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Three years later

“Mommy?” Gray clutched my shirt in his tiny hands as I tried to hand him over to my brother, and I sighed.

“Baby, it’s just a few days,” I said. Isaac gave me a smile as he took my son, placing him on his hip.

“You don’t want to stay with me?” Isaac pouted, looking at Gray with puppy dog eyes.

I chuckled when Gray yelled a yes and wiggled in Isaac’s arms, momentarily forgetting that he was saying goodbye to his parents.

“See you in a couple of days, bud,” Noah said, brushing a hand through his son’s dark locks. Gray really was a spitting image of his father, and I smiled at the two as I hiked the strap of my bag higher up my shoulder.

“Everything sorted with the restaurant?” I asked Noah, who snapped his head in my direction.


I chuckled, looking from Gray—who chuckled at my expression—back to Noah. “Yeah. You know, the business we started two years ago? Where you are the head chef?”

“Oh,” Noah breathed out, quickly straightening out his face. “Yes, we’re good to go.”

“Hey babe, oh!” Kelly gasped when she walked in the room, the giant rock on her finger getting stuck in her hair as she tried to brush through it with her fingers. “Gray! Hello, cutie.”

“Aunty Kelly!” he squealed, equally as happy to see her. She took Gray from Isaac, hugging him against her chest and walking away.

I raised my brows at my brother, giving him a hug. “Doesn’t your wife want a kid of her own?”

Isaac coughed, rubbing the back of his neck. “She’s expensive enough, I’m not sure I could afford one,” he said with a chuckle, shooting Kelly a look. He looked enthralled by her, and I sighed.

I remember the moment he was going to ask her like it was yesterday. The way Isaac had pretended to have lost his job and go bankrupt, and how she had offered to find a ′boring 9-to-5-job′ with clenched teeth, only for him to burst into laughter and completely forget about the fact that he was about to propose.

At first, I judged their relationship and the way Isaac spend all his money on Kelly, but if that was something they were comfortable with...

“We need to go,” Noah said, interrupting my train of thought and grabbing our suitcase.

“Bye, baby,” I tried, waving at Kelly and Gray, but he was too busy giggling about something she had said.

“Come on.” Noah huffed, grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the house.

Twenty-four hours later, we were walking down the street in New Orleans, looking for a cute restaurant to eat at. It was our first trip together, and even though we couldn’t stay long, we were determined to make the best of it.

I missed my little boy, but being alone with Noah was something I missed too, so this was perfect.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, giving Noah’s hand a little squeeze and looking up at him. He seemed somewhere else with his mind, chewing on his bottom lip and looking around.

“Yeah, I...shall we eat here?” he said, avoiding my question and pointing at a cute little restaurant near the river.

“Uhm...sure,” I replied hesitantly, following him to one of the round tables.

He pulled out my chair, waiting for me to sit down, and I smiled up at him. What was up with him? Was this the moment he was going to tell me he was dying or something?

I started to panic a little more, getting uneasy with how nervous he was. Noah was never nervous. Or at least he would never let anyone see it.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” I asked, grabbing his hand on the table.

He let out a breath, regaining composure and nodding to our waiter when he brought over our menus. “Thank you.”

“I’m fine, Bellamy,” he replied to me, shooting me a smirk, but I didn’t quite believe him.

I kept an eye on him during dinner, but as the evening progressed, his anxiousness disappeared. Maybe it was the flight. I didn’t remember him ever talking about getting on an airplane before.

I took a sip from my wine as our waiter came to collect our empty plates an hour later, watching Noah as he talked about our activities of the next day. Was it just me or was he talking more than usual?

Shrugging off the thought, I listened to him with a smile. I was still utterly in love with this man, and I would never get enough of hearing his voice anyway.

My eyes stayed on his lips as they moved, and I swallowed when he licked them, letting a wet trail behind.

“Bellamy?” He brought me back to reality, and I straightened up in my seat as if I wasn’t just eye-fucking him.


“Do you want some dessert?” he asked, cocking his head to the side as he looked at me.

I cleared my throat, nodding frantically. ′Do you want some dessert?′ Of course, I want fucking dessert. I live for sugar.

“Yes, I’ll see if I can get some menus.” I turned and looked in the direction of the bar, seeing if I could find our waiter to ask for some menus, but he seemed busy with another table. Ok, I had to wait a little longer on that chocolate cake. Sure.

But, when I turned back to our table, my heart skipped a beat and my breath hitched in my throat.

Noah stood before me, down on one knee.

I covered my mouth with my hand, my eyes big as he held out a little blue velvet ring box.

“Yes!” I yelled, and Noah chuckled.

“Can I ask the question first?”

I nodded, looking around the restaurant. People were watching us with bright faces, and even the waiters stopped what they were doing.

“My dear, beautiful, amazing Goldilocks,” he said, and my stomach was doing somersaults as each word left his lips. “Will you marry me?”

I squealed, bouncing up and down in my seat. “Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!”

Leaping forward, Noah almost fell backward when I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his neck, tears of happiness streaming down my face.

He chuckled, and I slowly straightened up as the crowd around us started clapping.

Wiping the tears from my cheeks, I held out my hand, allowing him to slide the ring on my finger. It was a perfect fit, and I smiled at the small emerald-cut diamond.

This must’ve cost him a fortune, and I couldn’t quite believe what had happened yet as I looked at it.

“Noah,” I sobbed, grabbing his face with both hands and pulling him in for a long, sensual kiss, whispering against his lips. “Let’s skip dessert.”

The door to our hotel room slammed against the wall as we made our way inside, our lips glued together and our hands roaming each other’s bodies.

Noah barely managed to close it behind us, pulling at my clothes. “I need you naked right fucking now,” he breathed against my mouth, and I attempted to remove my dress.

“I can’t...ugh.” I sighed when I couldn’t reach the zipper, and Noah decided on a different approach, ripping the entire thing off.

I shrieked when he continued to tear off my underwear, pushing me back on the bed before he lowered his lips to my chest. “The only thing I want you to wear tonight,” he said, looking up. “Is that ring.”

I smirked at him, scooting further on the bed so he could crawl on top of me. “Yes, fiancé.”

Noah grinned as he resumed his attack on my chest, kneading my breasts in his hands as he did. I moaned softly as he rubbed my nipples, his fingers traveling to my core. I wriggled underneath him, desperate for more, and when he brought his lips back to mine, I fumbled with his belt.

“I can’t wait,” I breathed out against his mouth, finally able to open up his pants and slide my hand in.

It had taken him some time to give me a little control in the bedroom, but we were finally at a point where nothing I did brought up bad memories or made him close up.

Noah clearly couldn’t wait either, because he lowered his trousers and grabbed me by the hips, lining his rock-hard length up with my entrance. I licked my lips, letting my legs fall open on the bed.

“Fuck,” Noah moaned when he pushed in, placing one hand on my chest and the other around my throat as he pulled back out, only to thrust back in with force.

My eyes rolled back and I let my head fall onto the bed beneath me as he fucked me hard, making sure neither one of us forgot that we were desperately consumed by each other.

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