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Chapter Forty-Two


“You were right, Herra,” I said, clamping Gray closer as I looked down at the dark granite tombstone in front of me. “I wish you could meet him.”

He babbled something in my arms, and I wiped my tears, smiling at my beautiful baby boy. He looked up at me with his bright emerald eyes, and I sighed.

“I love you, Maria.”

Gray played with a strand of my hair, letting out the cutest sounds as he did, and I looked at my watch. It was the first time we had an evening out as a family, and in about half an hour we were supposed to be at my parents’ house.

“I’ll come back soon.” I placed the flowers I brought on the ground in front of me, dusting off some dirt off the tombstone before I turned and walked towards the exit.

Noah leaned against his car, waiting for us, and after we strapped Gray into his car seat, we took off to my childhood home.

“How are you feeling?” Noah asked as he expertly maneuvered out of the parking lot, and I rested my head against the headrest behind me.

It had been a few weeks since Gray and I were discharged from the hospital, and my body was far from being completely healed, but overall, I felt better. My back still ached and my breasts were beyond sensitive, but I started to feel a little more like myself.

“I’m ok,” I said, rolling my head in Noah’s direction to give him a smile. He rested a hand on my thigh, giving me a reassuring squeeze.

The cutest little sneeze sounded from the backseat, and Noah and I chuckled. I still couldn’t believe Noah and I created him, nor that I pushed him out of my body.

“I bet your mother is over the moon about seeing Gray again,” Noah stated, steering onto my parent’s street.

I reached behind me to tickle my son’s belly, smiling at him. “If it were up to her, we would move in with her.”

“Hmm.” Noah put the car in park and turned to me. A sudden tension filled the car, and my smile faded as I looked at him. We both knew our sex life was non-existent because of me, and even though Noah tried to comfort me, I knew it was bothering him a little bit.

My libido had completely disappeared since Gray was born, and all I could do was hope it would ever return.

“Let’s go,” I said, pecking Noah quickly on the lips before I stepped out of the car.

“Oh, my baby!” Mom came running out of the house, pulling Gray from my arms and hugging him against her chest.

“Right, hi Mom,” I retorted, closing the door of the car and walking towards Noah. He grabbed my hand, shaking his head at my mother who was completely distracted by her grandson as we followed her in.

To say that she was obsessed with him was an understatement, but it made me feel good to see my parents this happy.

“Are you nervous?” Noah asked as he closed the front door behind him, taking my coat.

I chewed on my bottom lip. “I’m not sure. My grandad has always been accepting and supportive, but I have no idea how he will respond to this news.”

“I’m sure he’ll be happy. Just like me.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my toes to press my lips on his. “Are you really? Happy?”

Noah looked in the direction of the living room, his smile fading slightly.

I knew he missed his mother. Even though I didn’t know her—apart from the fact that their relationship was strained, I knew he wanted her to be in his life. In Gray’s life.

“I love you,” he replied, kissing me on my forehead before guiding me into the house, his hand on my lower back.

I tried not to think about the way he had avoided my question, taking Gray from my mother as she went to put the kettle on. I sat next to my father on the couch, smiling at Isaac as he walked into the living room.

“Hey, little sis,” he said, plopping on the chair across from me.

I leaned back into the pillows, laying Gray on my chest. “When did you get here?”

Kelly appeared too, skipping to her boyfriend and climbing onto his lap. I loved her, but maybe this was a little much in front of my parents. “I just can’t get over how cute he is,” she chirped.

I smiled, caressing Gray over his back. “Me neither.”

The doorbell rang, and nerves swarmed my stomach when my dad stood up to open the door for my grandpa. Isaac wiggled his brows at me, resting his hand on Kelly’s thigh, and I rolled my eyes.

I heard my grandpa mumble something to my dad in the hall, and the sound of his walking stick hitting the floor became louder as he made his way into the living room.

“Hey, Bella. I haven’t seen—” He cut himself off when his eyes moved to the baby in my arms, and I felt my cheeks heat up.

With a sigh I stood up, cradling Gray as I walked up to my grandfather. “Look, Gray, it’s your great-grandfather.”

“Good gracious,” Grandpa breathed out, flattening out his thin hair with a shaking hand. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Meet Gray Herra Taylor.” I beamed, waiting for my grandpa to sit down before I approached him and slowly handed him his great-grandson.

He looked in shock as he took the boy from me, his dark eyes big and his jaw to the floor.

I retook my seat next to Noah, leaning my head against his shoulder as we watched my old, precious grandfather interact with our baby boy.

After lunch, we went home, and as I was putting Gray in his bead for his afternoon nap, I thought about taking a nap myself. Why did only babies and old people get to do this anyway?

So, watching Gray as he laid in his little cot, I crawled under the sheets myself, closing my eyes for a second. It only took me a few minutes to fall into a dreamless sleep, probably because my mind and body were exhausted after today.

I should’ve done this way sooner, because when I woke up a few hours later, I felt much better.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I slowly sat up. I didn’t want to wake Gray, but when I looked over I noticed that his bed was empty. “Oh my god.”

Jumping up, I quickly pulled on some sweats and a shirt, running through the house. “Noah!” I yelled, tears springing in my eyes at the fear of losing my baby.

I heard the shower run, and Noah’s voice was muffled when he replied. “Bellamy? What’s wrong?”

I hurried to the bathroom, swinging the door open. “Where’s Gray?”

Noah turned, holding our son against his chest. Water ran down his naked stomach, and I swallowed hard when my eyes lowered to his dick. Memories hit me like a truck and I shifted on my feet when Noah cleared his throat.

“He woke up and I just thought we need a little boy-time,” Noah said with a smirk, looking down at Gray who laid against him.

I let out a long breath, and even though a second ago I was worried sick about my son, all I could think about at that moment was naked Noah. Thank god, my sex drive wasn’t completely gone.

“Bellamy?” Noah interrupted my dirty, dirty thoughts, brushing a hand over Gray’s head and shooting me a wink.


I swallowed hard, again, quickly leaving the bathroom and making my way to the kitchen to start dinner. Usually, Noah wanted to cook, but I needed something to get my mind off...well...his dick.

Halfway through the recipe, I felt someone behind me. I smiled when Noah brought his lips to my neck. “I put Gray back to bed. Whatcha making?”

I dropped the knife I was using on the counter before turning around, giving Noah a kiss.

“I have no idea,” I admitted against his lips, leaning my forehead against his for a second before I went to show Noah the recipe.

“Ok, I’ll finish this,” he said, tapping me on the ass as I made my way to the couch. I turned on the TV, watching some local news before dinner.

My eyes widened when I saw a familiar face on the screen. A mugshot of the same man that kept telling Noah to grow up and talk to his mother. The same man that had the audacity to talk to Noah while he had done the most horrible things to him.

“Noah,” I mumbled, keeping my eyes on the screen. “Your stepfather is on TV.”

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