the last time we spoke he was still head over heels in love with her. He wouldn’t change that much in two weeks.

“Hey, baby.” Her high-pitched voice pierced my eardrums, quickly reminding me of my pounding headache.

I leaned against the kitchen counter, as far away from Noah as humanly possible, and grabbed the edge with force.

She looked just as perfect as ever as she strode into the house, her heels clicking against the laminate flooring and her dark eyes sparkling as she looked around.

“Oh,” she squealed, her eyes landing on me. “Who is this?”

I made no move to look any less bored, clenching my jaw as I eyed her perfectly fitted skinny jeans and strappy pink top.

She ran a well-manicured hand through her curled brown hair, looking me up and down.

“Can I help you?” I asked, not appreciating how her eyes lingered on my messy bun.

“That’s my sister, Bellamy,” Isaac interjected as he closed the front door and walked up to us, wrapping an arm around Katy’s waist. “She’s temporarily moved in.”

Katy nodded, shifting her gaze from me to Noah. “It’s good to see you again.”

He looked equally as annoyed as me, not replying. Instead, he turned back to the stove, stirring the red pasta sauce. I watched his jaw tighten, enhancing its sharpness, and took a seat at the already made table.

At least I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t stand Isaac’s girlfriend.

“What’s for dinner?” Katy chirped, pretending he didn’t just completely ignore her, walking up to Noah.

I grabbed my phone, scrolling through Instagram for the umpteenth time today, watching the same posts as this morning flash by. I knew there was nothing new, but I opened the app anyway—every time.

“Don’t touch me,” Noah suddenly exclaimed, the wooden spoon he had been making dinner with clattering on the tiled floor, red sauce splattering over the white stone.

My head shot up and I watched his hands tremble, his face looking like thunder as he shot daggers at Katy.

“Dude,” Isaac said, pulling his girlfriend behind his back. “She’s just trying to be nice.”

I sat back in my chair, watching the scene unfold before me. That was a bit excessive.

“I wish she didn’t,” Noah snapped, walking past the couple and up the stairs, probably to cool off, leaving dinner forgotten behind.

“That was a lot,” I mumbled under my breath, rising from my seat to grab a drink. He’s not only an asshole but a drama queen too.

“Uhm, let’s just...let’s eat, shall we?” Isaac hesitated, pulling out a chair for Katy before he plated our food.

She still looked a little in shock as she sat across from me, but I could see right through her little act. I hadn’t seen her much over the last couple of years, but the times I had, it was clear to me that she had two faces.

The sweet one was always on when my brother was close, but as soon as she knew he couldn’t hear or see her, she made a one-eighty and became the biggest bitch on the planet.

“I’ll get Noah,” Isaac stated, giving Katy a quick kiss on the top of her head before he walked up the stairs.

An uncomfortable silence settled between us, and I pretended to be super fascinated by the label on the apple juice.

“So,” Katy spoke, and I closed my eyes. Here we go. “You couldn’t keep this job either?”

I fucking knew she was faking it when she asked who I was. This bitch knows everything about everyone.

“What’s it to you?” I replied, sitting back in my chair and playing with my fork.

“You can’t always rely on Isaac to help you out of whatever shit you’re in.”

I balled my fist under the table. The time that I would let people walk all over me was over, but because I didn’t want to break her nose and have her bleeding all over my dinner, I ignored her.
“Whatever, Katy.”

I let out a frustrated breath when Isaac and Noah returned downstairs.

Katy smiled sweetly at her boyfriend, and I roughly pricked my fork in the tagliatelle, swirling until I had enough.

“Are you ok, Bella?” Isaac asked as he sat next to Katy.

I quickly stuffed the pasta in my mouth to prevent me from saying something I would regret, and nodded.

“So, Noah,” Katy started, taking a bite. “What do you do?”

I cocked my head to the side, wondering why she was so obsessed with him. It was probably nothing, but I didn’t trust her.

If looks could kill, she would be very fucking dead right now. Noah’s head shot up with a look in his eyes that gave me chills, and I swallowed hard.
I had no idea what Noah did—or if he even did something at all—but judging by his expression, she hit a nerve.

“That’s none of your business,” he muttered, his eyes quickly shifting from Isaac back to Katy.

“Anyway,” my brother said, probably trying to ease the tension. “Bella, what are your plans for tomorrow?”

It was a weird question to me because he knew I just lost my job and had only just moved in, but I already felt Katy’s judgmental gaze on me, so I made something up. “I’m having lunch with Maria tomorrow.”

Making a mental note to text her and actually invite her out, I took a sip of my drink.

“How fun.” Katy beamed, and I rolled my eyes—something I seemed to be doing a lot these twenty-four hours alone.


“Do you have money to eat out?” Noah droned, and I sighed in annoyance, my cheeks heating up.

Really? With Katy here?

“Fuck off.” I narrowed my eyes at him, watching his brows raise slightly at my response, something he probably didn’t expect from me. That’s right, dickhead, I’m not the quiet, innocent little sister anymore.

“Guys,” Isaac warned, but I wasn’t done yet.

“Do you have money?” I didn’t mean to raise my voice, but it kind of just happened.

“Since when are you such a bitch?”

“Since when—”

“Guys!” Isaac barked, and I stopped talking, keeping my eyes on Noah. I felt my heartbeat in my throat and my hand was desperate to slap him in the face, but when I looked at my brother, I suddenly felt guilty.

He was giving me a roof over my head, and all I had done so far was be an absolute ass to everyone around him.

Noah seemed to feel the opposite, not appreciating how Isaac was scolding us. Instead, he pushed his chair back, taking his food upstairs.

“Drama queen,” I mumbled under my breath, watching him walk away, his shorts tightening around his ass with every step.

Uh, excuse me, brain?

Shaking the intrusive thoughts from my head, I dove back into my dinner. I listened to the conversation between Isaac and Katy for the rest of the night, until I had enough of the witch, and went upstairs as well.

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